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Thread: 2012 Gay Movies & Gay 19xy 199y Vintage Movies

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    Release Year: 2006
    Studio: Eagle Video
    Cast: Angel, Honza, Jakub, Laja, Lucas, Lukas Stern, Marco, Martin Polocek, Ray Jeremie, Tomas
    Genres: Twinks, Anal, Oral, Cumshot, Bareback

    There is nothing to it but to do it! Straight to bareback is always great!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 2:05:36
    Video: 416x320, XviD, 612kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 698.5 MB

    Download Straight To Bareback 2

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    Genre: Feature, Classic, Muscles, Safe Sex, Pre-Condom, Threesomes
    Duration: 01:06:54
    Director: Taylor Hudson
    Studio: Catalina Video
    Cast: Jason Ross, Ryan Yeager, Matt Gunther, Alex Thomas, Michael Antonio, John Sinclair, Mark Reblaido

    Follow four hot city studs as they discover hard-pounding hometown horniness on a weekend adventure when they get stranded. The all-male action explodes with a greasy mechanic scene, and a juicy three-way at the local bar. The hot sex comes to you with Catalina quality. The guys are Catalina cute. The fantasy of sex in a small town is yours... When you're Stranded by Catalina Video.

    Format: AVI
    Video: 640x480 (1.33:1), 30 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~1499 kbps avg, 0.16 bit/pixel
    Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

    File size: 785.5 MB

    Download Stranded: Enemies And Lovers (1990)

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    Release Year: 2005
    Studio: StreetLife
    Cast: Fresh Meat, Dicksman, Vyper, Fly Boi, Young Sexy
    Genres: young amateurs, black, condoms

    Don?t miss hardcore action starring five of New York City?s hottest homeboys and roughest ruff necks! Fresh Meat features four scenes; duos with Vyper, The Dicksman, and Young Sexy and a foursome with Vyper, Fly Boi, and Young Sexy.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:21:58
    Video: 576x432, DivX 5, 976kbps
    Audio: 93kbps

    File size: 649.3 MB

    Download Street Cam: Fresh Meat

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    Mr. Peterson likes to send boys to detention when they've been bad. In ASS AFTER CLASS, the new Street Trade Studios\\\' title directed by Joe Serna, being bad is the only way to earn extra credit.

    While Peterson leaves the room looking for donuts, straight looking Brent and Cory learn about free trade when they take turns fucking each other. Brian and Scout work on a raunchy oral exam. Cuties Adam and Ryley figure out how many times a throbbing cock can go into a hungry hole and today's sex education with Hayden and Dick is brought to you by the letter "D" - for "dick diving", "dirty" and "doggie style".

    In ASS AFTER CLASS, the test may be over when teacher says "pencil's down", but the lessons really begin when your buddy's dick is up.

    Director: Joe Serna
    Cast: Brent Stenson, Cory Woodall, Brian Daily, Scout, Adam Loren, Ryley Nyce, Hayden Sky, Nick Jarett

    Duration : 01:27:05
    Resolution : 848x480
    Video : AVC (AVC), 1 150 Kbps, 29.970 fps

    File size: 798.6 MB

    Download Street Trade - Ass After Class

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    Release Year: 1996
    Studio: All Worlds Video Channel 1 Releasing
    Cast: Doug Jeffries Cole Youngblood Chad Knight Jay Anthony Tony Cummings Rick Skyy Brent Zima Scott Daniels Steve O'Donnell Steve Michaels Casey Carr Kevin Gold
    Genres: Muscles Anal Safe Sex

    Description: It's life in the nude lane! Filmed on location in the Washington, DC gay strip club "Wet" and featuring the Wet dancers, this cute film follows newcomers Doug Jeffries and Jay Anthony as they saunter around DC during Quilt Weekend, 1996. An opening love-making session involves some of the hottest anal sex you'll ever see! It should be up for "Scene of the Year"!

    File size: 787.3 MB

    Download Striptease (1996)

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    Release Year: 2006
    Country: US
    Studio: Studio 2000
    Cast: Rod Daily, C.J. Madison, Adam Faust, Dallas Adams, Franco Santoro, Jason Crew, Park Wiley, Ross Stuart, Tony Bishop
    Director: John Travis
    Producer: Scott Masters

    Fucked is a dangerous, dark, dick-drenched walk on the wild side of sexual obsession. This trip to the twilight zone of compulsive behavior is something defiantly decadent and different for Studio 2000, and you are going to love every sweaty, cum-soaked, fist-fucked, pissed-on, second of it. Director Travis, one of the undisputed masters of porn, has crafted a tale jammed with rough, randy, and sex which is splashed in your face in unrelenting, vivid, vital close-up.

    Each and every performer is required to go the extra mile in serving up spontaneous, salacious, sizzling sex. The undisputed star of Fucked is Rod Daily. He appears in three scenes, literally setting the screen ablaze. His cute, come-hither baby-face could almost lure you into thinking he is an innocent but he is, in fact, a sonic, sex pig of the highest order. His depth-charged dick is designed for deep drilling and his bubblebutt is built to be banged. Franco Santoro and C.J. Madison also bring their unique talents to Fucked. Santoro, with his thrillingly thick, uncut tool tops and bottoms with ease. He also takes a piss for those of you into watersports. Leather-clad Madison proves to be an aggressive top who shows no mercy when it comes to tearing up eager ass.

    Rounding out the cast of ferocious fucksters are six performers who would seem to know no bounds. Ross Stuart is a sexual dervish, and bottom Dallas Adams is only appeased when his ass is filled with dick. You?ll remember Tony Bishop from the sixty-nine tattoo on his dick. After viewing him being fisted in Fucked you will remember him as one of the all-time-great bottoms. Dangerous daddy Adam Faust is the fister and he will thrill you with his punch-fucking prowess. Insatiable, prettyboy, sex-machine Jason Crew hypes up the energy in any scene he appears in and here he is unbelievably wild. Lastly, but certainly not least, is Park Wiley who tops and bottoms with equal flair and sucks dick like he had Hoover stamped on his mouth.

    Fucked opens with a mentally messed-up Rod Daily having a session with his doctor. He is a sobbing, emotional wreck. Doctor Park Wiley announces that they are going to try memory regression using psychotropic drugs to see what is going on in Daily?s dreams. The drugs kick in and we are transported to a dingy alley where Daily is being dragged to an abandoned warehouse by Franco Santoro and Ross Stuart. In one corner of the warehouse is a huge bed. Daily, Santoro and Stuart strip and get busy sucking dick. Daily is on his knees sucking Stuart?s stick as Santoro is standing on the bed feeding Stuart his slurpie. Daily squats down on Santoro?s face offering up his tasty asshole as an appetizer. Stuart jerks off a thick load and leaves Daily and Santoro to their own devices.

    These two voracious cocksuckers land in a sensational sixty-nine and virtually inhale each other?s hoses. Some ball chewing and a bit of finger fucking set the stage for a fantastic flip-flop fuck. Santoro piston-plows Daily doggie and then Daily slams Santoro in the side-saddle and then missionary positions. Santoro cums while being balled and Daily follows splashing his white hot load of lava all over Santoro?s belly. So far everything seems sort of normal. Just a couple guys picking up a trick and having fun. End of scene? Not even close. Things are about to take a very kinky turn in the road, a turn that you the viewer are going to beat your meat to again and again.

    Stuart appears back on the scene and he and Santoro lock Daily up in a cage suspended in the air. Daily, horrified, tries to escape but there is no exit. The camera shot widens to reveal that they are in a dark dungeon with a whole lot of activity going on. In one corner, Jason Crew is imprisoned in a dog cage. As a special treat for Crew, Santoro whips out his hose and pisses on him before him to perform his duties as a good sex slave. In another corner, leather-clad C.J. Madison has black-jocked Dallas Adams chained to a Saint Andrews cross. Adams is being whipped roughly with a cat-o?-nine-tails. In yet another area of the dark dungeon, cute Tony Bishop and daddy Adam Faust are busy groping and gagging on cock. This three-ring circus of corrupt carnality is the strongest erotic episode Studio 2000 has ever presented, and will leave you erect and enthralled throughout.

    The astounding action cuts back and forth between the three scenarios, leaving you gasping for breath. Stuart is power-fucking Crew?s crack, pumping all the way in and out with almost sadistic strokes. Later, Crew feasts on Santoro?s uncut sausage and then fucks him long and hard. Meanwhile, Madison is rimming and fingering Adams? ass with Adams still chained to the cross. The tattooed Faust is shoving a very large dildo up Bishop?s hairy hole and that is soon replaced by an even larger dildo. All the while, the mortified Daily watches from his cage. Suddenly, his dick begins to grow from the overload of visual stimulation. Madison slides his big boner up the helpless Adams? ass and fucks him very hard and deep.

    Crew continues to slam Santoro who laps at Stuart?s asscack. The tension, the energy, and the sexuality are so strong you can almost smell it. Faust drips hot candle wax over Bishop?s chest and this only makes Bishop?s bat bigger. Rubber-gloved and ready, Faust slides his fist up Bishop?s bum and powerfully punch-fucks him like he was a rag doll. This puppet master controls his prize with total power and precision. Santoro rides Stuart?s stick as Stuart sucks Crew, who shortly creams on Stuart, who cums on Santoro.

    Are you keeping up?

    Bishop lets fly with an unbelievable blast of boy-batter while impaled on a gigantic dildo. Faust shoots his spume on Bishop?s black boots. Madison pulls out of Adams? orifice and sprays his spooge as Adams his own gobs of goo. Daily, still caged, whacks off. He is shocked, spent, and totally freaked out by what he has witnessed.

    We now return to the perceived calm of Doc Wiley?s office. The session turns violent as Daily attacks Wiley. "Well, Doc you wanted to see what?s inside my mind." Apparently, he also needed to see what?s inside his pants. Roughly, Daily feeds Wiley his big bushy boner. Wiley gets with the program fast as he deep throats the prize prick, all the while stroking his own thick tool. In rapid order, Wiley eats Daily?s ass and Daily sucks Wiley?s wood. These two have very definite chemistry and travel the hills and valleys of each other?s bods with prurient pleasure. Wiley plows Daily?s dark ditch doggie atop a wheelchair and later sits on Daily?s dick and wildly rides. Wiley is a sensational bottom and shoots his nut-juice while being plowed. Daily creams on Wiley?s bush. This doctor patient slam-bam suck and fuck session is full of erotic tension and is one of the all-time best.

    Fucked is like nothing you have ever seen from Studio 2000. Rod Daily delivers a star-making performance that will leave your dick drained. Fucked proves that Studio 2000 is willing to take chances, to spread their wings, to bring you sensational scenarios that are always on the cutting edge. In an industry where everyone is always looking for the next new and big thing to entice your erection, Studio 2000 proves, once again, to be the leader. Fucked will shock your senses and stimulate your sex drive.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 01:28:48
    Video: 720x480, mpeg4, 1440 kbps
    Audio: 128 kbps

    File size: 914.7 MB

    Download Studio 2000 - Fucked

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    Year: 2007

    Country: US

    Studio : Studio 2000

    Cast: Dominik Rider, Park Wiley, Tristan Mathews, Kyle Aames, Bobby Williams, Lex Sabre, Nick Marino, Mario Cruz

    Director: Andre Adair

    1. IN TOO DEEP kicks off with the sizzling chemistry between musclebod Dominik Rider and too-cute Tristan Mathews. They passionately kiss poolside, tuning out the world as they progress to traded blowjobs and finally Dominik plugging Tristan's tight hole as if he can't get enough. Tristan's moans of pleasure set the stage for the action to come (turn up the sound and let your neighbors think you're having your own noisy sex party!)

    2. A castwide orgy is next and we jump right into the action: Park Wiley rides swarthy hunk Nick Marino; blond ex-Marine Kyle Aames humps Dominik Rider; superbottom Bobby Williams blows awesomely hung Lex Sabre; and Tristan Mathews happily sucks off the built-for-sex hottie Mario Cruz. Once again, no hole goes unfilled for long as these eight horndogs trade blowjobs, kiss with real passion, and plunge their cocks deep into willing holes.

    3. After this group action, the men begin pairing off. First up is scorching duo between Nick Marino and Bobby Williams. (These two weren't originally scheduled for a duo scene, but their chemistry was so apparent off-camera they approached Studio 2000 and asked to be paired together.) Bobby's ecstatic yowling as Nick, growling passionately in Spanish, pounds away is a highlight of the film.

    4. Despite banging Bobby, Nick isn't quite finished: He sits back as Park Wiley returns for more fucking, followed by the ravenous Dominik Rider. When they're finished with Nick, Dominik bends over for Park while Kyle Aames turns up for a go inside Bobby. Their poolside groans of pleasure, particularly Bobby's, is especially boner-inducing.

    5. Ah, but they're not quite done with each other yet! The men come together for one final group-bang, kissing and jacking each other's stiff cocks into readiness for more fucking. Nick and Park smooch, while Dominik and Bobby make out and Mario happily finds himself between Tristan and Lex. The traded blowjobs and fucking (Park tops Tristan, Lex humps Mario) culminate in an amazing double-penetration as Lex slides his thick tree-trunk of a cock inside Park's stretchable hole together with Mario's formidable sword.

    6. Their afternoon orgy nearly complete, the men group together around an excited Tristan Mathews and work themselves to climax. Moaning and groaning mightily, one after another they splash Tristan's face, neck and torso with spooge, coating him with cum until Tristan happily pops his own load. (And so will you!)

    File size: 699.6 MB

    Download Studio 2000 - In Too Deep

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    Studio 2000 International's ... ball-draining blockbuster Meltdown will arouse and astound you. As amazing as it sounds, director Jan Novak and Studio 2000 have come up with a cast of flawless, frisky fellows who all possess phenomenal foreskinned phalluses, bountiful bootys, and buffed boy-bods that will leave you smiling and spent. Studio 2000 International's most popular exclusives such as perfect-peckered Ladislav Pekar, blond, bottom-babe Josef Sladek, and brunet beauty Daniel Palffy have never been more cumbustible. Extra special attention must be given to Spanish exclusive newcomer Rafael Carreras a pouty, provocative beauty with dark eyes, fuck-my-face lips, and a mane of tousled dark hair. His massive meat, thick, long, full of cream, and surrounded by curly pubes, is forever roaring and ready to rock. The rest of the cast comprised of Patrik Levaj, Lubo Kurnikov, Zdenek Vespar, Reno Hacek, Carlo Kovarik and Michael Kozec prove once again that Studio 2000's Czech-Mates are all in a carnal by themselves.

    The location for all the sizzling action is a ski lodge and nearby village, which is full to the brim with horny guys. In a secluded room the incandescent Josef Sladek and dream-doll Rafael Carreras don't take long to get down to business. Sladek sucks on Carreras' cream sickle with obvious hunger, licking at the foreskin and savoring every considerable inch. Carreras' cock has a slight curve, which seems to slide down Sladek's throat with ease. When it comes time for Carreras to show his skills as a cocksucker he rises to the occasion and devours Sladek's schlong. They both shoot their loads with Carreras gushing what seems like gallons. The fun has just begun as Carreras laps at Sladek's butthole, getting it good and wet, before replacing his tongue with his donkey dick. The close-ups are tight, almost as tight as the fit, as he screws sexy Sladek in both the missionary and doggie positions before they both cum again.

    In the village resort's gymnasium, the sauna and shower room is the setting for an oral encounter between fan favorite Daniel Palffy and ultra-cutie Michael Kozec. Nature takes its course as both these dazzling dudes take their time sucking on each other's joysticks. In what has become a Studio 2000 International trademark they both fire off truly eye-opening amounts of guy gravy.

    Still at the gymnasium and at the bottom of an empty indoor pool we are introduced to a couple of buff beauties, brunet, big-bonered Reno Hacek and glow-in-the-dark blond Zdenek Vespar. They both show off their skills at giving head with the best moment coming when Hacek pulls out of Vespar's mouth and creams all over his chest causing Vespar to milk off his own monkey. What cocks, what loads! Of course, it is the blond's fuzzy butt which gets fucked all over the place in a couple of potent positions until they both let fly another volley of lava- like loads.

    In another part of the lodge, horse-hung Ladislav Pekar gets acquainted with luscious Lubo Kurnikov. Besides the fact that they are both adorable, this scene is extra hot because they look very much alike. In fact, the only sure way you can tell them apart is to look between their legs. Pekar's proud piece will always set him apart from other men. Kurnikov tries hard to swallow all that Pekar has to offer and is rewarded by Pekar deep-throating Kurnikov's cock. They both whack off their woodies with Pekar's prick the winner, hands down, in the size and the long-distance load departments. Kurnikov sits down on Pekar's poker for a wild ride, his asshole stretched to its limits, and both blast off, you guessed it, another round of sticky stuff. You will rewind this tape again and again to witness these garden hose cum-showers.

    Rafael Carreras has a skiboard accident and, lucky for him, blond Carlo Kovarik is there to lend a hand. He helps Carreras back to his room and offers first aid, which in true Studio 2000 fashion, starts with pulling down his black briefs and sucking his jumbo joint. As he licks at his prick and nibbles his nuts we can see that the damage from the accident on the slopes has all but disappeared. The lesson to be learned is that a good blowjob will cure a multitude of problems. Blond boy-toy Patrik Levaj joins in and both he and Kovarik service Carreras' colossial cock. Believe us there is plenty to go around. This double dick-athon causes all to and gets Carreras even hotter. He is soon fucking Kovarik who his sucking Levaj. This is one hell of a threeway with everyone getting into the action. Later on, Kovarik sits on Levaj's log and tries it on for size before all three climax again.

    Genres: oral, anal sex, cumshots
    File: avi

    File size: 651.5 MB

    Download Studio 2000 - Meltdown

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    Periodically the world of XXX-Rated video feels the thrill of something new - something fresh - something exciting -- something of such visual quality and erotic impact that it makes it all thrilling again. This time that thrill is TAKEDOWN. Remember the name.

    TAKEDOWN is the premiere of Studio 2000-A new production group formed by craftsmen who want to put quality back into erotic fantasy without losing the beat and heat of the 90s. Studio 2000. Remember the name.

    Central to the concepts and goals of Studio 2000 is director, John Trennel. At various times in his career John has been the creative force behind many successes with other names-Falcon, Brentwood, Huge Video, Catalina. John has been given the freedom and support that a creative person craves to inspire his finest work. And it has paid off. That payoff is TAKEDOWN, a video you will not soon forget.

    TAKEDOWN draws you into the world of collegiate wrestling where perfected, muscular bodies and hair-trigger emotions clash in competitive intensity resulting in joy, pain, sorrow, exultation, and make male bonding that will last a lifetime.

    TAKEDOWN stars Adam Hart, a blond creation of breathtaking proportions whose physical beauty inspires original sins and whose warmth and sensitivity will lind him to you forever.

    In his video debut, Adam is Johnny, a young collegian and top man on the wrestling team. Johnnys days are spent sweating and struggling on the mats and his nights in bull and beer sessions at the frat house. It is the college setup. However, Johnnys life has another agenda. Hard-muscled sexuality, sensual good looks, and hero status cannot mask other needs in Johnny that are about to erupt.

    The man who is both Johnnys nemesis and savior is Curt-the assistant wrestling coach played by Rick Bolton-another newcomer to the professional video scene. And Rick Bolton is the perfect match for Adam Hart with his dark, suave, handsome image; his graceful body; his sensual moves and -his irresistable personality that is at once boyish and invitingly adult. Rick would seduce any innocent--and make his education very worthwhile.

    TAKEDOWN surrounds Adam and Rick with an all-star cast of young athletes doing what they do best-creating a sexual storm of erotic magnificence - The result is a hot balance of handsome and horny newcomers like Bo Summers, Chris Farrell and Joey Morgan mixed with experienced sex athletes Jason Andrews (Falcon favorite), Adam Archer, and Danny Sommers (AVN newcomer of the year 1991).

    TAKEDOWN is a breathtaking sexual celebration that will pull you into the intense and erotic world of college athletes living out their erotic fantasies, propelling themselves into sexual experiences as they search for physical fulfillment. It is sexuality at its very best-obsession, male passion, seduction-all put together by director John Trennel and brought to you by Studio 2000 for your viewing pleasure.

    File name: 007xgf_1vid_4995.avi
    Duration : 01:20:52
    Resolution : 640x480
    File Size : 568.22 MB
    Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 779 Kbps, 29.970 fps

    File size: 568.2 MB

    Download Studio 2000 - Take Down

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    The Big Shot is a love story filled with romance, a sex epic packed with hard action, hot bodies, throbbing dicks, pulsating assholes, and lots of sticky juice to bind the whole thing together.

    Model Clay Maverick and photographer Michael Crawford are two guys in their mid-twenties who come together again, having been friends in high school. The intervening years have changed and matured both - Clay from an ugly duckling and nerd to a stunning and very self-possessed young man, and Michael from a self-centered user to a sensitive and over-cautious man afraid of his own feelings and emotions. But it seems that the more they have changed, the more they remain the same. Maybe first love isn't just for puppies. Maybe it can be the real thing.

    After a tough afternoon in front of the lights, Clay returns home to his current boyfriend, Gregg Arlen. Looking at Clay who is looking at Gregg - who is certainly looking back - Clay has time between work and college for a long personal moment. They find time for a little sexercise. And these two fit so well together you'll be thrilled, impressed and deeply satisfied - but not surprised - when Gregg has a spontaneous and copious climax from his big thick cock while Clay is plowing his hungry hole.

    Michael visits some old high school buddies - Dino DiMarco, Wade Peters and Tony West - and shows them photos of the new Clay. They are mightily impressed with the hot stud that emerged from the nerdy cocoon. But after Michael and the photos leave they decide that two in the hand is a lot better than one on paper as they get down in a threeway that is a rarity in our genre - three guys who really get into each other equally and without reservations. What a wonderful time they have together.

    Clay returns from school one day and finds Gregg having it on with a stranger. Again. He blames himself feeling that he doesn't give Gregg enough time. But he is crushed and the hurt is deep. He leaves and drops by Michael's to look at the results of the photoshoot. He shares his pain with Michael, and Michael shares with Clay the story of his failed marriage and of his coming out with a baseball player he met while working.

    As Michael talks we flash back to that - Michael and Tony - two men discovering each other physically, sexually and emotionally in a scene that moves from tender and tentative to passionate and demanding. Their sex - hot, intense and committed - is memorable and includes a docking scene that may well be the best of its kind. But it was only to be a season of love as Tony was traded to a team back East and their love couldn't go the distance. Michael still shoots the games but he stays out of the locker rooms.

    Michael invites Clay to join him at a game and as they are about to leave, they make a date for the next day to test Michael's new camera. The camera is tested and both men go beyond the limits that they have set for themselves. For love allows no limits. This they discover during a scene of mutual commitment, taking each other to new levels of pleasure and awesome lust - and to The Big Shot. -- From the press notes, courtesy of Studio 2000.

    Genres: hunks, oral, anal sex, cumshots
    File: avi

    File size: 589.6 MB

    Download Studio 2000 - The Big Shot

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