Debbie Duz Dishes (1986)

Director:Bob Vosse
Writer:John Finegold
Stars:Nina Hartley, Keli Richards and Jerry Butler
Plot Keywords:Sex | Possession | Exorcism | Hardcore
Filming Locations:San Francisco, California, USA
One of the funniest, silliest, and stimulating adult movies I've ever seen. Nina Hartley is terrific as Debbie, a horny newlywed housewife having to deal with door-to-door salesmen, bed delivery men (heh heh), a horny lesbian plumber, and a monster in the attic, all while trying to get the dishes done before hubby come home!!!

The award-winning original Debbie Duz Dishes with Nina Hartley as Debbie for the first time ever on DVD. Debbie Duz Dishes was one of the most popular adult movies in the 1980s.

File size: 903.4 megabayt
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