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Thread: 2012 Gay Movies & Gay 19xy 199y Vintage Movies

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    Suited stock-broker Master Peter is about to get changed into his gym gear ready for football practice when swim coach Master Terrance comes into the locker room, his bladder full to bursting with piss that he's been holding in for nearly an hour during his last coaching session. Peter being the nasty Top that he is gets Terrance to use meek bottom aussie, who's crawling around the locker room floor like a dog, as his urinal.

    Tugging down the front of his snug fitting speedos, Master Terrance unleashes a full torrent of steaming Master's piss into the lucky bottom's open mouth, but hapless aussie can hardly keep pace swallowing such a huge volume of urine. An angry Peter reaches into his locker for his riding crop as a reminder that the bottom was instructed not to spill a drop - any spillage must be cleaned up one way or another!

    Sucking the last dribbles of piss from Terrance's cock, aussie is thrashed by Master Peter with the crop across his arse and ordered to clean the piss off Terrance's feet. Working his tongue between his Master's toes, aussie's slobbering mouth goes to work slurping up the remaining yellow liquor.

    With his arse covered in angry red welts, aussie starts sucking the piss dribbles off Terrance's speedos but earns himself more stinging lashes of the crop for not answering Master Peter's question correctly.

    Is this bottom totally stupid? Eating Terrance's sweaty ripe arse crack through his speedos, aussie keeps stopping for breath. Big mistake. So if this dog won't keep its face buried where it's been told, maybe putting its lead back on might work...

    For Peter it's an opportunity to unleash his cruel side and become even more inventive. Passing the dog lead through Terrance's legs, he pulls hard on the chain, burying aussie's already gasping face deep into the speedo clad arse crack. It's still not enough. Peter wants aussie's slavering tongue to clean deep into Terrance's sweaty arsehole. Stretching the tight lycra material back over aussie's head he has the perfect solution to keep the bottom's face and tongue where he wants it... just at the exact moment Terrance delivers two long farts right into aussie's open mouth, much to the amusement of both Tops. Aussie has no option but to keep his head in place, his mouth servicing the Top's pungent hole in the confined space of the speedos as they fill with the stench of Terrance's arse gas.

    As the torment continues, aussie is ordered to pull down the Master's speedos using just his teeth. His face is buried in Terrance's arse crack again, this time with Master Peter pulling hard on his arms to keep his mouth tightly sealed over the sweaty shit chute.

    Has the dog been a good boy? Aussie thinks so when Master Terrance offers him his cock to suck, but if there is one thing a bottom should learn about cruel and inventive Tops, it's that nothing is ever as it seems. As Terrance's cock grows hard, the Tops' cunning torment is revealed. The thick length of Terrance's penis is thrust deep into aussie's throat as he is face fucked. With the leash once again attached to aussie's collar, Peter pulls on the lead and impales more of aussie's throat on the Top's cock with each stroke. Aussie is shit at giving blowjobs. He gags and chokes and regurgitates, but Master Terrance only thinks of his own pleasure, each time putting his hard cock back into the pitiful bottom's mouth for servicing as Peter verbally abuses and punishes aussie for his poor performance.

    Making his dog obediently sit, Master Peter uses his fingers to spread aussie's mouth open wide ready to receive Master Terrance's delicious hot load of jizz. Very little of the precious liquid is spilt as the bottom's mouth, tongue and lips are coated with his Master's juice, any dribbles eagerly slurped up as instructed.

    Peter begins to strip off and change for his football practice, watched by a very hopeful aussie who wants to clean his Master's sweat soaked arm pits with his tongue. Like a good obedient bottom he knows his place. Reward comes with patience....

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    Download Swim Coach Tormentor

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3584

    Description: After leaving the service, Zane finds that he still needs that fraternal feeling he got when he was surrounded by a whole platoon of sweaty grimy Army men. He figures that the next best thing is the neighborhood fraternity he's heard about. Zane's always been a clown but he made it through basic without much trouble so this ought to be a piece of cake. Well, he didn't count on blind folds and being tied up and a masked pledgemaster, and harsh language. The pledgemaster has his hands all over Zane's body, chewing his nipples, groping his cock through his jeans, and just feeling him up big time. Zane didn't think this was a faggot fraternity, but it kind of feels good to him.

    The pledgemaster gets down on his knees and pops the button on Zane's jeans and pries open the flaps. In no time at all Zane's dick is in the pledgemaster's mouth and Zane is wondering what the hell's going on. Zane's getting a stiffie and this masked guy who is supposed to be "initiating" him is sucking his cock instead. Now Zane's pants are off and it's getting freaky. Now that he's bare-assed naked, Zane is in real trouble. The pledgemaster turns him around, bends him over and reaches for the gloves and lube. Zane gets his ass spread, his hole lubed, and his butt probed. Zane tries to talk his way out of it but he's told to shut up and loosen his ass as the pledgemaster works his rubber-gloved finger in deeper.

    Zane's ass has been probed but that just the start of his initiation. The pledgemaster unties his hands and forces Zane to open up his pants and take out his cock. Zane is still blindfolded but you can tell he's not sure he wants any part of this, but the pledgemaster's booming voice pushes him to open the jeans, whip out his cock and to finally suck the pledgemaster's dick. Zane doesn't want to do it, he resists actually sucking cock. The pledgemaster is definitely getting into it: his head is thrown back and his mouth is forming an "O" as Zane sucks on his dick below. The initiation ends when the pledgemaster grabs Zane's cock from behind and jerks him off. Wait until you find out just who the pledgemaster of Zane's Army Buddies!

    George is a European who has decided to join the fraternity as he believes it will help his chances in succeeding in America. His slender Euro-Boy look is quite appealing but the pledgemaster will cut him no slack just because he's a pretty boy. If anything it will make him more determined than ever to see that this cute guy with the uncut cock gets his due. Part of that due is making sure the pledgemaster enjoys this little initiation himself. To do that, this pledgemaster goes down on his knees and goes down on George's hard European cock. He licks the slick and shiny head and takes the whole shaft into his mouth through the whole in his black hood...then he gets to work on George's butt.

    A rubber glove, a fist full of lube and a spread pair of cheeks is all it takes to get the pledgemaster's fingers and then his thumb, deep into George's ass. There's no telling how George is enjoying this, but judging by his enthusiasm, the pledgemaster certainly seems to get a kick out of his work. I can't tell if George is showing fear or disbelief when the pledgemaster show him the dildo about to go up his ass: about 12 very thick inches of latex cock. But the pledgemaster bends him over anyway and works almost all of that monster dildo up George's ass and George's cock stays hard almost the whole time...I guess it wasn't fear but desire that we saw.

    Another test for George comes when he is untied and forced to his knees and told to suck the pledgemaster's cock. George fumbles around until he gets the jeans open and down and then does as he's been told. George licks and sucks and nuzzles the pledgemaster's equipment and the pledgemaster gets a nice big hard on. The final humiliation or perhaps it's the final ecstasy come when the pledgemaster takes George's cock in hand and jerks him furiously until his uncut cock lets loose it's load of cum to cover the pledgemaster's hand. He keep on jerking until George's cock head is too sensitive to stand any more.

    Format: wmv
    Duration: 01:28:49

    File size: 759.1 MB

    Download Frat Initiations 4

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3585

    Produced in: 30th December 2009
    Duration: 10 min 35 sec
    Name: Cuffed, fed cock, mercilessly spitroasted for the enjoyment of the baying punters, made to lick an arsehole before being dildogagged and used as a facial fuckmachine.

    After what we've put Peter through, I'm surprised he's still standing, but the dumb straight shit is about to lose his virginity to a real cock, no matter how much he protests. As the crowds grin and leer in the background, some handling their own hard packages at the sight of this arrogant fucker being abused, I shove Peter's head down to give one lucky punter a blowjob. As my tattooed mate grins, Peter looks utterly miserable as we turn his pretty little straight mouth into our fucked up, worthless cumdump. I fist my own achingly hard cock, as I watch my mate Gerard smear his veiny, leaking cock all over Peter's disgusted face, wiping a mixture of precum and spit all over the straight lad's mouth. Peter gags and chokes around the experienced top's thick cock, but with his lips are stretched whoreishly around the large dick, he's taking it like a proper cocksucking fucktoy.

    The guys eagerly swarm around to hold the filthy fucker down, as I push my engorged member into his abused asshole. He's still tight around my throbbing dick as I begin to thrust into his virgin ass, and I smirk as I hear him choke and protest around my mate's cock, with the pain and humiliation of his transformation into a cockslut. His pathetic whimpering turns into wordless begging as Gerard pulls out of the dickwhore's aching mouth and begins to wank off over his face. Peter's face is already streaked with pre-cum, piss and sweat and yet the arrogant straight cunt still struggles in horror as he receives a load of male cum all over his filthy face. He screws up his face in humiliation as my mate rubs his still-hard cock over the lad's cum-streaked face and my own cock twitches in response as I begin fucking his straight asshole even harder.

    Given his response to having his face used as a cum receptacle the first time, I decide to give him another little treat. One of the guys grabs the fucker's abused face and stretches his ruined mouth open as I wank into it, spurting my seed into his terrified face. I wipe my hand derisively over his lips, making sure he gets every drop of the cum, making him smell the scent of his own ass on my cock. I make sure to get my juice all over the little shit's stupid face, rubbing it into his hair to make sure he has a nice reminder of his new best friends.

    At Gerard's suggestion, one of the laughing punters eagerly drops his bleachers and offers his arsehole up for a crash course in rimming. Peter struggles in earnest now, wriggling like a pathetic little worm in his cuffs, but we shove his abused face right up in that sweaty asscrack, making sure he can't escape the smell and taste of another man's sweaty hole. Grabbing his hair, we make sure he tastes all around the sensitive area, making him lick from the pucker right down to my mate's sensitive balls. Yelling and jeering, we make him worm his tongue right up into that dirty asshole, turning him into a shameless, asslicking cockwhore.

    Everyone in the room's in a state of fucklust as we strap Peter into a dildo-mouth-gag. His mouth is completely covered, making him breathe through his nose, and protruding from the gag is an obscene black, shiny dildo. Peter looks utterly humiliated as we order him to fuck that hungry ass with the long, hard cock. My mate's having the time of his life, while straight little Peter grunts in misery at being roughly used as our very own fucking machine. The atmosphere is electric as we watch the filthy straight cunt being turned into a witless fucktoy, and the guys begin a loud chant of "FUCK FACE! FUCK FACE!" as Peter kneels dejectedly in the middle of the room. He looks totally degraded, covered in cum, sweat and piss, used as a dildo, orally and anally abused; this is one straight shit that'll never be the same again.

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    Download Peter (30th December 2009)

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3586

    Produced in: 23rd December 2009
    Duration: 9 min 37 sec
    Name: Tied up, a ring gag holding his mouth open, made to swallow our cocks before being roughly spitroasted and covered in our cum

    Now Noah's had his orgasm, it's time for Rueben and I to have some fun. Noah struggles and yells as I tie his hands, but he knows nobody's listening. Tired of her whimpering, we'd shoved Noah's girlfriend into the closet, leaving only Rueben and I to witness his torment. Noah wriggles uselessly as Rueben wraps his belt around his neck, tightening it as I order the scared 19 year old to meet my eyes: "you're gonna suck both our cocks". The naive little bitch has never tasted a real man's cock before. Soon he'll be our very own fucktoy.

    Rueben grabs Noah's jaw, pulling his mouth open as I shove a ring gag into what will soon be our cumhole. He continues to struggle, but his hands are tied and his mouth is held open now, as if he's inviting us to ram our hard cocks down his unwilling throat. I watch as Reuben orders our new whore to suck his dick. Noah gags and chokes, drool from the gag running down Rueben's straining cock, as Rueben thrusts harder.

    Noah's face is turning red, screwed up in disgust. I'm painfully hard and I demand a turn with his mouth. I drag him around to face me and order him to suck my cock. His tongue and throat feel amazing as I slide my dick between his unwilling lips, and I grin as I begin to really drive my cock in, taking my pleasure from his hot, heterosexual mouth. Noah is on his hands and knees like a dog: our dirty pet whore. The gag should be really hurting by now, his jaw will be aching and I know the lad will be ready to agree to anything if we let him take it off. Unfortunately, the price will be high.

    I ask Noah if he'll suck my cock properly if I take the painful gag off and he replies quickly, desperately, with a 'yes'. The dirty little slut has no excuses now; he's a proper little manbitch, our own filthy cocksucking whore. Yet it doesn't feel like he's putting in as much effort as a slut like him should. Rueben smacks his firm, muscular ass. "You'd better try harder," he threatens. But despite Noah's desperate gagging, he isn't trying hard enough.

    Noah looks totally defeated as we order him to bend over like the dirty cunt he is. He begins to yell and moan in earnest when Rueben enters his virgin cunt, begging Rueben to stop. It only spurs Rueben on, and he begins to thrust harder into Noah's hole. The lad's face is screwed up in agony as his virgin ass is violated for the first ever time. I wonder how he'll ever sleep in this room again. I begin to wank in front of the young guy's traumatized face. Soon, I can hold off no longer and shove my cock into his mouth, spitroasting him like the filthy pig he is. He groans in pain around my cock as Rueben drives deep into his ass, filling him completely with dick.

    Noah looks completely broken as Rueben fucks him harder. His ass is still red from the spanking as Rueben pounds into him, before withdrawing his impressively hard cock and wanking off over the 19 year old's gaping asshole. I the feel of Noah's throat around my cock as Rueben cums over the lad's muscular ass globes like he's some kind of sluttish, centerfold. "Fuck you," Noah groans, a last flicker of resistance, a final reminder of the cocky, popular lad he used to be.
    Luckily, I know just how to crush him for good; I tell the little fuckpig that I'm going to cum all over his face. I smirk as I see his eyes darken in horror; this is always the hardest for the cocky straight shits to take. Barely holding back, I turn him over and slowly wank my dripping erection over his horrified face. I can only imagine the terrible anticipation Noah is suffering as he waits for me to ejaculate. With that sight in front of me it doesn't take long. I remember the arrogant cunt that Noah had once been as I cum over his defeated face, and look at the broken little fucktoy we've reduced him to.

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    Download Noah (23rd December 2009)

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    Produced in: 18 November 2011
    Name: Breath-Control Office Bullies

    Sales teams are notorious stomping grounds for bully boy alpha-males, the adrenaline thrill of sealing a deal and of course getting a big fat juicy bonus at the end of the month. All very caveman. So woe betide anyone that gets between a salesman and his bonus. A warning that ben has obviously never been made aware of.

    Sales Manager Master Dean strides into the office to congratulate his star salesmen Steve and Derek on hitting their targets. However, their bonus is based on the whole teams performance and thanks to shitty sales guy ben, no one is getting anything extra this month.

    Ben has let down each guy in the team, and that makes it personal.

    It doesn't take long for Master Dean's tough army background to shine through. Demanding ben gets punished for his weak, piss-poor performance the other lads surround the meek sub and order him to strip naked and accept his fate.

    Pushed down to his knees by Dean and kept in place by northerner Derek's foot planted firmly in the middle of his back the bottom tongue bathes the sales managers shoes, worshipping them and paying homage as demanded, pleading to his Masters that he is sorry and begging for their abuse to end.

    It's all gone a little too far now for ben not to get properly disciplined by his boss and work colleagues. Master Dean and Master Derek bark orders and insults at him like a rapid fire machine gun as the sub's ears also take a bashing.

    The feeling of power and control over ben is shared amongst the group, each taking their turn to humiliate the sub and have him serve them by worshipping at their feet. Master Dean gobs into the useless bottom's arse, easily slipping a finger in bens hole and fucking him with it as the sub continues to worship Derek's shoes.

    Master Steve spreads the sub's buttocks wider as Dean pummels his finger into ben's shit hole up to his knuckle. The bottom's moaning only spurs on his tormentors to treat him with even more contempt, Derek using a leather crop on the cunt until angry red welts appear all over it's body.

    Dean pulls his finger out so Steve can bury two of his fingers deep into the sub's sore hole, each Top egging the other on to punish the dirty little cunt even more.

    Grabbing a roll of gaffer tape from a drawer, sales manager Dean seals the sub's mouth up while the others hold ben down on a chair. Only able to breath through his nose, Master Dean gets in the sub's face and shows him who is boss. Pinching ben's nose closed Dean has total control over when the sub can take his next life giving breath. The lazy little fucker won't forget this lesson for a long time.

    Just to make sure their point is made, Master Steve drops his trousers around his ankles to expose his peachy firm arse. Getting up on the desk he spreads his sweaty cheeks wide and the sub's face gets rammed between them, normally a pleasurable experience for a slutty bottom like ben, but with his boss still controlling his breathing the fear of passing out overrides any pleasure he might have had from his face being in such a delightful, warm and pungent place.

    Dean finally his grip over ben's nostrils and the sub sucks in a lungful of air, tainted by the smell of his Master's arse. Derek pushes ben's head further in between Steve's buttocks till the sub's nose is buried in sweaty arse hair and his Master's sphincter. Each breath he takes is fragranced by Steve's ripe anus.

    Master Steve is fired up and wants to teach this mug a lesson. Grabbing a scarf and a piece of wood he makes a garrote around the sub's neck, slowly tightening it as Dean and Derek tease and humiliate ben, slowly kissing in front of him and feeding him their warm spent air into his nostrils.

    As the knot gets tighter around this throat ben struggles to fill his lungs with fresh air. A cruel and inventive punishment.

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    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2233Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    Total size: 259.7 MB in 2 files.

    Download Masters Dean, Derek and Steve (18 November 2011)

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3588

    Back in the Tops' gym, a naked ginger finds himself kneeling with his wrists tightly bound by course ropes, his nipples constantly tormented between the teeth of vicious chain-linked clamps. Master Dave and Master Chris launch their cruel plan to tease the frustrated bottom by making him watch as they touch each others muscular chests through their shirts. Dave gropes a handful of Chris's thick cock in his rugby shorts as Chris moves his strong hands down to rub Dave's cock through his army fatigues, all the time goading ginger as he begs them to be allowed to join in.

    Chris offers ginger a sniff of his fingers straight from between Dave's legs but snatches them away again before the eager bottom can get a whiff of the manly scent on them. It's not going to be that easy for ginger to get so handsomely rewarded - if he wants a treat he's going to have to work for it. For starters the Tops instruct ginger to twist his body from side to side causing the heavy clamps to tug harder at his nipples.

    The camera is out and Dave gets some humiliating photos of ginger nuzzling into his crotch with his mouth open... This should finally secure the payment demanded from daddy for gingers' but just to make sure, the bottom is pushed back and forth between the two tops, his face rammed from arse crack to crotch and back again as more photos get taken.

    A few stinging face slaps later and ginger is pulling down Chris's shorts using just his teeth, the unclothed arse crack is then positioned back over his face so his lapping tongue can fully service the Top's ripe shithole. Dave ensures the bottom's slavering tongue reaches its destination by pushing his crotch hard against the back of gingers head. The Tops swap places so Dave gets his pungent hole cleaned and serviced as well.

    But our Tops have more humiliating torments up their sleeve. Turning to face the bottom, Dave instructs ginger to kiss and suck his bell end, tongue wash his ball sack then run his tongue up and down the length of his cock before lifting his leg to get his sweaty gooch cleaned too.

    Ginger has obeyed all the Top's orders as a good bottom should and earns a reward. Chris allows him to suck on his penis which the dirty little cock whore does like a professional. As Chris gets hard he grips the back of ginger's head and pushes his thickening cock deep into the tight throat causing him to gag. It must be this bottom's lucky day as he then gets to suck on Master Dave's cock while Master Chris tugs on the chain attached to the nipple clamps.

    But what use is a pleasurable treat to a bottom if it's not weighted with his Masters' metered out pain to remind him of his place? Cruelly the nipple clamps are ripped off without warning and as ginger sits stunned, until Dave's well placed army boot pushes him hard in the face making him fall back onto the floor. Dave, now angry, grabs the bottom by the neck and spins him round onto all fours. A boot on his back keeps him in place as Chris lubes ginger's arse with a shot of gob ready for Dave to fuck.

    In one thrust Dave pushes his rock hard length into the bottom's fuck hole which is being prised open by Chris. Quickly finding his rhythm, Dave pummels away as Chris grabs the bottom's head and pulls it down to service his now hard cock in an ultimate Top spit roast. Master Chris shoots a thick load of his sperm over ginger's lapping tongue and Dave dumps several shots of cum over the lucky bottom's arse and back before joining Chris to get the globs of cum cleaned from his cock by ginger's slutty mouth, scooping up the sperm he has just deposited to feed to ginger as well. None of the Tops' delicious seed must be wasted.

    Dave and Chris stand over ginger laughing as he cleans the last of their precious sperm off of the floor with his tongue. He has been a satisfactory bottom, so until the ransom is paid, they'll keep him caged, always ready to service their every need.

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2680Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 451.7 MB

    Download Caged, Abused & Fucked

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3589

    Daryl and Darren are having their daily work out, building up a sweat in the tops' gym, Daryl on the punch bag and Darren running on the treadmill. They've been working hard for quite some time so their bodies are soaked with salty fresh sweat. Tied & chained naked in the middle of the floor is painpig who watches in awe and with growing desire, licking his lips looking at the tops' bodies.

    Joy of joys! Daryl orders painpig to take his boxing gloves off. He even allows the cur to breathe in that erotic manly scent from inside them. Then the sub gets to strip Master Daryl naked. Each sweat-laden garment is stuffed into the bottom's mouth for sucking on. Painpig's heart must be racing when it comes to the shorts. The miserable cunt is allowed to use his teeth to undo the cord and slide those white England shorts to the ground. Sucking on those, that have been so close to Daryl's hot skin, is a rare privilege. Then it's the training shoes, they come off and painpig buries his nose in the pungent odour that emanates from them. Then the socks, which are stuffed into the sub's mouth until he gags. Daryl stands there in just his white skimpy and very moist briefs. Athletic and lithe. Painpig is ordered to take off the briefs with just his teeth. Oh to be so close to your top! Daryl shoves the soiled underwear deep into painpigs throat until the lazy ungrateful bastard gags.

    The right-wing thug is now totally nude and demands that his toes are licked clean, especially in between them. Now he has to lick Daryl from the tips of his toes up to his head while paying particular attention to under his big & full balls. Darren comes down from the treadmill to supervise, slapping the bottom for poor work. Darren makes painpig lick Daryl's crack and hole. He gets to swallow all Daryl's priceless sweat from his hole. Daryl's boxing training is never less than hard so he raises his arms to reveal gallons of luscious sweat dripping from his armpits. All of it must be guzzled down by painpig. With slick armpit hairs spread over his face painpig slobbers around the top's pungent pits while being verbally humiliated.

    It gets better. Stark naked now, the brutal lout stands there as painpig slobbers all over his patriotic union flag tattoo, the top's handsome face just an inch away, lips parted tantalizingly. Then painpig undresses the other top Darren, sucking all the salty sweat out of each garment. Darren's white briefs are soaking with sweat and are virtually translucent. You can clearly make out the top's privates through the drenched fabric. Such pleasures have to wait as painpig is allowed to bury his face inside Darren's stinking warm trainers. Almost suffocated on his just-worn football socks painpig is rewarded by being made to pull down Master Darren's pants with his teeth. The wet undies roll down temptingly leaving the top totally nude. Then the soaking soiled knicks are shoved down the bottom's throat. Precious juices, fresh from Darren's privates and arse, trickle down painpig's throat. Then Darren's humming feet need a tongue bath which progresses up his wonderfully naked hairy & lithe body.

    When Darren lifts his arms to reveal his hot sweating armpits the sight that greets painpig is just too tempting. Lifting his other arm it is like the statue of David, the top is so handsome. Painpig gets to swallow all that stinking sweat down into his tummy. The best is yet to come. Darren's exercise has made rivers of sweat gush down his arsecrack, matting his arsehairs. He bends over for the bottom to service him. The 2 cockneys shove his face deep into that pungent valley, the bottom's tongue stuck right up the top's anus. Daryl verbally humiliates painpig and, taking his thick cock in his hand, shoots a jet of hot piss all over the miserable arselicker. Painpig will never forget this stunning session.

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 2723Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 645.7 MB

    Download Lick It Cunt...

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3590

    Produced in: 15th June 2011
    Duration: 24 min 19 sec
    Name:Humiliating bondage, gagged, clothes sliced off, thrashed with heavy prison strap, fingerfucked, cock electrocuted, bastinado, fucked hard in the arse by two men

    With his legs trussed up in the air, spread wide, his arse on display in his tight jeans, and his hands tied firmly by his sides, Lee is in the most humiliating position of his life.
    The embarrassing bondage removes any shred of dignity he may have felt in being strung up and beaten like a man.

    I begin by thrashing Lee with a flogger, hitting him with my full strength as he feels his arse warm up under the jeans. Then I bring out my heavy prison strap. WHACK! Lee howls into his gag, his face contorted in pure agony at the brutal burning pain of the strap. I laugh at the once-handsome scarlet face, twisted under the gag, as tears well up in his eyes.

    "Strength through pain, mate!" I snigger, quoting Lee's own motto back at him, before taking another swing at his irresistable arse. Meanwhile, Dave is yanking off Lee's boots, before using scissors to slice off the thug's jeans, shirt and pants, as Lee looks down in horror. Now his arse is completely vulnerable, exposed to my most sadistic whims. I brandish my strap and wallop Lee as hard as I can.

    "AAAAAAARRRGHHH!" Lee screams into the gag, writhing back and forth, his fists clenched in desperation, no way out, unable to avoid the next blow he knows is about to burn his now naked arse cheeks. Smack! Lee's bum turns a bright crimson, as he frantically tries and fails to escape, his face beaded with sweat, which mingles with the tears now dripping from his angry eyes.

    But all this corporal punishment is just an appetiser compared to the sexual torments we're about to inflict. I shove a finger up Lee's arse, smirking at his shock as his eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. Lee's hole is clenched tight, but he can't prevent me greedily cramming an extra finger up into his guts, and fingerfucking him until he's sobbing with rage and shame.

    Dave delights in hurting Lee in every conceivable way, first nastily tickling his feet and ribs until he's sobbing and screaming, barely able to breathe, then caning his feet one after the other, viciously slashing red stripes into the soles as Lee wails with agony.
    Dave then uses the electric prod to electrocute Lee's cock and balls as I replace my fingers with a buzzing vibrator, bringing fresh humiliation to the once proud gang leader as he fights the overwhelming sensations in his prostate. Dave pulls down Lee's foreskin to expose his cock head, wielding the electric zapper, and my dick hardens at Lee's agonised scream as the tender head of his dick is electrocuted with the fiendish device.

    I can't wait any longer. I whip out my rigid cock and plunge it into Lee's tight arse, tearing open his hole and looking down at his red, tearful face screwed up in pain as his anal virginity is wrenched unwillingly from him. Lee's protests leak from his gag as one drawn out scream of misery, but I don't care, I just fuck him hard and fast, using him as a living sextoy, burying my rampant cock up to the hilt in Lee's hot, straight hole.

    Satisfied, I pull out, and Lee cries for mercy as he sees Dave crowd in to take his turn in his ravaged arsehole. But Lee's pathetic protests are useless - Dave's got a raging hardon and no amount of tears can dissuade the sadistic fucker from using it. Dave slams his cock in and out, using Lee's useless, tied up legs as leverage to fuck him even harder. Every part of Lee's body visibly burns with pain, rigid with the horror of being unable to escape as he strains against his bondage. Lee is broken. Tears stream down his face as a future of sexual servitude to sadistic men looms heavvy in his mind.

    Audio: Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps [Raw Audio 0]
    Video: Windows Media Video 9 960x540 25.00fps 3204Kbps [Raw Video 1]

    File size: 570.0 MB

    Download Lee (15th June 2011)

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3591

    Release Year: 2009
    Studio: Steel Mill Media
    Cast: Mitch Colby, Derek Pain, Luke Riley, Dire Callahan
    Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Candle Wax, Nipple Play, Masturbation, Spanking, Shaving
    Video language: English

    To Order: 1 Muscular Stud. Must be in prestine condition. Mitch Colby and Luke Riley are slave traders, and they just got in a new Product: Derek pain. They inspect, shave, use and abuse their new item before the buyer arrives. The buyer is none too pleased, and soon all three become part of his dungeon collection. Flogging, hot wax, and beating are the methods of trade in this hot 90-minute feature!

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:23:37
    Video: 720x404, Windows Media Video 9, 1200kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 768.2 MB

    Download Slave Traders ( apreder )

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    Gay Videos ONly New 3593

    Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Daddies, Muscle Men, Toys, BDSM, Fetish, Fisting, Extreme Assplay, Big Cock, Double Oral Penetration, Masturbation, Piercing, Rimming, Tattoo, Threesomes, Blondes
    Starring: Dick Wolf, Alex Collack, Collin O'Neal, Paul Johnson, Jacob Scott, Vin Nolan, Drew Peters, Steven Richards
    Studio: Plain Wrapped Video, Hot House Video

    Collin O'Neal and Alex Collack have found the man with the perfect ass: Paul Johnson. Johnson hungrily services O'Neal and Collack, taking both huge cocks into his mouth at once. Collack tongues Johnson's muscular round ass while Johnson sucks on O'Neal's always rock hard, huge tool. Collack gets Johnson's bubble butt primed and ready for O'Neal who steps up to fuck Johnson deep and hard.
    The tables are turned when Collack gets thrown on the table to service O'Neal. Johnson plays with Collack's ass, first sticking his hand in his hole, followed by a series of huge dildos. Johnson orders Collack to sit back and ride the dildo while O'Neal finishes what he started - pumping Johnson's hot ass. Johnson shoots an amazing load all over himself and the other two guys who follow his example, shooting their own loads of hot cum.
    Nasty Vin Nolan teases Alex Collack with his huge, fat cock. Collack kneels in front of Nolan, fingering his own hole in anticipation. Finally Nolan grabs Collack by the head and shoves his giant hose down Collack's throat. Collack sucks Nolan's cock from the tip to the base while he works his hand deep into his own gaping ass. This self-fisting deep throat session has got to be seen to be believed.
    Nolan eventually throws Collack onto a rack and fucks him with his massive meat. Hungry for more, the two men head over to a nearby sling where Collack rides Nolan's face for a ferocious ass eating. Nolan gets the nut he was after when he fucks Collack one more time, covering both men in white jizz.
    HH's favorite naughty boy Dick Wolf crawls into a cage with a huge dildo for some solo butt play action. Wolf sucks and gnaws on the giant sex toy until it's covered in enough spit to slide up his ass. Wolf frantically rides the dildo until daddy master Jacob Scott shows up and catches him in the act. Daddy Scott drags Wolf from the cage over to the stocks. Locked in a prone position, Wolf takes his punishment like a man as Daddy Scott smacks him in the face with his huge cock and fucks him.
    From there Scott puts Wolf on a rack and injects Wolf's hot, round ass with a giant 'shot' of elbow grease from an elephant-sized grease gun. Wolf opens his hole for an onslaught of monster-sized dildos that make him howl like a dog. Eventually Daddy Scott's huge, perfectly round ass craves attention. Scott orders Wolf to work his hole with some hardcore buttplay. Finally Wolf, eager to please his daddy, fucks Scott deep until both men explode all over Scott's muscular, hairy chest.
    Thinking he has privacy, blonde bad boy Drew Peters squats down on a bright red butt-plug the size of a nerf football. Peters obviously enjoys the sensation as his dick grows harder with each thrust of the dildo. In the middle of Peters' buttplay, hung handballer Steve Richards emerges from the shadows, working his massive cock. Richards yanks Peters off of the football-sized butt toy and throws him on a rack to see just what the innocent looking Peters can really take up that hungry hole. Peters takes Richards' paws to the wrist.
    Vin Nolan joins the action, feeding Peters his over-sized piece while Richards pummel-fucks his other hole. Nolan grabs Richard's fat cock and sucks it like a pro while Peters eats Nolan's fine, round ass. Finally Peters blows his load all over Nolan's boots and licks it off while Nolan and Richards get each other off, covering them all in white hot cum. Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 01:25:54
    Resolution: 640x464
    Size: 0.770 GB

    File size: 733.3 MB

    Download Mo' Bubble Butt (2003)

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