Along "Route 69" half the fun is getting there and bluemovie master William Higgins' on-the-road camera don't miss an inch! Las Vegas is the destination, but along the way the all-seeing, X-rated cameras detour into everything from a fraternity house orgy to a truck driver's bathroom until sex-journey's end in a Las Vegas motel room where checkout time is a long while away.

1. Mike Gibson, Dominic Demarco
Mike Gibson's car breaks down and Dominick Demarco saves the day in his bathtub.
2. Derrick Stanton, J.J. McCarthy
Derrick Stanton and J.J. McCarthy do it in a bunkbed.
3. Todd Eagles, Danny Parks, Tim Lees, Dean London
Todd Eagles, Danny Parks, Derrick Stanton, Tim Lees, and Dean London all do it in the living room of a frat house.
found in compilation Catalina Orgies 1
4. Mike Gibson, Mike Ramsey
Mike Gibson and Mike Ramsey in a motel room

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