Gejagte Sexmaeuschen (1980)

Language: German
Quality: VHSRip good
Size: 746 megabayt
Duration: 01:18:16
Resolution: 634x480
Format: avi

While fooling around with his girlfriend in the countryside, a
schoolboy [he looks about 24 years old, but never mind] observes a
couple of gangsters doing something sinister in the vicinity. He
enlists the help of a [another 24-year-old] and they follow
the villains. One of them follows a little too closely and gets caught,
and the gangsters drug him unconscious and lock him up in their
headquarters, apparently a bar [where XNK0819
is the barmaid]. It then appears that they deal in drugs, which comes
as a bit of a because so far in the film their only remotely
illegal act was to treat German currency disrespectfully.

File size: 746.4 megabayt
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