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Thread: Gay Muscle Full Movies Studs New 2012 and Vintage

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    Deuxième Sous Sol 2ème Sous sol Street Smart

    Deuxième Sous-Sol 2ème Sous-sol Street Smart

    Release Year: 1987
    Studio: French Art / Videomo
    Cast: Horst Kruger; Marius Saint Rose; Jacques Auvray; Sydney Mckenna; Franck Emmanuel; Frederic Lemaire; Antonio Ribero; Tony Abrantes; Emilio Facetto
    Genres: twinks, pre-condom, anal sex, oral sex, SM, masturbation

    Sortir d'une banque avec une mallette en cuir peut provoquer convoitise et malentendus.
    Sur un boulevard: un banc. Sur le banc: deux loubards se prelassent, cuisses ecartees, sexy jusqu'a l'attentat aux m'urs. Faut dire: leurs shorts ultra-courts cachent mal des paquets genre explosifs!
    Un jeune touriste gueule d'ange et beaute du diable, «tilte» sur ces petits mecs detonants Eux, reperent la mallette et la volent. Au 2eme sous-sol d'un parking, ils decouvrent qu'en fait de billets de banque elle ne contient que des godes, revues pornos et aphrodisiaques. Allumes par les photos hard, souffles par l'enormite des gadgets, ils comparent: quelques bons coup de mains pour donner a leurs bites la trique maximum. Ils l'ont de bonne taille mais sont loin du compte Par jeu, ils essayent les «realistics» et decouvrent de nouveaux plaisirs l'un apres l'autre, l'un par l'autre.
    Rien n'echappe au petit touriste qui les a suivi dans leur taniere. Il l'a a la verticale comme jamais un mome de dix huit ans n'a bande!
    Leurs besoins surnaturels satisfaits, les voyous quittent l'endroit, en oubliant la mallette. Le biquet, exhibant un sexe d'enfer aussi enorme que les godes, s'entraine aux meme jeux lubriques.
    Retour des jeunes malfrats. Il est aux anges, le minet du parking: les tendres voyous lu font une demonstration de gaiete parisienne.
    La mallette aux merveilles fait d'autres heureux: copains et copines des deux voleurs se payent une gadget-partie a jaillissements multiples.
    "He mec, le proprio de ces joujoux, c'est un gourmand, non?" "T'as qu'a voir! OK, on lui rapporte et on va lui faire son affaire!"
    Ouais, ils voulaient casser du pede, les p'tits, loubs. Seulement, ils sont tombes sur un os! Tel est pris qui croyait prendre!

    Format: MPEG
    Duration: 1:10:09
    Video: 352x288, 0x10000001, 1123kbps
    Audio: 187kbps

    File size: 681.3 MB

    Download Deuxième Sous-Sol 2ème Sous-sol Street Smart

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    Sweaty Hairy && Hung

    Sweaty Hairy & Hung

    Year: 2007
    Country: United States
    Genre: Fetish, subordination
    Running time: 112 min
    Director: Joe Budai.
    Studio: Elite Male
    Starring: Randy Jones, Rod Stevens, Steve Hunt, Janos Volt, Nico Blade, Sergio Soldi (aka Don Camillo, Daniel Kilmer, Korath Ferang) and Ted Colunga.

    First up is macho bald bodybuilder Randy Jones making out with hairy Rod Stevens. After making small-talk, they waste no time getting to business. They suck each other, do some light rimming, and then Randy pumps away in Rod's well-used hairy hole. There are lots of exits and re-insertions so that we can see Rod's gaping red hole. Randy fucks him doggy, on his back on the counter, and on his side, then they cum. Not particularly sweaty, though.
    In another part of the red dungeon featuring a low barrel vault and a steel pole, Steve Hunt is giving Ted Colunga a half-hearted pole-dancing demo. Ted quickly makes his move, starting to suck on young, dark Steve's long dick. Ted's impressive physique is harder and more defined than we've ever seen it before. He's much less brawny than in, say, "Breathless" (TITAN). Young Steve soon is returning the favor with Ted's mammoth dick. There's some brief boot-licking, then a 69, then Steve fucks the much bigger Ted standing. It is pretty hot to see Steve's long cock energetically fucking Ted's hairy ass while we have a full view not only of his furry muscled torso, but also his pendulous, size-L dick dangling there. After more fucking with Ted on his back on the stage, Ted shoots his typically minuscule load on Steve's chest, and Steve squirts on Ted's boot and licks it off. Hung and hairy we have here.
    Apparently unsatiated by his tryst with Randy, Rod is now licking the leather pants of long-time porn stalwart Sergio Solli, better known under the name Don Camillo, and here sporting a close-cropped beard and his always hard, muscular body. Once again, the two suck first, then Rod rims Sergio prior to Sergio's predictable topping of Rod. Sergio stands during all the fucking, while Rod changes from bent-over to crouched on the bench in front of the "tack box," to lying on his back. Sergio shoots a nice load on Rod's buttcheek, but leaves Rod unsatisfied.
    The short Nico Blade encounters old-timer Janos Volt in another room. Janos's body is not as hard and muscular as in his halcyon days of yore, but he still manages a convincing performance. Nico enjoys showing off his skills as he keeps up a fairly steady stream of dirty-talk while Janos services his modest dick. Nico finally has to shut up later while he sucks Janos; then Janos eats Nico's ass, and Nico fucks Janos, who remains soft throughout. We actually see Janos astride Nico, the first and only time this position is seen in the red dungeon. Both then cum, and Janos licks his own load off of Nico's thigh.
    In the final scene big hairy Ted stumbles across Sergio in a room with a wooden wall. These two make quite a pair, both being extremely muscular and hairy and endowed. They actually seem to be turned on by each other's bodies, spending a lot of time squeezing and caressing each other's muscles and tenderly kissing. Ted's still wearing his leather cap, evidently to hide his shaved head. Ted sucks Sergio first, then Sergio manages to get about two inches of Ted's meat in his mouth, then Ted flicks his tongue on Sergio's hole for a while. You almost think he's going to fuck Sergio, but once again the rimming bottom is the fucking top. Sergio fucks Ted standing and lying on a bench before they cum, Ted only shooting a single drop of cum. And still nobody looks sweaty.

    Quality: DVDRip
    Format: AVI
    Video Codec: XviD
    Audio codec: MPEG Audio
    Video: XVID 480x272 29.97fps
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

    File size: 699.8 MB

    Download Sweaty Hairy & Hung

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    Sweet Temptation (Luis Blava 8Teen+ VimpeX Gay Media)

    Sweet Temptation (Luis Blava / 8Teen+ / VimpeX Gay Media)

    Studio: Vimpex

    Two really horny, and frisky twinks enjoy the great outdoors and each other after a trip to the stream and a swing from a tree. A closely shaved blonde is almost too eager as he devours his friend's cock in such a way it almost appears phony. His friend is slightly hairy, very cute, and has a thick cock. The blonde does all the work here as he continues to suck his friend off in the woods until he gets his chest covered in cum. The blonde jacks off onto his buddies chest and ends with the two embraced.
    The next scene finds two dark haired studs paired up. The two are in a blue weight room with a few weights strewn about but they're here to workout on each other and not lift that's for sure! After the two exchange blow jobs, which are pretty lackluster to say the least, Tommy Sem bends over the weight bench and offers his ass up to be fucked. There's not much passion or energy going on which brings the whole scene to a grinding halt unfortunately. It does pick up at the very end when our top delivers a huge mouthful of jizz to Tommy just before he jacks off himself.
    Two of the cutest twinks in the production are making out on a living room sofa. After a bit of foreplay the clothes come off and the two take turns wrapping their lips around each other's throbbing cocks. The guys are adorable and seem into one another. Eventually they fuck doggy style with the cuter of the two delivering a hard, raw, fuck. Like the "energizer bunny" it didn't seem like he was going to ever stop! Eventually he does and pulls out just in time to spray a load across his friends ass as he cums across the floor.
    Tommy Sem, who we saw walking in a grassy knoll in the beginning stops at a bench under a shelter to relieve himself. It's a simple, straightforward solo that doesn't amount to much except for the fact that he's cute and has a nice dick.
    The finale finds two slender twinks kissing and caressing one another in another living room. Again, some pretty standard stuff, but at least they seem into it. After some brief sucking the taller of the two rams his cock into his friends yearning, tight hole. Some nice fucking ensues with some good camera shots here and there. As the top pounds away he fingers his own hole that works him up into a frenzy until he explodes.
    Having been given better direction these twinks probably could've turned in one helluva performance, but it's really hit and miss. The third and fifth scenes were ok but the rest was pretty mediocre. The temptation wasn't so sweet.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:25:58
    Video: 720x480, DivX 4, 1172kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 825.3 MB

    Download Sweet Temptation (Luis Blava / 8Teen+ / VimpeX Gay Media)

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    The Seven Deadly Sins 1 Pride

    The Seven Deadly Sins 1 Pride

    Year: 2001
    Country: USA
    Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Daddies / Men,
    Bathroom / Tearoom Sex, Bodybuilders / Muscle Men,
    Handsome, Posing, Masturbation / Solo (Some),
    Military / Soldier, Threesomes / Threeways
    Length: 1:22:30
    Director: Dirk Yates
    Studio: All Worlds Video
    Starring: Duke Miller, Jeffrey Alan,
    Chad Donovan, Lance Landers, Frank Marine,
    Jackson Price, Rick Ritter, Eddie Rollan,
    Chris Steele, Spike, Nick Young

    Description: Even though pride is often defined as respect for one's own worth or dignity we sometimes confuse the virtue with vanity and narcissism. It is also one of the deadly sins (watch the Brad Pitt movie Seven for more on this). Director Dirk Yates themes this flick (his entry into All Worlds new series) around Miller's obsession with himself. Add a bit of Mardi Gras, a few hot military boys, a great cast and you have the recipe for a pretty steamy fuck flick. Miller, you see, is a gargantuan body builder who anchors this movie. In the opening scene the idea is planted when we see him stroke off to his own reflection. Miller fantasizes about himself. He then shoots a nice load onto the mirror. After putting on some jeans he wanders out onto his veranda to spy on Price and Rollan (a great find!) Going at it on the front step. Both blondes are adept cocksuckers who seem to genuinely dig one another. They make out and suck one another for a bit until they realize Miller is watching them. He offers to join in and they are quick to accept. Soon Price is being fucked by Rollan while sucking on the muscleman's cock. All of the guys shoot nice healthy loads, but Miller quickly snubs the dynamic duo, causing them to comment that he must think he is great. Other similar scenes follow, where Miller is on the periphery of the action. One such scene features delectable Young and a Mardi Gras pal. These two brunettes share a lot more than just beads. Young's pal works his incredible foreskin with delight. After having his ass eaten Young bends his buddy over and fucks him but good. After some filler shots of boys with beads (Mardi Gras, get it?) The action shifts to a pool hall where Yate's military boys decide to help one another out since they "can't find no pussy." These guys are cute and their scene is hot. One is tall with red hair and a big cock. One is a hottie with dark hair and big cock. The third is muscular with a big cock. Mutual stroking begets some fun cock sucking. Finally the red-headed jug head gets fucked, first by one military stud and then by the other. This scene scorches. Cameos by Spike and Chris Steele (who turns up for a full scene in a later installment) add texture to this flick. A hot bathroom romp between Miller and Donovan (he of the horse meat) wrap up the fuck fest.

    Format: MPEG
    Duration: 1:22:28
    Video: 352x288, 0x10000001, 1123kbps
    Audio: 218kbps

    File size: 822.9 MB

    Download The Seven Deadly Sins 1 Pride

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    The Violation Part 1 Seized (2000)

    The Violation Part 1: Seized (2000)

    Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Dildos, Fisting, Model, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Double Oral Penetration, Uncut Cocks, Latino Men, Outdoor Sex, Theme: Abduction/Held Captive/Kidnapping, Theme: Cruising/One-Night-Stands/Tricking
    Starring: Robert Balint, Scott Austin, Lance Gear, Roland Dane, Tanner Hayes, Alec Martinez, Jackson Price, Logan Reed, Colby Taylor, Antonio Vega
    Studio: Jocks Studios

    Wow! Ms. LaRue and Jocks Studios are on a roll. The Violation is another two part, can?t miss, sex-travaganza that could easily have been under the parent Falcon Studios line. Like a smorgasbord, there is something here to offer everyone. From romance and intrigue to sleaze and filth, this movie has it all in top-notch proportions.
    The plot centers on young lovers Taylor and Price. Taylor is an undisputable flavor of the month - see Blur (Mustang Pac 060) - and deservedly so. He is cute and enthusiastic, with a huge cock. He also tops and bottoms with equal aplomb.
    Here he serves as the top to blonde haired bottom boy Price. Something is amiss in their Shangri-La, it seems: Taylor can?t quite figure it out, but it might have something to do with Price tricking with delicious (and adorably bespectacled) Martinez.
    After making love with Taylor and tricking with Martinez, Price is found out when Martinez mistakenly answers the wrong cell phone. This discovery sends Taylor on a downspin at the same time that some criminals have escaped into the woods surrounding his home. Enough about the plot; suffice it to say that the sex with leave you catching your breath.
    A definitely sleazy scene has investigator Gear (shaved-head) completely working over Austin. The butt play and fisting is so intense that you almost forget the romance of the Price/Taylor pairing, or the intrigue of the Price/Martinez coupling. Gear certainly knows what he is doing. Another very hot scene features blindfolded Taylor enjoying a mutual jerk off with his sexy captor. This kitchen caper will leave you craving for the second part, where they inevitably do more than stroke in one another?s presence. Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 01:28:27
    Resolution: 640x480

    File size: 712.7 MB

    Download The Violation Part 1: Seized (2000)

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    Citi Boyz 63 Boner Buddies (2010)

    Citi Boyz 63: Boner Buddies (2010)

    Categories: All Solo Sex, Masturbation, Amateur, Twinks, Dildos, Big Cock, Flexing/Posing, Black Men, Latino Men, Interview/Talking to the Camera, Outdoor Sex, Piercing, Tattoo
    Starring: Aaron Armstrong, Andy Cortez, Brycen Cox, Chico, CJ Washington, Connor Beckett, Damian Cruz, Derek James, Donnie Brooks, Eric Austyn, Jordan Ashton, Krist Cummings, Landin West, Rico Aaron, Royelle, Shane Rogers, Travis West
    Studio: Citi Boyz

    Citi Boyz 63: Boner Buddies features more boys than you can shake a hard dick at. We assembled eighteen sizzling hot solo scenes in this two-disc set.
    18 year old Brycen Cox delivers a sexy solo performance. 18 year old Miami boy Chico gets hot, horny and hard, then strokes a big juicy load out of his gorgeous dick. 18 year old CJ Washington in a sexy solo jack off scene. Horny 21 year old Damian plays with his dildo while jacking off. The feeling of it in his mouth and ass helps him blow a big, creamy load. Eric Austyn pumps his big dick in and out of a Fleshjack. Don't you wish that Fleshjack was your mouth or ass? Krist Cummings loves the cold weather, so much so that he wanted to do his solo jack off scene outdoors in the snow, and he does. He finishes by fucking himself with an "icicle dildo". Kinky but effective, making for another hot "bonus scene". Hot solo jack off scene of Rico fucking a Fleshjack toy. Big thick cock. Juicy cumshot. Solo videos featuring the "Fleshjack" are all the rage these days, but what makes this solo scene different is (1) our model, Royelle, is using the "Count Cockula" version with fangs (fans of 'Twilight" will approve) and his dick is so long he has to take the cover off the other end. Shane strokes his big dick while checking out some porn on the computer.
    Aaron was in town for Twinkapalooza 2010 St. Louis and before he left he expressed his decision to return to Citiboyz and make more videos, so we started with this really hot solo he shot himself in "webcam style". Basically, we set up the camera for him and let him do his thing... not the normal Citiboyz style... but holy fuck it's hot. Here's an unique solo for you... combining a hot twink, a tanning bed and a Fleshjack, the popular jack off tool. This was Andy's first experience with a Fleshjack and he loved it, as evidenced by the massively juicy cumshot at the end. Smooth, sexy Connor gets horny, naked and beats off to a Citiboyz video (of course). Derek puts a Brent Everett (his porn on the computer and gets into his body. Soon he's feeling pretty horny, whips out his meat and jacks it to a creamy finish. 21 year-old Donnie Brooks enjoys some porn while jerking his thick nine inch dick. 18 year old Jordan gets naked and strokes out a nice cum load. This is a nice, pace solo including a lot of slow stripping. He's not very loud... doesn't make much sound... but very easy on the eyes. A really great solo scene from a super hot young 21 year old jock. Landin starts off kind of partial to keeping some clothes on (it was a little cold in the room) but his sexual heat eventually got the better of him and he strokes off a hot load while laying naked in bed. 22 year-old "bad boy" Ryan has a fetish about weight benches, specifically being shackled to one and fucked hard. Well, we had the weight bench... just not another model this day (he wants Giovanni Summers), but here's a hot solo for you. 19 year old Travis puts on a nice slow-paced solo show for us. This young man's blessed with a nice thick tube of boy flesh and he enjoys getting it hard and sensually stroking it for the camera, as you will see. Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 01:48:14
    Resolution: 720x404

    File size: 985.7 MB

    Download Citi Boyz 63: Boner Buddies (2010)

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    Damon Blows America 5 NewOrleans

    Damon Blows America 5 - NewOrleans

    Year: 2003
    Country: USA
    Genre: Oral, Group, Cum shots
    Length: 1:12:42
    Directed by: Paul Morris
    Studio: Treasure Island Media
    Starring: Damon Dogg, Free, Jay Long, Doyle, Rayman, Matt Hunter, Darren, Cory, Matt, Jake Cloud
    Description: Doyle, Free, and Jay Long, are already in an oral cum swapping session when we meet them at the beginning of this road series video. Punk stud Jay is on his knees servicing both guys in the middle of the Seattle woods. It is less then five minutes before he gets a creamy facial, which he wipes into his hand and eats off.
    Matt, Jake Cloud and Rayman are already in progress a few feet down the hill. Rayman and Jay become the cum guzzling bottoms for Jake and Matt and they definitely get their fill!
    Damon is back in the third scene, as we catch up with him while he is at Club Stud in Seattle. He is there to pick up a boy who is very eager to suck his cock and get on video. This boy is more than hungry for cock, he's also thirsty for cum. But so is Damon in the next scene, when he is on his knees for a rough trade straight boy looking for some good head.
    A rest area in Washington is our next scene where a hot head shaved boy jerks off and blasts his massive load, and I do mean massive! A strip bar in Seattle called R-Place is Damon's next stop. Doyle goes to town spinning around the barpole while Damon is at the Eagle on his knees sucking another hot boy's cock. He then heads to Club Z, a bath house, where he swallows a twink punk's load.
    Damon leaves Seattle headed for San Francisco, where he already has a threeway lined up, involving two straight boys. Jay Long joins Damon as they get to sucking on some straight, big cock. Not long after, Ben, a twink boy also joins the fun. Damon spits cum from the two straight boys and Ben into a shot glass. Cum hungry Jay Long eagerly drinks it down.
    Video Quality: VHSRip
    Video format: RM / RAM / RMVB
    Video Codec: RealVideo
    Audio codec: AAC
    Video: RealVideo 4 at 624 kbit / sec, 512 x 368 (1.391) at 29 fps
    Audio: AAC at 96,0 kbit / s, 2 channel (s), 44.1 kHz

    File size: 531.2 MB

    Download Damon Blows America 5 - NewOrleans

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    Down To Earth (2003 DVDRip)

    Down To Earth (2003/DVDRip)

    Release Year: 2003
    Studio: GAI Studios
    Cast: Billy Brandt, Dane Brando, Kurt Summers, Brad Hanson, Rico Suave, Art Trevis, Ryan Foxx, Travis Pinelli, Scott Curry, Damon West, Bobby Benson, Marc Sterling, Drew Axel, Robert Pine
    Genres: Twinks, Oral/Anal Sex, Big Dick, Threesome, Group, Outdoor, Masturbation, Cumshot
    Video language: English

    Down To Earth - Water, fire, wind, and now earth. GAI Studios brings us its newest release, DOWN TO EARTH, which completes its line of the 4 elements-themed videos. The most ambitious project to date with a cast of 20 has a story line and a DVD special that makes us gasp for air even though we are down to earth. Once again, GAI Studios delivers us some brand new beautiful faces never seen before, with half the cast being new, and superstar Billy Brandt after a 2-year hiatus with a roaring comeback, literally!? When Charlie (Ryan Foxx) leaves the country on an expedition to the South Pole, he leaves a video message for each of his close friends, in case he should not return. In the message, Charlie tells each of his friends that his two million dollar fortune is up for grabs, and each will have to win the race to find it. Brian (Billy Brandt), Charlie's house sitter, is the first to receive a video. But as greedy as he is for the money, will Charlie's gardener (Dane Brando) be able to sabotage him? It?s definitely worth a look; forget the fast forward buttons.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:37:53
    Video: 512x384, DivX 5, 1162kbps
    Audio: 54kbps

    File size: 880.6 MB

    Download Down To Earth (2003/DVDRip)

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    Darius Suave Fucks Tyler Sweet

    Darius Suave Fucks Tyler Sweet

    Release Year: 2012
    Genres: Anal/Oral Sex, First Times, Big Dick/Balls, Latin, Muscules, Blow Job, Cumshots
    Video language: English

    Darius Suave returns for his first fucking scene with Tyler Sweet. Darius has a big dick and a suave passionate manner, and he definitely brings out the best in Tyler. Tyler spends a long time sucking on Darius? beautiful thick Latin cock. Playing with the balls, Darius repeatedly deep throats, and every time he does you can see the look of pure enjoyment in Darius? face. Darius said afterward it is probably the best head he had ever gotten! Darius has been at full mast now for a while, and Tyler does not skip a beat before hopping on Darius for a hot ride. Tyler takes Darius like a champ, but before long Tyler finds out that Darius has some moves of his own! With an unexpected vigor, Darius grabs on to Tyler?s waist and begins slam-fucking him from beneath. At this point Tyler is pre-cumming furiously, loving every inch and stroke. Darius continues pounding Tyler in doggie and then on the floor. With Tyler?s feet in the air and his dick ramming Tyler?s hot little butthole, Darius increases the pace until Tyler shoots a load all over himself. Tyler?s awesome load is matched by Darius, who pulls out and makes sure every square inch of Tyler?s torso is covered in creamy jizz. Awesome Fuck!

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 24:47
    Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1781kbps
    Audio: 156kbps

    File size: 352.9 MB

    Download Darius Suave Fucks Tyler Sweet

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    Boys in the Sand (1971)

    Boys in the Sand (1971)

    Produced in: 1971
    Country: USA
    Genre: Vintage, Gay Feature, Anal Sex, Blowjob, Interracial, Oral Sex, Sex Toys
    Duration: 1:12:53
    Director: Wakefield Poole
    Studio: Poolemar

    Casey Donovan Peter Fisk Danny Di Cioccio Tommy Moore

    Boys in the Sand is composed of three segments set on Fire Island.
    * Bayside: The dark, bearded Peter Fisk walks along the wooded paths of the island until reaching a beach. He strips and sunbathes on a blanket. Suddenly, out in the water, the blond naked Donovan appears and runs up onto the beach to Fisk. Fisk performs oral sex on Donovan, who then leads Fisk into the woods. Fisk grabs the blanket and follows, catching up to Donovan in a clearing. They kiss and touch each other, then Donovan takes a studded leather strap from Fisk's wrist and attaches it around Fisk's genitalia. They continue the scene, with each performing oral sex on the other and Donovan penetrating Fisk. Following Donovan's climax he returns to servicing Fisk orally and, as Fisk is climaxing, momentary flashes of previous scenes are intercut. The scene ends with Fisk taking the strap from his genitals and attaching it around Donovan's wrist. Fisk runs into the ocean and vanishes, mirroring Donovan's entrance. Donovan dons Fisk's abandoned clothes and heads off down the beach.
    * Poolside: The segment opens with Donovan on a pier, holding a newspaper. He returns to his house, strips by the pool and begins reading. Intrigued by an ad in the back of the paper, Donovan writes a letter in response. After a number of days pass (marked by the cliche device of fluttering calendar pages), he receives a reply in the form of a package. Inside is a tablet, which he throws into the pool. The water starts to churn and the dark-haired Danny Di Cioccio emerges to Donovan's delight. The two couple by the pool, with each performing oral sex on the other and Donovan penetrating Di Cioccio in a variety of positions. Di Cioccio turns the tables and tops Donovan until Donovan's climax. The scene closes with the two engaged in horseplay in the pool and then walking off together down a boardwalk.
    * Inside: This final segment opens with shots of Donovan showering, toweling off and wandering around his room, intercut with shots of African-American telephone repairman Tommy Moore checking various poles and lines outside, Donovan spots Moore from his balcony. Moore sees Donovan as well. The remainder of the segment consists of Donovan's fantasized sexual encounters with Moore throughout the house intercut with shots of Donovan sniffing poppers and penetrating himself with a large black dildo. The segment ends following Donovan's climax with the dildo, with the real Moore coming inside the house and closing the door behind them.

    Video quality: DVDRip
    Video format: AVI
    Video codec: DivX
    Audio codec: MP3
    Video: DivX 5 640x480 29.97fps 994Kbps
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 133Kbps

    File size: 595.2 MB

    Download Boys in the Sand (1971)

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