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Thread: 2012 Gay Movies & Gay 19xy 199y Vintage Movies

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    Year: 1998
    Country: United States
    Genre: Muscles, Hunks, Oral, Anal, Rimming
    Length: 1:34:08
    Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue, John Rutherford
    Studio: Falcon
    Starring: Daniel Montes, Jason Law, Drew Damon, Seth Adkins, Tristan Paris, Matt Skyler, Roland Dane, Lindon Hawk, Jason Tyler, Matt Majors and Jesse Martin

    Description: Kitchen pros now say that you can cook anything on a grill. Apparently that includes snackcakes, because Falcon presents eleven young men that don't just heat up - they sizzle. Poke them and hot juices spurt out all over the place! Stroke is not without its ironies. First, the title is misleading. It suggests masturbation, but with an opening threesome followed by four intense pairings, nobody fends for himself very long. Next, the format is older than any of the cast members. Stroke is a collection of five self-standing segments with separate opening credits. The role-playing is rigidly and historically defined - the older, straighter, darker, taller, meatier guy tops the younger, gayer, blonder, shorter, slighter guy. The only flip-flops here are of the type one wears on one's feet. Yet everything old is new again when you have Chi Chi LaRue and John Rutherford directing. Together they bring out the final irony. Don't think this is a video version of the sleazy 1980s glossy of the same name. Yes, this is as graphic as videos come, but it isn't quite right to call it "sleazy." Rather, there is a sense of unabashed and unashamed fun among the cast. In Stroke we see young men just discovering the delights that adult sexuality has to offer. The first sequence is directed by Mme. LaRue and ostensibly stars box-cover model Jason Tyler. It opens with Lindon Hawk and Matt Majors on top of a pool table and Tyler initially looking on. Tyler is classic straight trade and shows little enthusiasm. Hawk does his part to raise the temperature with his enormous tool, but Majors steals the show. He takes each man up his tight little ass, sweating and squealing like the sex pig he is. You wonder how it's possible that tab A of either of these guys could ever get into his slot B. Chi Chi sets scene two in a kitchen, as Seth Adkins and Matt Sklyer enjoy some "afternoon delight." These two blond studlets really get into it, constantly gazing into at each other's eyes and engaging in the video's most varied sexual activity. The high point comes when Adkins lifts Skyler by his haunches for a fantastic mid-air pounding. Skyler is a consummate bottom - as he should be. He bears an uncanny resemblance to the legendary Danny Sommers; he could pass for a younger brother; Rutherford directs the following "loop," which is the first with dialogue. In a garage, Jesse Martin (with amazing eyelashes that are as long as he is tall) flirts with and fantasizes over his auto mechanic, the drop-dead gorgeous and well-hung Daniel Montes. The sex itself is limited but steaming: Martin sucks Montes through the window, and Montes fucks Martin on the hood. Martin finally comes back to reality by shooting cum all over his lap and discovers that Montes has just done the same. Bedroom passion reigns in Rutherford's next loop, as Roland Dane and Jason Law ably convey the sense of two men in love making love. The scene has the video's only 69 session; then, as Dane fucks Law in long, steady strokes, first from behind and then side by side, the two men kiss with a genuine intensity before erupting in mutually massive orgasms. The final scene is the most rambunctious, set outdoors by a hot tub. Veteran Tristan Paris - as if anyone that young could be a veteran - goads the shy Drew Damon out of his Speedos and chows down on a meat-lover's dream. Both guys are having the time of their lives. The scene's one drawback is a misdirected attempt at another mid-air fuck. Paris is just too big for Damon to hold up, so it never quite works; Rutherford should have edited it down, or even out. The boys finally revert to more traditional positions: Damon pounds Paris's ass relentlessly, and both men shoot copious loads while sporting shit-eating grins. All but two cast members (Martin and Majors) were Falcon exclusives at the time of filming, and all clearly love their work. Stroke is Falcon at its bare essence - young men expertly filmed having very hot sex. - Jameson Rodgers (TLA Video)

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:34:08
    Video: 720x480, XviD, 810kbps
    Audio: 54kbps

    File size: 600.0 MB

    Download Stroke

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    Year: 1990
    Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Solos, Outdoor Sex, Twinks, Classic
    Duration: 01:28:02
    Director: Larry Bronco
    Studio: Avalon Video, YMAC Video
    Cast: Billy Houston, Mickey Schroeder, Kevin Knight, Floyd Waters, Andrew Bishop, Justing Winger, Richie Cummings

    Rich and horny Kevin is golfcarting around his parents Country Club when he meets shy Justin at the pool and invites him home for an afternoon of get-it-on fun! While hiking on the rocks Justin explodes in a dramatic j/o before stumbling onto Richie doing the same. Great action from two good-lookers! Mickey's j/o daydream is interrupted by his lover Andrew. The two go home for shower sex and more! Painter Floyd Waters needs a break from his work and is supresed by looky-loos during his moment of private repose!

    Format: AVI
    Video: 352x240 (1.47:1), 29.970 fps, XviD build 50 ~879 kbps avg, 0.35 bit/pixel
    Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

    File size: 642.8 MB

    Download Stroke of Affection (1990)

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    Release Year: 2001
    Studio: Studio 2000
    Cast: Ladislav Pekar, Josef Sladek, Boris Tomek, Alan Anthony, Bruno Jorgov, David Merkl, Michal Vlk, Jens Damm, Riky Mar
    Genres: oral, anal, group sex
    Video language: English

    The description:

    The film revolves around the absolute adorable, blonde hair, blue eyed, Ladislav Pekar, who arrives to live at a cottage just filled with hunky tenants. I'm not sure if that's his real name, but it suits him well once you see him butt naked that's for sure! With a winning smile, a body to die for and a great cock, he's one hell of a performer! Anyway, after he arrives, he is off to the countryside to do some landscape painting.
    Meanwhile, Alan Anthony and Michal Vlk are camping and after they pitch their tent (in more ways then one), they are taking turns sucking on each other's big, erect cocks. After lapping up each other's dicks, they proceed with some 69 action before taking turns jerking off. Alan covers Michal in a sea of cum and it's quite hot!
    In-between scenes, we see Ladislav continuing his painting. Alan stays by the camp, and I'm not sure what happened to Michal, but the next thing you know David Merkl comes by and asks Alan if he's horny and wants to suck his cock. Well it does not take any arm twisting and Alan is down on David in a hearbeat. They both jerk off and then Alan proceeds to fuck David doggie style, lying on his stomach and later on his back. There are great penetration shots here and throughout the film. Alan shoots a huge load again and David follows with his own!
    Riky Mark and Jens Damm are doing some farm work when they take a break and decide to service each other. Riky's got boyish looks, but a nice, tight muscular body. They take turns going down on one another and then Riky gets his nice, tight ass fucked. As Jens is fucking away, Ladislav appears and quickly gets into the action. A great three-way ensues and it's especially hot as Riky and Jens work over Ladislav's big cock. Ladislav and Riky shoot some mean loads all over Jens!
    When Bruno Jorgov and Josef Sladek cannot get the tractor started, they decide to rev each other's engines! They work each other all over the tractor, both sucking and jerking off, and then the scene ends with Josef fucking Bruno and vice versa.
    Finally, as Ladislave rests on his bed, Boris Tomek arrives to collect the rent, but takes it out in trade. He goes right down on Ladislav as he lies there in ecstasy. Boris is nicely built and takes it up the ass. Ladislave sprays across his chest, then fucks Boris while they are lying on their sides. More cum is spewed all over the place. A romantic kiss ends the scene, right before Ladislav realises he was imagining it.
    This production was fucking hot! All the guys are adorable, with lean, tight gymnast-type bodies and cocks to die for! Ladislav is especially cute, well-hung and can shoot a mean load! The video and sound are great and the DVD also features some bloopers and cast bios. Highly recommended for those who like hot, Euro boys! "Strokes to Seduction" is on my "Top 10" list!

    Format: MPEG
    Duration: 1:23:54
    Video: 352x240, 0x10000001, 1123kbps
    Audio: 218kbps

    File size: 837.2 MB

    Download Strokes To Seduction

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    Release Year: 2002
    Studio: Hot House Entertainment / Club Inferno
    Cast: Rik Jammer, Lance Gear, Bryan Wyatt, Aaron Tanner, Carlos Morales, Tony Scalia
    Genres: Buttplay, Fisting, Group, Hairy, Rimming, Dildos

    Strong-Armed 1 from the Club Inferno brings you more assplay insanity with six of the hottest, filthiest muscle pigs on the planet. Fists and dildos a'plenty mixed with over half a ton of muscle makes this a balls-to-the-walls, all-out pig fest. Grab your Crisco and get ready to get Strong-Armed!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:17:51
    Video: 720x480, XviD, 1406kbps
    Audio: 187kbps

    File size: 915.4 MB

    Download Strong-Armed 1

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    Jeff Stryker and Joey Stefano explore the ups and downs and ins and outs of a superstar's life; plus, Michey Jams fucks himself!


    1. Matt Gunther Og, Jeff Stryker
    2. Leroy Jones OgAt, Rufus Washington OgAt, Tyrone Jefferson , Mr. G
    3. Dick Romano OgAbRg, Rick Stryker
    4. Jeff Stryker OrAt, Mickey Jams OgrAbt, Joey Stefano

    Duration : 01:37:56
    Resolution : 496x384
    Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 961 Kbps, 25.000 fps

    File size: 696.6 MB

    Download Stryker Prod. - On The Rocks

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    Release Year: 1995
    Studio: Stryker Productions
    Cast: Jeff Stryker, J.T. Sloan, Mike Lamas, Jim Bentley, Brad Eriksen, Gio Romano, Gino Colbert, Chad Donovan, Vince Rockland, Brett Winters, Kevin Kramer, Dean Johnson
    Director: Mark Sterling, Jeff Stryker, John Travis

    Shot on location in New Orleans, JS Big Time features some really wild "caught on camera" stuff. In cinema-verite style, the camera roams about early on as guys willingly (or drunkenly) open up their fly and let their monsters loose.

    Highlights scenes include Jeff pummeling blonde twink Kevin Kramer (done up in full leather), late-night club shenanigans, the aforementioned "show us your dick" parades, a great sleazy back-alley scene that showcases the equally-hung Chad Donovan, and Jeff sucking a piece onscreen. (His fans will "eat it up," so to speak.)

    Jeff looks great here, the storyline (jealous raging boyfriends) believable, and some of the sex and orgy scenes were hot blowouts, too. Keep an eye out for the facial shellacking Gino Colbert gets at the hands (and shlongs) of a group in an alley. Kinda yummy stuff.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 02:00:39
    Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1093 kbps
    Audio: 56 kbps

    File size: 1.0 GB

    Download Stryker Productions - JS Big Time

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    Year: 2004
    Country: United States
    Genre: Hunks, Anal, Oral, Group
    Length: 1:51:00
    Directed by: Brian Mills Harold Creg
    Studio: Titan Media
    Starring: Hans Ebson, Owen Hawk, Ben Jakks, Brock Powell, Clay Foxe, Ray Stone ...

    Raising horses is a man's work. And a man's work makes a man wanna play and play hard. So the seven unshaven, hairy, hard muscled men working at the ...

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:51:19
    Video: 640x464, DivX 5, 978kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 909.0 MB

    Download Stud Farm

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    Studio: Panther Productions
    Cast: Brad Phillips, Brandon Wilde, Brent Williams, Gino Colbert, Hans Mueller (90s), Kevin Young, Sean Fox, Tim Lowe
    Director: William Richhe
    Genre: Vintage, General Hardcore
    Year: 1989
    Runtime: 76 min
    Country: US
    Description: What happens when eight lustful young male animals watch porno flicks? They get horny!


    File size: 488.6 MB

    Download Stud Vision / Panther Productions / 1989

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    Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Amateur, Big Cock, Masturbation, Threesomes
    Starring: Cade Devlin, Cody Alexander, Tim Atwood, Bobby Steele, Joshua Berlin
    Studio: Pat and Sam

    Some more sex-capades from some of our favorite boys. No dull Hollywood plots or contrived situation, these guys are just friends in real life, & they all like to play for us on film. Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 01:32:30
    Resolution: 720x576

    File size: 627.1 MB

    Download Stud Wood 2 (2004)

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    Year: 2005
    Country: USA
    Genre: Gay Porn, USA, Amateur, Freshmen, Oral, Anal, Masturbation, Solo, Threesomes
    Duration: 01:45:13
    Cast: Austin, Scott, Cade Devilin, Joshua Berlin, Bobby Steele, Ryan (Pat and Sam), Troy Big, Damian (Pat and Sam), Jason (Pat and Sam)

    We were very anxious to hook Cade Devilin up with Damian. Mostly because Cade is so cool and fun that we just knew he would be able to get Damian to and have a good time. Well, it worked! These two guys really hit it off and the scene came out great. They goofed around together for a while, and then they started a nice long j/o session. Damian is still a little hesitant to actually do anything heavier, but that's ok. It's great to watch him wrestle with his desires. Cade looks his adorable best in this one, and we're happy that he continues to work for us, even though he's now become a big Hollywood sensation!

    Format: AVI
    Video: 720x576 (1.25:1), 25 fps, XviD build 50 ~767 kbps avg, 0.07 bit/pixel
    Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~112.64 kbps avg
    File size: 663 MB

    File size: 663.1 MB

    Download Stud Wood 3 (2005)

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