Release Year: 1986
Studio: Caballero
Cast: Kay Parker, Traci Lords, Taija Rae, Stevie Taylor, Billy Dee, Hershel Savage, John Leslie, Tom Byron
Video language: English

Traci Lords, whose real name is Norma Kuzma, turned 18 in May 1986. Between the ages of 15 and 18, using false ID, she appeared in at least 78 porno films. Speculation about why her age was suddenly revealed ranged from a quarrel with her mother who got her into the business and wasn't getting enough of the $150,000+ annual salary, to a publicity stunt which forced video dealers to withdraw Traci's tapes for fear of child pornography prosecution and pave the way for Traci at 18 to produce her own sexvids and really cash in. This rumor was underwritten by Aarib Spelling who offered Traci 250 grand for a TV film of her life story. Whatever the truth, it cost film producers thousands of dollars. Caballero was in the process of releasing this tape when the bomb exploded. If you can find it, don't mss it. Kay Parker interviews Traci, and while some answers she gives are hype, some seem honest. The men she prefers to screw are John Leslie and Tom Byron. She's not Bi and loves romantic, caring sex on and off screen. The fantasies she tells Kay include an exotic medieval setting with a prince, a castle and mist. in a romantic sequence in which Traci looks 15, she makes passionate love with John Leslie. He must be 25 years old, whether she's 18 or not. Another vignette is a Bi sequence in a garden. Herschel Savage, the gardener, interrupts and takes on both ladies. This followed, obviously to Caballero's chagrin, by a pre-birthday party encounter with Tom Byron, with whom she enjoys sex most because he's like a loving kid in a candy store. In two other fantasies, she gets Billy Dee, a photographer.

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Duration: 1:23:38
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