Cast: Flavia, Geena Gain and Sunny Diamond

Bob and Sunny and Max and Geena were really trying their hardest to win in those little jet ski races round after round but Well, now you understand why Massimo and Flavia ended up suggesting this very type of game? They were plain pros at it and they were proving it over and over again. Flavia was the first one to win naked there, earning her first token and giving the rest of the players what they longed so badly - almost full nudity. The best part of her win was for Massimo only to enjoy it though. Flavia was told to choose the guy she'd like to suck off for the rest of the game in every round won by her and, quite expectedly, she chose her honey. That was a sweet decision - and the rest of the players surely did enjoy the oral show the hosts of the game put on for them. Guess who won in the following round? Right, that's an absolute no-brainer. It was Massimo. It still wasn't his naked win though - there was one more piece of clothing separating him from full nudity, so he didn't get a treatment as hardcore as he would probably like to. But no complaints - he was getting jacked off by Geena while the redhead herself was riding a dildo. Think she did stick to the rules precisely and only kept her hands on Massimo's cock? No way! She was leaning forward to it every now and then, taking it deep into her mouth to savor it and To make her playmate moan from pleasure, of course

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 22:21
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