Angry Young Man - Relax The Muscle - Pt. 2

Year: 2002
Genre: hidden camera, voyeur, amateur, medical examination
Duration: 00:59:44
Studio: Angry Young Man
Cast: soldiers

Relax The Muscle 2 has minimally edited footage of young enlisted men in their most vunerable state. Three naked young Marines, four concealed cameras, and three individual real-time medical examinations - plus one very thorough MD. there is a stalwart 30 year-old square-jawed football playing Marine with a very healthy pecker on him. A clueless California surfer Marine with a fresh PA, easily baffled by complex requests such as "Bend over, lower your chest, spread your buttcheeks." A compact little grunt; cute-as-a-button with huge hands. He's hesitant to do a routine testicular self-exam because "it feels like I'm playin' with myself, Doc!" Each patient is made to strip naked from the get-go and to park themselves on the exam table. The MD conducts three by the book exams followed by a few minutes of humiliating Q&A about the functionality of the boy's genitals. A urine specimen is requested. A micro-camera hidden directly above the table captures the patient lying helpless during the palpation sequences and a digital camera is trained on the guy's genitals and butt-hole for the inevitable hernia check and anal probe. No actual sexual action - just nudity.

Format: AVI
Video: 720x480;29.970 fps;2013 kbp
Audio: 44.100 kHz;128.00 kbps avg

File size: 536.5 MB