Cast: Cherry Torn and Taylor Russo

Those of you who perceive oral sex as something sweet and tender just have to see how Joey was fucking Cherry's mouth here in this game. He kept on ramming his dick into her mouth and pulling it out, slapping her face with it, pushing it into her throat, tickling her tonsils with it Johnny, who was fucking the blondie in the ass at the same time, was definitely helping him with it. His outstandingly hard pushing was literally impaling Cherry's head onto his buddy's long throbbing shaft. Having graduated from anal sex with Johnny, Cherry made it to getting it on with Joey. Even though the latter guy's thang looked way too big to fit into her butthole, she still managed to impale herself on it - and even allowed Joey to fuck her real hard. It could have made her yell like crazy but Fortunately, Johnny was there to gag her with his cock. She was humming him so fine that Taylor decided to follow her example. At a certain moment she just slid off Richie's cock and went gagging on his cock, making her drool flow all over it. That was sloppy. And it felt so fucking good. But don't think that all the anal action in the finale of this game was reserved for Cherry. In fact, the blondie got a little break in the third round and allowed Joey to enjoy her pussy for a change. Taylor, in her turn, was getting a good anal treatment from Richie. Fluffed up with some hard fingering, she could barely feel him slide his cock into her anus. Still, when he started moving, she almost passed out. Every nerve ending in her sphincter was exploding in a symphony of pleasure. She was on cloud number nine, really. And it didn't stop there - the fourth round was more or less the same and it nearly drove Taylor crazy. Her ass was already gaping every time Richie was pulling his unit out of her but she still wanted more. More and more and more! Just look at her toes curling and her fingers torturing her little slit. She looked like a nympho that just couldn't get enough. A perfect playmate for a hardcore sex game

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