CherryJul - Hrisanta & Cherry Jul ? Salad Tossing With The Cuke! - HD 720p - Sept 08 2012

I invited my hot Russian girlfriend Hrisanta over for dinner, but the sight of me working with the cucumber got both of us so horny that we decided to stick to eating each other and using the cucumber to suck and fuck instead! We use our professional blowjob skills on the cucumber to lube it up, and then we stick it deep inside our pussies while licking each other?s clits. For some double orifice action, Hrisanta puts her mouth over the vegetable while jamming it inside my shaved snatch. Of course we both need a salad tossing to go with the cucumber too, and we do just that while continuing to work the veg in our vag! We then both grab a cucumber so we?

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