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It's anal sex day and tiny Michelle is nervous. She returned to ECG to get assfucked for the first time on camera, but she doesn't do anal in her personal life because it hurts ( but apparently for the right amount of cash her ass is up for the gapin'). It always surprises me the stuff girls will do with strangers for money but not for their boyfriends at home. Since she has about the greatest set of natural tits of all time, I don't even have her select clothes or do any of that stuff, and instead have her stay naked while she fills out her paperwork and I chat with her. She's grown up a little bit since we last met but she is still the shy little cutie, who always looks a little lost, we've all come to love. I ease her into ass day with some tongue and toys, the latter which she finds surprisingly pleasurable. First I'm using a battery operated butt plug in her, then add a vibrator on her clit to really get her going. So far so good. I'm stretching her pussy with my cock while the plug is still doing its magic in her ass, and have her suck me a little to get me as hard as possible. It's important to be hard for anal, especially if the girl you're about to assfuck is the size of a juice box.
For a 4'11 girl, any size cock ist just too big to fit comfortably into her forbidden zone, so I use lots of lube on her first ("Yes, please!!", Michelle blurts out, her voice starting to trembling a little bit). I make it my mission to get some awesome assfucking footage with this girl and there's lots of Picture-in-Picture so you can see her facial reacations as I'm penetrating her tiny tight ass over and over again. Some positions are more painful to her than others, which I don't know because I can't see her whincing and eyes bulge while I'm behind her. She tells us what works for her and what doesn't but in the end it's safe to say anal is not something she'll do again in her personal life. Our tit goddess is just a bit too fragile for that but luckily she stuck around for the ass torture during this shoot.

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