Angel Blue

Year: 2001
Genre: Detailed Plot, Muscle, Circle-Jerk, Rimming, Repair Men
Duration: 01:18:43
Director: Michael Zen
Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
Cast: Billy Brandt, Rocky, Deacon Frost, Bryan Archer, Brett Dimineo, Dante Foxx, Logan Reed, Jack Ryan, Brock Hensley, Lark Larson, Mark Cirriano, Robert Collins, Nathan Hamilton

Acclaimed and award-winning director Michael Zen has just wrapped the latest Billy Brandt movie, Angel Blue, for Pacific Sun Entertainment. Like the lead in the film Blue Angel, Brandt is a performer, but he is also an ?enterprising entrepreneur? who goes after and gets what he wants. Think ?money, power, deceit, sex and beyond bad boy!?
Billy Brandt is joined by co-stars Rocky, Deacon Frost and Pacific Sun Exclusives Bryan Archer and Brett DiMineo to bring this highly sexually-charged video to life. Dante Foxx, Logan Reed, Jack Ryan, Brock Hensley, Lark Larson, Mark Cirriano, Rob Collins and Nathan Hamilton are featured players.
Billy Brandt said: ?This is probably my best work on video.
I'm very excited about this project.?
Angel Blue is being edited by writer/director Zen himself. The DVD version will contain behind-the-scenes interviews of its stars as well as bonus scenes of the models sexually cavorting and exploring one another off-screen, in between takes. It will be obvious to everyone what a great time the models had with one another and what a wild and exciting shoot Angel Blue was.
Billy Brandt is Angel Blue. But?he ain't no angel.

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Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

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