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Sexual ASSAULT!!!!

Shy, Mild Mannered School Teacher Mrs. B is getting divorced from Her husband. She calls one of Her students into Her classroom after school. Mrs. B informs the young boy that She is going through a divorce....She NEEDS to be Fucked.....and She doesn't want to go to the singles tells the boy that She is going to Fuck him against his will!!! Mrs. B ties the youngster to a chair.......threatening him with Summer School...and Suspension, if he doesn't comply. Once the young boy is tied to the chair, Mrs. B Sucks his penis to Force it to make an erection....then the Teacher climbs on the young boy's cock, and Force Fucks him....until She has an explosive orgasm. Next, Mrs. B climbs off the youngster, and proceeds to masturbate him. The boy is Jerked until he fires off a MASSIVE MASSIVE sperm Blast that sails several feet in the air....way up over the boy's shoulder and onto the classroom floor...."WOW!!!!....that's a lot of young boy sperm!!!!!" Mrs. B says.


Miss Jackson is Teaching a very important lesson today....especially for the Girls in the class.....She is Teaching the Girls how to Force a boy into making a Premature Ejaculation!!!! Miss Jackson gets an un-willing male volunteer from the class....and makes him come to the front. Making notes on the chalkboard as She goes step by step......Miss Jackson begins. Step One : "Tease the boy's cock" . Miss Jackson fondles the young boy's genitals through his pants to induce an erection. Step Two : "Show Your Boobs". Miss Jackson takes out Her Spectacular Tits....and, of course, the young high school boy gets sexually excited!!!! Step Three : "Kiss My Feet". Miss Jackson tells all the Girls in class that ALL boys like Girl feet...."Even if they say they don't....they do!!!....they all do!!!" She explains, as the Girls all take notes. Now that She has this poor high school student all worked up....the final stage is Forcing a Premature Ejaculation. Miss Jackson embarrasses the youngster by making him disrobe in front of the class....lie down on a table......and Miss Jackson gets out a timer....presses START.....and begins to furiously Masturbate the young boy. The result?????? The boy sperms in 20 SECONDS!!!! Miss Jackson laughs and makes fun of him in front of the class. Lesson In Premature Ejaculation....COMPLETE!!!!

Police BRUTALITY!!!!

Officer Danielle loves Her job. She has the Power & Authority to do whatever She wants with boys....after all.....She's a Cop with Big Tits!!! Ha Ha Ha. Officer Danielle takes this boy into custody, and brings him into the Precinct......he is charged with being in public. The boy does not necessarily seem too intoxicated....and claims to have only had one beer..."Well...that's good enough for me!!!" Officer Danielle proclaims.....and proceeds to tie the boy's hands above his head....and pull his pants down. Officer Danielle then administers a non-consensual Masturbation of the suspect....demanding that he ejaculate for Her. The poor, frightened boy has no choice, but to comply.....and his sperm is soon Splattering the Precinct floor, as Officer Danielle says to him...."I'm your worst nightmare....I've got a Badge and a Cunt!!!!".


Judge Jackson has 2 cases to adjudicate today. Her first case is a tough one and the prisoner is really going to pay BIG TIME for his crime. "I sentence you to be KICKED IN THE COCK", shouts Judge Jackson. The Judge removes her robe to reveal her HOT HARD BODY. She lines the convict up against the wall and hoofs him in the BALLS & COCK. He screams in pain and rolls on the floor.The Judge kicks his COCK & BALLS again and again until She thinks the convict has served his sentence. She then sends the guy to the infirmary to receive medical attention. No sooner has Judge Jackson sat down at her desk when her next case is led into her court room. A tall young guy is in handcuffs and won't shut up. The Judge explains he is only to speak when spoken to then tells him his sentence is to be MASTURBATED AGAINST HIS WILL. The judge disrobes, lines the up against the wall and beats his young cock hard until all of his cum is flying. Wow Judge Jackson is ONE MEAN COCK ABUSING LADY!!

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