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Thread: Gay Muscle Full Movies Studs New 2012 and Vintage

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    Damon Blows America 4 Seattle

    Damon Blows America 4 - Seattle

    Year: 2003
    Country: USA
    Genre: Oral, Group, Cum shots
    Length: 1:12:42
    Directed by: Paul Morris
    Studio: Treasure Island Media
    Starring: Damon Dogg, Free, Jay Long, Doyle, Rayman, Matt Hunter, Darren, Cory, Matt, Jake Cloud
    Description: Doyle, Free, and Jay Long, are already in an oral cum swapping session when we meet them at the beginning of this road series video. Punk stud Jay is on his knees servicing both guys in the middle of the Seattle woods. It is less then five minutes before he gets a creamy facial, which he wipes into his hand and eats off.
    Matt, Jake Cloud and Rayman are already in progress a few feet down the hill. Rayman and Jay become the cum guzzling bottoms for Jake and Matt and they definitely get their fill!
    Damon is back in the third scene, as we catch up with him while he is at Club Stud in Seattle. He is there to pick up a boy who is very eager to suck his cock and get on video. This boy is more than hungry for cock, he's also thirsty for cum. But so is Damon in the next scene, when he is on his knees for a rough trade straight boy looking for some good head.
    A rest area in Washington is our next scene where a hot head shaved boy jerks off and blasts his massive load, and I do mean massive! A strip bar in Seattle called R-Place is Damon's next stop. Doyle goes to town spinning around the barpole while Damon is at the Eagle on his knees sucking another hot boy's cock. He then heads to Club Z, a bath house, where he swallows a twink punk's load.
    Damon leaves Seattle headed for San Francisco, where he already has a threeway lined up, involving two straight boys. Jay Long joins Damon as they get to sucking on some straight, big cock. Not long after, Ben, a twink boy also joins the fun. Damon spits cum from the two straight boys and Ben into a shot glass. Cum hungry Jay Long eagerly drinks it down.
    Video Quality: VHSRip
    Video format: RM / RAM / RMVB
    Video Codec: RealVideo
    Audio codec: AAC
    Video: RealVideo 4 at 624 kbit / sec, 512 x 368 (1.391) at 29 fps
    Audio: AAC at 96,0 kbit / s, 2 channel (s), 44.1 kHz

    File size: 379.9 MB

    Download Damon Blows America 4 - Seattle

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    Year: 2000
    Genre: Anal, Oral, Duo, Group Sex, Orgy, Uniforms Athletes
    Length: 1:24:29
    Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
    Studio: Jocks Studios
    Starring: Addison Scott, Cameron Fox, Matt Skyler, Caesar, Thom Barron, Alec Martinez, Bryce Landon, Kevin Miles, Clint Cooper, Jacob Wood, Gus Grant, Leo Bramm.

    Description: Chi Chi Larueadds another monosyllabic entry (see also Blur, Bang!, Or Soaked) to the Falcon catalogue with Sprung, starring Addison Scott and Caesar as a couple of escaped convicts.
    Alec Martinez is the fresh faced prisoner who helps them escape by "distracting" the guards (Thom Barron and Gus Grant). I was expecting a bit more in the way of kinky domination porn, seeing as how Barron and Grant are both a couple of uniform wearing Germans. But Martinez's ass-to-mouth reaming with a nightstick is as kinky as it gets.
    The escapees steal some clothes and con their way into the home of Cameron Fox and Matt Skyler. After Fox takes Caesar out back to have a look at the pool, Addison Scott pounces on the unsuspecting Skyler. He's in for some seriously degrading rough stuff, as Addison forces him to suck cock and eat ass. There's a lot of spitting, smacking, and aggravated manhandling here. At one point, the bald top stuffs a bandanna up Skyler's ass, then he pulls it out and gags him with it. Addison fucks the totally submissive bottom standing up, lying down, and doggie style, then he ties him up so he can ransack the place.
    Meanwhile, Cameron Fox is having an easier time with Caesar. The boyish muscle hunk seduces the big dicked preppy, bottoming for him out by the pool. The action here is a gentle contrast to the fierceness of the previous scene.
    By the time Officer Clint Cooper comes looking for the escapees, their intended victims are all too willing accomplices. Cameron rounds up his buddies to create another diversion so that Addison and Caesar can make another getaway.
    This leads to a bang-up orgy scene with standout performances from Bryce London and Leo Bramm. London makes a simple line sound like a dick tickling come-on. "I'm 23 today. Wanna help celebrate?" And before you know it, Officer Cooper's surrounded by a roomful of cock-sucking twenty-somethings. Two of these lucky bone smokers (Kevin Miles and Jacob Wood) can even suck their own dicks. Luscious Leo, whose smooth ass is sheer perfection, gives it up during a round of butt fucking. Then he lets the rest of the gang cum all over his chiseled torso.
    As far as the plot goes, it's a little on the clunky side. The action is a bit average to start with, but it gradually builds to an intense finish. The final orgy scene makes the whole movie. If you like it rough, you'll enjoy this movie.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:24:29
    Video: 480x352, DivX 5, 1032kbps
    Audio: 78kbps

    File size: 690.9 MB

    Download Sprung

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    Double Czech Twins In Lust (William Higgins, William Higgins Productions)

    Double Czech - Twins In Lust (William Higgins, William Higgins Productions)

    Release Year: 2010
    Studio: William Higgins Productions
    Cast: Adam Richter, Dlouhan, Konrad Richter, Libor Kenda, Milan Jusko, Rudolf Schneider, Thomas Dyk
    Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Twins, Group, Young Man

    Identical twins Adam and Konrad Richter - last seen in Double Czech 2009 - are back in Double Czech: Twins in Lust from director William Higgins. It's a beautiful day in the verdant Eastern European countryside and the brothers decide to take a picnic on a walk in the beautiful outdoors. Instead of eating a pack lunch they start nibbling on each other and their lust pushes them into a brotherly flip-flop incestuous fuck. Amazingly built muscle stud Rudolf Schneider discovers them taking sunbathing in the nude. The twins help oil up his entire body, including his thick uncut cock. Rudolf impales them both with a long two-headed dildo he brought with him before power-fucking them.
    Stopping at a farm for a quick rinse, the twins meet hot farmboy Thomas Dyk. Thomas can't keep his mouth off of them as he alternates between sucking their cocks and eating their holes before he train fucks one twin while he fucks his brother. The grapes are in season at Milan Jusko's vineyard and the brothers delight in eating them off his ripped body. Both twins receive a rough ass-slapping fuck as Milan pounds their tight holes. The movie culminates with a hot foursome as the twins are joined by Dlouhan and Libor Kenda. Both twins are fucked in unison by the studs before the final messy cumshot that leaves them sticky and spent.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:38:21
    Video: 1920x1080, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 1400kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 938.6 MB

    Download Double Czech - Twins In Lust (William Higgins, William Higgins Productions)

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    Bijou Thunderheads

    Bijou - Thunderheads

    Jeff Colt, dressed in cowboy gear, is hitchhiking and gets picked up by a young motorist. He takes him back to a friend's basement dungeon. There, they chain the motorist up over a barrel and proceed to fuck and suck and rim him before moving him to the bed to be hoisted in the air by rope and pulley restraints for more fucking. Colt, the one doing the fucking in this scene, gushes major cum between the ass cheeks of the motorist at the end of this scene.

    In the next scene, the friend then gets picked up by yet another motorist, and they agree to meet at Pershing Square the next day. When they meet, they go to the local public tearoom of course, but find it a bit crowded and leave. In the restroom, one guy checks out another at the urinal, they jack off, another joins them, and by the time this scene ends seven guys are lined up in a daisy chain fuck (obviously faked, as one does not see any penetration shots). This veritable orgy features several of guys: a businessman, a leatherman, a sailor, a surfer, a hardhat, and assorted hippy Colt then arrives late to watch the orgy; he jacks off until the surfer splits up from the group to give him head. Colt produces a long money shot.

    The friend and the second motorist drive out to a secluded farm and sneak into the barn. They strip and begin some oral action, but the scene really takes off when a cute farmboy (Sammy Bond) sneaks in on them and jerks off behind a bale of hay. Bond soon joins in and fucks the friend.

    In the next scene, the friend, the second motorist, farmboy and a sailor from the park restroom end up back at the dungeon. In a twist ending, they all turn on macho cowboy Colt and top him.

    ?One of the shortest films in the Jaguar library, Thunderheads, at sixty-two minutes, is also one of the studio's most consistently sexual productions. There is minimal narrative content in this view of a footloose hitchhiker (Jeff Colt) who makes his way from one sexual adventure to another, and so the picture feels much more like a collection of loops than a story film....The explicit action is mostly first-rate, and so the viewer loses one facet and gains another....Bond possessed an inviting screen presence, and one senses that at the time of this fling, he was discovering his own sex pig for one can almost see him dropping his inhibitions along with his jeans.?

    Duration : 01:02:09
    Resolution : 640x480
    Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 1 548 Kbps, 29.970 fps

    File size: 751.0 MB

    Download Bijou - Thunderheads

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    Strokes To Seduction

    Strokes To Seduction

    Release Year: 2001
    Studio: Studio 2000
    Cast: Ladislav Pekar, Josef Sladek, Boris Tomek, Alan Anthony, Bruno Jorgov, David Merkl, Michal Vlk, Jens Damm, Riky Mar
    Genres: oral, anal, group sex
    Video language: English

    The description:

    The film revolves around the absolute adorable, blonde hair, blue eyed, Ladislav Pekar, who arrives to live at a cottage just filled with hunky tenants. I'm not sure if that's his real name, but it suits him well once you see him butt naked that's for sure! With a winning smile, a body to die for and a great cock, he's one hell of a performer! Anyway, after he arrives, he is off to the countryside to do some landscape painting.
    Meanwhile, Alan Anthony and Michal Vlk are camping and after they pitch their tent (in more ways then one), they are taking turns sucking on each other's big, erect cocks. After lapping up each other's dicks, they proceed with some 69 action before taking turns jerking off. Alan covers Michal in a sea of cum and it's quite hot!
    In-between scenes, we see Ladislav continuing his painting. Alan stays by the camp, and I'm not sure what happened to Michal, but the next thing you know David Merkl comes by and asks Alan if he's horny and wants to suck his cock. Well it does not take any arm twisting and Alan is down on David in a hearbeat. They both jerk off and then Alan proceeds to fuck David doggie style, lying on his stomach and later on his back. There are great penetration shots here and throughout the film. Alan shoots a huge load again and David follows with his own!
    Riky Mark and Jens Damm are doing some farm work when they take a break and decide to service each other. Riky's got boyish looks, but a nice, tight muscular body. They take turns going down on one another and then Riky gets his nice, tight ass fucked. As Jens is fucking away, Ladislav appears and quickly gets into the action. A great three-way ensues and it's especially hot as Riky and Jens work over Ladislav's big cock. Ladislav and Riky shoot some mean loads all over Jens!
    When Bruno Jorgov and Josef Sladek cannot get the tractor started, they decide to rev each other's engines! They work each other all over the tractor, both sucking and jerking off, and then the scene ends with Josef fucking Bruno and vice versa.
    Finally, as Ladislave rests on his bed, Boris Tomek arrives to collect the rent, but takes it out in trade. He goes right down on Ladislav as he lies there in ecstasy. Boris is nicely built and takes it up the ass. Ladislave sprays across his chest, then fucks Boris while they are lying on their sides. More cum is spewed all over the place. A romantic kiss ends the scene, right before Ladislav realises he was imagining it.
    This production was fucking hot! All the guys are adorable, with lean, tight gymnast-type bodies and cocks to die for! Ladislav is especially cute, well-hung and can shoot a mean load! The video and sound are great and the DVD also features some bloopers and cast bios. Highly recommended for those who like hot, Euro boys! "Strokes to Seduction" is on my "Top 10" list!

    Format: MPEG
    Duration: 1:23:54
    Video: 352x240, 0x10000001, 1123kbps
    Audio: 218kbps

    File size: 837.2 MB

    Download Strokes To Seduction

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    Description: Manholes opens with this really wonderful song )Rage was a musician). The song is great, but hold on, the video opens with someone reaching his hands into his ass and pulling out a greasy piece of paper. This is art. I mean, this is porn at its best. Once the greasy paper is open, there we see the credits for the film. This is simple genius.

    You're in for a treat.

    I won't even try to tell you who's who, but it opens with a blonde playing with his hole on a sofa. He inserts a dildo. And I love the music. In the background you can hear horns blowing, and that's real. I love it. Next thing you know, Blondie is sucking this really handsome man. I love the feel and energy of these older videos. The scene goes back to the dildo insertion. And who out there doesn't love a toy? Every home should have a few. This DVD is just great. The feel the grit of it is superb. The close-ups on Blondie's hole winking is hot and [he] starts pushing love beads in his ass and it's, like, wow. Next we see Blondie sucking the same guy. I love the silence. All you can hear are the two of them, and that's hot. Blondie talks to the camera.

    The scene switches, and a lubed fist appears and plunges in to a hole, wrist deep. The background music is amazing. Actually, it's perfect for fisting. The fist in this scene is punched back in. The fistee sits calmly, taking it in. Next Blondie is sucking again. C'mon Blondie, put some snap in it. You can get him off again, can't you? It's not like it's a huge cock ... oops, my bad, there I go talking to the TV again. Rage breaks from that scene, and we're honored to see Bosch Wagner for the first time. He's so hot to me. He sucks a cock like his very life depends on it. He's thin, he's tall, he's lean, he has that wonderful moustache, he's beautiful to look at and he has those damn thin thighs that make me weak. His mouth under that moustache is all sloppy and spit is stringy and is there a better blowjob? I think not. He offers his ass to the top and the cock just sinks in. The Top makes Wagner sit on his cock and grabs him by waist. It's wonderful. Pay attention to Wagner's hole. Sorry, but I just know it's the gateway to heaven. I just know it. And Wagner has the longest, most wonderful balls ever.

    The music changes, and a bearded gentleman is sucking a man with a wonderful fuzzy stomach. I can tell from the ring on this hand that he's the same man who was getting fisted earlier. The bearded one rides while his nipples are being played with. Bearded one is fine. The scene switches, and Blondie is riding the man he was sucking earlier. Great shot of the nipple-chewing. More fucking follows. After a bit, Wagner is on the floor, balls a-swinging. On the floor is lots of cut-up plastic. Those balls of Wagner's send me. Against those thin thighs of his. It's magic. Wagner plays with his talented hole, Love, love a bottom that loves to do that! I could name names, but I don't kiss and tell. Wagner is beautiful as he combs his rosebud with his fingers. He lifts his leg and lubes those mammoth balls, and with some work, he sticks them in his ass. Hot! He even has beautiful hands. He pushes them out of his ass just by using his muscles. You got to see that shit.

    The bearded one returns and another handsome man is entering him with a huge dildo. Bearded one has that nice man ass. All hairy and shit. Watch how the Top forces the toy. And guess what? It fits. The bearded one is rock hard. If that's not enough, a second, smaller dildo is introduced, and it fits right beside the other. These are bottoms y'all. A fist goes in alongside the dildo. Then a single fist. Hot. Next, Wagner is back and fists himself solo. Look for the balls swinging. I love solo fisting. Rik Jammer and Hernando are masters. It's sexy to me because it has that "wow" aspect to it. Wagner pats his hole to say to himself, "good job." Next he gets two dildoes in him. The arching of the back and him fucking himself is hot. It's the look in his eyes once again that's haunting. What a performer ? and he's versatile, too. He gets his turn to Top with the bearded one as his bottom. The bearded one, I think, is Rage himself. Whoever he is, he has great teeth. And most of the men who performed in the old videos were versatile. I love that. They were real men having real sex, and they weren't hung up on roles. That's gone today. Pity. The fisting 69 was incredible. I loved the can of Crisco sitting on the bed. Nice touch. Blondie is back and he's getting fucked hard. He?s just a-moaning and -groaning. It's real, though, and he and his performer have great chemistry. The one fucking Blondie cums, and it's repeated like four times and that bugged me.

    Next, Wagner is lying on his back. He has one leg in Maui and one leg in Manhattan. With him are six hands, and they explore his body and hole. And lube is everywhere. Wagner has his bottle of poppers on his chest, and his balls are stretched and pulled and so is his hole. He's in the zone. He just lies there with nothing but the devil in his eyes. Great shot. He's hot. Two fists penetrate his hole at once. The two hands slowly enter; Wagner reaches over his balls and tries to stick his hand in there, too. Love it. The six hands just stretch him, and he's in pig heaven. I was in pig heaven just watching this time machine take me back in time. It's times like this that I love being a gay man.

    The scene switches again, and there are little snaps of nipples and people cumming. Blondie has on tit clamps and he's like mumbling something to the camera. The greasy piece of paper reappears in a pair of greasy hands. The holder of the credits shoves it back in his hole and the film ends.

    Loved it.

    Format: wmv
    Duration: 01:03:51

    File size: 1.0 GB

    Download Manholes

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    Campus Pizza

    Campus Pizza

    Production year: 2007
    Country: USA
    Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Cum Shots, Orgy, Muscle, Hairy, Rimming, Uncut Dick
    Length: 1:51:14
    Director: Joe Gage
    Studio: Titan Media
    Cast: Dean Flynn, Damien Crosse, Andrew Justice, David Korben, Jason Reynolds, Justin Riddick, Kai Grant, Mason Wyler, Tyler Kani

    Dean Flynn is the Campus Pizza delivery man bringing a steaming slice of sex door-to-door in this epic from the dirty mind of Joe Gage.
    The first delivery is to Andrew Justice, the cigar-chomping campus custodian who likes to bench press in his garage in the nude. When his nephew Jason Reynolds drops by, he can't keep his eyes off his uncle's long cock, which is bouncing up and down with each rep. In no time, the stud's stuffing it into his hungry mouth and eager ass.
    Tyler Kane, the school's architecture professor, is burning the midnight oil with Kai Grant, a wheelchair bound grad student. To show his Prof that his cock works just fine, he pulls it out - rock-hard - and peels back the foreskin to give him a taste. Tyler services Kai and then pins his legs back to give him a proper ass drilling with a butt plug and then his cock, eventually fucking the cum right out of him.
    For his final delivery of the night, Dean brings a couple of pizzas to four buddies playing poker: chiseled Damien Crosse, nubile Mason Wyler, muscular Justin Riddick, and rugged David Korben. They start a game of strip poker for Dean, but the game quickly devolves into a circle-jerk as all five guys lose their clothes and can't hide their raging boners. After they trade blowjobs and blow their wads, Damien and Justin fuck the hell out of Mason, Dean and David.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:51:15
    Video: 640x480, XviD, 772kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 740.2 MB

    Download Campus Pizza

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    BG Enterprise Oiled, grappled, and fucked

    BG Enterprise - Oiled, grappled, and fucked

    Studio : BG Enterprise
    Cast: Tony Cummings, Alex Wilcox, Joey Hart, Brad King

    I was looking forward to this one as soon as I saw Alex Wilcox (one of my new favorites) on the box cover, and I wasn't disappointed.

    There's no plot to speak of, just extraordinarily hot men getting oiled up and rolling around on the mat. Joey Hart and Brad King appear in the first bout, Joey has a truly amazing body and very cute face, he wears gray briefs and Brad King, also quite fine in his own right, wears white. Joey oils up Brad first and takes his time anointing every inch, working both of them into a frenzy. Brad is a little quicker to go for the gusto, pretty much immediately going for Joey's cock and balls.

    As they get down to business on the mat, anybody who ever did any real wrestling won't be too impressed with the techniques employed by the two. That said, both men are a treat for the eyes as they roll around, slipping and sliding in one another's arms. As you can imagine, the two take advantage of every opportunity to grind their crotches into each other's face and ass.

    Joey then takes control of the match, stripping off their sopping briefs and force-feeding his mammoth cock into Brad's hungry mouth. The two drop into a quick 69 before wrestling a bit more and it's at this point that we must take time out to sing the praises of Joey's mouthwatering set of big, low-hanging balls. Come to think of it, there's nothing about Joey that's not to love. He's got the whole package, cute face, nice body, big dick and balls.

    The guys then jack themselves off and both shoot good sized loads.

    The second installment is just as good as the first, and maybe a little bit better.

    Alex Wilcox was just as hot as I remembered him from Young Men on the Pleasure Trail and Tony Cummins is as pretty as they come. Alex slowly and sensually oils up the tiny but magnificently muscled Tony. Tony gets hard immediately and takes his turn greasing up Alex's towering frame. Very hot.

    The wrestling part of this is pure farce as Alex plays Goliath to Tony's David. Alex tosses and spins Tony around like a rag doll and neither one takes themselves too seriously, joking around and bursting into laughter at times, which may have been out of place in another video but added to the viewing pleasure of this one. Alex continues to find new and different ways to beat up on Tony and Tony finds new and different ways to back his pretty ass into Alex's big dick.

    They dispense with their briefs (both wear white) and Alex wastes no time humping Tony's tiny, perfectly sculpted little body. Tony appears to have died and gone to heaven, seeming to love putting himself at the mercy of the gentle giant. Alex then fucks Tony in a slew of positions, spiced up with just the right amount of truly sexy, unscripted dialogue.

    Tony cums with Alex still thrusting away inside of him and then Alex pulls out and shoots his own load. Aside from the somewhat amateurish wrestling, Oiled, Grappled, & Fucked is an A+ all around. The oil and the grappling will get you hard and the fucking will get you off over and over again!

    Duration : 01:34:31
    Resolution : 320x240
    Video : MPEG Video (MPEG-1 Video), 1 152 Kbps, 29.970 fps

    File size: 949.8 MB

    Download BG Enterprise - Oiled, grappled, and fucked

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    FoersterMedia SCHULFREI 2000 (safe sex, oral, anal, group sex, outdoor sex...

    FoersterMedia - SCHULFREI. 2000 (safe sex, oral, anal, group sex, outdoor sex)

    Year: 2000
    Country: Germany
    Genre: safe sex, oral, anal, group sex, outdoor sex
    Length: 1:16:46
    Directed by: Joachim Koehler
    Studio: FoersterMedia
    Starring: Michael Berg, Kurt Radel, Jakob Kornblum, Robert Voss, Jurgen Jorgensen, Lannny Crain, Jan Klammerer, Lkus Stiller, Johann Horrer

    Description: Cum join a group of cock hungry boys as they play a game out in the open fields. These horny studs take a lunch break but the only thing is they are eating each other's tasty assholes. The fun does not stop with more dicksucking, assfucking, facials and hot jerking off all day in the beautiful open fields.
    Free heat. This is the best thing that can happen to students during the summer. Our boys, sporty crisp pulls it out into nature. Here they sit on the sidelines and munch their leftover sandwiches. From a group of four are two couples suddenly. Jürgen and Lanny, get two blond boys, get out their cocks and get started. Also Robert, the blonde model athlete, and Luke, a close-cropped 1.90-guy, keep the pressure any more. Robert can be ramming from behind. Then he sits on top of Luke. So deep it goes. His big cock while bouncing with excitement. Robert rides themselves one down and then gets a hefty charge on his washboard stomach. Changing partners. Now Robert has moved to Jürgen. Lanny drives? S now with Luke. Robert enjoys the exchange Ficker clear. While the new licks his ass, he injects his own load into his mouth. Lanny even swallows the goo of his engraver. Plasters suck. Each spermatozoon licking and scratching it from Luke? Stomach. After they have been raging in spring ball, pulling themselves up four guys back on a haystack. There are initially two couples. Two tanned, muscular young men go on their fleshy tails. Two others will be watched by a boy. Among the actors is also Superhunk Michael Berg (known from: True 24 inches?). The center is one of three. He fucks a student who lies on his back, from above. The dark-haired gets two juicy cums on his belly. A bed in a cornfield. The couple has built well-built cover with a blanket one Ficknest. They suck their cock. Then comes to the elderly. A hot summer adventure in the video? School holidays? is a continuation.
    Video quality: DVDRip
    Size: 935 MB

    File size: 935.4 MB

    Download FoersterMedia - SCHULFREI. 2000 (safe sex, oral, anal, group sex, outdoor sex)

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    Wild Things

    Wild Things

    Release Year: 2006
    Studio: Man's Best
    Genres: gay, teens, twinks, euro/latin, safe sex

    Wild Things contains two Game Boys releases. Wild Things starts with Claudio Mar playing a grand piano while fantasizing about a threeway. Claudio is always a joy to watch. His lean and totally hairless body and flawless uncut monster are always ready for action. Claudio plows his perfect anal probe home, deep and condom-free while the guy he is fucking eats the third guy's ass. Claudio fucks the cum right out of his partner just after the third guy nuts, then Claudio pulls his perfect cock out of its warm anal home and blasts his traditional load - thick and delicious! Claudio returns to playing the piano briefly before fantasizing about a humpy teen stud who delievers a splendid solo. Scene three features a scrawny, dark-haired twink reading a sex manual and starting to get into a jack-off solo. He is interrupted by his buddy, Jimmy Tucker. Jimmy quickly offers his mouth to his twink pal. He gets him hard before the twink turns his attention to Jimmy's thick uncut prong. The two break into a sixty nine and Jimmy eats his buddy's hole, getting it nice and slick for condom-free anal bombardment. He fucks that hairless hole in three positions until his twink buddy gets his nut. Jimmy then nuts and they both browse the manual again for future ideas. The final scene features three well-endowed teens. They do it all, including condom-free fucking.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:24:12
    Video: 640x480, DivX 4, 1171kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 808.1 MB

    Download Wild Things

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