t the end of the ninth millennium, the small exploration vessel, SEEKER V, explodes whilst in a survey orbit round a planet circling a remote star on the edge of the Andromeda galaxy. SEEKER’s mission was to look for any traces of a colonizing starship that had disappeared in this area many centuries before. Only SEEKER’s commandant, Dana Hilbert, and her second in command, Captain Susan Huston survive to land safely in the forests of the northern continent.

Soon, they discover that there were survivors from the lost starship, both humans and genetically modified apes… and it is the apes that now rule this world with wild force…

The young Officers had been selected from among millions of applicants for their high IQ and for their degree of genetic perfection. They came from the much-admired elite of intergalactic travelers.

Their fall from the heights of a technologically advanced society to the level of Ape Society is humiliating in the extreme.

No longer are they hero-worshipped in much the same way as cinema stars were in former ages, or models, or royals... Now Captain Dana and her companions are mere domestic pets, household animals kept exclusively for the pleasure of ignorant apes. The ill-treatment of pets is standard in the extremely violent and practically moral-free ape society....

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