Exploited College Girls ? Halie

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Exploited College Girls
Cast: Halie
Video language: English

18 year old Halie is quick to point out she?s ?up for anything?. She is the type of girl who will do whatever it takes to be seen as someone adventurous and cool, and apparently this includes starring in a porn video with a stranger in a hotel room across town. Pretty much every answer she gives revolves around making sure you understand how open minded and fun she is. Peer approval, anyone? Those types usually do whatever I ask because saying no would just mean she?s not adventurous. And that?s about the worst thing in her world. Halie is enrolled in college but right now she spends her time with friends and doing questionable things. Sad example: huge skull tattoo at eighteen. She claims she?s been watching porn from an early age, and she thinks she knows what it takes to look and act like a pornstar on camera. She doesn?t.
But that?s great because I really don?t need some programmed robot doing my bidding. When Halie isn?t ready to cum she says so (although she does misinterpret her body reactions wrong and cums anyway), and while she loves having her ass licked, and fingered as I bang her from behind, full-out assfucking isn?t happening, despite my not-so-subtle probing (pun intended). But she does enjoy being slapped a little during sex, and she licks my ass without so much as a peep of protest, which really made my day. I throw her 5?4 frame around into as many positions I can think of and all is well with Halie. She is in the moment almost at all times, and you can tell this really was something she?s been looking forward to. Maybe a bit more hardcore than she expected, but okay. Earlier today she said she hasn?t had sex in like a month, and then it was with a girl (hot story, say what you will about her but she is a kinky one). I can tell because that pussy of hers juices up ? and tightens up rhythmically during sex ? all throughout the action.
I have to remember to buy better camcorder batteries, one of them ran out right before I was about to cum (talk about time pressure, LOL), and I knew I only had a minute or so left before the remaining cams would turn off as well. To save battery I turned off the cams during the handjob and turned them back on right before I felt I?m about to blow. Sure enough, the other cam stopped just a second after I unloaded my goo over Halie?s cock-jerking hands. So please forgive the rushed handjob/jizz segment and lack of exit interview at the end.
Back to Halie?will we ever see this girl again on some other porn site? I doubt it. I think this was just a one-time thing to brag to her friends about and keep her ?rebel?-status among them. That is until she denies it?RIGHT WHEN HER BOYFRIEND FINDS OUT!?

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