Release Year: 1974
Studio: Impulse Pictures
Cast: Rune Hallberg, Jack Frank, Jim Steffe, Teresa Svensson, Kim Frank, Berit Agedahl, Brigitte Maier, Monica Andersson, Annica Salomonsson, Suzy Andersson, Knud Jorgensen
Video language: English

The Second Coming of Eva is pure sexy fun of the type that seems impossible to conceive these days. Internet pornography has revealed and ruined just about everything to everyone, (no more sneaking a peek at the Sears Catalog, kid) but back in 1974 when Eva came out, it wasn't so. Not 100% hardcore, but triple-X nonetheless, Eva presents a whole lot of sex with a devil-may-care attitude designed to get enlightened hipsters revved up and ready to go without feeling sleazy. It's not exactly a 'light weekend rental' but if you're looking to spice things up without boring or disgusting yourself, (modern DVD porn) or infecting your computer, Eva's a good, fun bet.

We really are talking about the old days, when porn had a plot instead of being entirely fetish-based. Impertinent Eva is destined for some sort of school-for-wayward-women, when her prude sister gets fed up with all the 'private fun' Eva has alone in bed. Meantime, a wealthy young heir endeavors to protect his inheritance by opening up a fake school for 'moral and aesthetic instruction,' a move that lands a handful of randy men and women on his grounds, all of whom decide they are there only to get it on. But with Eva now in the mix, her suspicious sister decides something fishy is up, sending a private investigator to sort things out.

That's actually enough plot to fuel a legitimate movie, but that's not what was on anybody's mind, as what follows is pretty much a full 90 minutes of exuberant hardcore intercourse with a bunch of semi-attractive ladies and '70s studs with shaggy sideburns. The only thing hands-free viewers might miss are the 'money shots,' everything else is shown, and then some. Considering the content (and intent) you wouldn't think a good plot would be necessary, or that innocent humor would be appropriate, but those things are a nice accessory to whatever you might get up to.

Really, it's just nice to see a healthy attitude towards sex (albeit frequent group-sex) and a lighthearted attitude in pornography. Performances are firmly tongue-in-cheek, befitting the material, production values are high, and the sense of fun is off the charts. Possibly the goofiest aspect is Eva's orgasmic evidence - a reverb-laden, ear-shattering scream that makes everyone cover their ears in pain. Most instances of sexual congress are also on the goofy side, there's not a lot of emphasis on romance, mostly just sex as recreational activity with whoever is around. It's refreshing, if not totally dated as far as our world of HIV and STDs goes.

With a joyous climax (no pun intended) and a sweet musical denouement, The Second Coming of Eva even winds itself up like a normal movie, which is a real nice touch for those looking for some content and resolution with their T&A. Eva is no masterpiece of cinema, but if you can get past the looks of the swarthy '70s dudes, and at least one of the stoned-out, blue eye-shadow-wearing ladies, you'll find an arousing, amusing picture that takes into account the fact that you have a brain guiding your genitalia. Couples looking for a retro-sexy trip should have a pretty good time with Eva.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:32:23
Video: 576x432, XviD, 1889kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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