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Thread: Gay Muscle Full Movies Studs New 2012 and Vintage

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    Description: "Are you ready to suck? This candy is hard, long and thick, and it will last a long time if you just keep sucking! Catalina Video is proud to present" The Hardest Hundred and Eight Minutes Of Your Life, "Jawbreaker . Catalina's biggest release of 1995 made a huge splash on the tastebuds of America. Award winning director Josh Eliot has brought together his vision of a great story and an enormous cast of 19 hot and hard Catalina men.
    There's a hole in the justice system and there's a bunch of hot, horny men itching to get out. Jeff Mitchell is the Sheriff and Chris Champion is the Deputy in town. Upholding the law and maintaining hard cocks is the agenda in this town. Jake, Tony, Rod, and Daryl are on the run, escaped from prison, and the only things that will help them along their journey are their hard bodies and hard cocks.
    Bo and Alex are in the county jail serving some time and servicing the Sheriff and his Deputy. JT, Dave, and Doug are enjoying a nice weekend of camping and teaching each other the wonders of outdoor man-sex. Chip, Scott, and Ty are farm boys who help out some convicts and get some heavy action in return. Troopers Hunter and Vince make Tony Idol squirm and scream for mercy as they interrogate him. Agents Diamond, Gallo and West are on the trail but get sidetracked in the courtroom.
    Gorgeous bodies, beautiful videography, great direction and Catalina Video all add up to bring you one of the best videos of 1995 - Jawbreaker. "

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:51:19
    Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 1106kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 1.0 GB

    Download Jawbreaker

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    Interludes (1982)

    Interludes (1982)

    Year: 1982
    Genre: Vintage, Bareback, Pre-condom, Rimming, Group Sex, Facials, Big Cocks
    Duration: 01:00:17
    Studio: Le Salon, Cosco Studio
    Cast: Al, Bill, Billy, Bob, Danny, Joe, Keith, Miles, Phil, Steve, Todd, Tony

    Scene 1. Miles & Billy, Interludes 1
    Miles is a hot body builder who's running in a local park where Billy works as a gardner. Billy's huge basket catches Miles' eye, and Billy is stunned by Miles' incredible body and ass. Our film opens with Miles trying to eat Billy's huge hard on, while Billy lubes Miles' ass with his tongue before plunging his meat into Miles' wet willing hole. A frenzied bout of fucking brings Billy to a blasting climax on Miles' washboard stomach.

    Scene 2. Keith & Todd, Interludes 2
    Todd's a real estate agent who meets cowboy Keith at a local rodeo. Back at Todd's hotel room our film begins with Todd sucking Keith's long wrangler cock down to the balls, first with his mouth and then with his tight ass, riding Keith's dick until it shoots all over his well fucked ass. Next it's Todd's turn as he rams his fat meat into Keith's upturned butt until he blows his big load too.

    Scene 3. Joe & Bill, Interludes 3
    After finishing up the wiring and carpeting jobs they are doing on a remodeled Victorian, Joe and Bill can't resist working on each other's big dicks. Our film opens with some hot mutual cock sucking. Then Bill works Joe's ass over with his mouth before he sinks his thick rod into him for a long deep fuck. Joe can't resist sitting on Bill's hot greasy ass stretcher for a long ride, then switching to Bill's face before his own big long cock shoots a heavy load.

    Scene 4. Danny & Phil, Interludes 4
    Phil's working his favorite corner in the Tenderloin, but is distracted by Danny, a lanky, tattooed straight who hits on him for a joint, and they head for Phil's place to get high. Phil works fast, and our film opens with him greedily sucking e of the biggest cocks he's ever had. Danny gets into it by face fucking his host. The tables turn as Danny gets his first taste of a big uncut cock and hairy asshole, until Phil ton pumps Danny's virgin ass till he shoots all over the straight kid.

    Scene 5. Al & Bob, Interludes 5
    When two young college kids get together for a few beers the conversation usually turns to sex, and uninhibited talk soon leads to uninhibited action. Our camera finds Al and Bob satisfying their big appetites between each other's legs until Al's round butt attracts Bob's tongue and long thick headed cock. Several fucking positions later both guys blow their big loads all over each other.

    Scene 6. Steve & Tony, Interludes 6
    Steve, a carpenter who's working on a roof, spots a hot young number watching him from a patio next door, smiling and gesturing with a squeeze of his bulging basket. Steve drops his tools to drop over, and our film begins with Steve working his tool into Tony's willing mouth. Sucking, rimming, a 69, and heavy mutual fucking brings Steve off on Tony's well plowed butt.

    Format: AVI
    Video: 640 x 320 (2:1), 25.000 fps
    Audio: 44,1 kHz, 2 ch, ~96.00 kbps avg

    File size: 698.2 MB

    Download Interludes (1982)

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    The Seven Deadly Sins 8 Redemption

    The Seven Deadly Sins 8: Redemption

    Year: 2001
    Country: United States
    Genre: Outdoor sex, Rimming, Fetish, Masturbation, Anal / Oral sex, Cum shots, Group sex / orgies
    Length: 1:39:45
    Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue, Dan Cross, Dirk Yates, Doug Jeffries, Michael Zen, Thor Stephans, Wash West
    Studio: All Worlds Video

    Description: The award-winning Seven Deadly Sins series comes to a close with Redemption, revealing the final chapter for each of the sexy sinners.

    Hunky Duke Miller has a little too much Pride in himself and when he takes on leather stud Chris Steele he gets a little more than he bargained for. After getting all worked up about the of ??getting fucked by a big cock, Chris is disappointed to say the least in Duke, so he turns the tables on him and takes charge. Chris wastes no time burying his tongue in Duke's pink little hole. After getting Duke fired up, Chris shows him what a real big dick looks like and gives his ass a pounding he won't soon forget and then sprays his load all over Duke's smooth body.

    Blake Harper's insatiable Lust meets its match when his coveted painting of Jason Branch comes to life and the two hairy studs unleash the fires of their sexual passions. The two take turns sucking each other's cocks furiously and then fucking one another into a frenzy that leaves Blake covered with both of their creamy loads of cum.

    Paul Carrigan's Envy of youth turns to an obsession after a bathhouse trick tells him he is too old. To reclaim his youth, Paul trades his successful career for a chance to reclaim his youth and good looks so that he can be with Ryan Scott. As the young Paul Carrigan, super sexy Jason Hawke hooks up with Ryan at the bathhouse and literally fucks the cum out of Ryan. Jason in turn blows his load over Ryan's smooth lean body and asks the young beauty to be his boyfriend. However when fate steps in, Jason learns that sometimes you should be careful what you ask for.

    A simple curiosity leads to a sexual obsession for Tommy Lord and the young hunk falls victim to his own Greed. After his friend, Aaron Parker, decides that Tommy has become too much of a greedy little cocksucker he decides to cut Tommy off sexually. Tommy however will have none of that and brings in Eli Horst and Robert Collins to teach Aaron a lesson he won't forget. Eli is the first to have his way with Aaron, eating his ass out then fucking him like a mad man and finally forcing Aaron to jerk him off. Then Tommy comes in with Robert and the two studs grudge fuck Aaron and in the end leave him covered in their hot loads.

    Steve Cassidy becomes a victim of his own sexual Sloth, falling into a constant dream like state where all he does is lay around day and night caught up in a fantasy world of sexual escapades. Trapped in his dream world he is joined by Chad Johnson, JJ Bond and Andrew Addams. Together the four studs worship one another's cocks; eventually hung studs JJ and Chad fuck Steve and Andrew.

    After taking out his Wrath on his employees, Kyle Lewis has the tables turned on him when abused barbacks Chad Thomas and Damon Stavros corner him in a dark alley. After forcing Kyle to service them both Chad bends over so Kyle can lick his hot shaved asshole. Then Damon rapes Kyle's ass in the alley while Chad taunts Kyle, stroking his hard cock in his face.

    Finally Eric Hanson, who became caught up in the Gluttony of his everlasting youth and porn career that spanned five decades, is transported back to 1968, the year his career began, in a simple black and white jack off film. The toned stud caresses his body for the camera, stroking his cock and eventually spewing an impressive load that is left dripping down his cock and hand.

    File size: 994.9 MB

    Download The Seven Deadly Sins 8: Redemption

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    Fuck Me Sir (2000 DVDRip)

    Fuck Me Sir (2000/DVDRip)

    Release Year: 2000
    Studio: SX Video
    Cast: Cameron Cruise, Anthony DeAngelo,
    Genres: Anal, Oral, Bareback, Fetish
    Video language: English

    Real guys go at it again. This time, there are three hung tops and their three submissive bottoms. In true classic Gaslamp form, this is all raw bareback fucking with no condoms!
    SCENE ONE: Cameron Cruise and Anthony DeAngelo decided to do their first bareback scene for Gaslamp Video. You have seen them in mainstream porn, but this is the first time they have fucked raw for the camera. They fuck hard and talk nasty. These guys are real life lovers, so their sex is constantly hot and nasty. They loved doing their bareback video and it shows. Cameron can't get enough of Anthony's cock. He gets fucked over and over, and he even loves to suck Anthony's cock after it has been in his ass. Anthony shoots his load up Cameron?s ass and then Cameron cleans him off with his mouth. Of course that isn't enough, Cameron has to give his load down Anthony's throat.
    SCENE TWO: In this intense master/salve scene, the top ties up his boy and makes him lick him all over, suck his huge cock and balls, and makes him beg to get fucked. And they fuck hard. There is lots of hardcore, bareback fucking in this video. The bottom cums when the huge cock keeps pumping his ass. But that doesn't stop the top from fucking; he keeps going until he shoots his load up the bottom's ass. He then tells his boy to shoot it back out ... and he does ?a huge load dripping out of his ass. A very hot scene!
    SCENE THREE: A bareback scene with guys who like to fuck without condoms. Not actors, but just a pair of guys who love to fuck. Their passion is intense. They fuck like rabbits, hard and fast, and not a condom in site. They shoot like crazy, slurping up each other's cum.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:36:27
    Video: 544x384, XviD, 1075kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 856.3 MB

    Download Fuck Me Sir (2000/DVDRip)

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    Welcome Home Daddy (DVDRip 1993)

    Welcome Home Daddy (DVDRip 1993)

    Release Year: 1993
    Country USA
    Studio: Bijou Classics
    Cast: David (bw), Mr. Egan, Bob Benson, Wolfmeyer (bw)
    Genres: Compilation, Anal, Oral, Daddies, Twinks, Vintage

    Description:This Bijou video compilation collects four scenes featuring older, beefy, mustachioed men wrangling and tangling with young bucks. The "daddies" dominate the proceedings with their size, strength, and need to penetrate. Whether paying the paperboy in cock or offering failing students a surefire way to pass these scorchin' slices of masculinity give their all. The scenes are all from the Seventies and early Eighties so they are pre-condom and shot on film. The quality (and sometimes the music) isn't exactly wonderful, but the sex is.
    The first scene begins with some footage of a stereotypical teen delivering newspapers. He goes to the home of one of his customers to get paid. The customer is a sandy-haired, mustachioed businessman with a penetrating gaze. He takes out his checkbook; within a few seconds his hand stops writing and he squeezes the Paper Boy's hand. The music kicks in full force (the flute is kickin'!) and Paper Boy drops his tight jeans to reveal a smooth, but slightly jiggly, rump. Daddy drops to his knees and swallows the boy's impressive piece. Paperboy bends over the dining room table so Business Daddy can tongue his hairless hole and jack his big beef. Daddy forcefully fucks Paperboy, in three positions, while kneading and slapping his ass. While Paperboy is riding Daddy, he jerks off to orgasm; this doesn't stop Daddy, though-he keeps on bangin' away 'til he's good and ready to shoot his shot. He does, but not until Paper Boy licks his balls and hole. The second segment is somewhat dark, not cinematographically, but in mood and tone. A swarthy middle-aged man in a maroon shirt and tie leads a lanky brunette into an office of sorts. Once there, the repetitive electronic music swells, adding an odd tension, and the clothes come off. The shots of their various sexual activities are very tight, almost abstract; it's a teeny bit scary and a lot exciting. The older gentleman has got one hell of a hog between his legs--huge and inviting. The young man, like the teen in the first scene, also gets plowed on a desk. This time it's even more dramatic, with the older guy scrunching up his face and lifting the boy into the air. Dramatic is an apt term to describe the third, and best, sequence. Two blondes, you guessed it, one young and lithe, the other older and mustachioed, make like super-powered sodomites when the young one discovers that he has to suck his teacher's cock in order to receive a passing grade on an exam. Teacher commands Student to drop his drawers and show off his ass. Then he's told to make like a vacuum and suck snake. Man oh man...these two have giant wieners! They jerk each other a little, share blowjob duties, and then go fuck wild. Teacher holds Student's ankles and practically splits him in two! As an added bonus they cum simultaneously. It doesn't get much better than that.


    Duration: 01:06:14
    VIDEO: 640x480 at 25.000 fps, MPEG-4 Visual@ DivX 5, 1534 Kbps
    AUDIO: 48.0 KHz, MPEG Audio@MP3, 2 ch, 128 Kbps

    File size: 726.9 MB

    Download Welcome Home Daddy (DVDRip 1993)

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    Encounters 4 On The Job

    Encounters 4 - On The Job

    Release Year: 2006
    Studio: Lucas Entertainment
    Cast: Spencer Quest, Jack Bond, Chad Hunt, Brad Star, Vin Nolan, Pete Ross, Ryann Wood, Wilson Vasquez, Manuel Torres
    Genres: Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Rimming, Group

    The premise of the ENCOUNTERS series of videos from Lucas Entertainment is simple - everyday situations that present men with a chance to hook up. This latest fourth installment is no exception to the fantastic sex that's been showcased in prior editions.
    The first scene, entitled "Stock Options", features Spencer Quest and Jack Bond in the world of high finance who can't resist each other in the private office. Spencer aggressively sucks on Jack's large cock. Still mostly clothed, Jack returns the favor, then bends Spencer over and rims out his incredible ass. With most of their clothes still on, Jack slips on a rubber and slips inside Spencer, giving him the pounding that he's used to as the hungry bottom that he is. Spencer, however, shows us his versatility as well, bending Jack over the desk and eating out his hole in preparation for his dick. Spencer lays a good fuck into Jack before Spencer gets on bottom again for a missionary fuck from Jack. I love watching men flip!
    "Wide Receiver" starts off with a football game amongst friends. Buddies Chad Hunt and Brad Star retire to Chad's apartment, where Chad offers to give Brad what his girlfriend won't, namely a great blowjob. Brad reluctantly agrees and soon enough Chad's deepthroating Brad's large cock (though not as large as Chad's truly ginormous cock) while Brad watches straight porn. Chad eats out Brad's smooth fuckhole as well, before plunging his HUGE fuckstick inside that tight hole. They fuck in a few positions before Chad fucks a load out of Brad and jerks off his own load.
    In "Bar Back", bartender Vin Nolan can't resist the moves by Pete Ross. The two start messing around before retiring to the bathroom where they start to strip and suck. Vin tops Pete in a few positions, with Pete's hard cock bouncing wildly with each trust, before Vin gives Pete a facial and then makes out with him while Pete jerks off his own load.
    The final scene's a threeway and entitled "El Maricon". Handsome whiteboy Ryann Wood is working from home when his electricity goes out. Repairmen Wilson Vasquez and Manuel Torres show up to make repairs. Wilson's suspicions that Ryann is gay are confirmed when he spots "Men's Health" and "People" magazines on the table. Funny! (Nevermind the pictures of half-naked men around the apartment.) Wilson and Manuel have no problem seducing Ryann. Who could resist these two HUNG handsome Latino studs? Ryann starts out blowing both pieces of uncut dark horsemeat before all three men suck on each other's dicks. Manuel rims out Ryann's beautiful hole before he plunges his fuckstick up that hole, all the while Ryann sucks on Wilson's cock. Wilson takes his turn in Ryann's as as well before all three men jerk off their loads.
    All in all, a very satisfying video. Nothing spectacular, but the scenes were definitely enjoyable. If you enjoyed other videos in this series, you'll undoubtedly enjoy this one as well.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 2:03:06
    Video: 624x368, XviD, 920kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 950.7 MB

    Download Encounters 4 - On The Job

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    Beached (1996)

    Beached (1996)

    Categories: Classic, Oral/Anal Sex, Straight Men, Surfer Dudes, Blondes, Big Cock, Outdoor Sex, Cumshot, Fetish, Masturbation, Piercing, Voyeurism, Tattoo, Theme: Cruising/One-Night-Stands/Tricking, Theme: Romance
    Starring: Jake Cannon, Drew Nolan, Troy Halston, Ethan-Michael Ayers, Marcus Day, Ricky Star
    Studio: All Worlds Video

    Surfers looking for, finding, and making love on the beaches. One of Jake Cannon's first movies, he hits the beach, runs into surfer stud Drew Nolan and recounts his sexual trysts. Chi Chi LaRue directs, so you know you'll see lots of hot cocks in and out of sweet butts and hungry mouths. Surf's up... and so are these huge cocks.
    Jake Cannon had it all, a beautiful home and sexy boyfriend Troy Halston. The two are at their home in San Diego when some simple kissing leads to Jake sucking off his sexy blond boyfriend. As the intensity heats up Troy rips Jake's pants off of him and eagerly rims Jake's pink hole until he's begging to be fucked. After giving him the drilling he's been waiting for Troy unloads his cum all over Jake's smooth chest.
    But it turns out that it was all a lie and Troy has been screwing around with Ethan-Michael Ayers on the side and when Jake walks in on the two in the middle of sucking one another he realizes that his is over. Ethan and Troy carry on though, oblivious to what has happened and the two end up 69ing with Ethan expertly rimming Troy's ass while Troy eagerly sucks Ethan's cock, pushing him over the edge before the two ever get around to fucking.
    When Jake confronts Troy about cheating on him Troy just kicks him out of the house, leaving him homeless to wander the beaches of San Diego. But it's on the beach where he meets sexy surfer Drew Nolan. When Jake tells his story to Drew, Drew is shocked to hear that Jake is gay. When Jake asks if Drew is cool with it Drew tells Jake about finding his roommates Marcus Day and Ricky Star going at it in the back yard and it was so hot that he beat off to it. The two studs take turns sucking one another and then rimming each other. Drew finally blows his load while watching Marcus fuck Ricky.
    Drew ends up asking Jake if he wants to crash at his place until he finds a place to stay, but when the clothes come off and the two blond surfers begin making out it's obvious this isn't going to be just a sleepover. After sucking Drew until he is rock hard, Jake lets the surfer stud play with his ass and fuck him until he blows a creamy load all over his chest. Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 01:18:47
    Resolution: 704x528

    File size: 852.1 MB

    Download Beached (1996)

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    Think Big 1


    Year: 1989
    Country: United States
    Genre: All Sex, Anal, Oral, Solo, Classic
    Length: 1:26:29
    Director: Dirk Yates
    Studio: Seabag Productions, All Worlds Video
    Starring: Allen Shea, Butch Taylor, David Ashfield, Geoffrey Spears, Nick Fabrini, Paul Coder, Rick Donovan, Rodd Donovan, Todd Grey

    A late 80s video from Seabag, Dirk Yates' outfit in San Diego, which tries for once to go beyond the usual sailor / US Marine-on-a-weekend-pass scenario to take a look at the behind-the-scenes of the gay porn "industry". In other words, this is another of those casting couch films, quite literally in the David Ashfield scene. Rodd, Rick's cousin, just graduated from high school, has watched his videos and he is convinced he's got what it takes to "make it big" in gay porn. Beside Rodd's letter to Rick that we see at the beginning, the whole film is narrated by the voiceover of one of Rodd's "buddies" (who's probably 20 years his senior). The final chance meeting of the two (they've been staying at the same hotel and run into eah other in the "all-male spa") is particularly anticlimactic due to Rick Donovan's as per usual limited range: he is the only one not to suck cock in this movie.
    Rick Donovan introduces his bigger cousin Rodd Donovan. The sensational story of an excessively endowed young man and his quest for XXX-Rated stardom, takes him on a hedonistic journey through the alleys of porn heaven.
    1. Rick Donovan solo
    Rick Donovan's solo is a short early clip of his, more or less jerking off in a jacuzzi (he doesn't have a cumshot), said by the voiceover to come from a big hit of his, "Military Maneuvers", which is unknown to this database.
    2. David Ashfield OgrAt, Allen Shea OgrAb
    3. Todd Grey OgrAbRr, Rodd Donovan OgrAtRg
    4. Geoffrey Spears OgrAb, Paul Coder Ogr
    Geoffrey takes a large two-headed dildo.
    5. Rodd Donovan solo
    With auto-fellatio.
    6. Nick Fabrini OgrAt, Butch Taylor OgrAb
    7. Rick Donovan OrMgr, Rodd Donovan OgMgr

    Video Quality: VHSRip
    Video format: MPEG
    Video codec: MPEG1
    Audio codec: MP2
    Video: MPEG 1, 352x288 (4 / 3), 25.000 fps, 1150 Kbps (0.440 bit / pixel)
    Audio: MP2, 44.1 KHz, 2 ch, 224 Kbps, CBR

    File size: 862.5 MB

    Download Think_Big_1

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    Boys Will Be Boys

    Boys Will Be Boys

    Release Year: 2006
    Studio: Xtreme Productions
    Cast: Tyler Berke, Jarod Steel, Josh Vonn, Steve Stella, Tyler Bradley, Hunter Wylde, Sean Corwin, Davis Holden
    Genres: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Twinks

    Follow these young fresh-faced and extremely oversexed young men as their dicks get very friendly with their buddies. Whether it's long-term or a brief fling...nothin's more fun and satisfying than screwin' around with your best friend or buddy. Suckin' face, suckin' dick, and crammin' ass...till you and he blow your loads...ahhh! Life's good.

    Sean Corwin & Josh Vonn
    Hotties Sean and Josh make this scene a must see. The two boys begin kissing on the bed before Sean becomes too aroused and moves down to suck on Josh?s cock. Josh loves it as you see his cock throb. Once he has all he can take from Sean?s mouth, he flips him over and begins to plow his ass. The boys then move from missionary to Sean on his stomach as Josh continues to slide his cock in and out. The boys then flip onto their backs where they blow loads all over them selves.

    Tyler Bradley & Hunter Wylde
    Tyler and Hunter begin this scene making out on the bed. Tyler rubs Hunter?s body and then makes his way down to his cock. Tyler sucks on his cock and then gets faced fucked on his back by Hunter. Hunter slides down Tyler?s body and slides his hard cock into his tight ass hole. Tyler moans as he gets his ass pounded. Hunter then flips Tyler over and fucks him some more before they shoot their loads onto their stomachs.

    Steve Stella & Davis Holden
    Steve and Davis are two straight boys that love to masturbate. The two friends came into our studios to put on a little show for our viewers. As the two jerk off you can tell they are getting hornier and hornier. Davis decides to give his buddy?s arm a rest and lends a hand to Steve, and begins to stroke his cock. The two boys have beautiful cock and great cum shots. If you love straight guys you?ll love this.

    Tyler Berke & Jarod Steel
    Tyler and Jarod make this a great fuck scene. Tyler kisses Jarod and takes off his shirt. He makes his way down Jarod?s abs to his pants where he reveals a nice cockunder his pants. He sucks on his cock and then takes it up his tight ass. Jarod pounds his ass and then cums all over his chest. Tyler then lays back and cums all over himself.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:32:53
    Video: 480x352, XviD, 892kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 699.8 MB

    Download Boys Will Be Boys

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    Preppy Summer (Laguna Pacific Catalina Video 1985) VOD

    Preppy Summer (Laguna Pacific / Catalina Video - 1985) VOD

    Release Year: 1985
    Studio: Laguna Pacific / Catalina Video
    Cast: Rex Donahue, Dane Ford, David Calvin, Joe Craig, Ken Kerns, Larry Richards, Lee Mann, Mark Kline, Mike Gibson, Perry Field, Tim Richards
    Genres: vintage, pre-condom, young men, solo, masturbation, oral, anal, rimming, selfsuck, outdoors, threesome, foursome, group
    Video language: English

    An innovative and erotic film from the expert William Higgins.
    A certified classic, the highlight of Preppy Summer is probably the scene between Lee and Rex as they're all dolled up in tuxedos. It's one of the hottest straight guy seductions you'll see. Lots of realistic hot dialogue over the sex. ("You got Calvins!")
    Legendary director William Higgins has produced some of his most playful youthful action in the Cataline / Laguna Pacific pre-condom classic Preppy Summer.
    Ken Kerns and Tim Richards share a fun romp in the pool that leads to swim suits dropping and huge cocks popping. Tim's brother Larry Richards spies the pair in the pool from his upstairs window. Larry starts a slow, seductive jack off session but doesn't get far before he's joined by the pair from the pool. Three-way play ensues including Tim throwing an eager fuck into Ken's quivering boy-hole.
    There is more three-way action when Mark Kline, Joe Craig and David Calvin attack each other's young-guy boners. Joe sets up the action so he can rim and fuck both Mark and David. The guys shoot their loads, but there is still time for Joe to fuck David one more time, which produces another round of flying boy-goo.
    Handsome and hunky (and former "In Touch" centerfold) cover man Rex Donahue has a surprise for Lee Mann. It's right there in his pants and Lee takes every inch of it up his shapely blond-boy ass. Next up is another round of double cum-pumping three-way action. Ken Kerns and Lee Mann are back, joined by adorably cute Mike Gibson. Mike and Lee rim and suck Ken to get him ready for a hearty fucking. All the guys spew their spunk. Lee's ready for some ass pounding and Mike gives it to him. The guys all cum again.
    It's back to the pool for some underwater boy-fun with Tim and Larry Richards, Perry Field, and Dane Ford. The underwater cum shots are a William Higgins trademark! For a refreshing glimpse of early '80s boy-fun, cum and make it Preppy Summer.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:27:55
    Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1149kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 746.8 MB

    Download Preppy Summer (Laguna Pacific / Catalina Video - 1985) VOD

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