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There is a new boy in class at Jerky High.....and Katrina & Faith welcome him by making him sit between them. Mrs. Roberts is teaching the class....and Faith & Katrina quickly grow bored with the lesson....and they reach over and undo the new boy's pants!!!! As Mrs. Roberts continues to read to the class from the textbook......the two young Girls begin to Beat-Off the new boy right there in their seats! The new boy has a great big cock....the Girls are very pleased with their new "friend".....but.....uh-oh........Mrs. Roberts spots them!!! This could be the end of their fun....or Detention....or Suspension.....Hey, wait a minute....this is Jerky High....the Teacher wants to join in!!!! Mrs. Roberts reminds the young Girls that big cocks are for sharing...and the Jerky MILF joins the fun. As the two young girls milk the new boy, Mrs. Roberts shows him Her Big Tits. The new boy quickly sperms in Faith's hand. Just another Jerky day at Jerky High.......

Faith & Katrina are sent to Detention. Mrs. Roberts is the Teacher in charge. As it turns out....the Girls pulled the fire Mrs. Roberts tells them to sit in the corner until 4:30. Next...a boy comes to Detention...for smoking on school property. Mrs. Roberts sends him to sit in the corner too, and says that she is going to the Teacher's lounge, and she will be back @ 4:30. As the boy goes towards the corner...he stops in his tracks...TERRIFIED!!!...."Mrs. can't leave me alone with these two Girls!!!....They'll Beat me Off!!!!.....These are JERKY GIRLS!!!!!". Mrs. Roberts merely laughs and tells the boy that they are just Sweet, Little Girls....and then leaves. Sure soon as the Teacher leaves.....Katrina & Faith attack the boy...wrestle him to the floor.....pull his pants down....and begin to Jerk him Off. Mrs. Roberts returns unexpectedly....and the boy thinks he has been Saved. Not to Be!!!!! Mrs. Roberts, instead, joins in by taking out Her Big Tits...and Forcing the boy to kiss them, while the Two Little Jerky Girls Pound the cum out of the boy. After the boy has been Forced to Ejaculate against his will....Mrs. Roberts tells the boy to resume his Detention in the corner....and She tells the two Girls that they are free to go home. When the boy questions why the Girls get to leave....Mrs. Roberts says...."Simple....They have Cunts.....".

Katrina has been a Bad Girl...and She is serving time in Detention. As the Detention Period starts...She is the only Student in Detention. The Teacher leaves Her there....all alone. Being the Horny Little Schoolgirl that She is.....Katrina hikes up Her skirt and begins to Masturbate. She has a toy with Her...and She slides it in and out of Her 18 Year Old Cunt. Poor Katrina is caught in the act, however, when a boy arrives in the Detention room. Katrina is a little embarrassed at first....but now She has a boy....boys have cocks....and the only thing Katrina likes more than Masturbating Masturbating a boy!!! Katrina talks the boy into pulling his pants down and letting Her play with his peee peee!!!! Katrina Jerks the two of them simultaneously until She Pulls a MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE amount of sperm out of the boy...all over Her School Uniform. Katrina is VERY pleased with the result...and calls Her Girlfriend to share the good news!!

Katrina has been sent to Detention. One problem, however.....there is a Pep Rally....and She doesn't want to miss it........Katrina has an idea!!!! She bursts into the Detention room...carrying Her "Force Fuck Mat"....lays it down on the floor....and tells the Teacher to "Get your pants off....I'm gonna Force Fuck You!!!". The Teacher protests...saying that he could be fired....Katrina says that She really doesn't care....and they must hurry, so She can join Her friends for the Pep Rally. Once he is naked, and lying on Her Force Fuck Mat....Katrina proceeds to tape his wrists and ankles..."So you can't get away".....and then, while Sucking on a Lollipop.....Katrina Force Sucks her Teacher's cock until it's hard...then, while still Sucking on Her Lollipop, Katrina Fucks the %^$# out of him!!! She Fucks him Cowgirl style against his will.....She Fucks him Reverse Cowgirl style against his will.......then She Beats the cum out of him with Her little hand......then She leaves him there...still taped up....covered in cum....hikes up Her skirt....and runs off to the Pep Rally!!!!

It's the first day of school....and Strict Teacher, Miss Jackson lays down the law right away!!! As She is teaching the lesson, She hears talking in the classroom. Miss Jackson determines that it is young Billy who spoke during She sets out to make an example of him. In front of all his classmates....Billy has his pants pulled down, and is Violently Masturbated by Miss Jackson, as She covers his mouth with Her hand. As She is Beating the cum out of Billy....another young boy, Trevor makes a sound....and Miss Jackson threatens to Sit on his face until he !!! As the class watches in horror...Miss Jackson Violently Pounds away at Billy's cock until he is Forced to ejaculate. The rest of the lesson will be VERY quiet........

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