Aime... Comme Minet

Year: 1982
Country: France
Genre: Teens, Oral sex, Anal sex, Pre-condom
Length: 0:59:20
Directed by: Cadinot
Studio: Cadinot
Cast: Avec; Piere Buisson; Loic Le Gallec

Description: I'd just turned 18. A friend of mine said, "with your looks, you should star for Cadinot!" So, I phoned him and arranged a meeting. Jean Daniel's cool. He interviewed me.
"Do you like girls or boys?" "Both!" "What do you do with guys?" "I do with them what I don't do with girls; I take it up the arse!" "Tell me about it..." "Well. My first time, I was 16 and an apprentice baker. There were secret meetings in the cellars, in the stairways... you know how it is when you're desperate!"
After half an hour, JD said, "Ok! We'll shoot your story!"
And that's how I became the star of Aime... Comme Minet!

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