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Thread: 2012 Gay Movies & Gay 19xy 199y Vintage Movies

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    Production year: 2004
    Genre: Anal, Oral, Muscles, Deep Throating, Rimming, Fingering, Tattoos
    Length: 1:55:54
    Country: USA
    Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
    Studio: Rascal Video
    Cast: Eddie Stone, Johnny Hazzard, Danny Vox, Jean-Francis Laroche, Ricardo Diaz, Claudio Martin, Tristan Bennet

    Smut with Style is ChiChi LaRue's mantra in this fuck flick. He aptly applies the coined phrase "Stone Fox"
    (Someone so drop-dead gorgeous, it stops you dead in your tracks) to his Rascal Exclusive Eddie Stone's title roll.
    Stone Fox captures the hot Eddie Stone in four highly stylized sets with over two hours of hot sex!
    Four different hot scenes all taken by the beautiful Eddie Stone. Hot guys, big dicks, it's erotic!
    The video introduces hottie Claudio Martin and new Rascal Video Exclusive Tristan

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:55:55
    Video: 640x464, DivX 5, 973kbps
    Audio: 78kbps

    File size: 945.0 MB

    Download Stone Fox

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    Release Year: 1984
    Studio: French Art & Videovision
    Cast: Philippe Darmont, Jacques de Rives, Luigi Di Como, David Di Lorenzo, Serge Laurent, Sydney McKenna
    Genres: orgy, uncut cocks, arab men, threeways, anal sex, interracial,pre-condom
    Video language: English

    What a strange adventure he had this summer, hitch-hiking, feeling at ease in his snug little shorts - his shoulders barely covered by a tight red top!
    A chauffeur-driven Rolls pulls up, and here he finds himself sitting between two young petrol barons. A guest for the evening, back at their chateau.... he feels like a prince! Smoking now, the thousand and one nights all merge into one. The oriental hospitality makes his head spin - he is submerged in sensual delights, his body delirious with so many new pleasures! Abandoned and floating his spirits goes spinning .... and suddenly ... a black hole ... and he wakes up in some cute little guy's bed! "You're one hell of a handful," he says. "Wow - that dope - all night!" But where is he? He's got to get home! So, he sets off hiking again, and, what does he see...?

    Format: lavfpref
    Duration: 58:42
    Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 1887kbps
    Audio: 161kbps

    File size: 883.6 MB

    Download Stop Surprise (French Art & Videovision - 1984) DVDRip

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    Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Twinks, Bareback, Big Cock, Uncut Cocks, Cumshot, Latino Men, Rimming, Threesomes
    Starring: Sean Storm, T.J. Jordan, Tommy, Mark Mathews, Antonio Pinto, Romano Garcia, T.J. Wood, Erik Austin, Alex Pitt, Buddy Long
    Studio: Helix Studios

    The first bareback video by porn star Sean Storm. This movie follows a young man as he deals with life, being dumped by a boyfriend and turning to sexual as a way to deal. After lots of hot steamy sex he still ends up dealing with life at the end. This movie showcases some hot new up and cumming stars with lots of hot bare back sex.
    In the first scene from Storm Drain, porn star Sean Storm performs his first bare back scene on film with TJ Jordan. TJ and Sean are in TJ's bedroom and can not resist making out with each other. This is an intense scene and shows off all of Sean's talents.
    Mark Matthews runs into Sean Storm on the couch in front of the fireplace and has a lot of fun. They are fucking hard on the couch and then on the floor.
    Sean Storm is on the couch playing with himself when who should walk by the window except Tommy. Seeing what is happening Tommy opens the door and comes on in. This quickly leads to the bedroom where Tommy fucks Sean with his huge cock for a long time.
    In the final scene of Storm Drain, Sean Storm is in the hot tub when two hot Latino guys hook up and start to play in the cabana room. Sneaking up on the room to watch the action Sean is drawn into it. This is a sizzling three-way with everyone getting and taking it. By the time they are done everyone is drenched in sweat and cum.
    In a bonus scene from Storm Drain, Sean Storm gets plowed by his neighbor Buddy Long. All it takes is a huge cock to get Sean started and after seeing the big one that Buddy has its no surprise that Sean has to have it. He takes it and takes it in a lot of different positions, all bare. Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 01:33:08
    Resolution: 544x400

    File size: 731.7 MB

    Download Storm Drain (2004)

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    Video language: English

    here, and after a quick recap (and a preview of what's to cum) Dante settles in on the floor in front of my couch and whips up a stiffy tout suite. He concentrates this time, with no distractions from the boys at the B&B. He can finally get down to biz and get OFF! And this is the best, a nice shot from the side showing his huge jet of jizz as it lets fly and sprays across my carpet! Dante's fat balls bounce as he cums and I let you see all his hot spunk. Proud that he finally came, he then complains about his jizz (doesn't everyone?). He also begins to think about his next performance, now that the first one is finally out of the way. I close this one out with a funny little clip from Day II, with a possessed giant dildo jumping into Dante s hand while a Satanic voice echoes from beyond! Is it making him go gay? We sure hope so! After the wicked prick flies, I show him cumming again I don t know about you, but I love seeing guys cumming.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 49:00
    Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1915kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 675.3 MB

    Download Str8 2 Gay In 6 Days: Day 3 - Dante's Inferno!

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    Year: 2011
    Country: US
    Genre: All Sex, Amateurs, Anal, Oral, Str8 Bait
    Duration: 00:49:22
    Directed by: none available
    Studio: St. Louis Boy Toyz
    Cast: none available

    Check out the hot action as this straight guy sucks and fucks. See just how much this fag whore will do for a buck!

    File size: 759.7 MB

    Download Str8 Goes Gay 4 Pay: Fag Whore Bareback

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    Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Amateur, Straight, Bareback
    Starring: N/A
    Studio: St. Louis Boy Toyz

    Check out the hot action as this straight guy sucks and fucks. See just how much this fag whore will do for a buck! Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 00:49:19
    Resolution: 640x480

    File size: 797.6 MB

    Download Str8 Goes Gay 4 Pay: Fag Whore Bareback (2011)

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    Release Year: 2002
    Studio: Big Blue Productions
    Cast: Rico Dulce, Jason Hawke, Jeremy Jordan, Duke Miller, Sergei Moscow, Rhett O'Hara, Brad Rock
    Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Muscles, Solo, Masturbazion, Dildo

    There are six scenes in "Straight Bodybuilders Do," a romp through what I can only surmise is an estate somewhere in the Hollywood Hills -- four couplings and two solo scenes.
    In the first scene, sitting in big leather Barcaloungers, Jeremy Jordan and Rico Dulce, the humpy Latin cover model, watch each other jack off. Jeremy then ups the ante by shoving a gigantic dildo up his chute, before Rico eventually comes over to help him shove it in and out (with the aid of FriXion lube, thank you very much). To thank Rico for his help, Jeremy gives him a blowjob as well as a rimjob (Jeremy licks and gnaws at the big buns and shiny hole with aplomb). Rico then fucks Jeremy doggy and missionary, before both squirt out their loads.
    The next scene stars Sergio Moscow, a stunning dirty-blond Russian specimen with huge pecs, perky nipples and a long uncut schlong. He poses and flexes poolside before ultimately jacking and shooting his load while reclining on a chaise lounge I'd love to have by my pool (and Sergio, too).
    Jason Hawke and Rhett O'Hara team up to trade blows and rims (Rhett is a very good cocksucker and ass-licker, almost as expert as Jason). Rhett is a street-tough type with a variety of prison tats on his torso, as well as a big thick cock. Oddly, though, his roughness is challenged by the blond streaks in his hair. Anyway, after the oral work, Rhett doggy- and sit-fucks Jason forcefully atop the biggest cocktail table I've ever seen. Nice debut from Rhett, and handsome Jason always carries his weight.
    Big bad Brad Rock opens the next scene with a little fancy footwork and shadow boxing in a lush garden. He looks like a real boxer with his sturdy frame and muscular thighs bopping about. Brad is a lily-white brunet fellow who has one of those faces that immediately conveys that he takes no shit -- from anyone. He eventually plops down on a bench and jerks his huge cock off (easily the biggest load and cock in the flick).
    A slimmed down Duke Miller (with streaked hair and a deep tan) gets busy with Rhett O'Hara (the tattooed fellow from scene three). They trade blows and then Rhett rims and fucks Duke on a wood table. Rhett zips out a big load that streams up and across his chest and Duke yanks out a nice one as well. Rhett is quite the good rimmer-slash-fucker, from the look of utter satisfaction on Duke's face.
    The big finale brings back Rico Dulce and Jason Hawke for a workout and muscle worship session in a gym. Jason does a good job of being the awestruck worshipper, feeling and rubbing Rico's big pecs and biceps with glee. They then kiss and grope each other's bodies (Rico squeezing Jason's buns with his big hands like they're loaves of Wonder bread). Jason then plops down to taste Rico's big black cock before taking a missionary- and doggy-fuck on the weight bench.
    "Straight Bodybuilders Do" is an interesting video as it combines very muscular men with a variety of other body types. Rico Dulce, for example, is paired up with post-twinks Jeremy Jordan and Jason Hawke, while beefy Duke Miller gets it on with slim-but-muscular Rhett O'Hara. The end result is successful, albeit a departure from Blake's pumped-up "Crash of the Titans." "Straight Bodybuilders Do" leaves no doubt about what straight bodybuilders will do for director Blue Blake -- just about anything (but don't tell their girlfriends).

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:39:46
    Video: 544x384, DivX 5, 865kbps
    Audio: 78kbps

    File size: 693.9 MB

    Download Straight Bodybuilders Do! (Blue Blake / Big Blue Productions)

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    Release Year: 2001
    Studio: Straight College Men
    Video language: English

    I had no idea what I was doing when I started my shoot with Jack. In the park, he told me about himself, like how he used to be a stripper, about jerking off, and he took his shirt off.

    We then headed back to my place where he talked some more and ended up taking a shower. He looked so fuckin' adorable with the suds in his hair smiling. It was all I could do not to just reach out and grab his massive dick... After the shower, we headed back into my living room where Jack got on the couch and started watching straight porn while I stood behind the camera watching him. He had no problem getting it up and stroking it.

    When I met Jeremy, he brought two of his buddies along. We talked about his girlfriend, who also said she'd be in a video, about his first time, and other shooting the shit type stuff. He was really nervous about the video, but I coaxed him into taking his shirt off outdoors. He said he was an "expeditionist" as he liked to get naked and show off, but I couldn't get him to flash the camera in the open air. His bashfulness was OH so attractive. I was the first gay guy to see him naked and he was going to jerk off while I videotaped it...

    I figured videotaping Jonathan shaving his chest could make for one VERY interesting shoot, so two days after the meeting, we went for it... in his girlfriend's apartment! First we started outdoors with him talking to the camera, talking about growing up, running track in high school, and how he liked the attention gay guys gave him in clubs. I kept eyeing, too, how his pants were riding ever so lightly above his butt crack. Back on his girlfriend's couch, his chest cleanly shaved and his nipple rings in perfect view, Jonathan started a video and began working his dick on the tv.

    File size: 183.9 MB

    Download Straight College Men #1

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    Release Year: 2006
    Studio: Defiant Productions
    Cast: Brock LaBelli Matthew Matters
    Genres: Blowjob Cumshot Twink Str8 Bait

    Description: You'll love these gorgeous straight studs jacking off and sucking each other's big and pretty cocks in front of the camera. They're having loads of cumtastic fun that leaves you and them filled with gay sexual pleasure.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:54:55
    Video: 360x240, XviD, 749kbps
    Audio: 218kbps

    File size: 737.8 MB

    Download Straight Guys Having Fun

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    Release Year: 2008
    Studio: SX Video
    Cast: Aidyn Michael, Erec Estrada, Drew Peters, Erik, Adam Mansfield, Maximo de Leon, David Merritt, Jay Jay Lopez
    Genres: oral/anal sex, bareback, muscle, tattoo, black

    Scene 1
    Ex-Marine Aidyn Michael is a hot piece of action - all tattooed and sporting a fat piece of meat that points out like a poker. He feeds this treasure to Erec Estrada who sucks on it for a real long time. Erec next takes to Aidyn's nicely haired hole for some deep rimming, which the straight guy loves. Guess his girlfriends don't do that for him. Erec is soon bent over taking straight cock and cum up his ass.
    Scene 2
    Drew Peters, everyone's dream bottom, is all worked up and excited in Scene 2 to have a go at Erik's uncut cock. He get is in many positions, his hole massaging the pole. Drew gets his butt filled with cum and cleans his top's cock.
    Scene 3
    Scene 3 features two studly newcomers: Adam Mansfield and Maximo De Leon. Both are dark and delicious with tattoos covering their big, well-muscled bodies. Maximo asks if Adam wants a taste of some man ass. Apparently he does because he fucks Maximo into a moaning pile of bottom joy. It is muscle men going for the fucking prizefight.
    Scene 4
    The tables get turned in Scene 4 when straight guy David Marritt gets his virgin ass worked by Jay Jay Lopez. They trade blow jobs first to get in the right mood. Both have big dicks and both enjoy the attention. Jay Jay can even lick his own uncut joy toy and does. Then, when the fucking starts, David, for a straight guy, sure can take dick.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:27:40
    Video: 640x480, XviD, 816kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 611.8 MB

    Download Straight Men Fucking (Ben Baird, SX Video)

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