Backroom Casting Couch - Natasha ? E224 - Sept 06 2012

Russian scientists have been hard at work creating the perfect trap to sabotage us innocent American males into giving them all our money: young women with perfect bodies, excellent English and conversational skills, highly charged sexual appetites, and the inability to say ?no?. 18 year old Natasha is one of their new prototypes, carefully planted on my favorite dating site to ensure maximum exposure. 5 seconds on the couch and I?m smitten with her. Natasha must have forgotten her training for a moment when she hesitates to get naked on camera at first, but after a gentle ?GTFO? reminder from me she?s doing everything I want to ensure her jobs that supposedly pay $1000-$5000 per day. The Russians did a great job because I almost believed Natasha is real ? fun personality, outspoken, intelligent, kinky, gives a great BJ, and creams up when I nail her on the desk. But when she says ?yeah, might as well?? as I?m about to fuck her in the ass with a bottle of lotion shoved in her tiny pussy at the same time, I know she?s just too good to be true. I haven?t found her off switch yet, and she stayed hardcore and awesome on our date afterwards. She had to be home by 2 supposedly because of her parents ? but I think it?s to get debriefed. I?m fully expecting a nuclear war when her handlers see her on Backroom Casting Couch and she?s got nothing to show for except a stretched out asshole and a pussy full of all-American sperm. USA! USA! USA!

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