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Thread: Gay Muscle Full Movies Studs New 2012 and Vintage

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    Frat Initiations 10 Tie Me Up, Jerk Me Off

    Frat Initiations 10: Tie Me Up, Jerk Me Off

    Release Year: 2001
    Studio: Customboys Video
    Cast: Billy Razor, Manny, Troy Fox
    Genres: Frat Studs, Amateur, Anal, Oral, Butt Play, Masturbation Male on Male, Threesomes
    Video language: English

    In the 10th installment of Frat Initiations, the most ambitious effort was undertaken. Three frat boys are pledged simultaneously. The hazing in this ceremony reaches new levels as masculine straight boy Billy Razor is bent over as he fucks Troy Fox to get plowed himself by Manny Jade. You can see him struggle to take the oversized cock and hear him moan in pain as it slides into his stiff, tight asshole. These guys willingly undergo sexual taunts from the pledge master, suck each other's dicks, get fingered, fuck each other, eat each other's asses and finally give up their loads in a glorious cum bath. Try as he might to get these young studs to say NO, each one breaks down the barriers against homosexual experimentation and willingly joins in the orgy in order to become a fraternity brother.
    Billy and Manny
    When the initiations start, it appears that only two guys are pledging. Billy Razor is an exceptionally good looking young man...rugged, masculine, the type of looks you expect to see in a young teen idol in the movies. Here he is, as vulnerable as can be as he stand in front of the pledge master and grudgingly recites: "Sir, Yes, Sir!" as obediently as a toughened marine. Billy is compelled to wear a mask that makes him look like Robin, the Boy Wonder from the Batman comics. Imagine yourself pulling down his pants, grabbing his dick, feeling up his body, fondling his balls and THEN... back him into another cute young boy whose dick stands straight out and rubs against Billy's ass cheeks. Before you know it, Billy is told to kneel down in front of that dick and suck on it. He is fed the cock and told to take it as far down as he can, but he chokes on it and says he can't continue without heaving. So without batting an eye, the now infamous pledge master thinks it would be fun to finger Billy's ass...and you watch it going in as if you were there. Of course Manny sucks Billy's bat, and of course pledge master himself feeds it to him, beats him in the face with it and starts to eye the two as fuck partners.
    Billy and Manny and Troy
    After the PM (pledge master) rubs the two boys' dicks together, rubbing Ray's precum across the head of his dick and then deep probing his ass, in flies another guy for the ceremony...apparently late or something and tossed in to try and get him to quit. So the PM goes to work now to test the commitment these guys are willing to make to their fraternity. He orders Troy to stand next to Billy so he can suck him off, then has Manny suck him off...all this sucking because Troy Fox has one huge fat cock and it is being exploited. The guys are made to suck, fuck, hung, lick, eat, slurp, swallow and of course, JERKED OFF! But not before Billy's dick is covered with a condom and literally stuck up Manny's ass...the favor for which is returned as the roles are reversed. You can feel and hear the pain as Manny's substantial, cylindrical cock penetrates his asshole. Manny is in heaven, and Billy's moans are stifled by stuffing Troy's big fat cock in his mouth.
    Billy, Manny and Troy are Sex Slaves
    Stand Up...Sit Down...Suck his dick...Lick his ass... Bite his nipple...Munch on his armpit, swallow his balls, Chew on his scrotum... the orders are always changing, and at times it is obvious these guys are not always hating what's going on. The ass slapping and ball sucking is just a bit too good to be coming from a reluctant participant. Manny licks Billy's neck and ears as he fondles his belly button, all the time Billy standing there with his hands obediently behind his back. Lube is everywhere, and the initiations becomes a three-man orgystra with a conductor. The jerking off is heavy and varied from guy to guy, and the boys look as if they're on the edge of an orgasm over and over again. Groping hands and hard dicks and dripping lube are all over the screen. Each one delivers his hot load (as required by this brotherly organization) to finish their ritualistic test.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:34:00
    Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1255kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 807.3 MB

    Download Frat Initiations 10: Tie Me Up, Jerk Me Off

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    MSR Closed Set The New Crew (Joe Gage 2002)

    MSR - Closed Set: The New Crew (Joe Gage 2002)

    Directed by Joe Gage, this remake of the Closed Set is a spectacular work of gay porn erotica.

    Michael Brandon enters a Chicago warehouse to find buff, thick-dicked stud Carlos Morales and twinkie Sean Storm jerking their cocks. As the cameraman tapes these three going at it, he, too, drops his pants and gets involved in the action. Soon, other behind-the-scenes men are slowly drawn into the action, and an all-out cocksucking and ass-eating orgy ensues. With every man sucking on anything he can get his mouth on, these men show their hunger!

    The second scene finds devilishly handsome Colton Ford gloryhole sucking on three monster cocks belonging to Beau, Nick Piston (who's member is as perfect as they come), and Rick Strong. Passersby Adam Wolfe and Ben Archer can't resist watching. Soon, those two start jerking each other's and their own cocks furiously as they watch. The three men shoot their loads, and Colton's still hungry. He then starts sucking on Ben and Adam. At one point, Ben bends down to enjoy a taste of Adam's cock as well. Adam sucks on Colton's thick prick, and Ben rims out Colton's hole. Adam and Ben end up jerking off their loads to give Colton a facial deluxe.

    Next, we're back to the main room, where the orgy has been continuing with more men involved in the action. Zack Davenport has a big fat pecker with a generous foreskin that both Sean and Peter Dixon enjoy. Chad Hunt's cock is easily the largest among this stable of horsehung men. Peter delights in that cock, as any cocksucker would. Well-hung Steve Richards enters the fray as well, offering up his cock for any hungry cocksucker. Zack can't resist taking a taste of Sean's rosebud, and soon he's rimming it feverishly.

    The best of all this hot action is the sultry pairing of real-life lovers Blake Harper and Colton. Both men are stunningly handsome with deliciously muscular bodies and large, thick cocks. Their play starts out slowly and builds. They look intensely into each other's eyes and slowly undress. Some gentle nipple play and cock sword-fighting occurs before Colton goes down on Blake's unique asshole. His hole protrudes like the end of an elephant's trunk, and Colton can't quite get his tongue in there deep enough, though he tries! He makes love to that hole with his tongue before pummeling that ass with his dick.

    Throughout Blake's and Colton's coupling, we're shown the action of the rest of the orgy, which is just a gaggle of cocks, mouths and asses. The way this action is shown is the way an orgy was meant to be, with cocks and muscular bodies as the stars of the orgy. The men start jerking off their loads one by one, and there ain't a dry cock left in the house.

    A spectacular remake of a 20-year-old this second Closed Set joins the ranks of videos that men will be watching 20 years from now. Joe Gage is a master at showcasing raw masculine energy in an orgy setting, and he certainly does not disappoint here.

    File size: 921.7 MB

    Download MSR - Closed Set: The New Crew (Joe Gage 2002)

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    Southern College Boys 3 Straight Boy's First Time

    Southern College Boys 3: Straight Boy's First Time

    Release Year: 2011
    Studio: Steve Myer Productions
    Cast: David, Eli
    Genres: Amateur, Anal, Oral, Butt Play, Frat Stud, Masturbation, Solo
    Video language: English

    I met David at a restaurant he was working at and initially shot a solo j/o video of him. That went well and he asked if there was anything else he could do. Well solos only go so far, so I mentioned having him do stuff with guys. He's straight but needed cash so he was open to whatever. Eli really thought David was hot and asked if he could do a video with him so I paired them up. The idea was that Eli would fuck David (since David didn't think he could stay hard enough to fuck a guy), but David is so tight and Eli is pretty thick. Eli used a dildo on David's virgin hole, but it was soon very apparent that his cock wasn't going in there that night. They both did oral, and after watching straight porn, David was able to get hard enough to give Eli a good pounding. Remember David had never even jerked off with another guy before this so I hope you enjoy watching his first time ever with another guy. David had just blown his load earlier, but he was still horny and wanted to show that he could still bust another nut. He started stroking his hard cock and ended up shooting another hot load of jizz on himself.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:02:16
    Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video V8
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 960.1 MB

    Download Southern College Boys 3: Straight Boy's First Time

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    I Do (1984)

    I Do (1984)

    Produced in: 1984
    Country: USA
    Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Vintage
    Duration: 01:11:35
    Director: Steve Scott

    Andy Fuller (Steve, the groom), Steve Collins (Ken, the tailor), Beau Matthews (Matt, the photographer), Tim Kramer (The caterer), Dean London (Dean, the best man), Jeff Carson (Bobby, the bride's brother), Brian Nichols (Brian, a chauffeur), Bob Emory (Brian, a chauffeur), Joe Roberts (Brian, the barber), Richard Faulkner (The catalog model), Mark Reynolds (The reverend), Linda Martin (The Bride)

    Jeff Carson (the groom's brother) "tricks" the whole (male) wedding party into having plenty of GAYSEX before the wedding - (a barber, tailor, caterer help out) great blowjobs, no-condom fucking - and the brother "gets it" in the end! (from bother the bridegroom and the best man!). Fantastic scene when tailor Steve Collins talks Andy Fuller into a blow job in the dressing room of his shop - "aww, c'mon, no will we know". Only disappointment in the film was hot, handsome Beau Matthews posing as a photographer, blows his cock ring model, but only gets shirtless himself!
    1. Dean London solo, Linda Martin S, Andy Fuller S
    Since nobody in the house closes their bedroom doors, Dean London plays with his own stiffy as he watches the groom fuck his fiance in the ass (makes you wonder if there really was a vagina in the cast). He works out a load into his jockey shorts and the bridal couple reach organsm.
    2. Andy Fuller Or, Joe Marconi Og
    Steve is scheduled for a haircut. While his hair is getting washed the hairdresser gropes him. After a few feeble protests, Steve lets the guy make noisy lip-love to his his hardening cock. Steve pulls off a load and the lips clean up the dripping dick.
    3. Bob Emory Og, Brian Nichols (80s) Or
    Chauffers Brian (Nichols) and Todd (Bob Emory) wait for their riders. Todd offers to show his new coworker what "some of the drivers do to pass the time." They climb in the back seat and Todd starts the demonstration by feeling Brian's crotch. In short order Todd has a lip lock on Brian's man-rod. They ignore Bobbie's pager calls.
    found in compilation Hot Numbers 2
    4. Tim Kramer OrgAt, Jeff Carson OrgAb
    Bobby goes to the caterer to tell the chef (Tim Kramer) that the bride wants to add more to the guest list. Bobby used to work there and chef says that he misses Bobby's ass around here. Bobby asks if chef has some time. He helps chef out of his clothes and applies his face below chef's 6-pack abdomen. Chef returns the favor until Bobby turns around and bends over the prep table for a rimming that he seems to enjoy. On his back, Bobby's hole is lubed with Crisco and soon takes chef's hot sausage to the hilt. Chef spills his sauce on Bobby's stomach and they kiss to seal the dish.
    found in compilation Hot Numbers 1
    5. Jeff Carson Og, Beau Matthews Og
    Bobby goes to see the photographer, Matt, to tell him what poses the bride wants. Matt was doing a photo shoot and Bobby asks if he can watch. Matt says yes, "I might even be able to use you." Matt is taking pictures of a crotch in leather jock straps and cock gear. When Matt goes in for a light measurement he starts fluffing the exposed cock for cock ring erection shots, eyeing Bobby to come join. Bobby is staring wide eyed when Matt asks him to "give me a hand with this." The two suck the stunt genitals until the faceless model comes over the two worshipers.
    6. Dean London Or, Steve Collins Og
    Dean London goes for his tux fitting and tailor Ken gives his pants some extra special attention in the rear. When he helps Dean out of his trousers, Ken buries his face in Dean's underwear as the startled groom mildly protests that "we shouldn't be doing this." Poor Dean keeps looking for someone to catch them as Ken moans his pleasure on Dean's marriage present. Ken pulls off a load on his knees and Dean donates his in slow motion to Ken's outstretched tongue. Dean hears Bobby congratulating Ken on his conquest.
    7. Andy Fuller At, Dean London At, Jeff Carson Ab
    Steve and the best man are dressing for the wedding when Dean asks if anything funny happened the previous day. Recounting their stories at the tailor and the hair dresser, the two decide that Bobby must have set them up. They call Bobby in to "help with this" and 'this' turns out to be two hard cocks pointing out of their dress clothes. Jeff doesn't need any further instruction to go down on Steve and then Dean. Dean pulls the suspenders off Bobby's broad v-shaped back, lays down on the bed and pulls Bobby's face onto his raging erection. Bobby's exposed ass is now ready for a hard piece of groom and Steve helps himself to it. Now Bobby is on his back with his rose bud winking in the air as Steve kneels over him feeding him cock. It's Deans turn to make use of Bobby's loosened hole. Then Bobby takes is in both ends and he impales himself on a prostrate Dean while Steve stands over them and keeps Bobby's mouth filled with his throbbing dick. Dean starts to groan and his dick slides out of Bobby's hot hole and dribbles cum and it rides in Bobby's crack. Bobby takes another load in the face as the groom empties his load. Bobby sucks the spent cock dry so the bride will have to settle for small seconds tonight.

    Video quality: VHSRip
    Video format: WMV
    Video codec: Windows Media
    Audio codec: WMA
    Video: VC-1, WMV3, 720x576 (5/4), 29.970 fps, 1 656 Kbps (0.133 bit/pixel)
    Audio: WMA2 L1, 44.1 KHz, 2 ch, 96.0 Kbps, CBR (en-us)

    File size: 901.4 MB

    Download I Do (1984)

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    Big Ram Productions Bijou Ivy League

    Big Ram Productions-Bijou - Ivy League

    This is the story Rick, Randy Davidson, and his experiences with the randy dicks at an Ivy League school.

    In this film by Toby Ross, blond and thin Randy Davidson journeys from southern California to an East Coast School and learns preppie initiation rites in his dorm room from fellow undergrads Danie Connors, brunet mop-top Michael Thomas, tall and sharply features Ken Colbert, and super-hung Rick Donovan.

    Blindfolded, Randy sucks each of the now-nude youths and must them from dick taste.


    1. Randy Davidson, Danie Connors, Michael Thomas, Ken Colber, Rick Donovan

    Rick, Randy Davidson, is blindfolded for his dorm initiation. His task: to guess the owners of the hard cocks that are going to probe for his tonsils.

    2. Rick Donovan, Ken Colbert

    Sydney, Rick Donovan, is a brainy nerd who has a dick to match. Baxter, Ken Colbert, sucks it like a champ and then takes the whole thing up his hole.

    3. Danie Connors, Brandon Wilde, Rance Edwards

    At a party, Coach Brandon Wilde, gives Jonathan, Danie Connors, special dick treatment by taking it down his throat and through his butt crack. The bartender, Rance Edwards watches and Jonathan sucks Rance too before they all cum.

    4. Ken Colbert, Randy Davidson

    Baxter and Rick get bored with studying and decide to take an oral exam of each other.

    5. Michael Thomas, Randy Davidson

    Rick and Angelo, Michael Thomas, lie in their dorm room beds and jerk themselves off to sleep.


    Ross camera is never better than while lensing oral action, and he captures every slurp and drop of saliva in wet close-ups as Randy greedily gobbles each distinctive cock in succession, from Danies curved, short boner to Michaels pretty pecker, even to Kens long and thin pole.

    Later, in the locker room, nerdy Rick is comforted by sensitive Ken, then given loving oral attention by his warm mouth. Rick beat Kens face with his thick tube of flesh before stuffing it in his clenched cakes for rough drilling that Ross films briefly from overhead.

    During a team party, coach Brandon Wilde, a handsome, dark-haired stud, sucks jock Danies hard-on in a back room as barkeeper Rance Edwards, a tall, thin blond, voyeurs. Danie pokes Brandons beefy ass, but Ross is not as is best in filming their anal activity. Brandon gets to suckle Rants straining pole, then all three blow their loads. In a study room, Randy chews on seductive Michaels joystick, munching its length in delight before he dry humps and kisses the pale stud passionately.

    Later than night, Randy gets himself off in bed as Michael watches and eggs him on to a higher climax.Good picture, good sound, good-looking youth, and nice, hard cocks suffuse this well-directed earlier effort from director Toby Ross.

    Stars: Brandon Wilde, Danie Connors, Ken Colbert, Michael Thomas, Rance Edwards Randy Davidson. Rick Donovan
    Director, Toby Ross
    Year: 1985

    Duration : 01:06:51
    Resolution : 640x480
    Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 2 000 Kbps, 29.970 fps

    File size: 1.0 GB

    Download Big Ram Productions-Bijou - Ivy League

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    Straight Men Fucking

    Straight Men Fucking

    Release Year: 2008
    Studio: SX Video
    Cast: Aidyn Michael, Erec Estrada, Drew Peters, Erik, Adam Mansfield, Maximo de Leon, David Merritt, Jay Jay Lopez
    Genres: oral / anal sex, bareback, muscle, tattoo, black
    Video language: English

    Scene 1
    Ex-Marine Aidyn Michael is a hot piece of action - all tattooed and sporting a fat piece of meat that points out like a poker. He feeds this treasure to Erec Estrada who sucks on it for a real long time. Erec next takes to Aidyn's nicely haired hole for some deep rimming, which the straight guy loves. Guess his girlfriends don't do that for him. Erec is soon bent over taking straight cock and cum up his ass.
    Scene 2
    Drew Peters, everyone's dream bottom, is all worked up and excited in Scene 2 to have a go at Erik's uncut cock. He get is in many positions, his hole massaging the pole. Drew gets his butt filled with cum and cleans his top's cock.
    Scene 3
    Scene three features two studly newcomers: Adam Mansfield and Maximo De Leon. Both are dark and delicious with tattoos covering their big, well-muscled bodies. Maximo asks if Adam wants a taste of some man ass. Apparently he does because he fucks Maximo into a moaning pile of bottom joy. It is muscle men going for the fucking prizefight.
    Scene 4
    The tables get turned in Scene 4 when straight guy David Marritt gets his virgin ass worked by Jay Jay Lopez. They trade blow jobs first to get in the right mood. Both have big dicks and both enjoy the attention. Jay Jay can even lick his own uncut joy toy and does. Then, when the fucking starts, David, for a straight guy, sure can take dick.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:27:40
    Video: 640x480, XviD, 816kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 611.8 MB

    Download Straight Men Fucking

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    SX Video Cum In My Ass 2

    SX Video - Cum In My Ass 2

    Release Year: 2007
    Studio: SX Video
    Cast: Chris Neal, Patrick Ives, Rod Rockhard, Aidyn Michael, Frank Young, Erik, Larry Tanner, Erec Estrada, Angel Rocha
    Director: Uncredited

    Popular Chris Neal, famous for his big dick and self-sucking abilities, bottoms out for nine men in six scenes. He gets more cum than he bargained for and gives no complaints.

    In scene 1, Patrick Ives, whose ass was the fuck focus of the first Cum in My Ass, tops Chris. But before that, he eats Chris' ass while Chris eats himself. He also works in a couple of big toys for a bit. To finish off, Patrick does some fisting. Chris takes it all with ease, showing us how a piggy bottom should be.

    Not content with the workout Patrick gave him, Chris takes on Rod Rockhard, who?s fat, uncut cock lives up to its owner's name. He pounds Chris in several positions.

    Gay-for-pay Aidyn Michael lets Chris service him orally to start scene 3. But after a bit Aidyn's beautiful, heavy cock needs an asshole to shoot in. Chris begs for cum and gets all Aidyn can give.

    Scene 4 is a three-way with Frank Young and Erik. It's Frank's ass getting fucked in this scene, giving Chris' poked pouch a little well-deserved break. Erik can't resist a hot ass though and he fucks Chris as Chris fucks Frank.

    Lean Larry Tanner gives Chris some more fisting in scene 5. Gregory Marx joins them. They take turns until they both toss.

    The uncut, young Latino studs rule scene 6. Erec Estrada gives Chris a piss facial to get things going. Angel Rocha steps in to do more of the same. Chris keeps asking for more - in his mouth, on his chest - and Angel is a veritable fountain. They fuck Chris, filling him with more cum.

    In the end, Chris shoots an enormous load in his mouth. It was a long day but he still looks hungry for more.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 01:30:16
    Video: 640x480, XviD, 935 kbps
    Audio: 128 kbps

    File size: 709.0 MB

    Download SX Video - Cum In My Ass 2

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    His Big Brother (1994)

    His Big Brother (1994)

    Categories: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Big Cock, Deep Throating, Fetish, Uncut Cocks, Masturbation, Voyeurism
    Starring: Cutter West, Scott Wilder, Alec Powers, Brian Maxx, Curt Steele, Kurt Wolffe, Domino, Troy Halston
    Studio: Studio 2000

    They're rich. They're young. And they're hot, handsome and hung. They are the boys of USC and they're not in school on scholarships. But that doesn't mean they aren't smart. They are--smart looking, smart acting, and they know all the right moves. They're California Golden Boys and. wherever they are there is a golden glow and whatever they touch takes on the heat and strength of the sun.
    HIS BIG BROTHER is about three of these Golden Boys as portrayed by Cutter West, Kurt Steele and Alec Powers. These three are roommates and they've leased a posh house up in the Hollywood Hills in order to get the best out of their education. It's paradise. Sleeping until late morning. Then a dip in the pool, a snack, a cruise in the new convertible, afternoons at the beach and evenings checking out the clubs. All the while celebrating their sexuality and freedom whenever the opportunity arises. And, occasionally, of course, a stop at the university for a or two. Life couldn't get any better. Paradise, indeed.
    Paradise is threatened, however, when Cutter gets a letter that his younger brother, played by newcomer Brian Maxx, is arriving for a visit. What if he likes living with his big brother? What if he wants to live with them next year? Paradise can be hell when one's little brother is looking on. The guys decide on one last fling before cleaning up their act for little brother's visit. Cutter heads for the shower to ready himself for his afternoon gentleman caller while Kurt heads down the hill to check out his diet with the new graduate assistant swimming coach and Alec heads over to a newfound buddy to work on his car.
    Curt Wolffe arrives to give Cutter good company and the action that develops between these two is all that anyone could wish. Whether it's body worship, tongue baths, sucking, rimming, fingering or fucking, it's pretty obvious that these two guys are really into each other. And it certainly is no surprise that little brother, Brian, finds the situation hard to ignore when he arrives a little earlier than expected. No one could fail to be turned on by these two sexual carnivores. Brian is really turned on and it's up and it's out and it's stroked and it spurts all over the floor. Brian's upset and out of there. Cutter and Curt are too into each other to even realize that anything has happened--except to them.
    Meanwhile over at the dorm, the grad assistant, the drop dead handsome Domino who is looking better than ever before, and Kurt are busily trying out a new diet recommendation. The food turns out to be inedible. However, the two young men quickly find something real tasty on which to chow down. Kurt's hard and very oversize dick finds all kinds of holes that need filling when he looks into the smoldering eyes of the hot Manhattan Latin.
    After a ball-busting session with Kurt and Domino, we catch up with Alec who is hard at work on his buddy's car. The buddy is Troy Halston--another Golden Boy. The work that Alec is doing isn't nearly as hard as both of these guys dicks and soon the ruse of working on the car is dropped as these two put in some heavy action working over each other's hot bodies and prime equipment. It's blond-on-blond at its best.
    Back at the house the three roommates realize from the souvenirs that Brian left behind that Cutter's little brother has arrived early and discovered all he needs to know. They are seriously worried and try to figure out what to do.
    While the three guys are sweating it out, we switch over to Brian. He isn't worried much about anything except the telltale mess he left behind. He's busy renewing a friendship with a buddy, Scott Wilder, whom he hasn't seen for awhile. It's pretty obvious that these two guys are pretty special to each other and when they begin exploring each other's body as only two men can, the violins soar--and so do our dicks. This is one of those very special scenes that is sensitive and sensual and hot and passionate all at once. It's two guys who make real magic together.
    Everything turns out fine when Cutter discovers that Brian wants his freedom just has much as HIS BIG BROTHER does. Paradise returns and everyone adjourns to Gladstones for a festive celebration dinner.
    HIS BIG BROTHER is a celebration of the beautiful men of Southern California--young, smooth, golden tanned, toned, cut, muscular, velvet smooth and soft on the surface and hard and throbbing beneath. Blood that pounds like the ocean surf and bodies with the sexual drive and thrust of the hot cars on the freeways and speedways. Carefree youth at its finest with just a touch of kink and fetish to make things truly exciting.
    Directed in high style by John Travis and produced with an eye to perfection by Scott Masters, HIS BIG BROTHER is--whether it's rated five stars, four cum spurts, or three and a half scorched shirts, one damn hot and fine video. Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 01:27:37
    Resolution: 352x264

    File size: 656.8 MB

    Download His Big Brother (1994)

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    Gettin' Down Bijou Classics 1978

    Gettin' Down / Bijou Classics / 1978

    Studio: Bijou Classics
    Cast: Greg Dale, Chip, Rex Wolfe, Jerry Foxe, Guy Silva, Craig Shaw, Cody Houston
    Director: Lancer Brooks
    Genre: pre-condom, vintage, bareback
    Year: 1978
    Runtime: 72 min
    Country: USA
    "This mid-1970's gem tells the story of a country boy's encounters in the big, bad city and him, subsequently, finding true love. Our young curly-haired hero treks outdoors, the incredible vistas of big mountain ranges and fertile valleys providing a backdrop to his solo play, as he proceeds to furiously stroke his big throbber, causing his mushroom head to explode in Looking for some man-to-man action in the big city, his truck inconveniently breaks down, forcing him to spend several days in the wicked inner city.

    Paralleling his quest for fulfillment is the story of a sexy, macho, mustached stud that?s experiencing a break-up with his lover of five years. His former beau packs his belongings to the soulful, soaring vocals of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive as he clears the bathroom of lube and Vaseline, and the freezer of locker room amyl nitrate! The director (Lancer Brooks, a.k.a. Tom De Simone) uses minimum dialogue and visuals to achieve the greatest and most profound sense of loss here: the stud's twitching hands, his fighting back the urge to wave his ex back as he drives off (which is poignant and moving), as well as sheer brilliance.

    Unwilling to sulk and suffer, he tries to throw himself back into the dating game by calling a humpy escort. His nervousness is palpable as they both delay the reason for the visit, until the wine, cigarettes and marijuana have their desired effects, and the two men finally kiss. Tender and passionate, these are two gay guys who obviously like sex with other men, and especially one another. The inhaling of poppers takes on the aura of ritual as they share the bottle and mutual massages, their sensual communion set to one of the finest soundtracks this reviewer's ever heard. In one of those all night fuck sessions, they trade blow jobs and butt banging with open, warm gusto. Both are handsome, muscular, and thick dicked; their sex play is beautifully captured and a turn-on to view. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and, with a disconcerting and jarring note, the mercenary nature of their is introduced; we are startled by its abruptness and disappointed in its inevitableness.

    Meanwhile, our country boy gets picked up by a young, compact man driving a Benz and is squired back to a mansion. Again, the tension, awkwardness and vulnerability of pick-ups is showcased as they, too, use wine, pregnant pauses, and even backgammon, to delay their real purpose. Summoning courage, the host breaks the ice and kisses our hero, who responds warmly and with eagerness. These sexy men 69, and our country lad bangs the stud's behind soundly before they both cum in a satisfying spray-fest. After deep tongue-kissing, our hero is surprised with payment of two hundred dollars and his partner rushing him out of the house. Again, the jarring note of a money-tinged sours the preceding enjoyment, and leaves our hero saddened and disappointed.

    Wandering aimlessly, he is picked up by two pot-smoking hippies in a van. To a fabulous disco soundtrack, they cavort raunchily and unabashedly, forming a three-way suck chain. The country lad fucks the bearded, older stud and after much cum guzzling, they put their clothes back on and kid the country boy out of the van, stealing his wallet in the process. Discouraged and dejected, he wanders on a beach, fruitlessly seeking the meaning of all his encounters and big city adventures. Naturally, our mustached stud is walking this same beach with the same philosophical questions plaguing him. They come upon one another and instantly click, going to the older stud's home for affirming love-making, but not without the preliminary awkward tension that seems to precede all of the scorching sex in this film. Both men fully engage in raw, uninhibited screwing before shooting tremendous, tension-releasing loads. Too shy and jaded to make demands of one another, they part with vague promises to keep in touch.

    Back on the farm, the country lad is remorseful of his time in the city and the false sense of fun, excitement and love it promised. Walking slowly and carefully towards him is the mustached man of his dreams, come to join him in a fairy-tale ending of love at last."



    File size: 541.7 MB

    Download Gettin' Down / Bijou Classics / 1978

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    Keumgay dvd7 françois sagat


    Video language: French

    Voici le premier DVD qui réunit 2 solos fait par François Sagat dit Manu dans nos vidéos. Il s'agit de ses premières vidéos dans le x gay. Sa première fois, c'était avec nous ! Depuis, il est parti aux USA pour tourner quelques films bien chauds. Nous avions remarqué qu'il avait le profil pour faire du x !

    Quand nous l'avons abordé sur keumdial, il ne savait pas si cela serait son truc. Nous avons réussit ?  le convaincre de venir retirer ses vêtements chez nous. Suite ?  cela, 20 jours après, il posait pour une petite production française avant de se rendre compte que les USA seraient ?  la hauteur de son talent d'acteur. Il a bien eu raison, il est désormais une grande star du X.Voici le meilleur de François Sagat, la compil de ses 2 solos que vous pouvez retrouver sur nos 2 dvd : pompiers mis ?  nu. Nous vous proposons ici une vidéo solo en tee shirt de pompier longue durée de 37 minutes de sa première fois pour ne rien rater de lui et de nos dialogues avec lui, plus une autre sous la douche. TOP BOGOSSE VIRIL TBM !

    Qualité d'image améliorée, photos en haute qualité. Vidéo en solo tee shirt de pompier de 37 mns, vidéo sous la douche plus de 4 mns d'eau coulant le long de son corps viril et musclé.

    BONUS : Toutes les photos de sa première fois en diaporama pour le voir pendant qu'il prend la pause !

    Format: avi
    Duration: 43:02
    Video: 640x480, DivX 4, 1758kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 596.6 MB

    Download Keumgay-dvd7-françois-sagat

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