Cast: Cherry Jul

Hi Guys, It's me Cherry Jul back for some hot fun in the winter time. I was on my way out and saw that it was snowing again so I decided to stay for some indoor fun. I started to call one or more of my friends for some hard core fun and then I thought it's been a while since I just played with myself and a nasty strip tease would be just right. I began turning around and touching my body all over, caressing my legs and rubbing my hips and ass. I lifted the front of my skirt up and touched my pussy and then I continued turning around lifting my skirt up over my ass and caressing my legs and ass. I bent over and stuck my ass out as far as I could and started rubbing it all over before turning back around and touching my breast. I started moving my hips from side to side and rubbing my legs up and down and then I unbuttoned my top and started playing with my boobs. I pulled my top down from my shoulders and began caressing my body and playing with my tits and then I took my top totally off and tossed it to the side.

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