Belles d'un Soir - Supremes Jouissances (1977)

Director: Claude Mulot as Frederic Lansac

* Brigitte Lahaie plays Doris
* Cristel Lauris uncredited, plays a a replacement girlfriend
* Katia Heimerton uncredited, plays a replacement girlfriend
* Martine Grimaud plays Martine
* Veronique Maugarski plays Mimi

* Gilles Karl, credited as Karl, plays Francis
* Louison Boutin plays Dick
* Alban Ceray plays Antony (Martine's boyfriend)
* Dominique Aveline plays Luis (the girls' live-in housekeeper)
* Hubert Geral plays Jose (actor in adverts)
* Guy Bonnafoux plays Rothman (Doris's patient)
* Tony Morena plays Mr. Samuel (the girls' landlord)
* Herve Amalou plays Etudiant (man picked up in cafe by Martine?)
* John Oury, uncredited, plays the client who takes his son to take photos and lose his cherry
* Michel Dauba plays the client's son
* Daniel Bellus plays the director of the commercial shoot, nonsex

Brigitte Lahaie and two of her closest friends (Veronique Maugarski and Martine Grimaud) leave their boyfriends and move in together to find a whole new world of sexual adventures. In widescreen format.

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