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Thread: 2012 Gay Movies & Gay 19xy 199y Vintage Movies

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    Release Year:1999
    Studio:Huge Video, BIG Video
    Cast:Martin Cage, Attila H., Zoltan Nikol, Serge Timar, Gyorgy Lovas, Johan Nagy, Laszlo Rab, Thomas Jeno, Zoly Miklos, Zsolt Malov
    Genres:Plot Based, Freshme, Anal, Oral, Muscle Men, Butt Play, Tricking, Threesomes

    Description:Matt Sterling's action-packed sexual thriller Mansized was shot in Hungary, a country brimming with restless young men anxious to get their kicks from the forbidden pleasures of man-to-man sex. Mansized brings you all the sexually charged excitement as ten of these hot and horny young men find new ways to turn each other on and get each other off. For those who like their men gorgeous, buffed, hung and uncut, Matt Sterling's Mansized promises endless loads of pleasure.


    Duration: 01:15:17
    VIDEO: 352x288 at 25.000 fps, MPEG Video, 1150 Kbps
    AUDIO: 44.1 KHz, MPEG Audio, 2 ch, 224 Kbps

    File size: 748.8 MB

    Download [Huge Video, BIG Video]Mansized (DVDRip 1999)

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    Release Year: 1995
    Studio: Jocks Video
    Cast: Brad Stone, Jake Andrews, Rod Majors, Cort Jensen, Brandon Reeves, Steve Harper, Jeff Austin, Steve Marks, Tony Hampton
    Genres: Plot Based, Muscle Men, Anal, Oral, Double Oral Penetration, Butt Play, Threesomes

    Description:Brad Stone, Cort Jensen, Jake Andrews, and Brandon Reeves star as rugged men with no-nonsense attitudes and nothin' but raw man-sex on their minds!


    Duration: 01:23:10
    VIDEO: 544x400 at 25.000 fps, MPEG-4 Visual@ XviD, 1086 Kbps
    AUDIO: 48.0 KHz, MPEG Audio@MP3, 2 ch, 128 Kbps

    File size: 646.1 MB

    Download [Jocks Video]Built Tough (SATRip 1995)

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    One of the original gay erotic cinema labels, the classic line of Catalina Video is proud to present its first new movie in over a decade with ?Frat Boy Fuck Down.? Award winning director Chi Chi LaRue returns to the label where she started her career, this time out to capture a pledge week orgy that will becomes one of the filthiest frat films in smut. Freshman fucker Ryan Raz is on all fours, ass spread wide open for an anal examination that will leave him the cum drenched subject of a 13 man ritual hazing gangbang. A cast of both porn superstars and newcomers for them to show how its done, this incredible cast gives Ryan Raz the fuck of his life.

    File size: 936.7 MB

    Download [Johnny Hazzard] Frat Boy Fuck Down

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    This pre-condom collection of shorts from France comprises four three-ways built around gym motifs, exercise machines, whirlpools and the like.

    Locker Room 3 has three cute men - a brunet, a light brunet, and a blond - working out on weight machines. The boys strip - except the blond, who keeps his skimpy little powder blue tank top on - and take it to the locker room. Sucking leads to the well-endowed blond plowing the shaggy brunet over a weight bench, while the dark brunet tongue-strokes blondies pucker. This loop offers lots of close-ups of the rimming and butt-fucking action.

    Hot Tub Boys has our blond stud from the first short joining another, almost blond. The pair trade blowjobs on the edge of the pool when a dark-haired, uncut "studlet" joins in for oral, rimming and cum-eating.

    Triple Workout offers three new lads in a weight room. The most interesting of the trio is a sandy blond with a neat brush mustache. The trio leaves their jockstraps on as they share mutual masturbation and dick-nibbling.

    The men in Three for the Mat are a bit more the hard-body side than the previous models. The dicks are also bigger, and the fucking is more vigorous. In particular, the strawberry blond in the white sweatband delivers some seriously deep dicking. The scene ends with juicy slow-motion cumshots.


    1. Locker Room 3
    Pete, Steve, Thor

    Thor, a new boy at the gym, watches partners Pete and Steve finish their workout, His growing shaft aching for a fuck, Thor follows them to the locker room to make out. As he buries his tool between the cheeks of Steves ass, Pete tongues the rest of Steves body to a magnificent climax.

    2. Hot Tub Boys
    Thor, Tony, Freddie

    Two blonde beauties, Thor and Freddie set the pace for this sex capade in the hot tub. When dark-haired Tony, the towel boy, joins them, the action speeds up. It is a game of musical chairs, in and out of the tub, rimming, sucking, fucking. A wild 3-way to everyones delight!

    3. Triple Work-Out
    Jamie Wingo, Eric Clement, David (Mike Barnes)

    When instructor Eric strips down to show David and Jamie the proper way to use gym equipment, he becomes more interested in their equipment. The boys, also eager to play games, mount Eric in outrageous positions on the exercise machine, blowing and screwing each other until the love juices flow.

    4. 3 For the Mat
    Tim , Steve, David (Mike Barnes)

    The beginning of this loops has Tim doing some very graceful gymnastic floor exercises in his jockstrap.

    Three young bodies on a gym mat building their muscles. Watching each other exercise, the mood soon changes from work to play. A frenzy of sensuous lips around stiff dicks and lunging cocks up pink assholes dazzle your eyes as Tim is caught between David and Steve in a gratifying triple header.

    Footnote: Series of shorts, some of these were collected into videos. These were originally Griffin International films only but with the merger of Magnum Studios in 1976, they took on a new life where they are more familiarly known as Magnum-Griffin films.
    See magazine The Best of Griffin for pictures of many of these performers.



    The original loops were silent so music is added on top. Sadly, some guys, well into dirty-old-manhood, seem to have been selected to provide the voiceover dialog which turned out just hideous. Recommendation: turn off the sound and turn on the stereo.
    -Woody Tule


    The Griffin films are plotless, but they feature attractive, well-hung versatile jocks in and out-of-doors, engaged in everything form the usual fuck and suck routines to threeways and orgy scenes. The problem is the dialogue. It is laughably corny, and not in synch with the actors lip movements. For example, in Volume 4, there is a scene where several men are sitting on a couch having a discussion. That is what we see anyway. What we hear are some wildly exaggerated sucking and slurping sounds. Have these fellows discovered a new language.
    -Kevin Gender

    Stars: Starring: David (Mike Barnes), Eric Clement, Freddie, Jamie Wingo, Pete, Steve,
    Thor, Tim, Tony

    Director: Uncredited

    Produced: 1975-1976

    Released: 1978/1981

    File size: 898.3 MB

    Download [Magnum Griffin-Filmfare Video-Bijou] - Magnum Griffin 4

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    Studio: Man's Best
    Cast: Mike, Claus, Bob, Heinzi
    Genres: Twinks, Oral/Anal Sex, Solo, Threesome, Masturbation, Cumshot
    Video language: English

    Check out the latest from Man's Best Media, LiebesStudio! Featuring the hottest Guys in action from Germany!

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 53:42
    Video: 768x576, Windows Media Video 9, 1915kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 801.0 MB

    Download [Man's Best]LiebesStudio

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    Release Year: 1978
    Studio: Bijou Classics
    Cast: Gene, Leon, Ray, Val Martin, Jeremy Wheat, Jeff Sattler
    Genres: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Orgy, Solos, Kinky, Fisting, Leather, Vintage

    Country: USA
    Directed by: Severin
    Description: A young man loses himself in a bewildering maze of leather, fisting, toilet play, and bondage in 10:30 PM, one of the earliest and most influential experimental gay porn films. The story is non-linear and there is no dialogue; scenes cut abruptly, characters appear and disappear, locales change without warning. Some sets are dark and shadowed, others are stark white. Add a creepy a melodic soundtrack, trippy effects, and lots of Crisco-slathered hardcore action into the mix, and the result is an atmospheric, Hitchcockian mind fuck of a porno that is as disturbing as it is arousing.

    A mysterious vintage Rolls Royce pulls into a driveway and whisks protagonist Jeff Sattler away to an old stone mansion. The tall, bearded, sandy blond approaches the house to investigate. Slowly he enters, unaware of the pleasures and perversities that lie within.

    A radial whirl transition effect a la Twilight Zone is used whenever Jeff finds himself a different spot in the house. Depending on your taste, the device is a cheesy distraction from the dark mood of the piece or a charming artifact of a more na´ve era of filmmaking. Either way, in narrative terms the effect is meant to suggest that events in the mansion might be taking place only in Jeff's head.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 42:49
    Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 1887kbps
    Audio: 187kbps

    File size: 654.5 MB

    Download 10:30 P.M. Monday (1978, DVDRip)

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    Well, Lake Placid is behind us and Moscow is in jeopardy, but the aura of the athlete continues undisturbed. The competition itself - bodies hone to perfection with hard muscles working and reflecting from their fine sheen of sweat flashes of beauty as they seek to prove their superior skills - is only one part of the marvelous excitement which makes athletics special, Another and equally unique part of sports is that area of post-competition sensuality and masculinity - the lockerroom.

    And that is the arena we enter with NOVAs Special Release No. * - THE JOCKS.
    We are right there where you can feel the sweat, smell the masculine intensity, taste the fetid air, hear the almost mystic pre-civilized instinctual communication, and see the sense-blinding, libido-blowing array of seat-covered flesh, strained naked muscle, jock-restrained organs seeking and seeking fulfillment through bonding with their own in a different kind of competition that brings union and closeness rather than the separation and distance of the sport that they have just left.

    We are with THE JOCKS.

    And what jocks we have. Among the familiar and favorite NOVA faces are Todd Russell, David Shaw and Rick Steele. And equally favored are newcomers Chad Scott and Rusty Evans of whom you will want to see and will be seeing more. These hot studs and their fine-bodied, hard-muscled buddies give their best - revealing fully what being a jock is all about and sending the temperature and humidity to a new high!

    So, visit our lockerroom, meet our jocks, and work yourself into a sweat!
    Scene 7 appears in the Nebula version only.


    1. Pumping Eight
    Chad Scott Ogr, Todd Russell

    Working out on a slant board leads to all kinds of muscle-enlarging exercises - including a very unique manner of fucking. What can not be achieved on the slant is worked out on the lockerroom floor as two hunky bodybuilders become buddies - pumping blood and juices with dedication.

    2. Lapping It Up
    Don Michael, Peter Watson

    Towel-flipping horseplay by a couple of speed swimmers leads to a stinging sore cock. But after it is been kissed and made well, additional stroking seems to be in order - by hand, by mouth, by ass, and, by gosh, it is a lot of fun and gets those hot juices flying.

    3. Hard Tackle
    Rusty Evans, Rick Scott

    Strained shoulder muscles send a star tackle in to see the masseur. The rubdown that follows soon becomes a different kind of ball game with throats and anal canals getting thorough massages from manipulating cocks muscles. The final result is two very wild and wet scores.
    See picture magazine Lockerroom #4 and Jock Strap #1.

    4. No Holds Barred (Nova)
    Jim Lucas, David Shaw

    Wrestling is the kind of body contact sport that arouses tremendous responses - even when you end up on the bottom. But even when you can not pin your buddy, there are ways to become top man. When a bear hug leads to a bare ass, deep thrust is certain to follow.

    5. Extra Innings
    Rick Steele, Greg Samuels

    When the final inning is over on the field, a new game begins in the lockerroom as a couple of baseball buddies discover that heaving action with bats and balls can lead to home runs where everyone wins - and the game goes on forever.

    6. Hard Kicks

    A leg injury brings two soccer players into the jock aroma of the lockerroom and helping a buddy becomes a two-way sport of hot lips and hips with cock and ass action when hard, tense muscles give and take pleasure whose is a sport all its own - making teammates into buddies.

    7. Coming Clean
    Rod Sawyer solo

    After a long, hard day, there is nothing more than a long, hot shower in the peace and quiet of a deserted gym. So thinks Rod Sawyer. However, his big, hot cock and a fascinating mirror keep distracting him until he is all hot, sweaty and cum-covered. Watch Rod watch it happening!

    Market Reports Newsletter

    Setting: locker room, gray locker bank & red vinyl upholstered bench - tiled multiple occupancy shower room
    Performer: age about 17, Caucasian, hair brown neck length , wavy shag, body medium frame, good body very clean, cut
    Special Interest Classification: solo masturbation

    Action Sequence: cadet enters locker room, strips to jock & fishnet tee shirt gets cock out of the jock & starts to beat off while watching in a full length mirror. He smiles and plays around, then removes the shirt and the jock, jacks himself some before getting a towel and heading for the shower room. He lathers up his entire torso to the point that he almost looks like he is topped with whipped cream, plays with his crotch and rubs with his sudsy hands - he is not hard at all in the sequence. He rinses off, still detumescent, but working on it, and squeezes and plays with his buns - he bends over and gives a good look at his clean, nearly hairless cleft. Back in the locker room on a bench, the cock rises to the occasion - he straddles the bench and humps against the friction of the vinyl over, shows some more cleft briefly, then lays back to jack and play with his balls. Then he speeds up and the load spends on his belly.


    (Author unknown)

    Six vignettes:

    Pumping Eight with Todd Russell and Chad Scott. Working out on a slant board leads to all kinds of muscle-enlarging exercises, including a very unique manner of fucking.

    Lapping It Up with Don Michaels and Peter Watson. Towel-snapping horseplay by a couple of speed swimmers leads to a stinging, sore cock.

    Hard Tickle with Rust Evans and Rick Scott. Strained shoulder muscles send a star tackle to see the masseur for a rubdown.

    No Holds Barred with David Shaw and Jim Lucas. Wrestling is the kind of body contact sport that arouses tremendous responses, even when you end up on the bottom.

    Extra Innings with Rick Steele and Greg Samuels. When the final inning is over on the field, a new game begins in the locker room with bats and balls and home runs that lets everyone in.

    Hard Kicks with Chet Samson and Dan Taylor. A leg injury brings two soccer players into the jock aroma of the locker room, and helping a buddy becomes a two-way sport of hot lips and hips with cock and ass action that makes pleasure a sport all its own.

    Stars: Chad Scott, David Shaw, Don Michaels, Greg Samuels, Jim Lucas, Peter Watson, Rick Scott, Rick Steele, Rod Sawyer, Rusty Evans, Todd Russell

    Produced: 1978 (re credits)

    Released: 1981

    File size: 710.9 MB

    Download [Nebula Video-Nova Films-Bijou] - Jocks

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    Release Year: 2003
    Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
    Cast: Jason Sizemore Markus Erin O'Shay Alex Mendoza Dobie Rivera Neo Turner Sky Preston Marco Paris Jesse Martin Jack Sanders
    Genres: Gay, Couples
    Video language: English

    In L.A. Lust, Jason Sizemore returns! He's got a bunch of beautiful new buddies and is living in the gorgeous Hollywood Hills mansion of his rich new boyfriend. But when the cat's away - Jason will play! With ten amazing guys and the debut of five luscious, young hunks, a multi-million dollar set and Jason Sizemore's "impressive monolith," this movie delivers the most spectacular twinks in the U.S. in a story of love and true L.A. Lust!

    Format: lavfpref
    Duration: 17:46
    Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264)
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 504.7 MB

    Download [Pacific Sun Entertainment] La lust Scene #4

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    Honesty is a way of life. It takes courage and willingness for Jason to get what he wants from Jared, but acting on the advice of Chris McKenzie he makes his move and gets his reward. Add to this the steamy exploits of Jasons school friends, newcomer Al Matthews with his tight defined bod and the incredible endowment of Alvin and the super-cute Tex Cox and you have a driving video which smacks of sex as only Honesty can.


    (Adult Video News)

    Honesty ?the first feature in a series to be by the newly formed Reel to Reel Pictures company ?has the most tasteful and professional packaging I have seen in a long time. Cover lads Jared Young and Jason Hunter are dressed in period style (sort of 1930s) and leaning against a tree outside an elegant old house. The photo is sepia tinted, beautifully reproduced and wrapped around the box. What with the cover and a simple, urbane title, one can not help but expect something unusual inside ?something subtle and elegant.

    Instead of evoking that mood, director Lawrence kicks in from the very start with his usual electronic funky sex music. It proceeds to stomp on the fine, woody visuals, and the rest of the tape proceeds form this same erotic paradox ?interesting young men and locales captured with good, crisp photography but lacking character.

    The theme is only vaguely referenced in a feature of straight-forward sex that keeps looking like it wants to belong to some sort of story. Taken as a whole, it is a real mixed bag, whose noteworthy elements are close to the surface.

    Reviewed May 1, 1990 by Dave Kinnick
    Critical Rating: AA 1/2

    Stars: Al Matthews, Alvin Eros, Chris McKenzie, Jared Young, Jason Hunter, John Fell, Steve Kennedy, Ted Cox, Tom E. Lee
    Director: Jeff Lawrence
    Released: 1989

    Duration : 01:20:35
    Resolution : 640x480
    Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 900 Kbps, 29.970 fps

    File size: 637.3 MB

    Download [Real to Reel Pictures-Filmco-Sierra Pacific] - Honesty

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    Release Year: 2000
    Studio:Red Moon Video / Projex Video
    Cast:Jarda Kolar, Jirka Kalvoda, Tony Acosta, Dean Maxwell, Sam Dixon
    Genres: Red Asses, Discipline, Spanking, Big Cocks, Dildo, Anal/Oral Sex, Cumshots

    Description:Five hot studs get their butts whacked bright red - the gorgeous Czechs, the slave and the hardcore leather duo. When the spanking stops the sucking and fucking begin.


    Format: avi
    Duration: 01:21:24
    Video: 672x496 at 29.970 fps, MPEG-4 Visual@ DivX 5, 1240 Kbps
    Audio: 48.0 KHz, MPEG Audio@MP3, 2 ch, 128 Kbps

    File size: 722.1 MB

    Download [Red Moon Video]Spank My Ass

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