Cast: Cipriana, Betty Stylle and Leyla Peachbloom

If you think that Leyla kind of suffered from not getting enough attention in that game, she will gladly prove you wrong in the end of it. Her last action card was that Ultimate Greedy Girl one that got her chain-fucked by both Antonio and Matt. Betty and Cipriana were supposed to make each other cum on their own but Well, did you expect the gents would have left them alone? No way! Having gotten his share of Leyla's pussy, Matt switched on to plowing Cipriana from behind! Feeling his huge cock penetrate her, Cipriana almost darted forward cause it felt like a real pleasant explosion inside her pussy but Matt's strong hands kept her in her place, so the only way for her to express her overwhelming eagerness was to toy Betty's pussy harder and harder. That hot view in front of Matt's eyes and that wet pussy on his cock made his aching balls tighten and Suddenly he was cumming! He quickly pulled his cock out of Cipriana's pussy and started shooting his love juice all over her swart lower back. Those little Venus dimples of hers They looked like they just had to get filled with cum and so they did! Antonio has spotted and even more tempting nook of Leyla's body for his cum though. When he felt orgasm nearing, he pulled his unit out of the moaning girl's twitching pussy just a little and let his load spurt right into her ass cleavage. That view It was absolutely perfect. Even mesmerizing, perhaps! But Antonio could hardly pay any attention. Totally devastated by the wild sex, he fell back on the couch smiling. What an orgasm! Was obviously worth the effort spent on getting it

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