High School Fantasies (1973)

Freddie (Larry Barnhouse) is a high-school student in the 50's who's perpetually a miss with the ladies. He has all the wrong moves, particularly in regards to his dream girl, Mary Lou (the always watchable porn great Rene Bond) To make matter's worse he's a virgin. But his friends (or as close as he gets to having friends) attempt to 'help' him (ie. steal his money) with his problem with some 'spanish fly'. Will this help him win the girl of his fantasies?? This is a pretty good Rene Bond vehicle with a surprising lack of money shots. So it's kinda tame for a hardcore film, but thanks to the plot & of course Rene, it remains worth your time.
The Goods: 6 sex scenes (5 m/f, 1 m/m/f *that one's interspersed with plot scenes, going back to the sex every now and then*)
Director:Morris Deal
Writer:Morris Deal
Stars:Rene Bond, Larry Barnhouse and Ric Lutze
512 x 384

File size: 700.5 megabayt
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