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Thread: 2012 Gay Movies & Gay 19xy 199y Vintage Movies

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    Director: Scott Masters
    Studio: Nova Films
    Cast: Andy Fuller, Dan Bradford, Hal Ross, Michael Christopher, Mike Dean, Rick Saxon, Tim Manning, Todd Allen

    Sailors on liberty stay at a hotel.

    1. Takin' Liberty
    Mike Dean, Dan Bradford, Todd Allen
    Sailors Mike Dean and Dan Bradford are checked in and checked out by desk clerk Todd Allen
    It's NOVA! In the Navy! Five fancy-free young sailors prepare for a wild weekend on the town. Mike and Dan have been planning for big things. They get much more than they bargained for in Todd, the hotel desk clerk. Not only is Todd big... very big... he is just as ready to get it on as those two horny sailors are. Todd quickly checks them in and closes the front desk. Soon they are all three going at it fast and furiously. with hard cocks being shoved in every available hole, before long hot male juices are flying! True, Mike and Dan never get to see much beyond the inside of their hotel room, still it adds up to a day... and two sailors... well spent!
    2. Room Service (Nova)
    Tim Manning, Rick Saxon
    Tim Manning gets room service from Rick Saxon.
    Michael and Hal can hardly wait to get going. Leaving Tim in the room by himself, Michael and Hal take off on their own. Unknown to his buddies, Tim has a good reason for staying behind... it's the humpy bellboy, Rick. Tim makes a quick call for a couple of beers. Room service was never like this! Not only does the hot young sailor get his beer, he gets services... service like he's never ever dreamed of before! Rick has exactly what Tim wants and knows how to use it. Tim knows how to make the best of what he's give. It's hard cocks, wet throats and tight asses making fro a long, hot day in the old hotel room!
    3. Hard Rockin'
    Andy Fuller, Hal Ross
    After a concert Hal Russ does some rocking with performer Andy Fuller.
    Out on his own, Hal spots a poster announcing the appearance of Andy Fuller, up-and-coming rock star. Hal has had a crush on Andy since his high-school days before he joined the Navy. when the young sailor actually meets Andy in front of the theater, Hal is ready to try anything. Andy invites the sexy-looking stud backstage. They horny rock singer, knowing a good thing when he sees it, plans to take full advantage of the innocent-looking young sailor. As it turns out, Hal is not al that innocent. Backstage, hot looks turn to hot lust. cocks that hard just can't be controlled. They end up going at it right there, barely hidden behind a stage curtain. This pair can't stop until they are completely drained!
    4. Six In a Bed
    Todd Allen, Tim Manning, Rick Saxon, Michael Christopher, Hal Ross, Andy Fuller
    Tim Manning and Rick Saxon are found by Todd Allen and a sailor then are joined by two more for a six-way.
    For Michael, his wild weekend has turned out to be a bust. So far he has spent it alone. Determined to change that, he returns to the hotel looking for some action. Seeing the cute desk clerk, the hunky sailor makes a play for the young guy. The front desk is soon closed again. When Michael and Todd get to the room, they find Tim and Rick still going at it! The two hot studs are only too happy to join in on the action. At the height of the wild sex the door opens and there stands Hal and Andy. The sailor has brought the singer back to show him off but seeing the hot sex going on in front of them, they rip off their clothes and jump right in the middle of those lust-filled bodies. It quickly becomes a hot six-way of fucking, sucking, rimming and cum-drenched flesh.

    Duration : 01:00:55
    Resolution : 720x480
    Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 1 150 Kbps, 29.970 fps

    File size: 617.8 MB

    Download Nova Films - Shore Leave

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    Director: Robert Walters
    Studio: Nova Films, Midnight Men Video, Bijou Classics
    Cast: Dale Arnold, Les Harmon, Terry Harmon, Daryl Paige, Rex Wolfe

    Four vignettes from Nova Studios.

    1. His Little Brother (short) - 1979
    Les Harmon, Terry Harmon
    Terry Harmon watches his big brother Les Harmon jerk off. Terry gets caught and the two suck and fuck.
    2. A Perfect Fit - 1978
    Daryl Paige, Dale Arnold
    Store clerk Dale Arnold helps customer Daryl Paige out of the swim shorts he is trying on. Nakedness leads to rimming, sucking and fucking.
    3. Pinning a Buddy - 1979
    Chris Dean, Lee Marlin
    Wrestlers Chris Dean and Lee Marlin wrestle in jock straps. Floppy things that fall out are sucked. In the shower they go the rest of the way with rimming and fucking.
    4. Basket Practice - 1978
    Rex Wolfe, George Conover
    Goofing around on the basketball court isn?t very much fun when you do it alone, so George Conover is quite pleased to have Rex Wolfe join him. However, George obviously has more on his mind, for no sooner does Rex have the ball in his hands than George has his hand on Rex?s balls. One kind of basket play is quickly traded for another as these two hot young studs have at it right in the middle of an outdoor basketball court. Hot is the word for George?s and Rex?s heavy sixty-nine that brings them to a spurting double climax. And the juices don?t have time to cool before George is back down on Rex?s still-throbbing cock. Very soon George?s hard thick cock is deep in Rex?s ass giving him a deep fuck that drives a juicy second load right out of Rex?s spasming innards. Rex puts his mouth back to work on George?s still-needy prong and soon coaxes a second load from George?s churning balls. These two sex athletes? second climaxes are bigger than their first! Two hot numbers, four hot loads and one very hot film!

    Duration : 01:00:15
    Resolution : 720x480
    Video : MPEG-4 Visual (DivX 5), 1 500 Kbps, 29.970 fps

    File size: 707.9 MB

    Download Nova Films, Midnight Men Video, Bijou Classics - His Little Brother

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    Produced in: 2000
    Country: USA
    Genre: Anal, Oral, Threesome, Muscle, Uniforms
    Duration: 01:28:06
    Director: Derek Kent

    Travis Wade, Steve Cassidy, Troy Michaels, Anthony Cox, Kurt Wolfe, Ricky Shore, Trevor Halston, Nick Young

    From director Derek Kent and producer Scott Masters, this has one of the more delicious cast line-ups we've seen in some time. Featuring former Falcon exclusive Travis Wade (looking smooth and buff as ever), a goateed and furry Steve Cassidy (woof!) and blonde bombshell Troy Michaels (hello, gorgeous!) this one's a winner. It's very heavy plot-wise (a time-travel theme involving an old pocket watch that haunts its owners... or something like that) but features tons of deep, romantic couplings, loads of loads, and one of Travis' best performances (that cast sure is hot). Those who like involved plot along with their mansex will be thrilled.

    Video quality: DVDRip
    Video format: MPEG
    Video codec: MPEG1
    Audio codec: MP2
    Video: MPEG 1, 352x240 (4/3), 29.970 fps, 1 150 Kbps (0.440 bit/pixel)
    Audio: MP2, 44.1 KHz, 2 ch, 224 Kbps, CBR

    File size: 878.5 MB

    Download Now and Forever (2000) DVDRip

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    Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Big Cock, Uncut Cocks
    Starring: Stonie, Paul Morgan, Nick Madison, Eli Starr, David Byrd, Billy Ayall, Drew Andrews, Chris Dano
    Studio: Around the Block Productions

    It?s Stonie! Again! Oh and look who has been dragged out again: it is Mr. Chris Dano. Remember him? Of course you do, if you were anywhere near gay porn in the late eighties and early nineties.
    Perennial geyser Paul Morgan plays "Stoner Phillips," a news reporter doing some sort of an expose on street kids/runaways/hustlers. You know the drill: Someone puts on a story with a lot of dialogue (for porn) and wraps it around some sex scenes. How inventive.
    Morgan first interviews Ayall, a femme little treat replete with pimples who tries to pull off the hip-hop garb. Ayall explains how he turned his first trick with beefy, hairy, Andrews.
    Andrews is kinda cool, the guy who might be play a mob boss in a made-for-cable movie. Andrews has a nice big cock and Ayall is pretty good at swallowing all of it. In fact, much of their scene is Ayall sucking Andrews? dick.
    Eventually Andrews strips his boy toy down and sucks on his dick, opening up the boy?s pink hole with his tongue, and then eating that boy hole like he is a pig sniffing out a truffle. Dirty talk and fingering follow. Andrews gets a little aggressive here, making us imagine how much of a pig daddy top he could be if given the chance. Ayall?s sweet hole is stretched to the limit by Andrews? long, thick tube of a cock. They fuck all over the room, switching easily from one position to the next. At the end both guys squirt ample loads.
    The next scene features Stonie and Dano. It must be said that Dano?s body looks better than it has in quite sometime. However, his hair is dyed some pinkish color and pulled back in a samurai style. His dick though, looks just as inviting as ever. Stonie - who should be considered the prototype for the brunette twink - is as cute and as enthusiastic as ever. The scene begins with Stonie gorging himself on Dano?s piece. Predictably, Dano fucks his young protege. Dano is strictly trade here, never once sampling Stonie?s cock or delicious looking bunghole. If only he had paired Stonie with Andrews, director Fogg might have caught lightning in a bottle.
    The next scene is quite interesting. Morgan begins interviewing Eli Starr. who is interesting, to say the least. He has an ethnic look, shaved head, and pierced labret. Starr?s speech is almost indecipherable. Maybe the facial jewelry was new when this flick was shot. He tells of finding a trick in an elevator. The trick is cute twinkie Nick Madison. Madison has an innocent face, bleached hair, and a thin lanky body. He is smooth with the exception of a giant black bush that surrounds his big uncut man dick and a set of hairy legs.
    In the elevator Starr laps at and worships Madison?s tool. Starr seems to enjoying sucking that big pole, but then, who wouldn?t? They switch gears for a bit and Madison works on Starr?s dick before the inevitable fuck. Starr bends over and leans on the railing offering up an ass with a wonderfully hairy crack. These two boys really seem to enjoy one another, which definitely comes across through the screen. Throughout the fuck Starr moans about "that cock." Both guys shoot thick ropes of cum, with Madison?s sailing clear across the elevator.
    The last scene, featuring Morgan fucking a hustler played by David Byrd, is the weakest link in the film. Byrd, to be kind, probably doesn?t belong in a porn flick. Does the term dead fish mean anything? Fogg should have foregone this mess and maybe given us the pairing of Stonie and Andrews. Oh well. Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 01:50:06
    Resolution: 480x352
    Size: 0.611 GB

    File size: 581.6 MB

    Download Nudes at 11 (2000)

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    Nudes at 11
    candid interview
    Year: 2000
    Country: United States
    Genre: Plot Based, Oral, Anal
    Length: 1:50:06
    Directed by: Lyndon Fogg
    Studio: Around the Block Productions, Video 10
    Starring: Stonie, Paul Morgan, Nick Madison, Eli Starr, David Byrd, Billy Ayall, Drew Andrews, Chris Dano
    Description: In Nudes at 11, tricks are turned and money is earned to make ends meet when you live on the street. Paul Morgan plays an investigator reporter who interviews hustlers and finds out what really happens (first hand!) When two guys have sex. First, Paul meets Billy Ayall who tells him how he met his pimp, er agent Drew Andrews. Drew topped Billy on their first "date" and Billy's been in Drew's stable ever since. Next, Stonie needed money to go to modeling school but was short on cash, so Chris Dano taught him how he could make a quick buck by taking it up the butt. Then Paul meets Eli Starr who just wanted to get away from abuse at home and was forced to make a living any way he could. Eli one of his best "dates" was in an elevator where Nick Madison topped him. Finally Paul lets his objective guard down when his pants come down and ends up topping hustler David Byrd, thereby learning the inside story of why men pay for sex with other men.
    Video quality: DVDRip
    Video Format: WMV
    Video codec: Windows Media
    Audio Codec: WMA
    Video: WMV2, 480x352 (4 / 3), 29.970 fps, 539 Kbps (0.106 bit / pixel)
    Audio: WMA2, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch, 128 Kbps

    File size: 553.9 MB

    Download Nudes at 11

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    Five schoolboys break into a vacant house over the weekend. Watched by their classmate Max, they act up, make out and discover the playful pleasures of the flesh.

    File size: 825.1 MB

    Download Nur fur Jungs

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    When you're fucking a hot ass raw and you're ready to shoot your load, you don't pull your cock out to see the cum, Pulling Out is for Porn.
    You pound it in as deep as you can and blast his guts with sperm. When you do want to see it, your pig bottom pushes it out for ya!

    Year: 2011
    Country: USA
    Genre: Bareback, Oral Anal Sex, Freshmen,
    Intergenerational, Amateurs, Double Anal Oral Penetration, Rimming, Tattoos
    Length: 1:32:39
    Starring: Alex Wolf, Dane Hansen, David Taylor James,
    Dean James, Logan Taylor, Matthew Rodriguez, Richard Rhyder, Sage Daniels, Simon Blake, Tom Martin
    Video Format: MP4
    Video Codec: MPEG4

    File size: 912.0 MB

    Download Nut in my Butt

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    Release Year: 2000
    Studio: Rosa Filmes
    Cast: Ricardo Meneses, Beatriz Torcato, Andre Barbosa
    Genres: Feature, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Latex, Masturbation, Fetish

    Shot almost entirely at night, O Fantasma chronicles a young trash collector's descent into a world of increasingly bizarre sexual encounters. Sergio (Ricardo Meneses) spends his days living in a run-down rented room, engaging in anonymous sex and trying to rebuff the advances of his co-worker Fatima (Beatriz Torcato). Unfulfilled by his daily sexcapades, Sergio finally gets turned on by a Tom of Finland-esque motorcyclist (Andre Barbosa), whose physical beauty becomes the source of Sergio's obsession. Sergio stalks him, eventually donning bondage gear and making the motorcyclist his love prisoner. After having his brutish way with his comely captive, Sergio vanishes into the night and prowls the city's garbage dumps in a phantasmic odyssey of sexual dysfunction and cruelty

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:27:23
    Video: 592x336, DivX 5, 992kbps
    Audio: 109kbps

    File size: 716.7 MB

    Download O Fantasma

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    Release Year: 2009
    Studio: Lucas Entertainment
    Cast: Matan Shalev, Avi Dar, Wilfried Knight, Spencer Reed, Johnny Angel, Johnny Lee, Michael Lucas, Kyle DeAnthony
    Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Handsome, Hairy, Jacuzzi/Poolside Sex, Outdoor Sex, Rimming (Ass Eating), Tattoos, Macho

    Obsession delves into the dark side of desire... and not everyone will make it out alive. This erotic psychological thriller spans five intense sex scenes of men taking control of their passions. Starring Spencer Reed, Johnny Angel, and Johnny Lee, alongside Lucas Entertainment's Wilfried Knight, Michael Lucas, Avi Dar, and Matan Shalev.
    Sex-starved psycho Matan Shalev dreams of a bayside romp with toned twink Johnny Lee. A long lip lock leads to Matan disrobing, and then quickly shoving his thick dick down Johnny's throat. Johnny strokes his fat meat while Matan licks every inch of his body, followed by the couple embracing in a 69 position. Matan fingers and licks his partner's delectable boy hole, then pumps it full of massive Israeli cock. Matan spreads his seed all over Johnny's face and the scene ends with cum-covered kisses!
    New York City sophisticate Michael Lucas gives rough-and-tumble boy toy Kyle DeAnthony a life lesson he'll never forget, first with shoving his fat schlong down Kyle's throat! After the clothes come off, Michael smacks his uncut meat on Kyle's tongue, then turns him over and pleasures his ass. Michael takes it slow at first, but quickly picks up the pace, leaving Kyle with a gaping butt hole. Michael rips off his condom and smears it across Kyle's face, then blows his wad all over his lips!
    Blue collar stud Avi Dar is raking grass before swarthy Wilfried Knight approaches and ravages his body. The hunks exchange passionate kisses and quickly strip out of their sweaty clothes and face dive into each other's pits and crotches. Avi bends over and spreads his hole for Wilfried's tongues and fingers, then takes the hot Frenchman's entire boner. They fuck in a variety of positions before hot cum explodes all over their toned bodies!
    After sneaking away from the pool, toned and buff Spencer Reed makes out with streetwise Johnny Angel while stroking each other's hefty boners. Johnny deep throats Spencer's massive meat, before Spencer tastes Johnny's equally lengthy cock. The action continues to sizzle when Spencer bends Johnny over and pounds his tight bubble butt. Johnny loves having the king sized dong in his ass, and blows his junk across his hot chest, followed by Spencer's thick wad on his face, which Spencer is only happy to lick up!
    On a dark and stormy night, hairy fuck-stud Wilfried Knight worships silky Matan Shalev's body, paying special attention to his dick, balls, and ass. They exchange blowjobs before Wilfried fucks Matan's willing hole, and pounds away. But Wilfried's hole is equally hungry and bends over to take Matan's man meat. Wilfried blows his wad all over his hirsute bod, and gets a mouthful of Matan's warm jizz!

    File size: 839.1 MB

    Download Obsession

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    Release Year: 2012
    Studio: Alternadudes, Edward James Productions
    Cast: Alaric While, Christian Blu, Cliff Jensen, Thrasher, Josh Bensan, Kail Adams
    Genres: amateur, anal, blowjob, twinks, oral, buttplay, long hair
    Video language: English

    This is just a quick glance into the lives of some of the supporters of the Ball Street movement. This is a tale of what the protesters must endure with each other, in dealing with lawyers, and how to beat the police. So sit back and watch Thrasher get thrashed with a night stick from super hung stud and newly commissioned police officer, Cliff Jensen. See newcummer Kail Adams occupy the ass of fellow newcummers, Shaggy Christian Blu and goth prince Alaric While the old law pro, Josh Bensan, does some occupying of his own!

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:37:23
    Video: 852x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1149kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 836.3 MB

    Download Occupy Ball Street ( Alternadudes )

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