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Thread: Gay Movies Veri - Best Collection

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    Gay Movies Veri - Best Collection

    Innocent Attraction

    Release Year: 2000
    Studio: Club 1821
    Cast: Chad Conrad, Garrett Jamison, Toby Rivers, Corey Mathews, Christian Taylor, Koby, Marco Rivas, Trevor, Leo DiVerona, Derek Roberts, Devon, Chris Williams
    Genres: Twinks, Latino, Threesome, Rimming, Outdoor, Masturbation, Cumshots
    Video language: English

    Another hardcore title from chicken pornmeister Posey. His previous forays into full hardcore have been hit-or-miss experiences, and didn't capture his young pieces of meat as well as his Young, Hard & Solo or Hot Sessions series. This time the director sucessfully hits all his marks, and offers up blonde twink du jour Christian Taylor, too.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:23:08
    Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1239kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 841.6 MB
    Download Innocent Attraction

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    News post296

    Eboys Video - Boy's Juice

    Genre: gay, anal, blowjob, bareback
    Duration: 1:36:03

    Directed by: Michael Paris
    Starring: Kee, Julian, Christophe, Stephan, Jacky, Valentin, Blondy, Steevy, Rick, Erwan
    Boy's Juice brings you 10 dirty boys starved for raw dicks hot cum.
    Those Twinks know how to fuck and get hard cocks in the ass. They are gorgeous, smooth and begging for hard pounding. The 10 Farmer Boys are spending way too much time fucking and eating huge loads. Cum is flying all over the farm before landing in hungry mouths. The last scene features the 10 hotties in a big orgy. The hard fucking, rimming, fingering and moaning will make you hard for weeks! KEE, the pig bottom gets 9 loads in his mouth. His face is covered by the precious juice. Boy's Juice is all about Barebacking Twinks starving for creamy loads and rock-hard cocks.

    File size: 760.0 MB
    Download Eboys Video - Boy's Juice

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    News post297

    Young Cadets

    Production year: 1988
    Country: USA
    Directed by: William Higgins
    Studio: Catalina Video
    Genre: 3 Way, Anal, Blow Job, Fantasy, Foreskin, Jocks, Military, Pre Condom Classic, Twinks, Uniforms, Vintage
    Duration: 1:17:15
    Starring: Mike Gregory, Chaz Holderman, Derek Jensen, Erich Lange, Tony Marino, Sparky O'Toole, Kal Richards, Mike Ryan, Greg Stevens, Chris Williams
    Description: Chris Wiiliams is the new cadet on base and he's in for one hell of a hazing! When the others get a glimpse of Chris' thick beer-can piece of meat, they'll fight hell and high water to get it for their own! Tony Marino, Derek Jensen, and Mike Gregory also star in this pre-condom audience favorite by Producer Scott Masters and director Cameron Leight.

    File size: 698.9 MB
    Download Young Cadets

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    News post298

    Blonds Do It Best (1985)

    Year: 1985
    Country: United States
    Genre: Shot on film, All Sex, Anal, Oral, Vintage
    Duration: 1:21:49
    Directed by: Richard Morgan
    Studio: Hot Videos
    Starring: Brandon Wilde, Chris Carns, John Tracy, Lance (80s), Leo Ford, Mark Sheldon, Shawn Michaels, Ty Cashe, Christopher James (80s)
    Description: Driving home from a weekend at a cabin in Big Bear, Leo Ford and Lance recount their hard dick weekend. Some copies are as short as 60 minutes. Christopher James is credited on the film but unless he is the boat renter in the beginning, he is not in the film. Later in the first scene, the shirt worn by this guy is worn by John Tracy and his red vest is worn by Brandon Wilde.
    1. Brandon Wilde solo, John Tracy solo, Chris Carns solo
    In the setup, Ty Cashe rents a boat to get to the lake cabin. At the cabin Lance helps Mark Sheldon put a stand up ski boat in the water and Mark takes off on it.
    Brandon Wilde, John Tracy and Chris Cairns go for a walk in the woods. Silently they start to get horny when Chris whips out and strokes his pecker. The other two follow suit until they each get their own jizm flying. Almost without word they pull their pants up and move on as if nothing much has happened.
    2. Ty Cashe OrgAbRr, Lance (80s) OgrAtRg
    Lance is sunning himself by the lake shore when Ty Cashe's boat runs out of gas. Lance helps by taking Ty to his cabin, stripping him, lapping his cock and ass and finger fucking him. Now that his tail is ready Lance sticks it to Ty on his back. Ty gets into his own rythm, squating on Lance's uncut snake, until they both cum.
    3. Leo Ford OgrAt, Lance (80s) Or, Mark Sheldon OgrAb
    Mark Sheldon returns to the cabin and Ty leaves in a hurry with the gas can. (In the car, Lance calls Mark 'Phillip' but in this scene he uses 'Mark'.) Mark warms himself up by the fire. Before you know it, Lance is out of his clothes again and Mark is warming his dick by mouth. They hear Leo arrive but Lance says not to worry because Leo will probably join in. Wasting no time Leo hands out a beer and goes down on his knees to suck the two naked guys. Next Leo sucks Mark while Lance watches but Mark is soon on all fours taking Leo up the ass. Lance jumps in again and fucks Marks mounth on the other end. Leo cums on Mark's ass and then Mark is on his back creaming himself with Lance adding to the puddles of cum. Pictures of the three-way in front of the fireplace were all over the internet in it's young days.
    4. Leo Ford OrAt, Shawn Michaels OrAb, Ty Cashe OgAb
    Leo Ford is by the fire when Shawn Michaels stops by and they have a go at each other. With Leo inside of Shawn, Ty Cashe knocks on the door to return the gas can. When Leo answers, Ty follows Leo's still hard dick inside so that Shawn and Leo can both fuck his twinky little ass. A large introductory chunk of this scene is edited out on shortened copies.
    5. Leo Ford OrgAb, Lance (80s) OgrAt
    Remembering the hot sex, gets Leo and Lance all wound up again. They stop the car and go into the forest for some mutual sucking until Leo takes a whopper up his chute by sitting on it.

    File size: 816.0 MB
    Download Blonds Do It Best (1985)

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    News post299

    Active Duty Daddy, Please! (1988)

    Year: 1988
    Country: US
    Studio: Control-T Studios
    Genre: Plot Based, Muscle Men, Military, Spanking, Uniforms, Vintage
    Duration: 01:15:00
    Starring: Billy, Todd
    Description: The commander teaches two sergeants about discipline and power. One abuses it by spanking (via hand and paddle) a towheaded, smooth bubble-butted soldier stationed at the camp for going AWOL. The sergeant forces him up against the wall and insists that his milk-white military butt be arched out and back to receive a thorough onslaught of hand and paddle punishments. The other one of the warden's trainees spanks a muscular soldier for misconduct. There is severe humiliation and verbal abuse inducing the underlings to admit to their "scumhood."
    Buffed-out older brother Todd is pissed at younger brother Billy, an insolent computer nerd who needs to be brought down a peg or two. 195lb Todd swiftly overtakes 135 lb. Billy. His ass is first beaten through his Levis as he is slung across his macho brother's lap. Todd is not satisfies at this and rips Billy's Levis down over his pinkened ass and slim hips. Billy's beautiful squirming boy buns make great target practice for 'roid-raged Todd, then ...
    Uh-oh. Daddy comes home. Seeing Daddy, we suddenly understand the patterns of physical abuse and sexual domination that have formed in this all-male family. Dad makes Todd strip and we get to see his huge shoulders slump in fear and shame as his ripped abs quiver in fright. He pleads and tears form in his eyes as Daddy makes him strip down to his bright white jock in front of the smirking little brother. His own ass is slaughtered by one mean father. The humiliation is complete.

    File size: 702.5 MB
    Download Active Duty Daddy, Please! (1988)

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    News post300

    Mecanos A Pistonner

    Release Year: 2001
    Genres: Gay
    Video language: English

    Difficult for a young assistant mechanic in the garage: he gets all the hard and dirty work and it's not all - pretty grubby muzzle enjoy the rest of the mechanics in the workshop, and overalls on a slender naked body arouses unpretentious idea - roughly deflower young tight ass. It is clear that for a long time to tolerate such an outrage could not be a virgin. And when one of the mechanics, pulling off suit, pinned him to the hood of the car, a little boy posoprotivlyayutsya, nautral same and all that, but then decided that one time - not Tinto Bras!
    However, as is there was a stop on nelly when the body shop is full of beautiful, sexy guys, always ready to change the grease, skillfully polished piston or delve deeply into the engine with his instrument? For what would be the assistant mechanic take, helping his boss: mixing paint, or just rihtovanie replacement wheels, all ended the same - tight ass flare beginner. The heroic efforts of the engineers still had to occasionally distract from the temptation of an elastic ass kid and excited members of each other in the repair of machinery, but that they could not often. Such are busy people, the car mechanics.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:58:08
    Video: 432x320, DivX 5, 697kbps
    Audio: 93kbps

    File size: 690.4 MB
    Download Mecanos A Pistonner

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    News post301

    Hotel Italia

    Release Year: 2001
    Cast: Marian, Marco Ramazzzotti, Daniele Della Valle
    Genres: Gay
    Video language: English

    Normal family is chosen to rest in a fabulously beautiful place. Italian Riviera - a town located in the mountains. Either clean air and act as local beauty odurmanivayusche our heroes, or something else, but it quickly becomes clear that indifferent in terms of sex fun here is only my mother. Sonny tumbles with a friend, a dear dad talk just seduce, then son gets bored and decides to surrender to another handsome guy. And so on. Yes, it did nothing my mother decided to go with his family on vacation. Special mention deserves the divine beauty of the place where were shot. This is something unimaginable. Accordingly, the film is removed so as not to spoil your miracle of contemplation, and to supplement this dazzling beauty of the natural beauty of beautiful male bodies...

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:27:43
    Video: 384x288, DivX 3, 881kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 650.9 MB
    Download Hotel Italia

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    News post302

    Barebacking Boys Club Fraternal Lust

    Release Year: 2011
    Cast: Tommy, Kevin, Edgar, Jerome, Dmitry, Lotto
    Genres: Gay
    Video language: English

    Wildlife Digital presents, Barebacking Boys Club: Fraternal Lust. Directed by Ivan Tofuk, this movie features six hot and horny guys, Tommy, Dmitry, Edgar, Jerome, Kevin, and Lotto, getting wild and crazy in some hot bareback action. Don't miss the bonus scene at the end!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:59:12
    Video: 640x360, DivX 5, 1053kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 985.1 MB
    Download Barebacking Boys Club Fraternal Lust

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    News post303

    Russian Village Boys

    Release Year: 2001
    Cast: Lex P., Sok R., Eldar W., Klark K., Adonis L., Klen C., Uri G., Pupy D., Shark E., Nazar D., Sergei L., Georgi I.
    Genres: gay
    Video language: English

    These Russian young men gather at a bachelor party - all right, no girls, whom they just needed! Talk (po-russki!), listen to music, drink beer "Baltika", eating chips, and after a drink is enough to relax, begin to stick to each other and have sex - yes, where do without it!
    real Russian speech, which seldom hear in the movies of this genre, the young guys - this would really work for you better than any aphrodisiac!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:38:32
    Video: 448x320, DivX 5, 862kbps
    Audio: 93kbps

    File size: 696.7 MB
    Download Russian Village Boys

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    News post304

    L' Elisir D' Amore

    Release Year: 2002
    Cast: Federico Bulsara, Filippo Romano, Lucas Foz, Vilem Cage, Giorgio Salieri, Mattia Saleni, Luca Ferri, Daniele Castaldo, Michele Luppo.
    Genres: gays
    Video language: English

    Romantic love scene two guys at the beginning of the film is suddenly interrupted when Aldo comes in the bedroom ... Nemorino, disappointed in a partner, goes to the local gay club.
    There he not only spying for passionate couples have sex, but also for himself is not weak entertainment. However, in the memory more often pops Fabrizio, a handsome white teeth with a huge cock ... Magic elixir that can bewitch anyone to him, not only helps to regain the other, but also to enjoy sex with different people, sometimes random, and so do the last scene with a straight! As in all the films the studio - the perfect video quality, romantic music, a lot of passion, tenderness and romance.

    Format: avini
    Duration: 1:45:52
    Video: 416x320, DivX 5, 809kbps
    Audio: 78kbps

    File size: 692.0 MB
    Download L' Elisir D' Amore

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