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    Horny For The Ungloryhole! (2012)

    Horny For The Ungloryhole! (2012)

    Release Year: 2012
    Cast: Tyler Haul, Joe Girth
    Genres: Amateur, Blowjob, Brunette, Cumshot, Handjob, White

    Joe is always horny, looking for any hole possible. Always ready and willing to put his cock wherever possible. Well, today he's going to try his luck and stick his cock inside the ungloryhole, thinking Alexis is going to make his day. Not! You'll need to stay tuned to find out. Enjoy!

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 6:43
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3510kbps
    Audio: 66kbps

    File size: 176.3 MB
    Download Horny For The Ungloryhole! (2012)

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    Angel Weis and Joshua Finley

    Angel Weis and Joshua Finley

    Release Year: 2012
    Studio: BareAdventures
    Cast: Angel Weis and Joshua Finley
    Genres: Bareback, Twinks, Anal Sex, Big Dikcs, Blowjob, Cumshots, Kissing, Masturbation, Rimming
    Video language: English

    First dates are always a bit difficult and awkward. It?s even more so if you?re trying to get into someone?s pants! Like Angel Weis who wants to fuck Joshua Finley?s twink ass real bad. There?s a bit or wining and dining involved and that takes more work. But if you play your cards right, you could get by with just the wining, skip the dining, and go straight for a bareback fuck that leaves you with a cum facial. Need pointers on how to accomplish that? Check out this week?s scene with Angel Weis, who?s got a big uncut dick, and sweet-looking, innocent Joshua Finley who loves getting his hole played with and hasn?t quite admitted to himself that deep down inside, he?s just a big cock and cum whore who loves getting pounded with a raw dick.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 26:01
    Video: 720x406, Windows Media Video V7
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 492.4 MB
    Download Angel Weis and Joshua Finley

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    Cum Swapping Mania - Chubby Black Stud Goran Plays With Himself While Buggered

    Cum Swapping Mania - Chubby Black Stud Goran Plays With Himself While Buggered

    Release Year: 2012
    Studio: Alfa Red
    Cast: Milos, Goran
    Genres: Gay, Cumshots
    Video language: English

    If you like your guys ethnic and a little bit chunky, then eager butt slut Goran is definitely going to rock your world! He doesn't have the hottest body in the world by traditional standards, but there's something so attractive about fucking a dude who still has some puppy fat - and of course, it makes his ass so juicy when you are thrusting deep into his rectum! Goran sucks his stud Milos first, eagerly blowing his dick down to the base his brow creases in concentration. Goran lies on his side with one leg lifted in the air, playing with himself as he's screwed hard in the ass, finally taking his buddy's cumshot down his throat.

    Format: lavfpref
    Duration: 20:01
    Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264)
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 562.0 MB
    Download Cum Swapping Mania - Chubby Black Stud Goran Plays With Himself While Buggered

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    Some Magic Sex Tricks

    Some Magic Sex Tricks

    Release Year: 2012
    Studio: TopLatinDaddies
    Genres: Hunks, Dads, Bears, Muscules, Big cocks, Group, Duet, Solo, Oral, Anal, Masturbation, Cumshots, Leather
    Video language: English

    Ahora que ha dado con el principal sitio de contenido de hombres maduros, tome un momento para hacer un tour por nuestro sitio. Ofrecemos videos en Pay-Per-View, Videos en Streaming, Galerias de Modelos, Cruising - Conozca amantes de papitos como usted, adelantos de nuestras peliculas, y mucho mas!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 29:09
    Video: 1280x720, DivX 5, 1465kbps
    Audio: 93kbps

    File size: 336.5 MB
    Download Some Magic Sex Tricks

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    Tomm Black (aka Tomas Friedel/Zack Hood) and Leon Saikov (aka Savkov/Roman Klaska)

    Tomm Black (aka Tomas Friedel/Zack Hood) and Leon Saikov (aka Savkov/Roman Klaska)

    Release Year: 2012
    Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Cum shots, Creampie, Muscle Bears & Muscle Jocks, Masturbation, Piggy Sex.
    Video language: English

    Big pecs and big cock - both Tomm Black and his fuck buddy Leon Saikov have them and Tomm wanted both of Leon?s in his face. While Leon held the camera Tomm got to work on his cock and shoved it down his throat to get it ready to fuck. Tomm wanted this on video so he could watch back later as he gave his beefy ass up to this boy?s cock and let Leon bareback his hole. Tomm begged to get fucked harder and let Leon seed his hole deep and make his big ass his own!

    We?ve seen Tomm Black be a total cock pig, sucking and getting sucked with all sorts of men, jocks, and twinks. We?ve also seen him fucking hundreds of tight fuck holes, from safe to bareback. But what the man is good at, whether you know him as Tomm Black or Zack Hood, is fucking raw ass. Lately, he?s been allowing himself to give into what he most wants to do, and that?s cumming on or in, some gaping hole. And if you know what it?s like to spurt your jizz into a freshly fucked hole, you know how difficult it is to do anything other than that. But now, in a rare on-camera scene, this hot, beefy, muscled stud gets fucked up the ass by blond muscle jock Leon Saikov. Not only does Tomm get fucked, he practically begs for it by the end. Leon dumps his load inside Tomm, breeding the man?s ass. When he pulls out, we see the impressive amount of seed come bubbling and drooling out of Tomm?s manhole. It doesn?t get any hotter than this, gents!

    Format: mov (QuickTime)
    Duration: 22:49
    Video: 960x540, MP4V, 2515kbps
    Audio: 124kbps

    File size: 442.2 MB
    Download Tomm Black (aka Tomas Friedel/Zack Hood) and Leon Saikov (aka Savkov/Roman Klaska)

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    Max Flint Fucks Colin

    Max Flint Fucks Colin

    Release Year: 2012
    Genres: Studs, Duet, Amateurs, Oral, Anal, Masturbation, Cumshots
    Video language: English

    In this weekend?s vid, we don?t bother with any pre-rutting chitchat. We start right in with the fucking. A delighted bottom is crying out, and a top is pile driving into a sweet, sweet hole. The camera pulls back and Max is the top, and the ever randy Colin has his feet behind his head.
    Max looks uber sexy with his eyes closed, all into Colin?s booty.
    ?You like that tight hole, bro,? Colin murmurs.
    Max can barely utter his response, but he?s a happy camper.
    ?Fuck that hole, bro,? Colin demands.
    Max must be doing something correct because Colin?s toes curl up. Our curly topped top is like a runaway train. He ain?t making any stops until the trip is over.
    ?You like that tight ass, bro,? Colin wonders again.
    ?It feels so good,? Max notes.
    ?Fucking balls deep,? Colin says.
    Colin rolls on his stomach, and Max continues the deep booty exploration. Max tires of his scene partner?s yelps and he covers the dude?s mouth...

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 20:14
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1750kbps
    Audio: 156kbps

    File size: 283.5 MB
    Download Max Flint Fucks Colin

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    Cock Sucking Galore (2012)

    Cock Sucking Galore (2012)

    Release Year: 2012
    Cast: Luke Johnson, Ronny Rodriguez
    Genres: Amateur

    So this week we have Ronnie and Luke. Ronnie just loves sucking cock and luckily for us Luke loves to film it. Ronnie is a little apprehensive but a little convincing goes a long way. Before you know it Luke is dropping his pants and Ronnie is slobbering all over his dick. I mean this kid can really suck a cock. He spits and sucks and talk dirties.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 12:57
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2927kbps
    Audio: 65kbps

    File size: 284.5 MB
    Download Cock Sucking Galore (2012)

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    Fuck the neighbor raw.

    Fuck the neighbor raw.

    Release Year: 2012
    Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Blow Job, Cumshots, 720p
    Video language: English

    This week Dave has moved into a new apartment. He earned all his money because of all the boys hes been fucking. He loves the view, especially because his neighbor is a cute boy who likes to sun bathe in the nude. We got his attention and told him to come over. Then Dave used his methods of persuasion to make this boy enjoy getting his dick sucked by DAve. Then Dave took him inside and fucked him in the butt. He is a dirty boy. AFter they had butt sex, the boy swallowed Daves cum. I think Dave likes his new apartment.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 23:55
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2905kbps
    Audio: 93kbps

    File size: 526.9 MB
    Download Fuck the neighbor raw.

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    Cole, Jayden & Travis (Travis James, Jayden Tyler, Cole Markum)

    Cole, Jayden & Travis (Travis James, Jayden Tyler, Cole Markum)

    Release Year: 2012
    Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Big Dicks, Cumshots, Facial, Fingering, Hardcore, Kissing, Masturbation, Muscles, Rimming, Threesome.
    Video language: English

    Jayden Tyler went from holding a camera in his hands to having Cole Markum licking his hungry hole and Travis James feeding him cock. And that was just the beginning.
    Cole Markum and Travis James are all ready to do scene but nobody wants to bottom. All of a sudden they realize that the cameraman is none other than the ubersexy Jayden Tyler. That is all it took for those two hot horny studs to practically rip his clothes off and drag him, not exactly kicking and screaming, into a wild threeway. These guys were not about to just fuck each other, they wanted Jayden every which way they could have him. At one point they did a centipede rimjob with Tyler getting eaten out by Cole as he eats out Travis. And what about Travis jerking off Jayden while Cole fucks him. Or Jayden having an ass full of Travis and a mouth full of Cole. The possibilities were endless and I think they explored them all. Things just got hotter and hotter until they both shot long ropes of hot steamy spunk right into the waiting mouth of Jayden and he ate both of their loads.

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 23:45
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3424kbps
    Audio: 91kbps

    File size: 611.9 MB
    Download Cole, Jayden & Travis (Travis James, Jayden Tyler, Cole Markum)

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    Pierre Fitch & Max Ryder Caught Fucking Behind the DJ Booth

    Pierre Fitch & Max Ryder Caught Fucking Behind the DJ Booth

    Release Year: 2012
    Studio: CockyBoys
    Cast: Pierre Fitch & Max Ryder
    Genres: Oral Sex, Cumshots, Anal Sex, Tattoo, Twink
    Video language: English

    In the first episode of the genre-bending, lines-blurring sex/reality series Project GogoBoy, we meet Jake Bass, an established gogoboy on the top box who has gotten where he is by hard work and perseverance. If there?s one thing Jake can?t stand, it?s gogo dancers who sleep their way to the top: dancers like his best frenemy, and ?favorite phony? Max Ryder, a fresh-faced gogoboy with big dreams and an even bigger attitude. Jake Bass is dancing at Montreal gay club Stock when he notices Max getting cozy in the DJ booth with internationally-renowned DJ Pierre Fitch (?All the boys love me, and when they want to request a song, they know what they have to do: get dirty,? says Pierre.) Jake tries not to let Max and Pierre?s kissing and groping affect his performance, but he can?t ignore it when Pierre purposefully stops Jake?s song halfway through, ruining his set. After Jake storms off, Pierre leads Max into the changing room and then away to the elevator ? and all that awaits below. Down in the basement of the club, Pierre takes Max to a gloryhole and the fun continues! Max has been wanting to suck on Pierre?s huge dick all night long and he couldn?t wait to get his hands on it! You could tell it was Max?s first time doing anything like that and judging by the smile on his face ? I think he?ll be back again there very soon. Once Pierre?s cock was all wet he was ready to plow Max right there on the floor! Who needs a bed when you have passion, right?

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 23:00
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2908kbps
    Audio: 124kbps

    File size: 511.6 MB
    Download Pierre Fitch & Max Ryder Caught Fucking Behind the DJ Booth

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