Year: 2011
Type of distribution: Comics / Manga
Format: PDF
The amount of material: a comic book, 36 pages
Country: United States
Genre: oral, anal, fantasy
Website: />Studio: Class Comics
Description: Latest from Class Comics Lost Kingdom "is the title of the new comic by writer Javi Cuho and illustrator Silvano Cernunno, and cover by Patrick Fillion. A striking adventure of epic character charged with action, suspense and wild sex.
The sovereigns of Piros and of Paggos choose to end years of senseless conflict by forming a peaceful allegiance between the two kingdoms, uniting in matrimony princes Allen (passionate and rebellious) and Naiah (mysterious and rational), in a desperate attempt to erase the errors of the past and recuperate lost time.
However, Turgoloth, a disturbing being that unexpectedly bursts forth into their lives, raises an army of phallic soldiers willing to prevent the union of the two kingdoms, whatever the cost.
Phebus, the sexy leader of the royal guard of Piros and Nylon, the old sorcerer of Paggos try, together with the young couple, to reestablish the peace and help them to better understand their own history.
Will the kingdom of ice and the kingdom of fire remain united forever? A fascinating adventure in a world of warriors overflowing with testosterone in which they will wage a great battle where they will have to use their best weapon: sex.

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