Games For An Unfaithful Wife (1976)

Studio: Alpha France
Director: Claude Mulot
Starring: Marie-Christine Guennec, Michele d?Agro, Michele Grubert, Sylvia Bourdon, Jean-Louis Vattier, Sylvia Diams, Elisabeth De Neuville, Francoise Avril, Patrick Segalas, Jean-Paul Allais
FileSize: 741.04 Mb
Runtime: 01:04:03
Video: WMV, 720 x 480, 29.970 fps, 1950 kbps
Audio: WMA, 48000Hz, stereo, 64Kbps
?Offer yourself everything that makes you happy!.? This is the unwise telegram sent by unfaithful husband to his wife that he abandoned, the day of their wedding anniversary to join a young and fiery mistress in London. The Abandoned wife seeks then revenge by using the word ?pleasure? in the charnels sense of the word and discovers ecstasies it had hitherto forgotten. This regal Lecherous Frederic Lansac has attracted a record number of viewers when it was September 22, 1976 In Paris rooms in Alpha France.

File size: 741.2 megabayt
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