Cast: Paris

Another great update with a young chick who actually likes being here. 19 year old Paris is fun, outgoing, and talkative, and next-door cute to boot. If it wasn't for her outrageous claim of having had sex with over 70 guys (!), she'd be about as normal as they come. I'm letting her remark slide as a temporary lack of judgment (she was probably just trying to impress you with that statement) so as not to spoil the wholesome view of the girl. I like to imagine that Paris is just a good girl gone bad today. Because let's face it, when you watch her video - her first foray into the world of porn - she doesn't exactly come across as a hardened pro. And we like that. This being her first time, Paris is understandably nervous. We get a bit of behind the scenes with Paris, a little interview and some clothing selections.

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