Cast: Misty Mild, Colette and Marilyn

Second after second, move after move, the players were approaching the much anticipated ending of the game. Dexter pounding away at Misty's pussy. Colette enjoying Misty's oral skills that seemed to be getting better and better with every thrust of Dexter's cock. Lauro and Evan doing the Eiffel tower by high-fiving each other while skewering Marilyn with their meaty cocks. The temperature in this orchard was way too high even because of the sun - but the players were making it totally unbearable with their totally sex-crazed behavior. Dexter was the one who lasted shortest - a couple dozen strokes were enough to throw him into a series of pleasant spasms, shooting his cum all over Misty's behind and loins. And what he did after cumming turned the whole orgasming crowd into a fuckin' art class! The guys using their cocks as paintbrushes and their cumshots splattered all over the girls' bodies as palettes. Funny artworks being drawn on the smooth skin. That was kinky - yet so pleasant. That's another reason to love the game, don't you find? The better you know the ones you are playing with, the more fun it is. Got the whole gathering turned into a carousel of creamy orgasms? Why not celebrate the ending by fooling around a little bit?! There's no other swinging environment that lets you feel so natural, word

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