Cast: Linda Shane, Caroline and Sandra Long

Look who's just joined the group of winners and is ready to start earning tokens It's Linda, who had remained the least lucky player throughout the whole of the game, together with Thomas. It looks like she had simply been saving her energy for the finishing spurt, which brought her the sweet victory in one of the rounds and an even sweeter prize. The blondie got into a chair, spread her legs wide and simply fell back letting Sandra and Caroline take turns yummying down on her sweet slit. What about the guys' rounds? Well, things were hardly getting any different there. Caroline was helping Ricardo aim well, the guy himself was shooting darts as if he was using a sniper rifle - the second naked win and the second token went into his hands with perfect ease and grace. Of course, they were far not the only things that the guy received: there came that wonderful "King and his Valet" action card that made him enjoy the oral skills of each of the three girls one by one while Alex was doing them all from behind. Think that Alex and Ricardo make a perfect team? The following round made it get even better. Linda's win brought her a token, which really disappointed Sandra. Linda herself, in her turn, could hardly complain about anything. Ricardo's cock in her mouth, Alex's one in her pussy, Thomas rubbing the working Love Egg against her little clit - getting a triple portion of sexual attention is something that no one would ever complain about! Still, that threesome teaming not only didn't get the girl exhausted but also made her even more determined to keep on winning

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