Die Wilden Lueste Meiner Schulfreundinnen

Year: 1984
Country: Germany
Genre: Classic, All sex
Duration: 1hr 20min
Starring: Tanja Simon, Conny Reinhard, Sissi Harler, Gabi Schindler, Diddi Kerner, Monika Felix, Alban Ceray, Fanny Davis, Ricco Baumgart, Romana Steiger, Bert Kaminsky, Ria von Berg, Alban Ceray.

Description: Blonde returns to his hometown to see his old school friends.
She travels around the city, and now mixed with the past. She meets people who are painfully similar to her former blonde slipping into a sexual dream ...

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Audio: 80.00 kbps, 44 kHz, 2 channels, MPEG Layer 3

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