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Thread: Gay Muscle Full Movies Studs New 2012 and Vintage

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    Cunt Wreckers

    Cunt Wreckers

    Description: Don't you love it when you meet the man of your dreams, he holds you close, makes love to you tenderly and lovingly ... well then this movie ain't for you. Here anything goes. This wild orgy of hot, hairy, leather pigs pushing each other to their limits, stretching ones imaginations (and asses). Filled with hot bareback cum shots, fisting action, and leather studs, this movie is what Dark Alley Media is known for.
    For you greedy pigs, watch as seven leather pigs drain more milk out of one another than a dairy farm. As they fuck, suck, fist, and breed one another's holes with hot thick cum. Filled with great bareback shots, watch as they take turns on the greedy bottoms who are there to serve. Forcing their cocks down their throats, building up as much sweat as cum, these bottom boys are not done until all the guys have shot their loads deep into their asses.
    Mike Butt is up for any challenge, especially when it comes to seeing how much he can take up his ass, and David Castan is more than willing to help find out. At first David shoved a huge metal object into Mike's ass preparing it for an even bigger black dildo. As Brent Bow is finally untied, he knows it's only because David Castan wants to have better access to his ass and mouth. Along with a friend, David begins to tease Brent's ass with a fist dildo. After a little work, Brent's ass opens up like the Grand Canyon. David and the rest of the guys take advantage of Brent's gaping hole, shoving whatever toys they can find deep into his manhole.
    The great thing about orgies is that there is always plenty of cock and ass to be used. These studs take full advantage of the situation, shoving their cocks into any hole that is open. As they take turns fucking and sucking one another, you will feel like you are in the middle of the action. With plenty of up-close shots of raw fucking and cum swallowing action, you can almost feel the sweat dripping on you as these guys go at it with one another.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:39:18
    Video: 848x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1024kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 839.1 MB

    Download Cunt Wreckers

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    Playing The Field (Afton Nills 1R Media Xtreme Productions)

    Playing The Field (Afton Nills / 1R Media / Xtreme Productions)

    Release Year: 2006
    Studio: 1R Media / Xtreme Productions
    Cast: Turk Melrose, Winter Vance, Tyler Antony, Hunter Wylde, Jason Raze
    Genres: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Bondage, Collegiates, Oral Sex, Smooth, Solo, ThreeWays/Orgies, Young Men

    The film starts out with the guys playing soccer out on the field. The first scene moves into the locker room where we find Turk and Winter. Winter is about to head off to the showers and asks if Turk want's to come along. Turk declines, some words are exchanged and Winter ends up throwing Turk up against the locker. He starts to kiss him, Turk with no resistance gives in of course. Winter moves down and blows Turk, then Turk returns the favor.
    Once Winter is nice and hard, Turk takes Winter's bare cock and slowly sits down on it, then rides it up and down nice and hard. They move up into a stand up doggie position where Winter continues to plow his buddy's ass until Turk blows his load. Winter pulls out and blows his load all over Turk's ass and back.
    Jason Raze and Hunter Wylde head back to Jason's house after practice for a little one on one of their own. They take turns sucking each other, one by one, 69ing, face fucking, then blowing each other's load onto each other.
    The film takes a huge turn and we find Tyler Anthony jacking off in a sling. He jerks his big hard cock off for you until he blows his load onto himself. But we couldn't just stop with a solo, we just had to bring all the guys into the sling/glory hole room for some hot footage of these five hot studs. We begin with Turk and Winter, Turk seated in the sling, Winter sucking and fingering his boy toy.
    Meanwhile, Hunter is blowing Tyler through the glory hole across the room while Jason watches and jacks off. Jason takes his turn sucking at the glory hole, and Hunter joins in on the fun with Turk and Winter by sucking Winter while Winter's sucking Turk. After some hot playing, Winter takes the position behind the glory hole, and
    Turk sucks and jerks Winter's huge cock until he cums all over his face.
    Jason sits up in the sling and lets Hunter and Tyler suck and jack him off until he blows his load onto himself. Turk swaps and Winter sucks and jerks Turk off through the glory hole until he cums like crazy all over the place. Hunter takes a seat in the sling and lets his buddies get him off until he cums all over himself. Very hot scene!.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:15:51
    Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 1308kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 800.4 MB

    Download Playing The Field (Afton Nills / 1R Media / Xtreme Productions)

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    Cock Fight (1996)

    Cock Fight (1996)

    Year: 1996
    Genre: gay, uniforms, anal, oral, body art (tatooing), body builders, bukkake, masturbation, shaved, group sex, interracial
    Duration: 01:18:38
    Director: Michael Zen
    Studio: All Worlds Video
    Cast: Logan Reed, Blue Blake, Bam, Bryan Kidd, Cole Youngblood, Dan Puller, Darrell Lewis, David Cline, Max Grand, Paul Carrigan, Rip Stone

    Ryan Kidd starts the movie out in a cabin with walls that are covered in mounted and stuff ?trophies? from hunting expeditions. Caught up in the moment he doesn?t realize he is being watched by Logan Reed.rnLogan has a story to tell, a story that begins in the Rocky Mountains during a training mission code named Cockfight.rnCommander Blue Blake drops off a load of laundry to be washed by soldiers Max Grand and Paul Carrigan. After being chewed out they decide to piss on the clothes to spite Commander Blake. Commander Blake takes them back to the barracks and makes Paul suck him and Max off. Paul ends up bent over so Max can finger fuck his ass until he?s ready to take a cock. Paul ride?s Max?s uncut cock while he sucks off Blake. The fucking continues until all three men blow their loads on Max.rnLittle does Blake know, Bryan Kidd saw the whole thing and he tells Logan Reed about the indiscretion. The next day Logan reports to his commanding officer David Cline but rather than act on the news David makes a pass at Logan. Logan gives in to the temptation of his commanding officer and lets him suck his cock. Logan bends over and lets David rim his shaved asshole. Reed ends up taking a good hard fucking from David. After they have both cum, David ominously tells Logan that this never happened?rnIn the showers at camp Dan Puller plays with Bam?s monster cock. Dan eagerly sucks him off. Blue Blake catches them going at it, but rather than stop the action he eagerly watches every minute of it. Bam doesn?t stop stroking his dick until he unloads his cum all over Dan?s face. Before they can clean up, Blake exposes them and reprimands them for their behavior.rnCole Youngblood and Rip Stone are taking a break from one of their patrols in a secluded canyon. The guys start out giving each other hand jobs, getting their cocks good and hard. Cole drops to his knees and eagerly sucks on Rip?s stiff dick. Cole whips out his cock and Rip returns the favor eagerly sucking him off.rnMeanwhile, Logan and Bryan Kidd hear about the canyon where guys are going to hook up so they decide to check it out. Before they get their though Blue catches them and wants to know whats up. Logan says he?s going to head back to camp, but Bryan stays with Blue. Bryan and Blue end up in the canyon with Cole and Rip. The action quickly turns into a group scene. As soon as he has a chance to get away though, Bryan makes a break for it and leaves Blue with Cole and Rip. Cole takes turns fucking Rip and then Blue.rnIn a flashback we learn that Blue and Bryan have been fooling around since they were in boot camp together. Bryan takes every inch Blue has got to give up his ass and they fuck in a pool hall.rnBack in the present its Logan and Bryan who have fallen in love. Not even Blue?s jealous rage can keep these two lovers apart in the finale where Logan is finally able to make love to Bryan.

    Format: AVI
    Video: 544x384, 1 183 Kbps, 29_970 fps
    Audio: 80_0 Kbps, (CBR), 48_0 KHz, 2 channels, 1 stream

    File size: 716.7 MB

    Download Cock Fight (1996)

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    Barebacking With Jeff Palmer 3

    Barebacking With Jeff Palmer 3

    Release Year: 2004
    Studio: SX Video
    Cast: Jeff Palmer, Vic Stone, Jasper Collins, Manchester, Flex, Deon Blake, Dick Bangs, Ricky Vasquez, Chris Neal, Aushar, Gino Gultier, Brian Le, Adonis Steele, KamRun, Reese Coleman
    Genres: Anal , Big Cocks, Big Loads, trio, orgies, interracial , hardcore

    Jeff Palmer is up to his old tricks again in this non-stop barrage of hot bareback ass plowing and face fucking, Barebacking With Jeff Palmer 3. There's nothing that Jeff likes more than fat dicks and hot loads. The more the merrier - up his ass, in his mouth - it doesn't matter. In this third instalment, Jeff gives a new meaning to the word gangfucked as he takes on three different groups of guys throughout the course of one day. You like white guys? No problem. Jeff gets pounded by four of them including Vic Stone and hot newcomer Manchester. They all unload on Jeff's face and he does his best not to let one drop go to waste. You wanna see super-hung and hot black men fuck Jeff silly? OK. Flex Deon Blake loves Jeff's tight hole and he shows three other super hung brothas just how to work that ass right. Most of them drop their hot loads right in Jeff's ass as he cries with utter delight and all the enthusiasm that we have come to expect from him. And if brown boys are your thing - well just hold tight and jerk it right as Jeff really takes a good pounding from four latinos and a hot young asian stud. These guys were the last to get a piece of Jeff's hole and it seems as if they're a bit upset as they really drill it hard for all that sweet man-oil that's been deposited throughout the day.

    Format: MPEG
    Duration: 1:33:04
    Video: 352x240, 0x10000001, 1123kbps
    Audio: 218kbps

    File size: 928.8 MB

    Download Barebacking With Jeff Palmer 3

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    Executive Action Altomar 1991

    Executive Action / Altomar / 1991

    Studio: Altomar
    Cast: Marc Mann, Zeff Ryan, Brad Kline, Sean Flaherty, Mike Miller
    Director: Thor Johnson
    Genre: Vintage, Costumes/Uniforms, Detailed Plot, Story or Theme, Fetish/Kink, Hairy Guys
    Year: 1991
    Runtime: 90 min
    Country: US
    Description: Altomar continues its exposť of horny, hard working men with this glimpse of white collar studs at play. From three piece suits to sexy boxer shorts, these daddies will show you what it really means to go "first />
    Brad Kline makes his movie debut as a straight ad rep who happens to meet smooth and charming Zeff Ryan while on a business trip. Their casual lunch turns into a steamy affair as Zeff cranks up the heat on first-timer Brad. Their extended fuck scene is the most erotic and passionate Altomar has ever brought to you. These two leave "no holes barred" as they explore each other's manly aspects - to a gushing end.

    Just when Brad decides to leave and get down to work, fate steps in. Brad lands in the room of executive V.P. Marc Mann, who graciously consents to let Brad bunk with him.

    Marc knows a good man when he sees one and keeps Brad busy for several days while matters get serious back at the home office.

    Eccentric CEO Sean Flaherty calls Marc in to read him the riot act about his outrageous spending. (If Marc had read the old man's memo, he would've known his ass was in a sling.) Flaherty soon makes it abundantly clear as he demands that Marc submit to a bare-assed spanking as punishment, or be fired. It doesn't take long for this over-sexed granddad to be overcome with lust for Marc's hairy ass cheeks and rock hard boner. This form of punishment could be addictive, teaching Marc a valuable lesson about corporate clout... but that's another story!

    Executive Action is a must see for those who fancy men in corporate settings and business attire, and who love getting down to the basics of office politics with hard, wet action between horny sons, dads and granddads!



    File size: 700.0 MB

    Download Executive Action / Altomar / 1991

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    The MatriXXX A Muscle Explosion

    The MatriXXX: A Muscle Explosion

    Buff bulging muscle hunks are all the rage in this sporty dude flick featuring massive bodybuilders with truly big guns, all competing in a bodybuilding contest known as The Matrixxx. It?s a competition the scheming Jim Slade is determined to win - no matter how.
    With thick cocks and beefy booties as big as their bodies, these gym-built hunks slurp and suck and lick and fuck all over the place: inclined bench presses, in the boxing ring, even bent over the judge?s desk, while the judge is incognito in a ski mask.

    It?s not exclusively muscle-hunks, however, as lithe Jeremy Jordan pops up as a beer delivery boy who gets pulled into a spinning fuck and suck with shaved and buff Tony Cage. It?s a nice respite from all the bulging beefcake; Jordan even performs an acrobatic sit-and-spin that no bulky lug could ever accomplish as smoothly.

    Later, our determined hunk Slade drops to his knees for two gigantic black guys who take turns plowing his throat and his hole with their dark anaconda trouser snakes. This escalates to a slamming double-fuck in which intrepid Slade takes those two huge chocolate cocks up his bum at the same time, then receives their dual spurt of cream right on his kisser.

    Anyone who doubts the role a good warm protein shake plays in the ongoing development of a muscle-bound hunk ought to be convinced by the climax: judging by the way Slade receives and slurps up three thick loads herein, bodybuilders can?t get along without a daily infusion of man cream.

    Though condoms are used throughout for the buggery, there?s no denying the risque factor of the several in-Slade?s-mouth oral cumshots. This naughtiness makes up for the lack of frills, and should readily satisfy fans with a taste for beefcake. The DVD includes a brief behind-the-hardons making-of featurette and a slide show gallery.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:01:45
    Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 944kbps
    Audio: 31kbps

    File size: 491.0 MB

    Download The MatriXXX: A Muscle Explosion

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    Can't Hide That Feeling Part One (2002)

    Can't Hide That Feeling Part One (2002)

    Release Date: 2002

    Stars: Ray Renfro, Jon March, Bad Surik, Gil Kovash, Arnis Puttenis, Chet Meyers, Leev Lale, Dujan Sin, Bruce Money, Vilnis Powers, Jude Lowe, Ken Fine

    Duration: 02:00:01

    Resolution: 720x480

    File Size: 722 MB

    Video quality: DVDRip

    Description: Filmed in Latvia, the throbbing assemblage of lean Euro twinks and hunky gym jocks in Can't Hide That Feeling Part One is sure to cause a stiff feeling in the seat of your pants.
    Long-lock?d dreamboat (and coverboy) Ray Renfro gets things going with a self-adoring pose-and-stroke that culminates in a hot make-out session with his own reflection in the ?vanity? mirror as he squirts out a thick creamy wad of boy juice - which, of course, gets smeared across the glass.
    Next, Ray greets a messenger boy, signs for a package, and then shoves his own throbbing package into delivery boy?s anxious mouth. Messenger boy himself receives a salty, creamy delivery: a hot shot of cum right in the kisser, which oozes out thickly while the greedy piglet still has his lips wrapped tightly around Ray?s swollen head.
    A subsequent hot-tub frolic develops into a vibrant threesome for lunch, with a thick ropy facial served for one lucky hunk?s dessert.
    Next we join a naughty game of strip pool that turns into a randy fuck-and-tumble on top of the billiards table. Both guys take turns giving each other the hot beef injection; neither one of ?em wears a condom.
    Up next are three tasty Euro stud-fucks who get busy in the gymnasium with the sucking, rimming and, once more, the barebacking. Actually, make that twice more, as both gorgeous tops take turns plowing a shared bottom, but nobody reaches for the latex. Naturally, pearly facials abound.
    Ray and his flowing golden mane return for a climactic three-way, in which Ray takes center position in a thrusting daisy chain (avec latex, I might add).
    P.C. causeheads will likely raise an eyebrow over the sperm consumption. And they?ll probably raise the other eyebrow over all the brazen barebacking. But while they?re sitting there all bug-eyed and aghast, they?ll undoubtedly be creaming in their panties over all the smoldering hot male sex.
    The DVD includes a few tasty extra features, including photo galleries, solo scenes of the starring hunks and a derisively humorous segment during which Ray embarrassingly fumbles his way through a series of ?safer sex? announcements for condoms and lube.
    This is hot, hot stuff: technically proficient, despite the incessant elevator muzak and some spotty focus snafus, bursting at the seams with young, hung and full-o?-cum studs. You won?t be able to hide that hard-on!

    Screenshots in medium & original frames:

    File size: 722.3 MB

    Download Can't Hide That Feeling Part One (2002)

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    Male Stampede (1977)

    Male Stampede (1977)

    Produced in: 1977
    Genre: Pre-Condom, Cowboys, Outdoor, Anal, Oral, Rimming
    Duration: 1:18:41
    Director: J. Brian
    Studio: Bijou Video

    Dean Chasson, Tony D'Aneglo, Bryen Neves, Joe Markham, Ray Todd

    Male Stampede is a film in the tradition of many Hollywood westerns. Well, sort of. Brian and Tony meet in a bar and swap stories about life on the range, where husky honchos pleasure each other in the great outdoors. The video opens with two men running and playing in the woods. They soon fall to the ground and make out, sucking dick and 69ing. Fucking leads to orgasms on the face.
    Next, a trio, including one who is uncut, frolics, with a heavy rimming emphasis, near a waterfall. Sucking and fucking lead to large loads from all three men, until their attentions turn to use of a leather dildo strap and shoving it up one of the men's butt. A cowboy, at what could be the O.K. corral, struts in his chaps and hat before whipping out his uncut big one for a good five-fingered pounding while staring at a stable boy. A mustached mouth sucks two big dicks through holes in the fence in a three-way that follows. The middle dude gets his asshole and penis swallowed at the same time, too.
    Eventually the conversation proves too much for Tony, who takes out Brian's dick and starts sucking it. Soon the rest of the bar joins in for an orgy, where all stages of sex are seen and the couplings offer hot interludes of fucking butt. The focus switches back to the duo and Brian is seen plowing into Tony. The men in the orgy end by jacking off in succession, one after another, all over the place.
    Some great blue-grass music accompanies the outdoor sex scenes, and Toby Ross adds his skills as a photographer. The varied settings compensate for the pitiful acting and there's enough action to satisfy even the most jaded cowboy.

    Video quality: VHSRip
    Video format: WMV
    Video codec: VC-1
    Audio codec: WMA2
    Video: VC-1 at 4 674 Kbps, 640 x 480 (1.333) at 29.970 fps
    Audio: WMA2 at 128 Kbps, 2 chanal(s), 44,1 Hz

    File size: 944.9 MB

    Download Male Stampede (1977)

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    Schools Out (1986, VHSRip)

    Schools Out (1986, VHSRip)

    Release Year: 1986
    Studio: Mustang Studios
    Cast: The Christy Twins, Bob, Frank, Jack, Rusty, Ted, Terry
    Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Threesomes, Solos, Twinks, Vinatge

    Country: United States
    Director: Bill Clayton
    Description: The famous Christy twins give new meaning to the term "brotherly love" as they heat each other up to rock hard inttensity. Terry, Jack and Bob have a wild sex break and prove that three is not a crowd. After chemistry class, Ted and Rusty get down to some heavy fucking and sucking. Bob and Frank are not bad company-they give it to each other hot and hard!
    1. Twin Reflections
    Chris Christy solo, Tim Christy solo
    You're not seeing double. It's the famous Christy Twins, and we're pleased to present these twins filmed in their home, enjoying themselves as only twin lover can. Filmed as a visual fantasy, you will see scenes you've only read about before. Using mirrors to reflect their youthful images, they display their wares in the true tradition of the Narcissus. You'll see these two handle themselves with the ultimate in brotherly love. The twins climax after a visual experience that makes them so hot and hard, the explosion is a well-comed relief.
    2. Around the Rim - 1975
    Terry (mustang), Jack (mustang), Bob (mustang)
    The only thing better than sex with a friend is sex with two friends. Terry and Jack are visiting when Bob arrives for their usual Saturday sex break. Soon all are naked on Terry's bed and their hunger for sex is let loose. If ever there was a three-way love affair, this is it. These guys really turn on with each other. All orally explore the other's hot cocks and horny asses. If one isn't sucking on one, he is eagerly rimming the other. The action grows until Terry offers his young blonde ass to Bob while he sucks Jack's cock. Action all the way ...
    3. School's Out (short)
    Rusty (mustang), Ted (mustang)
    After chemistry class, Rusty decides to give Ted some real action. Still in the classroom, Rusty strips Ted and goes after his hot dick, sucking his would be lover passionately. Both naked, Rusty offers his asshole to Ted for some eager fucking and is obliged with a fuck he won't soon forget. While being rimmed by Rusty, Ted shoots his load into his own mouth. Ted then satisfies Rusty in a way that only straight guys can do when first discovering gay sex.
    4. Bad Company - 1975
    Bob (mustang), Frank (mustang)
    Bob wants to fuck Frank, but first Frank goes to work on Bob's piece of meat. While Frank is sucking, Bob notices the big piece of cock Frank carries between his legs. Quickly positions are reversed; and Bob is giving Frank a thirsty blow job. Frank has ideas too, and soon is plowing his hard meat into the tight hole of Bob's hungry ass. What Bob started as a blow job ended with Bob taking a wild horny cock up his ass in every position he could think of. When the film ended, he still wanted more.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 46:49
    Video: 640x480, XviD, 681kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 280.4 MB

    Download Schools Out (1986, VHSRip)

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    Sexy Job (1993)

    Sexy Job (1993)

    Year: 1993
    Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Twinks, Classic
    Duration: 00:49:30
    Director: Roman Hysek
    Studio: Man's Best, Proof on File
    Cast: Daniel, Marc, Peter Azur, Richo

    Peter Azur, everybody's favorite flop-topped teen is featured in this archive short from Man's Best. Peter is the boss of a small company. He's working on the computer in his nice office, but is mega-bored and briefly scans through a porn magazine. He makes a call to an underling and then whips out his thick, long cock. The cute 18-year-old intern arrives. Peter asks him a few questions and tells him he needs help with a really ?Hard? project and that there is possible advancement in the company if he can handle it. The lad accepts the assignment, but is shocked to see his boss' rock-hard boner exposed when he comes around the desk. The intern is a trooper, drops to his knees and dutifully delivers an awesome blowjob to Peter, the volcanic cum shot coating his face. He then licks the cum off his cock. Peter falls back into his chair, quite spent. The young intern has had his taste of power and feels his own cock tingling. He whips it out and jacks it to hard. Peter is still horny and chows down on the teen's prize. He sucks that cock and gropes his perfect hairless buns. The intern stands him up, turns him around and drives his cock, condom free, deep into his boss' ass. Peter loves every second of the anal bombardment. The intern pulls out to show us his orgasm, but then shoves his cock back into Peter for some post-orgasm enjoyment. Peter spins around and goes back down on the intern's cock. The intern grabs a handy dildo and probes Peter a bit more before getting dressed to leave. Some sweet deep kissing occurs before the intern leaves. Peter is still hard and awaits another intern to arrive....... but you'll have to buy the video to know about the incredible second scene.

    Format: AVI
    Video: 640x480 (1.33:1), 29.970 fps, XviD Final 1.0.1 (build 35) ~ 1699 kbps avg, 0.18 bit / pixel
    Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~ 128.00 kbps avg

    File size: 651.4 MB

    Download Sexy Job (1993)

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