Studio: JerkyGirls

Noel is getting ready to go to the beach...She is walking around topless, with Her Bikini bottoms on....doing her makeup etc. When she is ready to put Her Bikini top on, she realizes she needs a hand. She calls Her Mom for help...but no reply. Her stupid brother walks into her room to see what she needs....and Noel immediately covers up Her Big Boobs, and tells him to get out Of Her Room. As he is leaving, Noel calls him back and asks him to tie up Her Bikini top for her. He is in the process of doing it....when the top falls to the ground....and to her horror....She realizes that her brother is awestruck by Her Big Tits. When she realizes that the "little perv" has an erection....Big Sister decides to humiliate him by masturbating him!!! With Her Great Big Tits Bouncing up and down with every Jerk.....and Her hand over his mouth to shut him up.....The Topless, Big Sister Noel Beats the cum out of Her Perverted little brother!!!!!
Maryanne's Jerky Girls of America troop is raising funds again. Maryanne offers the daily special to her customer, "For $1000 I'll sit on your face and WHACK you off". Maryanne tells the guy to lie down and, 'Get ready for my PUSSY". Using lots of lube Maryanne keeps her sweet PUSSY in the guys face and WHACKS the CUM right out of him and raises another $1000 for the TROOP!!

JC is looking for her iPod and this sexy and well hung stud is not helping her. He is playing with some dumb video game and JC wants his attention, "Do you like these perky TITS", she asks. JC grabs this hung stud's crotch and laughs at him about the hard-on growing in his pants. She rips off his pants and he tries to resist but he just can't help himself. JC strokes his cock with oil and laughs when she makes this cocky beefcake cum all over himself.

Every Girl is a Princess.....and every Princess has a favourite activity.....making boys Squirt Cum!!! Princess Sindy is no different!! Perched high atop Her Princess Bed in Her Princess Room.....Princess Sindy Jerks this boy's cock....with the intention of making a Big Squirt!!! "Wanna see My Princess Tits?" She asks the Jack-Off victim. The boy, of course, definitely wants to see her Beautiful Princess Tits....and the Topless Princess Pulls out a MASSIVE, MASSIVE CUM SQUIRT!!!!!

This poor, stupid boy meets Jerky Girl Sindy at a club...and takes her home. He thinks he's in for a night of Fucking a HOT Girl. NOTHING could be further from the truth!!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! Sindy doesn't Fuck losers....She ROBS THEM!!!! Sindy talks the boy into him letting her tie him up....promising him all kinds of "Kinky" sex play. The boy, of course, falls for it (do they ALL share one brain???!!!) After the naked Sindy ties the boy up.....She proceeds to leave the room...and return....FULLY CLOTHED!!! It is then that she goes through his pants to get his wallet....and breaks the news to him that she is robbing him. Sindy, however doesn't find any cash...only his debit card....She will need his PIN #. The boy calls her horrible names and swears that she will NEVER get the PIN # out of him. Sindy casually removes Her Top....and starts to play with the helpless boy's cock. She brings him up to the point of Ejaculation...and abruptly stops...and laughs at the frustrated boy. Sindy promises that this horrible cock-teasing will continue until he tells her what his PIN # is. After several rounds of Cock-Teasing....Jerking....Stopping....laughing.....the boy can't take it any longer....he MUST Ejaculate...or he will suffer permanent brain damage!! Ha Ha Ha!!!! As Sindy threatens to "Stop Short" again....he starts screaming out his PIN # !!!!!! Sindy finishes up the Forced Ejaculation....Pulls up Her Top....Leaves him there tied up....and she's off to go Shopping!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 26:31
Video: 852x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1904kbps
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