Studio: JerkyGirls
Cast: Layla, Tracey, JC (female)
Video language: English

Brat Massage!!

This poor guy has paid for a Massage.....and he is about to experience....THE BRAT MASSAGE!!!!! Spoiled, HOT Brat JC is in charge of removing his sperm from him. She starts by informing him that he will NOT be getting a massage..."I'm just gonna Beat ya Off" JC tells him. JC rolls down Her top to reveal Her perky Little 18 Year Old Tits...She knows this will make the boy's cock hard fast. Next, She begins to Masturbate him, while constantly admiring herself in Her mirror....."Look how beautiful I am.....Aren't I HOT??" She says. The boys asks if he can touch Her Tits, and JC laughs in his face. As She senses that he is going to ejaculate...JC stops Jerking and pulls Her top back up.....when he protests, She tells him..."Hey...I'm 18...I'm Hot as hell....I have a Cunt...I can do whatever I want....and I've decided you're gonna cum without seeing them...Ha Ha to be you!!!". The boy starts to make a GIGANTIC ejaculation while JC laughs and tells him how gross his "mess" is. "Now get the fuck outta here...I have other boys to Beat Off". OUCH!!! WHAT A BRAT!!! HA HA HA HA.

Brat Scissorhold!!

18 Year Old Brat JC is at it again!!! She has this boy's head locked up in a Scissors Hold....and will not release him until he says "Uncle". Completely naked, except for Her Shiny Black Boots....Brat JC Jerks his cock and tells him to Submit to Her Bratty Desire and say the magic word. The boy refuses to give in to the 18 Year Old Cock Mistress...until he senses that She is going to milk an which point, he finds it increasingly more difficult to breathe....and he cries out "UNCLE" as he ejaculates!!!! The Brat wins again!!!!!


Layla is wearing jean shorts, and a tight top that shows off her amazing CLEAVAGE. Layla is a natural beauty with a beautiful FACE AND SMILE. Layla plays with the boys cock over his shorts then removes the shorts to see what kind of HARD-ON her hand has produced. Layla lubes the cock and uses slow strokes to keep it hard. LAYLA playfully smiles at the boy throughout and spits on his COCK when she runs out of LUBE. Finally, Layla uses a nice fast rhythm to finish him off and make him CUM!!

Tracey JERKS!!

18 Year Old Tracy is at it again!! Now that She has turned 18.....Her Mom has given Her permission to play with Her boyfriend's "thing".....and this young Girl is enjoying every minute of it!!! Wearing some sexy short shorts......and Barefeet.......Tracy Tugs on this Big, Stiff penis until She makes it squirt!!! Cock-Jerking has become like peanuts for young Tracy....She just can't seem to stop after one!

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Duration: 32:30
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