This week we have the delightful Lana, wife of arch pimp, "Gustav", "Pimp of Pimps" This man is so depraved and devoid of all morality that he will not only sink to the level of the gutter, but burrow underneath it, presumably so he may reside closer to The Devil! This is a man that trades in flesh and when his cupboard is bare, offers his loving wife to all and sundry for a paltry sum. Have pity on this hapless scribe whilst he hastily puts to paper this horrific tale of one man's descent into the very Fires of Hell! Do you think for one second that I would have taken Lana, wife of Gustav in consideration of a few coins? Well, you're damned right I would! How a man so sleazy as Gustav could have such a classy, well dressed wife as Lana stuns me to my very core. She arrived, looking like s...

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