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Thread: 2012 Gay Movies & Gay 19xy 199y Vintage Movies

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3572

    Release Year: 2010
    Studio: milkloadedboys.
    Cast: Boys
    Genres: Twinks, Russian, Bareback, Enema, anal, oral, cumshots
    Video language: English

    It's time for some crazy milky action and these cute gay twinks welcome you to their special sex fantasy where one of the guys gets a perfect enema, sucks his boyfriend's milk-covered cock and gets bareback-fucked so hard that his tight rectal hole squirts milk all over his lover's genitals. These playful lads will pour even more milk on their bodies and cocks and mix it with hot sticky cum to create the most unforgettable sex cocktail ever and enjoy it over and over again!

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 26:30
    Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 3906kbps
    Audio: 187kbps

    File size: 806.6 MB

    Download Milk-loading gay fantasies

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3573

    Gruelling workout with agonising & humiliating punishments
    Swim coach Master Terrance has just finished a training session with Firefighter Master Errol. Both are in a vengeful mood as they purposefully stride back to the lockeroom, each collecting a leather crop before entering the changing area. Something tells me aussie the lockeroom lurker is going to be in for a serious beating today.

    Errol kicks things off, ordering the sub onto the floor to count out 10 press-ups while Terrance whacks his crop across the skinny guy's rump a few times for good measure. Their plan to beat up and inflict as much pain on aussie for their own sadistic pleasure is thinly veiled as a brutal, pushed-to-exhaustion workout. Either way they'll win.

    Sit-Ups next. Master Terrance isn't taking any shit today, so when weakling aussie starts to slack after just 4 reps of a 20 rep set, he not only gets verbal abuse from Master Errol, but some more stinging thrashes of Terrance's leather crop across his thigh.

    But all this is just an appetiser in today's brutal workout programme. Key to their nasty plan are squats. Not just any old squats though, aussie will have to do his over a thick rubber dildo fixed into a sturdy base. On every downward squat the dildo will penetrate deep into his arsehole, then as he completes the squat and stands up, the internal suction from the tight fitting cock will feel like his gut is being wrenched out.

    Master Terrance orders the slut to take the whole dildo into his bowel as he does his squat. The pain on aussie's face is evident to see as the dry rubber cock rips into his shit hole for the first time. The bottom's form isn't up to Master Terrance's usual high standard so a few more stings with the crop across his bare arse and thigh remind aussie to try even harder.

    The Top's order aussie to finish his last rep with a really deep squat, taking the full 8 inches of rubber into his arse cavity, which he then does. Gasping for air from exhaustion and pain, there is no rest for this bottom as he is then instructed to do 10 more press-ups by Master Errol. Poor form earns aussie another crack of the crop on his arse as Master Errol moves his steel toe-capped boot under the bottom's weakening body, so it can be kissed and worshipped by the sub's slutty mouth on every rep.

    The assault continues apace. No sooner has aussie finished his press-ups, Master Terrance orders him across for more sit-ups, this time with an inventive twist that should incentivise the flagging bottom to complete each rep. Terrance positions himself so that aussie's face gets buried into his sweaty arse crack every time he completes a sit-up. With Errol standing by, threatening to strike with his crop at any moment, aussie buries his voracious mouth and tongue into the material covering Terrance's ripe hole.

    The sheer nastiness of the situation gets Master Terrance's blood flowing. The thin material of his shorts barely conceals the outline of the Top's semi-hard cock as he meters out his orders to the fatigued bottom. They move back over to the squats area. Terrance, unable to contain the growing hardness in his groin, squeezes and touches his penis as he gets off making the exhausted aussie ruin his arse yet again on the erect dildo. Hesitation and poorly executed squats result in more stinging whips of the crop on the sub's already reddened skin.

    Time now for some resistance training. Ordered to do more sit-ups by Master Errol, aussie assumes the position to begin just as Terrance sits down onto his back. With his energy levels already depleted, the bottom struggles to complete each rep, earning verbal abuse from Errol and a good sound thrashing by Terrance as he is ridden into the floor.

    The reward element of the workout appears to have a positive effect on aussie, so to test their theory the Top's employ Errol's naked arse in the next exercise, sit-ups. A pungent black man's shit shute is all our sub needs to spur him on to do 10 more reps, each time burying his face deep into Errol's arse crack, the manly toilet smell and sweat mixing to make a heady cocktail that might just finish poor cunt aussie off. Terrance orders the bottom's slobbering tongue to dig deep into the black brute's arse ring, getting the sub to describe the taste he gets while savouring his reward.

    The Tops sense the flagging bottom may soon be too weary for them to continue abusing for their fun, but they have one last devilish punishment for aussie up their sleeve. Back in the squats area Terrance puts the bottom through 10 more arse punishing squats on the dildo, this time with painful chain-linked nipple clamps attached to torment his almost spent body even further. Tugging on the chain for encouragement, Terrance 'assists' aussie to complete his final set.

    Surely then it's only fitting that Master Terrance should receive the reward this time? With one swift movement Terrance rips off the tight nipple clamps from aussie's chest, sending the poor cunt into spasms of pain and ecstasy. The bottom is speechless, which deserves a whack of the crop on his arse. Has he no manners, he forgot to thank his Masters for such a thorough workout.

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2652Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 281.8 MB

    Download Negro Gym Brute

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3574

    Even good subs go bad. I question the real motive behind a crime when committed by a sleazy sex pig who then finds himself locked away for 24 hours a day in close confinement to hundreds of sex starved brutal thugs, all vying to be the alpha male on the block and dealing out punishments or beatings on a daily basis to display their authority or satisfy their need to dominate a weaker inmate.

    Inside the correctional facility for young men, warden Master Terry is supervising an exercise session in the gym. The inmates are shooting basketball hoops but prison bottom gummer is shit at it and they all tell him so. Feeling humiliated in front of the warden from all the verbal abuse he is getting from the others, gummer repeatedly shoots the ball trying for the hoop but misses. A bell sounds calling the warden away.

    Like a pack of animals sensing a weak member amongst them, the inmates round on gummer. Led by East European thug Lee and (not so) innocent looking Toby, they plan to make gummer their bitch today and teach him some lessons about being on their wing. With the sub held from behind, prison boxer Toby lands a few gut punches on the sub, dropping him to his knees as Lee pushes the sub down towards the floor. This bitch is going to start learning his place by tongue bathing Toby's shoes.

    Toby shouts orders at gummer as John joins in on the assault. The Tops have gummer under their control, licking as instructed every inch of the sweaty training shoe. John kicks and stomps on the useless bottom as his frustration rises. John, Toby and Lee finally have an outlet for all their pent up aggression, the power they are feeling as they exert control over gummer spurs them on.

    Pulling the bottom's arm behind his back into a lock, Toby can now steer gummer wherever he wants. John's shoes are next for the slobbering sub's mouth, Toby still verbally humiliating gummer, telling him what a fucking shit job he is doing. Can this sub do nothing right?

    Gummer is so shit at cleaning shoes with his tongue, Toby decides to see how he fares cleaning an arse hole instead. Tugging down his gym shorts and bending over, Toby presents his young, almost hairless shit shute to gummer for cleaning. The sweaty gym session has made it wet and ripe. Sensing gummer hesitate starting his new task, John grabs the subs head with both hands and rams it between Toby's cheeks. Gummer has no option but to slurp the masterful Top's pungent hole with his mouth, burying his tongue as ordered, deep into the rectum of his new Master.

    Still not satisfied that gummer has fully resigned to becoming his bitch, Toby uses the sub's mouth as his personal urinal, splashing hot Master's piss over gummer's face as he fills the sub's throat with a bladder full of urine. John prises open the sub's mouth as gummer chokes trying to swallow the endless flow. Even at this task he is a shit bitch, giving Toby reason to verbally abuse gummer and deliver more punches and slaps for spilling piss over the floor.

    Living up to his name, gummer is now ordered to suck the remaining dribbles of piss from Toby's cock and foreskin. At last a task this bitch seems adept at doing.

    Master Terry returns and seeing gummer on the floor with Toby's penis in his mouth wants to know what's happening. The inmates explain that they are teaching gummer to be their bitch, but he is shit at all the tasks they have given him. After a few years working at the Correctional facility, Warden Terry is an expert at dishing out humiliating punishments and abuse at the expense of others. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a painful looking glass butt plug.

    Stripping the bottom naked the inmates position gummer on all fours ready to receive his anal punishment. Gobbing into the sub's exposed hole, Master Terry inserts the plug, twisting and pushing it deeper until gummer's sphincter pulls it into place, much to the amusement and laughter of the other Tops. Terry, being an inventive Master isn't finished with this sub just yet. Attaching a bulldog clip and cord to gummer's foreskin, Terry pulls on the cord so the sub's cock can be tied to the butt plug protruding from his arse.

    With his cock tormented, the Tops get gummer to crawl around on all fours kissing and worshipping their shoes with his slutty mouth and tongue. The addition of the butt plug and clip on gummer's cock seem to have made an improvement in his skills serving the Tops. Gummer is almost the sub-bitch these brutal inmates insist he becomes.

    Lee gobs onto gummer's bald head as Toby rubs it into the skin, laughing as he 'polishes' the bottom's head. Can gummer's humiliation get any more degrading? As the sub crawls around on the piss sodden floor to clean more shoes, he is met with John's exposed penis pointing at his mouth, a stream of piss is unleashed, Toby ordering gummer to look up at his Master and swallow every last drop.

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2747Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 387.8 MB

    Download Prison Thugs

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3575

    Description: This is the biggest and most ambitious movie ever from Wolfgang Bang, the award-winning director of Fisting Ranch Hands and the HandPacked trilogy from Club Inferno, among other films. He has assembled a big cast in more sense than one and taken them on wild sex-ride at the legendary Zone sex club in Hollywood.

    The sex is edgy and kinky, but not as extreme as in many other of his films. The action is full of fucking, sucking, dildo play, bondage and even some flogging. This is what real man sex is all about.

    The movie takes place during one of the leather nights at the Zone, and in the first scene, we see the ever cock-hungry Dominik Rider sucking a massive, gorgeous uncut cock in a glory hole. He does a fine job and gets a nice juicy load as a reward for his efforts. If you think the cock looks familiar, it is because it belongs to porn legend Max Grand, who chose to come back and make this one final appearance in porn before returning to his civilian life.

    Next we encounter Josh West licking his own massive man meat while super stud Park Wiley watches and rams a fat dildo in and out of his ass. Eventually he just can't hold back anymore and comes over to eat Josh's luscious hairy ass and suck on his huge cock. They decide to move to another spot to have more space and start 69ing each other. Park Wiley's throat must be one of the widest in the porn business as he is able to deepthroat Josh all the way! This is of course just a prelude to the serious pounding that Park then gets.

    Insatiable Dominik Rider spots them and strokes himself while watching them going at it like wild animals. He joins in on the action as Park shows that he can dish out as well as he can take it when he pounds Dominik's willing ass Josh West can't hold his load any longer and shoots it over Dominik before heading off to leave Park and Dominik to finish up on their own.

    Lots of hot porn stars are cruising the club and Bryce Pierce chains his slaveboy, newcomer Finn Daniels, to a railing with his face muffled by a leather mask to prevent him from sucking any cocks until master Bryce wants him to. As Bryce goes off cruising for others to rough up, the hugely hung and gorgeous Enrique Currero sees Finn and starts teasing him with his huge dick. Finn can't resist and Enrique removes the muffle so that Finn can suck his cock, while still being restrained. The then proceeds to eating his ass out like it was the last meal he'd ever get before fucking him as deep as he can take it. This is real hot man-sex at its best. Deciding he wants to find a position to fuck him even better, he unties him and leads him up the stairs on a leash.

    Meanwhile, Bryce has tied up Cole Ryder and is giving him a serious flogging. Cole is moaning loudly with both pain and pleasure. As Enrique enters with Finn, he starts fucking him right next to Bryce, who moves over to choke his boy while he is getting fucked. Cole Ryder is getting harder and harder watching the hot action while still being tied up and unable to even touch himself. Bryce finally lets him down and allows him to join the action. After they all shoot their loads the wander off in different directions inside the club.

    Knowing that everyone eventually have to take a piss, Xander Lockwood ties up his boy, David Madrid, to the urinal. Within moments he gets soaked in piss by every hot man in the club and he is clearly loving it. Any Watersports fan can only dream of getting this much piss in such a short time. (NOTE: This scene is only included on the Director's Cut edition.)

    Paul Stag is sitting on a couch stroking his 10-incher as 9 1/2-incher Cuba is going down on Jackson Lawless next to him. It doesn't take Jackson long to spot Paul huge, uncut cock and he leans over and starts blowing him. Cuba teases his ass with his huge cock and ends up shooting a huge load all over him. Paul then continues to fuck the hell out of Jackson the way only can! Once getting off and shooting his load, he gets out a big dildo and pounds away at Jackson's ass who eventually have to shoot his tasty juice as well, which Paul immediately starts eating.

    Christian Volt is a big fan of Cole Ryder's and is cruising the club with the dildo that is molded from Cole's cock in his hand. He can't believe his luck when he encounters Cole and gets to be fucked by the real thing! After a good pounding, Christian turns the tables and lets Cole feel what his own cock feels like for the first time.

    Aron Ridge, who is one of the biggest studs in the business watch them go at for a while before he decides to take over and give Cole his rock-hard cock. Christian backs up on the dildo and jerks himself off while watching Aron fuck Cole like there is no tomorrow. In the end, both Aron and Cole have huge orgasms as the night (or at least the movie) comes to an end.

    Format: wmv
    Duration: 01:52:42

    File size: 893.0 MB

    Download In The Zone

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3576

    Produced in: 01 December 2011
    Duration: 25 mins 32 secs
    Name: Swim Team Piss Revenge

    Dirty old lockeroom lurker fred has focused his pervy attention on the wrong lads this time. Master Billy and his team mate Steve complain to the facility manager about being eyed-up as they strip and slip on their tight speedos ready for their swim.

    Lifeguard Derek is sent to deal with the situation and he knows just how to punish a filthy lech like fred, whilst bagging a few humiliating laughs at someone else's expense into the bargain. Waiting for fred to return from a cruise around in the showers, the lads seize their opportunity to pounce on the dirty fuck and teach him a lesson.

    Grabbing a roll of cling film, the Tops make fred kneel on the floor in front of them while they mummify their prey, wrapping him up so tight he cannot move his arms or even think about getting away.

    The club rules state no pissing in the pool; There's no mention of not pissing on dirty little cunts like fred though! Pushing a funnel between the layers of cling film tightly wrapped around the sub's body the Masters take turns their full bladders of hot urine into the receptacle. The yellow pungent liquid warm against fred's skin as it works it's way down across the perv's body, every gap in the cling film filling with piss before it seeps further down to the next pocket, eventually gushing out around his groin.

    Bladders emptied the Tops push the sodden dirty bastard onto the floor and order him to writhe around in their stinking urine. Looking like a human worm the sub wriggles across the piss-covered floor over to where Master Steve is standing barefoot, eagerly licking off all traces of dirt and piss from his feet with its tongue.

    Any sub would be honoured to wallow in their Master's urine while detailing his pissy feet with their tongue, but not this useless cunt. Master Derek whacks fred's arse and body with his shoe, reddening the sub's skin under the plastic wrap as punishment for disappointing him with such a pathetic and ungrateful effort.

    Master Billy stands on the wriggling worm's back to keep it in place while it licks piss from between Derek's toes, riding the sub like a surf board and restricting it's ability to get a good lungful of air.

    This dirty fuck had been so interested in seeing them naked just moments before they decide to give him an 'up close and very personal' viewing of their athletic young bodies. Billy's Speedos are tugged to one side as he plants his hairy ripe arse over the perv's mouth, ordering him to lick it clean of sweat. Billy has spent a long day sat in a hot sticky college that is going to be one sweaty hole to get serviced.

    Master Derek tormenting the worm with his own ripe shitty arse next. He's been sitting down in the lifeguard tower for his whole shift and having missed taking a shower earlier decides to put fred's slobbering wet tongue and mouth to good use. He drops his red shorts and spreads his cheeks to make sure the sub's face and mouth are sealed tightly against his sweaty dirt box. Does this sub appreciate just how lucky he is?

    Billy picks up a leather crop and whacks the perv hard with it, giving him an additional (painful) incentive to serve his Master well, Derek barking orders for the sub to sink his tongue deep into his shit chute and clean it out, the Top's plump low-hanging balls swinging to and fro as he pushes down hard onto the worm's mouth.

    Master Steve serves up his own thick cock for cleaning, Derek demanding the worm slowly suck it to make sure not a morsel of sweat or dirt gets missed, vicious swipes of the crop on the sub's bare flesh drive home his point as he tramples the bitches body, treading all over the sub's pathetic excuse for a penis.

    Derek knows this dirty fucking perv is enjoying his punishment at the hands of such handsome young Masters just a little too much for his liking. Instructing the sub to lie on his back Derek sits on its face, his feet resting on the worm's chest so his whole body weight is on fred's head. Its only sign of life is the snake-like flick of fred's tongue against his Master's succulent anus as he worships it.

    Billy's beautiful feet have picked up dirt and piss from the floor while he was kicking and abusing the worm so sitting his firm young buttocks on fred's stomach the athletic Master sticks his toes into the sub's mouth for them to be cleaned, pushing them deep into it's throat and gagging the perv on them, making it choke.

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2522Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 473.8 MB

    Download Masters Derek, Billy & Steve (01 December 2011)

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3577

    Master Mike is in full-on bully mode. Restraining sub jason's arms by tightly tying them behind his back with coarse rope, Mike then shreds the bottom's white t-shirt, roughly ripping the last remnants of material from the sub's body.

    As the binds bite into jason's skin, Mike orders him to strip... A simple enough task but something this pathetic sub still gets wrong, resulting in verbal abuse and stinging hand slaps from his Master. Trussed up like a turkey the bottom struggles to loosen his clothing, wriggling and squirming to shrug them off, receiving lashes from Mike's leather cat-o-nine tail for taking too long.

    Nick arrives and immediately joins Mike in abusing the sub. Ordered to tidy up his clothes after stripping naked, the useless fuck gets repeatedly beaten as punishment for failing to do as he has been told, much to the Tops amusement.

    Time for some motivational encouragement courtesy of Master Mike. Attaching chrome nipple clamps to jason's chest, the short quick rasping sound of the sub's breath tells us that even the slightest tug on the chain that connects them shoots bolts of pain through the sub's nervous system. Leading the sub around by pulling on the chain wracks it's body with tantalising torment. Mike is a truly Brutal Top.

    Begging his Masters to use him, sub jason is bent over and finger fucked by Nick while Mike compounds the sub's misery by tugging at the nipple clamps, the whimpers and cries leave the Tops under no illusion that their fiendish abuse is working.

    Standing the sub up the Tops take turns to have the cocks groped and fondled by it, demanding jason tease and stroke their penises to get them hard. The restrictive hand gag they each apply in turn over the sub's mouth means he can only breath through his nose, causing his nostrils to flare as he struggles to draw in enough oxygen to combat the pain of the nipple clamps and the abuse being metered out by the Tops.

    Having their cocks fondled just isn't working so Mike drops his jeans and underwear round his knees and orders jason to use his mouth to suck him hard instead, a job the slutty sub does with great relish, even gagging on Mike's hardening cock as the greedy cunt try's to completely swallow his Master's thickening length.

    Nick wants a turn so jason shuffles across to him on his knees. Pulling back the delicious long foreskin, Nick's cock is greedily devoured by the bottom, sucking and slurping on the growing length. Moving down lower to worship and lick Nick's low-hanging ballsack the sub sucks on the two spunk-filled treats inside.

    Mike wants to teach this useless sub a lesson. Tying more coarse rope around jason's neck, Mike binds the other end via some wall ties to the sub's ankle. With the bottom's leg raised in this position Mike can easily torment it's arsehole while Nick's cock can get serviced by the slutty mouth.

    Using a rubber dildo mounted on a broom handle Mike fucks the sub, ploughing the whole length deep into jason's arse, any moans and cries muffled by Nick pushing his hard dick into it's mouth for servicing.

    An exhausted sub is no use to man nor beast and the rough treatment jason has suffered at the hands of Mike and Nick seems to have drained him of energy, but a cure for that is on hand. Fetching a bamboo cane Mike beats the sole of jason's raised foot to motivate the sub in his work.

    A newly inspired bottom sucks on Mike's cock like a pro, milking a huge load of spunk out of his Master's balls using just his tongue and lips. This sub is a total cum slut, every last drop of Mike's thick white nectar fed to him is gobbled down until not a trace of it is left.

    One final kick to the sub's balls and the Tops leave a humiliated and used bottom tied tightly to the wall, hanging his head in shame.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 28:29
    Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 2249kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 483.7 MB

    Download Brutal Tops - Session 62 - Master Mike & Master Nick - Cum Dumping Foot Tormentors

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3579

    Cage fighter Jon has a bout scheduled for later in the week and is training on the punch bag with Master Mo. Jon looks incredibly hot in just shorts, his muscular body the peak of perfection and ready to defeat all comers. An attractive sheen of sweat builds up and both tops are enjoying their gym time when they are interrupted by the door bell. A wimpy looking college boi has turned up. The sissy had been cruising outside a cinema earlier that day, looking for men's cocks to suck on. His luck was in and Master Mo invited him to visit. Now here he is looking at not one but 2 hard tops who he hopes will root him.

    His session begins by gazing in awe at Master Jon and then he is instructed to sniff Jon's arse and then his feet. The dirty lad even licks the grubby soles, the sweat and how it smells like cum. Seeing how much of a sub college boi is the tops prize open his mouth and gob into it, making him gag. The tops notice what a thick and heavy belt the sub is wearing. Mo yanks it out of the trousers and pulls the lad's pants down exposing his lilly-white arse. The brutal top proceeds to belt him with force, quickly drawing huge angry welts across his backside. On his knees he gets to sniff Mo's crotch but it's not all fun as Jon now has the belt and the fighter dishes out a Singapore-style thrashing across the tearful boi's rear. Bent right over Jon shoves his meaty foot up into the sub's anus causing untold agony. Jon thrusts hard and deep, fucking the bottom-boi aggressively. They humiliate him further by making him lick Jon's shitty foot clean.

    Mo takes the belt and wraps it tightly around boi's throat making his head go beet-red. He must then use his teeth to pull down Master Jon's shorts. Slowness is punished with evil face slaps.

    Having stripped Master Jon virtually naked the lucky boi is made to lick the sweat off his stunning body. The fighter's armpits are the source of torrents of lovely hot sweat that college boi laps up and swallows. Pecs & abs are next, the procedure all controlled by Master Mo who dishes out face slaps for the slightest failing, spitting into his face for added emphasis.

    Then something unexpected happens. College boi is allowed to stand while Master Mo stoops down and undoes the boi's shoelaces! It's not a switch of roles though. Mo is removing the lace to tie tightly around the sub's pathetic little stump that passes for a penis. Replete with his pretty little bow the boi can now finish the job by stripping himself completely. The naked bottom has to worship Master Jon's cock, sniffing it and then licking it delicately. He begins to suck on it and does a good job. Too good actually as Jon's cock grows so large and thick that college boi begins to choke on it. This warrants more slaps and verbal causing the boi to become quite tearful. He receives no pity whatsoever and has to get straight back down sucking on the fighter's meat while Maurice also strips naked. College boi's mouth can barely contain Jon's monster meat, it really is so very large. The kid has no choice now though. Maurice pulls his mouth open while Jon fucks his throat causing kid to choke and gag painfully but the tops continue regardless. Boi's throat is pummelled so much that he regurgitates. This receives zero sympathy and he must clean Jon's cock of the filth with his mouth, swallowing it all back down.

    College boi clearly wanted a harsh session and this is what he's getting. He is ordered to lick up and swallow his own vomit, into which Maurice adds his own delicious spit. Laying his naked body down in it, boi's arms and legs are grasped by the 2 tops who use him as a human mop to clean the remainder of the dirt off the floor. As a reward for this Mo allows the lad to suck on his succulent cock, but this too becomes a source of utter torment. Mo uses all his athleticism to throat fuck the lad and as the cock pushes deeply down into his stomach the bottom vomits over and over again. But there is no respite from the erect cock assaulting his throat. This is what cocksuckers want and deserve. A really heavy introduction to brutal tops for this sub.

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2525Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 460.2 MB

    Download Extreme Deep Throat Fucking

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3580

    Release Year: 2008
    Studio: B.F.I., 6666 Productions
    Genres: Amateur, BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Tit Play, Butt Play, Spanking
    Video language: English

    Gay Extreme SM" is another gay fetish movie from 6666 Productions, for your fetish enjoyment. Two slave boys are put to the test by a harsh Master. In a full hour of S&M fun, he ties them up in various positions, spanks them with a leather strap and whip, violates their ass holes with dildos...and, of course, he tortures their cocks with clothespins, weights and burning hot wax! Can these two slave boys take all the pain and punishment they have in store?

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 58:00
    Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1904kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 626.2 MB

    Download Gay Extreme SM ( apreder ) US

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3581

    With hundreds of young, sex starved guys locked up for hour after hour in the correctional system, it's no wonder they get so frustrated and eventually snap.

    Lee and John are practicing kickboxing moves while Toby is sparring with slutty bottom neil. Toby has been boxing for a few years now and is good at it but being paired with a novice like neil is frustrating the hell out of him and any excuse to 'liven' things up is going to be jumped on by this brutal thug.

    It's neil's turn to throw some punches but he is pathetic. Master Toby can't help himself, taking some digs back at neil through the bottom's poor guard and non-existent defence. Neil tries harder to keep up and block the assault but only succeeds in landing a punch on Toby rather than the pads.

    In an automatic reaction Toby lashes out, smacking neil square on the jaw and laying the sub out cold, much to the amusement of the Warden and other Tops. In the absence of smelling salts the prison thugs improvise with their own farts, squatting down over the bottom's face and letting rip with some real stinkers.

    The opportunity to humiliate the sub even more is just too good to miss. With the bottom starting to come round Master Toby and Warden Chris take turns in shoving their sweaty ripe shit holes over neil's nose and mouth, ordering him to push his wet tongue through their tight dirty sphincters.

    Knowing what a slutty sub they have on their hands, Toby wants to deny neil any pleasure during the coming torment. Attaching a clear perspex cock chastity collar and sheath to neil's genitals Toby will control when - or if - neil will be allowed to get hard.

    Roughly turning the sub onto all fours Warden Chris rides on neil's back like a pony as he orders the sub to clean and detail Toby's feet with his mouth, viciously whipping a crop across neil's arse cheeks as extra encouragement. The bottom's mouth and tongue work between Master Toby's toes and the sole of his foot. Chris meanwhile reddens the sub's arse with lashes from his crop for doing such a shit job.

    John and Lee remove their trainers and socks so their sweaty feet can be next for neil's slobbering tongue while Toby takes over with the crop, marking the sub's backside with even more cutting swipes.

    Pushing neil over onto his back Warden Chris orders the sub to finish detailing Lee's toes with his tongue then start on cleaning Lee's sweaty arse crack and hole. With a sudden eagerness to please, neil's tongue goes to work on Lee's bum hole and arse cheeks with letting the Top's know they've struck gold. Keen to see just how sexually frustrated they can make the chastened bottom, Toby and Chris start teasing neil by kissing and caressing each other in front of him as the sub virtually eats Lee's arse!

    Dropping their full weight down onto neil's prone body the two Top's bounce and grind their naked bums across his chest and groin, teasing the sub with more kisses and caresses in an effort to get him painfully hard in the chastity collar.

    The Tops are all laughing as Toby kneels on all fours, his arse pointing skyward, Chris restraining neil in a tight head lock and pushing the sub's groin against Toby's arse cheeks in a tantalising tease of neil fucking Toby doggy style, as if this bottom would ever be that lucky. Goading neil to fuck Toby's arse, Chris hand slaps the sub hard across his already painfully sore arse cheeks to make him buck his hips faster.

    The chastity collar is making Toby think of more inventive ways to humiliate and frustrate neil. Sandwiching the sub between their two muscular bodies Chris and Toby begin kissing again, teasing neil into thinking he too may get a kiss or a chance to taste inside their mouths with his tongue. Wrong! Slapping neil's face and head each time he gets too close to them, the Tops revel in their power and control over the sub.

    Toby is sporting a thickening semi-hard cock as he slaps it backwards and forwards across neil's stomach, groin and chastened penis, teasing the bottom to the point of frustration as Chris orders neil to beg to be allowed to suck on it....

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2803Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 406.9 MB

    Download Sex Starved Bullies

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3582

    Release Year: 2012
    Studio: EliteMale
    Cast: Randy Jones, Rod Stevens, Steve Hunt, Janos Volt, Nico Blade, Sergio Soldi (a.k.a. Don Camillo, Daniel Kilmer, Korath Ferang) and Ted Colunga.
    Genres: Gay

    First up is macho bald bodybuilder Randy Jones making out with hairy Rod Stevens. After making small-talk, they waste no time getting to business. They suck each other, do some light rimming, and then Randy pumps away in Rod's well-used hairy hole. There are lots of exits and re-insertions so that we can see Rod's gaping red hole. Randy fucks him doggy, on his back on the counter, and on his side, then they cum. Not particularly sweaty, though.

    In another part of the red dungeon featuring a low barrel vault and a steel pole, Steve Hunt is giving Ted Colunga a half-hearted pole-dancing demo. Ted quickly makes his move, starting to suck on young, dark Steve's long dick. Ted's impressive physique is harder and more defined than we've ever seen it before. He's much less brawny than in, say, "Breathless" (TITAN). Young Steve soon is returning the favor with Ted's mammoth dick. There's some brief boot-licking, then a 69, then Steve fucks the much bigger Ted standing. It is pretty hot to see Steve's long cock energetically fucking Ted's hairy ass while we have a full view not only of his furry muscled torso, but also his pendulous, size-L dick dangling there. After more fucking with Ted on his back on the stage, Ted shoots his typically minuscule load on Steve's chest, and Steve squirts on Ted's boot and licks it off. Hung and hairy we have here.

    Apparently unsatiated by his tryst with Randy, Rod is now licking the leather pants of long-time porn stalwart Sergio Solli, better known under the name Don Camillo, and here sporting a close-cropped beard and his always hard, muscular body. Once again, the two suck first, then Rod rims Sergio prior to Sergio's predictable topping of Rod. Sergio stands during all the fucking, while Rod changes from bent-over to crouched on the bench in front of the "tack box," to lying on his back. Sergio shoots a nice load on Rod's buttcheek, but leaves Rod unsatisfied.

    The short Nico Blade encounters old-timer Janos Volt in another room. Janos's body is not as hard and muscular as in his halcyon days of yore, but he still manages a convincing performance. Nico enjoys showing off his skills as he keeps up a fairly steady stream of dirty-talk while Janos services his modest dick. Nico finally has to shut up later while he sucks Janos; then Janos eats Nico's ass, and Nico fucks Janos, who remains soft throughout. We actually see Janos astride Nico, the first and only time this position is seen in the red dungeon. Both then cum, and Janos licks his own load off of Nico's thigh.

    In the final scene big hairy Ted stumbles across Sergio in a room with a wooden wall. These two make quite a pair, both being extremely muscular and hairy and endowed. They actually seem to be turned on by each other's bodies, spending a lot of time squeezing and caressing each other's muscles and tenderly kissing. Ted's still wearing his leather cap, evidently to hide his shaved head. Ted sucks Sergio first, then Sergio manages to get about two inches of Ted's meat in his mouth, then Ted flicks his tongue on Sergio's hole for a while. You almost think he's going to fuck Sergio, but once again the rimming bottom is the fucking top. Sergio fucks Ted standing and lying on a bench before they cum, Ted only shooting a single drop of cum. And still nobody looks sweaty.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:52:47
    Video: 480x272, XviD, 710kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 699.8 MB

    Download Sweaty Hairy & Hung

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