Release Year: 1930
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Anthology film from French short films of the last century Polissons et Galipettes / French erotica 1905-1950 period. It is well known that when a form of art, be it painting, sculpture, engraving and lithography, creative individuals will certainly begin to use it to express their erotic fantasies. The invention of photography and film is no exception. There is a mistaken view that erotic cinema invented recently. This anthology destroys this myth, showing that contemporary erotic cinema of the cinema. Presented to your attention a film was made at the dawn of cinema. Not only do they stand out against the background of a modern production of the genre, but also surpass it in every way. This is a short belt intended for viewing in the halls of the closed institutions - in the back rooms of shops, in clandestine brothels etc. Of particular interest are the pre-war films that reveal the inner world of his characters and perfectly convey us the spirit of a bygone era. Many of them are marked masterful director's findings and scenarios. Shot from multiple angles are much ahead of their time. These films were created both amateur and famous professionals (who, unfortunately, chose to remain anonymous). In our time, they have become cult rarities, as they contain the life and the culture that has remained outside of the classical cinema.

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