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Thread: 2012 Gay Movies & Gay 19xy 199y Vintage Movies

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    Gay Videos ONly New 2872

    Produced in: 3rd August 2011
    Duration: 14 min 28 sec
    Name: Bound with head and feet strung up to the ceiling, foot torture, virgin arsehole widened with fucksaw machine, hole filled with a real cock, cum shot over his face, arse and balls

    Bailey is a fun-loving straight backpacker. To add to his adventure in our fine country we've tied him up naked. His tightly fastened headgear and ankles are strung up to the ceiling so the sensitive bare soles of his feet are pointed upwards and he's made to watch every cruel thing Dave does to him.

    Stroking the naked soles of his masculine feet, Dave finds just the right pressure points to dig his fingers into causing the lad intense pain. Every point in the foot to a different part of the body so each stabbing pressure Dave administers effects his entire body from his ears to his intestines.

    Now that he's dug into his feet, Dave wants to warm those soles up with an intense bastinado session. Every lashing of his whip causes Bailey the most agonizing shrill pain of his life. His little toes desperately crinkle in a panicked effort to protect his hypersensitive bare feet from any further punishment.

    The Aussie prick nearly bites through the bit of his headgear from the intense pain he receives from Dave's vicious whip. While Bailey is still reeling from pain his hairy cheeks are wrenched open to reveal his pink arsehole. We don't want to send this straight cunt back to his homeland without first stretching open and using this sweet virgin hole.

    Adrian arrives with his fucksaw machine fully powered up. The captive man's arse cheeks are stretched open and the dildo is rammed up his hole. Bailey bucks and hollers beneath his gag against it, but once it's switched on there is no resisting the feverish drilling this harsh fucking device delivers.

    His screams become stuttered as the big thick dildo of the fuck machine plunges mercilessly up his arse. Every fibre of this straight man's being fights against the sensation of being fucked, but with his legs strung up to the ceiling and his arms bound in place he has no choice but to take it.

    Now that his hole has been loosened Adrian whips down his trousers and fucks his arse. There is no sexual high like the sensation of screwing a hetero lad's arsehole for the first time. Bailey cringes feeling the man's hard dick slide deep inside him. Adrian's balls slap against his arse cheeks as he vigorously fucks him.

    Reeling from the pain and humiliation, Bailey is terrified to feel Adrian pull out and stroke himself to orgasm. His cum sprays all over Bailey's exposed shrivelled cock, balls and his widened anus. With tears streaming down his face he's suddenly aware of Dave jerking off over his face. His proud facial features are covered with sperm. Moaning piteously with pain and shock, this hetero prick is left a shivering cum-covered wreck.

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2696Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 286.5 MB

    Download Bailey (3rd August 2011)

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    Gay Videos ONly New 2873

    Produced in: 29th June 2011
    Duration: 16 min 36 sec
    Name: Strangled in agonising predicament bondage, foreskin clips, ball weight, fingerfucked, made to suck both cocks as he chokes himself, pissed on

    Lee still hasn't come to terms with the fact that he's our fucktoy now. The rebellious little cunt needs to learn that he does what we say, when we say it.

    I wind a rope round his neck and viciously suffocate the handsome blond until his face burns scarlet and his breath comes in strangled chokes. Lee winces and pants when I let the rope loose, but the hate still blazes in his eyes as he mutters, "Fuck OFF."
    I tie the rope to his ankles and winch it taut, yanking his head right back with the throat rope, causing him an unbearable combination of choking and muscle pain. I just laugh.

    While Lee's trying to work out how to breathe without exhausting his leg muscles, I tie a heavy weight to his cock and balls, and drop it down the side of the desk. "Aaaargh you fucking bastard!" groans Lee. "What the fuck are you doing?" But there's more coming.
    A pair of agonising clips on his foreskin cause even more agony, but when Adrian ties them to Lee's toes, things get even worse for Lee - he now can't even move his legs without hurting his own dick. With no warning, Adrian shoves his finger deep into Lee's hole, and fingerfucks him roughly in his tight straight arsehole, making the racist thug scream in pain.

    Now Lee really knows how helpless he is, he's desperate to do anything to get out of this predicament. Adrian unzips his flies and presents his rampant hard dick to Lee... and the miserable fucker opens his mouth and reches for it, choking himself in the process. I fingerbang Lee in the arse while Adrian crams his cock all the way down Lee's throat, making him choke and gag as he retches on the rock hard prick.

    Every time Lee rocks forward to get his face right down on the cock, he yanks his own foreskin into a state of blazing agony. As Adrian fucks his face, he convulses, choking himself on the neck rope even more.

    I line up to take my turn, and Lee winces, knowing I'm even rougher than Adrian. I give Lee a chance to get me hard, but he's not quick enough, so I smack him around and shout at him until he's almost in tears, choking and groaning with his lips pressed up against my pubes.

    Adrian informs Lee that he has to pull the clips off his foreskin by the count of ten. Lee tries to keep sucking as he causes himself more and more pain, but as the clips fly off his dick, he rears back in a howl of agony. "AAAAGGHH!!"

    Has Lee still not learnt that sucking cock comes first? To punish him, Adrian holds Lee's mouth open while I violently fuck his face, before climbing on top of him and pissing all over his head. Perhaps now Lee will work out his new position in life - under the feet of two bastards even more sadistic than him.

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 3018Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 367.0 MB

    Download Lee (29th June 2011)

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    Gay Videos ONly New 2874

    Release Year: 2012
    Cast: Dominic
    Genres: Fetish

    Taken from his own car rich boy Dominic is led away to a deserted yard. In the cellar he is tied to the bars. His suit is cut off and he is stripped piece by piece ? completely at the mercy of two horny young soldiers.
    Dominic is the youngest son of a well know local millionaire. He is one of those fortunate boys that are rich and handsome at the same time. The girls are crazy about him and the boys are maybe just jealous.
    Their envy is paired with fear and respect as his family is engaged in some very special deals with the government of Tchukistan.
    On his way back from a party our rich boy Dominic was driven home by his chauffeur. It seemed to be a perfect day again until they were stopped...
    Mecko and Becko were patrolling the remote street in the morning as they noticed the noise of a car coming closer. They hoped for nothing more than another young victim to please their special taste of fun. When checking out the passports of the driver and his guest they noticed who they stopped. Instead of accepting the offered bribe they decided to bind the driver and lock him into the trunk of his car. Dominic was still relaxed in the beginning until he saw what happened. Our heroes simply tied his hands and took him into the fields near Novo Sazky. Completely shocked by this Dominic didn't even protest too much. Obviously he feared for his live.
    Later all three arrived at the old deserted yard that Becko choose to be their housing for the weeks to come. Down in the cellar our little millionaire was searched and finally tied to the iron bars downstairs. Mecko lighted a cigarette to inspect the victim in this vulnerable position. He let him feel the smell of the smoke into his face and touched his expensive suit. What a special guest. A well trained handsome boy with so much fear in his eyes. Did he even have an idea what was going to happen to him?
    First he was gagged. And then Becko did start to cut his suit piece by piece with a dirty scissor. They rip off his sack coat, then his shirt. The buttons fall to the ground and a fearful moan comes out of the gagged mouth of Dominic as the guys touch his well defined body. What a hot boy! What a fun to come!

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 8:11
    Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 4932kbps
    Audio: 187kbps

    File size: 300.6 MB

    Download Richboy Part 1. What a hot boy! (2012)

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    Gay Videos ONly New 2875

    Description: Jesse. A member of his college water polo team, Jesse has a strong team spirit and desperately wants to belong. He says he'll do anything to join the frat...let's see if he's ready to live up to his words. Jesse's eyes are blindfolded and after he's stripped down to his boxers the pledgemaster ties his hands behind his back and starts to play with the tall athlete's crotch. Then he turns the young pledge around and plays grab-ass with his smooth bubble butt. Jesse has a short fat cock that's already hard even before the pledgemaster kneels down to lick the shaft and suck the head. Jesse's words are put to the test when he has to get down and suck on the pledgemaster's hard dick. His thick lips and wet tongue make juicy sounds on the master's cock. Jesse's just beginning the initiation though. The pledgemaster bends him over and pushes his dick into Jesse's ass and fucks him while Jesse moans and gasps loudly at the invading cock. A few stiff spankings and a few firms strokes on his cock, and the pledgemaster has Jesse cumming him his hands.

    Black Jock
    This black stud is the new jock on campus and he's got to prove himself to be accepted. If he can pass this initiation he'll gain the points he needs to fit in where it counts. The pledgemaster puts the jock through the same routine as every other pledge, bound and blindfolded he has to endure the pledgemaster's groping hands. The jock is prepared though and he cock is pumped with blood to prove his worth. The jock is put through the humiliation of having his long fat cock stroked by another man and his tight virgin asshole probed by a man's greased fingers. He is reserved, but the jock lets a moan slip out now and then at the new feelings. The pledgemaster makes the jock pulls out his hard pink cock and suck it then turns his attention back to the jock's hard black cock and pumps it until a powerful load of cum erupts from it's flaring head.

    The last time the initiations were held Brandon and Marcus joined the frat together (Frat Initiations #6) but now Brandon has broken the rules and must undergo the initiation again...alone. He is securely blindfolded and bound and then the games begin.

    After tugging down the pledge's pants and stroking up his cock, the pledgemaster drops to his knees to taste Brandon's growing cock. Brandon is enjoying the attention on his cock too much so the pledgemaster turns the table and makes the pledge suck the master's chubby cock and lick his tight scrotum. Brandon gets a spanking next and the option to leave the frat if he can't take it...but he sticks it out.

    To test him further the pledgemaster slides a dildo up Brandon's freshly spanked ass then whips out his own cock to plunder the pledge's ass some more. Finally the pledgemaster allows Brandon to climax and to rejoin the fraternity...but I think Brandon will be looking for another opportunity to go through the initiation process again.

    Format: wmv
    Duration: 01:33:41

    File size: 763.9 MB

    Download Frat Initiations 7

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    Gay Videos ONly New 2876

    Produced in: 2nd December 2009
    Duration: 14 min 10 sec
    Name: Tied up, nipples tormented until he tells us about his secret porn stash, ordered to look at the mags as we jerk his hard cock, made to endure a blowjob from a man, then fed his own cum

    Tonight is shaping up to be the most shameful experience of Noah's life so far. Tied to a chair in his own bedroom, he is determined to resist our lecherous groping, as we tease him about wanking, in front of his girlfriend. We want to know where his porn collection is; of course, the embarrassed lad denies having any, but all lads his age have porn. It's just a question of getting them to admit it.

    Two very painful nipple pegs later, and a few vicious squeezes to crush his sensitive nubs, and the twat's howling in pain - "It's under the mattress, you bastards!" Surprise surprise. Reuben reaches under and finds a selection of well thumbed porn mags, full of smutty photos of tits and arses. We make sure Noah's girlfriend gets a good look at the filth, as the embarrassed chap cringes away from the incriminating magazines.

    But we want the cunt to have a good look. Grabbing his hair, I shove his head into position, barking at him to open his eyes and study the naked ladies cavorting on the centre pages. Reuben flicks through the mags, as I jerk Noah's rapidly stiffening cock, which grows harder and harder at each turn of the page.
    The straight lad tries to look away, obviously ashamed of his involuntary erection, throbbing hard and proud despite the hairy man's hand controlling it. But no matter what Noah does, we order him to study his dirty pictures, wanking him off against his will, his girlfriend's accusing eyes on his trecherous erection.

    Before long, there's drops of precum oozing out of his slit, and I greedily dive down and lick the juices off Noah's shiny bell end, as he furiously begs and pleads for me to stop. But with a stiff hetero cock in my mouth, I have no intention of stopping, and I slide the whole thing into my hot mouth and suck his raging hard on down my throat, feeling it stiffen even as Noah desperately insists he's not queer.

    I feel the youth's balls tighten - he's nearly ready to blow his load. Laughing, we exchange the titty porn for one of his sport mags, so Noah has his orgasm looking not at a woman, but at the hunky soccer player on the cover. After wiping all the cum onto the star of Noah's new wank rag, we pry his mouth open, order him to stick out his tongue, and make him lick up every drop of his shameful fresh sperm.
    The fella's slimy face is a picture of miserable humiliation, and as my fingers scoop the drips of cum into his unwilling mouth, Noah looks like he's desperately trying to work out how he's going to explain this to his girlfriend. Unfortunately for him, this is the least of his worries tonight...

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2489Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 259.6 MB

    Download Noah (2nd December 2009)

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    Gay Videos ONly New 2877

    Patrik Lukasz is arrested when he arrives back in Prague airport. He is taken in to Milos Zambo for interrogation. Milos begins to examine Patrik's luggage, accusing him of buying fake designer clothes, and then of being a pervert as some of his purchases seem to be sexy items. He puts a sign around Patrik's neck and photograph's him and then begins to check him more thoroughly. He opens Patrik's jeans and pulls them, and his underwear down. Patrik's cock is quite hard and Milos hits it, making it bounce up and down. Then he strokes that cock and pulls on the foreskin. He turns Patrik, whose hands are cuffed behind his back, around and bends him over. Milos spits on Patrik's ass hole as he spreads the cheeks. As he is bent over, with his ass on show Milos pulls on those balls. Next Milos removes Patrik's tee shirt and puts one of those sexy items of clothes, on him. Then he poses him for some photos, with is cock in and out of the tight pouch. Patrik is then made to kneel in front of Milos who pulls out his own cock, which is rock hard. Patrik is looking closely at the cock and seems quite eager as he is made to suck it. His mouth works over that big cock as Milos gets fully naked. Patrik is then gagged and tied up, on the desk, with his ass available for Milos to work on. In a totally helpless position Patrik can do nothing as Milos shoves his cock deep into that ass and fucks him nice and deep. His cock shoves in and out of Patrik's tight hole, speeding up as he goes. Then Milos pulls out and removes Patrik's gag so that he can shove his cock into the mouth for more sucking. He forces Patrik's mouth down on his throbbing cock, and makes him suck it a while before putting him on his back for more fucking. His big cock slams into Patrik's ass again, stretching the hole as he fucks. He pushes one on Patrik's legs up, lifting the ass higher for easier access as his cock slams in and out of that hole. Patrik is then made to wank himself as he is being fucked. He keeps up the wanking until his cum spurts out of his cock and up his chest. Milos is ready too and pulls out of that ass and shoots his load over Patrik as a great finale to a very good scene.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 38:17
    Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 1354kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 417.0 MB

    Download Str8Hell - Patrik and Milos - AIRPORT SECURITY

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    Gay Videos ONly New 2878

    Army PT instructor Mike is belting shit out of the punch bag in the gym. All the while a pathetic looking sub, blondie, is perving over him. Mike is becoming increasingly angry with the wanker eyeballing him the whole time. It's Master Darren's day off from the building site so he visits his mate and the 2 tops decide to introduce themselves to Mike's new admirer. Blondie can hardly speak, he is not used to tops paying him any mind. They get him on his knees and make him strip. The poor cunt has to reveal THE tiniest cock the tops have ever seen. Now nude, blondie has nowhere to hide it so his tiny cock is the target of nasty verbal humiliation from the laughing brutes.

    It's only right that blondie should worship men with bigger cocks than he so they make him bend over on the floor and kiss & lick Master Mike's boots. The cowering cunt is whacked hard with a boxing glove for laziness. As a fledgling bottom blondie keeps making mistakes, attracting the wrath of the soldier. Cowering he has to crawl over to Darren and pay homage to his feet too, under a barrage of verbal.

    Next blondie has to beg for Darren's cock. He's so submissive he doesn't know how to do it and gets whacked a few times before being allowed to sniff around the builder's bulge in his jeans. Then the innocent sub is allowed to whip out Darren's cock and suck on it. He enjoys the wonderful pleasure of the top's healthy young cock growing in his mouth. Then soldier Mike's cock needs a bottom's wet lips around it. That military meat grows hard in blondie's mouth and it isn't long before a game of cock tennis ensues with the sub's slobbering mouth working from cock to cock.

    The greedy bottom gorges on cock. Those luxurious thick lengths and pink shiny helmets sucked desperately down into his throat. Blondie has the time of his life as Master Darren bends over and presents his filthy builder's crack for blondie to chow down on. The sub's tongue darts in and feeds greedily. Mind you, with Mike's army boot on the back of his head the wimpy bottom doesn't have a choice. Mike bends over too and displays the most beautiful pink hole you have ever seen for blondie to feast on. It's amazing that it takes Master Darren's foot on the back of blondie's head to keep his tongue up Mike's hole.

    Maybe it's because he now can't breathe! The caring tops allow him to resume his cock sucking duties where at least he can struggle for breath through his nose. The two lusty tops are having so much fun that they turn to each other and french kiss while the cock sucker at their feet continues to service their dicks. He can only dream of receiving that sort of intimacy. The sexual heat becomes overwhelming and Darren's cock gushes hot builder's cum all over the cowering bottom's face, the tops laughing sadistically all the while. Welcome to Brutal Tops blondie!

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2803Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 466.1 MB

    Download Gym Bullies

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    Gay Videos ONly New 2880

    Produced in: 11th November 2009
    Duration: 17 min 19 sec
    Name: Tied up in his sleep, then stripped naked and systematically abused, his bound girlfriend made to watch. Cock mauled, nipples twisted hard, and arse double fingerfucked long, hard and deep.

    We silently creep into the bedroom, edging over to the bed where the 19 year old and his girlfriend lie fast asleep, their breathing slow and steady. We need to move the girl to get at Noah, so we give her a dose of chloroform and put her on the floor, where Reuben securely ties her up.

    With his girlfriend out of the way, I climb into bed with Noah, and run my hands slowly up and down his body, coming to rest on the firm bulge of his crotch. The lad emits a slight moan when I touch him, and shifts in his sleep, perhaps dreaming of female hands pleasuring him, caressing his full balls.

    Reuben passes me some rope, and we gently move Noah's limbs into a spread-eagle position before swiftly binding his wrists and ankles to the bed. Reuben flicks the light on, and Noah wakes up, dazed and disorientated as he realises there are two strange men in his bed... and he can't move his limbs.

    The panicked lad calls for help, shouts for his girlfriend, but she's helpless too. As Reuben marches over to her, the frightened girl begs for mercy, probably thinking we must be here to abuse her. But instead of groping her, Reuben slaps duct tape over her protesting mouth and growls, "It's not you we want, it's your pretty fucking boyfriend."

    Noah thrashes around, angry and terrified, as we run our lecherous hands over every inch of his body, before pulling out scissors and slashing off his tshirt and underpants. I handgag the wriggling chap, muffling his furious protests as Reuben and I enjoy a vigorous mauling of his naked cock, taunting his distressed girlfriend as we do so.

    Having explored Noah's beautiful blemishfree body, it's time to put the cunt in some serious pain. Time for some tit torment. We grab a nipple each and get to work twisting and yanking them, laughing at Noah's screams of agony as he desperately thrashes around.
    Just when he think's we're done hurting him, I delve my fingers down into Noah's bum crack - he clenches furiously, but it's no use; we are the ones in control, and we want full access. We untie his feet, and wrench his legs back, spreading his arse wide, exposing his hairy hole.
    Ignoring the terrified lad's yelling and begging, I shove my thick finger deep into his guts, revelling in his virginal tightness. As Noah wails with horror and pain, I replace it with two fingers, plunging them in and out as tears roll down the lad's cheeks.

    Captive in his own home, his helpless girlfriend made to look on as two men fuck his spread arsehole, Noah probably thinks it can't get any worse. He's wrong.

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 1756Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 228.8 MB

    Download Noah (11th November 2009)

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    Gay Videos ONly New 2881

    Produced in: 27th July 2011
    Duration: 22 min 01 sec
    Name: Tied in painful squatting position, caned and flogged, balls strung up, foreskin and cock pegged, vibrating dildo inserted up his arse and made to give a blowjob until he gags

    Bailey's wrists and thighs are tied tight while he squats on the floor naked so his entire sexy hairy body is spread open and he can't do anything to resist me. Since we're such good mates I want to keep things friendly. I'm exceedingly kind complimenting him while stroking his hairy chest and tickling his low-hanging balls when he rudely spits in my face. Bad />
    I cover his head with a nylon hood and gag him to prevent any further incorrigible behaviour. It's time for a stern lesson so he knows not to be so disrespectful when men want to enjoy his naked body. Using a bamboo cane I swipe the sensitive insides of his thighs leaving red stripes. Then I thrash his legs, cock and balls with a flogger to produce some angry grunts from this arrogant Aussie.

    His cock and balls are tied up to give me easier access to his warm virgin arsehole. I tap his hot opening to test the resistance. Squatting down he can do little to protect his precious arse from the large vibrating dildo I produce to shove up him. I insert it in his hole and wedge it beneath him so he has to push himself up on tiptoes to prevent it sinking further into his anal cavity.

    I attach pegs to his foreskin and the length of his cock intensifying the pain so he's acutely aware of his dick being on display. The dildo slides deeper into his arse and hums quietly as it presses its way into his guts. His feet and legs tremble with the strain as being made to hold this position is excruciating even for such a fit athletic man.

    Every second that ticks by feels like hours for this strung up hetero as his tensed muscles burn and ache from holding himself up. His moans of pain are the only way he can express his repentance for being so damn disrespectful. Weighted rope is tied threateningly around his neck to let him know total obedience is required.

    Now that he's perfectly restrained to cause the maximum amount of torture I cut a hole in the nylon to see just how obliging he's become. I unzip my jeans to unleash my cock which I demand he look at. His trembling pink lips enclose my dick and I make him suck it tenderly until I've grown a big hard stiffy.

    He chokes and gasps for breath as I slide my erection in and out of his mouth. My cock is moistened by his warm saliva and throat juices produced from his gag reflex being triggered. With his cock pegged, a dildo up his arse and my hard on being rammed down his throat Bailey finally knows his place. Rather than spit at me again, he only stares up at me with a challenging expression and tears running down his cheeks.

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2440Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 395.3 MB

    Download Bailey (27th July 2011)

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    Gay Videos ONly New 2882

    If only all gyms were run this way!

    Mike and Maurice are straight from the army's physical training regiment so when tattoo needs to get fit they are THE tops for the job. The lucky bottom will be trained by the best, the downside is they do not suffer fools, and pathetic out of shape bottoms, lightly.

    After ordering him to strip naked the bottom receives some nasty, but honest, verbal humiliation. Then it's a very demanding work out. Every exercise is hell but the tops intersperse the unpleasantness with some lovely rewards! Such as sniffing the Masters' crotches on completing sit-ups. Boxing and painful dips to exhaustion means tattoo soon doesn't know what's hit him. However the lucky bastard is treated to sniffing the arses of his betters. The more hellish exercise he is put through the more desperate he is to catch his breath, which he must do from the Masters' anuses. These are the rewards for completing the exercises, whilst failure means immediate spanking and a face full of verbal.

    Just as the bottom is struggling to do more sit-ups Master Mo pulls his trousers down and allows the bottom to kiss his bell-end on every completed sit-up. Shaking and sweating the bottom doesn't know what to say to avoid punishment. Without a moment to breathe its boxing practice but tattoo keeps messing up and is spanked. Then it's humiliating boot licking. A master's boot on the back of the head and another on his vulnerable nuts provides motivation. After the top of the boots are done, then it's the soles with some delicious dollops of Master Mo's gob on it to help.

    Then it's back to the dips and the poor wretch can't get anything right earning the wrath of Master Mo and a nice red arse. Then the bottom's 'reward' is to fuck his own mouth with the Master's cock. But it's not going to be easy with Master Mike pushing the bottom's head so hard onto the cock that he almost suffocates. Servicing Mo's cock, balls and gooch is an absolute pleasure. Next its sit-ups and deepthroating Master Mike's rampant cock as a reward. Every time he gags Master Maurice plants his bare arsehole onto the bottom's face so his tormented mouth has to yo-yo between cocksucking and rimming. This is one lucky bottom. When tattoo is totally spent the Tops bind his wrists to the bench, ankles to a leg spreader bar. That's right, tattoo has earnt himself a roasting.

    Master Mo plunges straight in, fucking the bottom hard. tattoo is crushed against the bench as Mo fucks him deep, hard and fast without the slightest regard for the bottom's comfort. tattoo's moans are muffled as Mike lands his hot arse on top of his face. Allowed to beg for cum, the slutty bottom is treated to a mouthful of his Master's hot sperm. Imagine how many subs would sign up to THIS gym if they could!

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2576Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 821.5 MB

    Download Pain And Reward Army Fuckers

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