Release Year: 2012
Cast: Danielle
Genres: Sex
Video language: English

I really do get a kick out of doing role play shoots. I love figuring out where the shoot location should be, what costumes I should wear, etc. For this shoot I knew I wanted to be in the dominant role as the doctor. I really wanted to try to look as professional as possible, hence the doctors coat (with Danielle Delaunay, MD embroidered on it). The scene was shot at the Den of Indomitus in the clinic. We've shot there before and I will most likely shoot there again since they have some awesome rooms in there. We had to move some of the items in the room since they didn't really go with the shoot's theme but overall I think the location was perfect for the shoot. We don't go by a script so everything is improvised. I was really trying to channel my inner bitch for this scene since that's something I've never really done before. Some parts of this video are pretty funny though...I end up speechless a couple times. It's not the best acting ever but that wasn't really the point of it. I think the shoot turned out well overall and it was the plain fun to do.

Format: asf
Duration: 22:03
Video: 1440x1080, Windows Media Video 9, 7812kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.3 GB