Ladies and gents I'm here bringing you this week and let me tell you that this was a good week for the bus and you guys will see why but let me give you guys some inside details first! were chit chattin with the crew driving by the beach and the beach is dead no one seems to be hitting the waves today well we spotted a whole lot of dudes but this aint that kind of bus if you know what I mean lol so we keep circling and taking different routes just to see what we can find and we find this fine ass chick just walking by and it was the first one we have seen all day so I just jumped out the bus and worked my magic but to no avail that is until I threw some money her way then ofcourse her tune changed drastically(no surprise there) so one on the bus we talked some more and this girl was so hot that I had to figure a way to get her to do what we do you know yet again I let the cash do the talking and that it did and let's just say that this girl enjoyed and hated her ride with us lol but she was a trooper I give her that, my boy had his way with this cutie and I have it all on tape for you guys to enjoy! Stay Tuned!

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