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Thread: Gay Muscle Full Movies Studs New 2012 and Vintage

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    Dark Alley Bred In Captivity

    Dark Alley - Bred In Captivity

    From the press notes, courtesy of Dark Alley Media:
    "This long awaited Raw Fuck Club flick was well worth the wait. Full of hot, raw muscle pigs, this movie is going to make you wonder if being held captive is really such a bad thing? Eleven hot guys and one captive sex slave and gallons of cum that will have you stroking the entire time wishing you were there to join in. Deep down below in a hidden dungeon, Renato Bellagio keeps his most prized possession, James Jones - a smooth, swimmer-build submissive bottom - available and trained for any and all potential clients to use. After watching them have all the fun, Renato can't contain himself anymore and has his way too. How many loads can James take... this piggy is about to break the bank.

    Hung Hungarian stud Renato Bellaggio, dressed in a suit, takes a break from his busy work schedule to check on his investments He proudly shows off James Jones, a smooth muscle twink slave, to his client Devil. This huge inked bear likes what he sees, but won't commit until he tries the merchandise for himself. After being tied to the wall all day, James knows his role and quickly submits to Devil. Spit shining his uncut cut, James rock hard cock reveals that he loves being owned and used. Renato stands by stroking his thick meat as he watches Devil abuse his slave until he shoots a thick creamy load all over James pretty boy face. As if James isn't fed often, he eats Devil's cum like it was his last meal.

    Joshua Rodgers and Tattoo Junior are looking for a play toy to enhance their lives and they know exactly what they want. They waste no time trying to take James Jones for a trial spin, as they double team him, making him gag on their cocks and pounding his eager manhole. They need someone who can go the extra mile. Can James keep up with their needs? As he chokes on Tattoo's tan uncut cock, he backs his ass up giving Joshua more access to fill his ass with his meat. As both Joshua and Tattoo shoot their creamy cum in both James' face and ass.

    If you see Jack Dragon in an alley, you better be afraid. This muscle stud, who's tattoo arm sleeve shows off his amazing body first starts out using Nick Taylor, a smooth, versatile pig with beautiful cherry red lips that were made for sucking cock. But Nick wants some ass, and Jack sure isn't gonna be giving up his hole to anyone. Now that James Jones isn't being used, it's their turn to sample the merchandise. Poor James, who barely gets more than a few minutes between potential owners, finds himself being used mercilessly. As Nick shoves his long raw cock deep into James, Jack gets the blowjob of his life. If you are into hairy muscle studs, Rod Stevens is the one for you. From the moment you see him, his cock is rock hard and like a magnet finds its way straight into James Jones waiting hole. As Jack Dragon continues to force his cock down James throat, Rod shoves his raw cock into the cum filled ass. As you watch his hairy balls and ass bounce into James smooth hole, the cum of James previous suitors drip out, lubricating Rod's man meat deeper into his hole, begging to be added to the collection of jizz James has collected.

    Jason Wright swaggers in with a cocky attitude as if all the other guys were there only to prepare James Jones for him. Dressed in leather chaps and a faux hawk, this muscle stud takes control of James ass. With the help of muscle stud Alfredo the two continue to take advantage of James. This scene has great shots of Jason's huge balls slapped into James' ass as cum from his previous prospects drip out of his hole sliding down Jason's thick cock. As they deposit their man juices in his ass and mouth, you wonder how much more can James take?

    Paolo Mickey and Peter Shadow can't wait for their turn at the weakened James Jones. His ass and mouth are fatigued from hours of being used. Without much resistance, Paolo shoves his nightstick deep into James' loosened hole, sucking it deep into him. His throat opens wide for Peters cock, sucking and slobbering all over his dick. James' ass, filled with cum and spit lubes the nightstick, dripping down his leg. After he takes both of their loads, he turns to his owner, Renato for final approval (and one last load). Renato cock slides into James' cum filled ass, and begins to pound him. His uncut cock shoots one final load into James, leaving him there to prepare for another day of action."

    Duration : 01:05:49
    Resolution : 720x416
    Video : MPEG-4 Visual (XviD), 1 659 Kbps, 29.970 fps

    File size: 875.4 MB

    Download Dark Alley - Bred In Captivity

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    The Pup grows Up

    The Pup grows Up

    Year: 2007
    Genre: Oral, Anal, Twinks
    Duration: 1:44:50
    Director: Matt Woods
    Studio: Miami Studios
    Cast: Mark Woods, Matt Woods, Luis Taylor, Rico, Josh Williams, TaKeshi

    "I like the camera," Mark Woods confessed during his very first Miami Studios performance ? a jerk-off scene with brother Matt ? and what a telling statement that was for one of his first on-camera utterances. Since then, he has fucked an unparalleled parade of twinks and won his way into hearts and horny pants as the hottest twink power top ever to emerge from Miami Studios (sorry, Lance). That old stroke scene opens this Mark Woods five pack, a stroll down memory lane which offers four fuck scenes that go down like a variety platter ? Woods' partners are white, Latino, blatino and Hawaiian/Japanese. The opening stroke-off is fun, with buffer brother Matt in a chattier mood than normal as his brother joins him in front of the camera, and Mark completely upstages his brother with one of his trademark volcanic cum shots. Before the ethnic scenes, Woods is paired with lanky blond Josh Williams in a uniform-themed outdoor encounter. Williams straddles Woods and takes him doggy-style; the best view comes as Woods partially stands as he drills Williams from behind. They drop loads on each other's chests. The next Woods conquest is Latino hottie Rico Mantos, who gets a lengthy blowjob from Woods before lying flat on his stomach as Woods climbs on and pounds his ass, calling him "bitch." Woods' cum shot here is a coating Mantos' face and blowing well beyond it. Mantos gets to return the favor, coating Woods' face and lips with jizz. Blatino Luis Taylor gets Woods' attention with an intense blowjob, and this scene may particularly strain your zipper if you like interracial encounters. Woods drills the bottom doggy-style before coating his chest with cum, and the bottom jerks out a light load below his navel. Final scene with Takeshi is credited with inspiring the Rising Sun line, which focuses on white and Asian pairings. Woods gives some sexy verbal during the blowjob, ordering Takeshi to "take it all," before getting a long tongue bath on his balls. The pup then works Takeshi's cock and nuts like a skilled pro, and Takeshi proves not as smooth with the verbal stuff as Woods. After a poolside fuck, Takeshi nearly outdoes Woods with some massive cum spurts. At the end, Matt Woods, who introduces each scene with pensive recollections, whips out a load of his own. Overall, I probably wouldn't rank any of the scenes here among Mark Woods' top 10 performances. However, the camera work is slightly above Miami's average, even if the music sometimes grates, and it's pretty much a given that almost any Mark Woods scene is a good scene. By now, he may be a jaded veteran, but here's hoping the pup still likes the camera.

    Format: AVI
    Video: 448x320 (1.40:1), 29.970 fps, XviD MPEG-4 ~1074 kbps avg, 0.25 bit/pixel
    Audio: 44.100 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~128.00 kbps avg

    File size: 907.8 MB

    Download The Pup grows Up

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    Joe Gage Sex Files 3 Kegger Frat Party (2003)

    Joe Gage Sex Files 3: Kegger Frat Party (2003)

    Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Cock Sizes: Horsehung, Uncut Cocks, Group Sex, Circle-Jerk, Tattoo, College Life, Theme: Student/Teacher
    Starring: Tag Adams, Danny Hunter, Alex Berlin, Damian, David, Aaron Heights, Josh Kole, Luke, Pavel, Joe Sarge, Paul Young
    Studio: MSR Videos

    As you can imagine, we're a huge Joe Gage supporter. An inspiration to every pornomaker around (and those who say otherwise are just plain fucking liars) so we hollered when he announced he was getting back into the business. But personally I found the first Sex Files only ?half-full;? it was missing something. Oh yeah, actual man-on-man contact. But hip-hip-hoopla the third time's a charm. When I told a co-worker what this film was about he went into PC-overdrive. ?Professors seducing students?? he gasped in horror. Well, forget the dodgy and abuse of power issues, sleeping with my teacher got me a 390 GPA, so there. We?ve come a long way from the Children?s Hour, baby.
    I really wanted to do this review in-depth, comparing it to his previous works but I?m guessing all you want to know is how big the cocks are and where they get stuck. It?s a good job you ignorant peasants pay my bills, it really is.
    Welcome to Fraternity Row, Durham, NC. Where cigarette manufacturers learn their trade. Or maybe study law. Or how to boil peanuts. Who can say? In Alpha Delta Gamma (a frat house, not the Star Trek quadrants) we are introduced to Jeff (Danny, via handy on-screen titles) a horny frat kid (less jockey, more short) watching football with his buddy, Buddy (Hunter). There?s some quick exposition of events but when Hunter opens his mouth that voice just plain scares me. It?s not an insult, Mr. Hunter (unlike that time you knocked me over and spilled my drink in a certain Manhattan club) I?m just stating facts. But squirrels creep me out too, so fret not.
    From out of nowhere Jeff asks if it?s true Buddy is well-endowed. Not the sort of thing I?d ask a frat-brother but I never did go to college. ?Mitch told me it was big.? ?Mitch has a big mouth.? (Well, there?s a marriage made in Heaven right there.) Whap - out comes Hunter?s hose and naturally, Jeff can?t resist when he watches it grow. (Fun hint: use your fast forward and watch it sproing up like a balloon.)
    But Gage is determined to hold the tension for a bit so I?ll just make note of the soundtrack for this entire movie - it?s almost all background TV football noise, Louisville fourteen, Cincinnati twenty-four, you?ll be pleased to know. A similar technique was used during the great teacher-coach tryst in L.A. Tool & Die. Lesson?s over because Jeff?s just lunged for Hunter?s monster!
    After jerking each other off for a bit Jeff drops both his trousers and his heterosexual-pretense silently swallowing Hunter, and doing a pretty good job considering the size of that freak-n-furter, which gets Jeff commenting, "I bet you could..." "I can," snaps Hunter in reply and proves that yes, he can indeed suck his own dong, Jeff lending a helping hand to drool over the balls.
    When they cum and go (repeated in slow-mo) the main course is served, beginning with Shannon (Luke) who collapses into a deep sleep on the couch. In walks Professor Josman (Sarge), one of those well-kept fifty-somethings you see in soap operas. Spying the sleeping stud he throws his ethics (and job) to the wind and unleashes Shannon?s fat, uncut cock. Smiling like a fox and hungry like the wolf this professor knows never to throw away a hot meal and tucks straight in. In walks twinkies Jeremy (Heights) and Ted (Young) but the professor just don?t care. He proves to both just how good a cocksucker gets with age, slurping down the three big cocks loudly and juicily. Oink, you pig! I never knew a human could produce as much drool and still be sane.
    Shannon suddenly grunts in his sleep and a champagne-pop of spooge shoots across his stomach (repeated twice in slow-motion, naturally) the Slutty Professor rubbing it into the fratboy?s smooth skin so he glistens in the light, and that waking grin becomes very large indeed.
    Oops - here comes Coach Lockwood (Kole) who doesn?t know what to do when faced with such sexy shenanigans. So he does what every sports teach would do in this situation. He orders Jeremy to drop and give him twenty. But our twink is too tempting for Lockwood who whips out his massive erection. Jeremy takes great pride in getting this mature meat good and wet, and hesitantly at first, Coach returns the favor. Intergenerational has never been more sensational!
    Into the room walk jocks Mitch (Damian, he of the big mouth fame) Jerry and Bryan who beat their mega-members at the sight of muscled-old-king-Kole slurping on one of his students. Luckily along comes Tag Adams, as the keg-delivery guy and pretty soon he?s servicing all three of the uncut dudes, first with his mouth, then with his famous hole.
    I?m assuming the jocks think this all a Jackass-inspired hazing stunt but they fuck that ass good, causing Tag to just-about blow a gasket. Coach orders Mitch and Bryan to join a seriously-pissed looking Jeremy in a circle jerk, leaving Jerry (Berlin) to finish off Adam?s butt. Everyone?s beating their meat, even Ted, who disappeared earlier; maybe he was on a smoke break. Cut and uncut cocks spew forth quarts of creamy, white tasty-looking jizz, all lovingly repeated in slow-mo. (Next time please make it 3-D!)
    Everything about this movie is great, even the soundtrack made up of gasps, grunts and background noise (sorry, I can?t remember what the final score was). It?s a return to the top of the ladder for Mr. Gage. Welcome back - we?ve been expecting you. Enjoy!..

    Format: AVI
    Duration: 01:30:04
    Resolution: 720x480
    Size: 1.02 GB

    File size: 973.9 MB

    Download Joe Gage Sex Files 3: Kegger Frat Party (2003)

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    The Dimension Collection 2 The Brothers (1983)

    The Dimension Collection 2: The Brothers (1983)

    Release Year: 1983
    Studio: Falcon Studios
    Cast: Dean Chasson, Greg Chasson, Bert Edwards, Jim Hughes, Rick
    Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Twinks, Muscle, Vintage
    Video language: English

    Country: United States
    Director: Matt Sterling
    Description: Matt Sterling's Early Classics 2: Dean and Greg Chasson, plus Bert Edwards, Jim Hughes, and young Rick.
    1. Big, Hot & Horny - 1972
    Bert Edwards OgrAtMrRr, Jerry Cunningham
    Bert Edwards hails from the rugged farming region in Canada and looks enough like Ray Fuller to be his twin brother. Bert, however, is much more aggressive, forceful, heavier hung and almost sadistic in his sexual demands. His untamed actions are very much like the untamed wilderness of Canada itself. Bert's face reflects a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure as he aggressively forces himself onto and into his partner both anally and orally. His sexual passion is obviously both physical and mental. While he roughly bites, squeezes and slams his partner, he gives out with a steady stream of four-letter words and repeats them over and over as he gets rougher and rougher until his whole body and mind seem to explode into a wanton and sadistic like climax giving both he and his partner a very warm, and raw satisfying pleasure. Surprisingly, Bert is a very warm, sensitive boy - out of bed - which lends a beautiful contrast to his forceful aggressiveness in bed. He is one in a million and we are sure you will want to see much more of him in the future. We have taken positive steps to insure that you can.
    2-3. The Brothers pt 1 & 2 (Dimension) - 1972
    Dean Chasson OgrAbRr, Greg Chasson
    On white sheets on a king sized bed, Dean Chasson and Greg Chasson exchange get blow jobs from each other with their hips raised in the air to get at the greedy mouths of the other one, crouched between their legs. Greg fucks Dean face down then, with his thumb up Dean's ass, gives a big spurt on the bare bubble butt. Dean strokes himself off with Greg fucking him spoon style. Next, Greg is back fucking Dean again in several positions until he comes on Dean's rippled torso. He gets back inside Dean again until Dean sprays his own load, adding to the white jism from Greg.
    4. The Way You Love - 1973
    Jim Hughes, Rick (bw)
    Jim Hughes and twinky Rick talk while standing naked besides a home bar. Rick sucks while Jim sits on a bar stool but then they move to the bed. Rick takes up where he let off while Jim applies Vaseline to an unshaved ass. Primed and ready, Jim fucks Rick doggie style with gyrating hips. Switching to missionary, Rick takes it while wrapping his arms around Jim. Rick comes on his own stomach and Jim comes on Rick's ass. Closes with a hug as Rick wraps himself around the torso of the bigger man.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 51:48
    Video: 512x384, DivX 5, 1174kbps
    Audio: 54kbps

    File size: 400.0 MB

    Download The Dimension Collection 2: The Brothers (1983)

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    Power Boys 5

    Power Boys 5

    Year: 2001
    Starring: Andy, Monvid, Eddie, Blondy, Eduardo, Conny, Albert, Gaddy, Cris, Tom, Deman, Loren
    Genre: Anal, Bareback, Big Dicks, Cumshots, Oral, Twinks
    Directed by: Nir Rosenbaum
    Studio: S.E.V.P.

    Original description: With this, the fifth installment in the ever astonishing Power Boys dynasty, a tasty lineup of amateur Euro boys get naked and greedily devour each other - raw.

    Well, mostly raw; there are, surprisingly, a few condoms in sight, which is more than can be said for some of the other installments in this provocative series.
    Production vales have slipped somewhat, yet the spottily clunky editing and sometimes-mediocre camerawork only serve to enhance the taboo factor of what we're watching. Besides, for what it lacks in technical finesse, the film more than makes up for with the rampant occurrences of freshly plucked amateur hotties sliding their unsheathed throbbers into each others' tight clenching orifices, and bursting their thick, splattery loads of boy cream all over each others' faces - and tongues.
    Typically, the boys are a nice mix of smooth, wiry, well-hung twinks and nicely built, naturally hairy boy-next-door types. Some have luscious foreskin, some have been snipped. All of them gush like milky geysers (and the milk is salty). Highlights include a handful of versatile fuckboy duos who take turns pouncing on each other, and a sticky three-way in a video stock room that leaves each participant's mouth glazed with two flavors of warm boy cream.
    Brimming with unwrapped ass-slammings and gooey oral cumshots galore, Power Boys 5 continues the bold tradition of providing the most sinfully delicious porn fantasy this side of the 1970s.
    Happy guzzling!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:26:18
    Video: 320x240, DivX 5, 1015kbps
    Audio: 38kbps

    File size: 672.3 MB

    Download Power Boys 5

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    Double Penetrating Scott

    Double Penetrating Scott

    Release Year: 2012
    Genres: Kissing, Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Muscules, Double Penetration, Big Dick, Blow Job, Trio
    Video language: English

    Scott is one of the more adventurous guys we have at CF. Most straight guys are unwilling to even consider fucking another dude, much less get fucked by one. It doesn't matter if you tell them the physical sensation is amazing, or every guy in the room tells them the same thing ... overcoming a straight guy's anxiety about taking a dick in their ass is often a time-consuming process. Lots of times, it's a dead-end process.

    Imagine then, what it takes to make a straight guy consider taking TWO dicks! Scott always tells me he's ready to do whatever it takes to explore his sexual nature. He's fucked and sucked everyone we've thrown at him. He even recruited his best friend, Campbell to come out and work with us.

    However, just mentioning the words ?double-penetration? to Scott gave him pause. He was hesitant, and unsure he'd be able to take two cocks. I figured pairing him up with two of the guys he likes the most, Connor and Sean, would take the edge off of Scott's nerves. And it worked!

    Connor and Sean get to work immediately

    kissing Scott. Once the clothes are off, Scott stuffs his mouth with two big cocks! Sean pushes Scott's head down on Connor's dick and tells Scott to choke on it.

    Scott lies down and Connor shoves his dick down Scott's throat. Sean sucks Scott's cock. Scott eats out Connor's tight ass. Then Connor feeds Scott the whole length of his cock. Sean strokes Scott's dick and watches. ?Oh, it's so fucking hot,? he tells Scott and Connor.

    Sean eats Scott out as Connor blows Scott. Sean slides a finger into Scott's tight hole, getting it ready for his and Connor's cocks. Connor smacks Scott's ass. Sean lubes up to start fucking Scott.

    Connor makes Scott suck his dick as Sean pushes his cock into Scott's hole. Scott moans in between mouthfuls of Connor! Connor straddles Scott, and kisses Sean, rubbing Sean's furry chest. Sean goes down on Connor as he pounds Scott's hole.

    Scott gets spitroasted by Sean and Connor. Connor's ready to fuck Scott, now. Getting Scott on

    his side, he slides his huge dick into Scott and fucks him. Sean teabags Scott, then bends down to suck Scott while he's getting nailed.

    Sean lies down and Scott climbs on top of his dick. Once he's on, Connor comes from behind and slides his cock into Scott's already-filled hole!

    Scott moans loudly, unable to believe he has both big dicks inside him. ?Yeah, stretch that asshole,? Scott says, pushing his boundaries even more. Scott turns around to sit on top of Sean's cock while facing Connor, who slides his dick right back in ? giving Scott his second double penetration!

    Connor fucks Scott faster. He kisses him, thrusting his dick against Sean's inside Scott's ass. Scott blasts a huge load while both cocks are in him! Cum splatters on him and on Connor's abs.

    Scott wants to see them cum on him. Connor shoots first, then Sean, spraying cum on Scott's chest.

    I love Scott's enthusiasm for exploring his sexual side. What can he do next? Maybe I can get Aiden to give him some pointers on multiple orgasms

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 25:31
    Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 1667kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 324.5 MB

    Download Double Penetrating Scott

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    Catalina Junior Meets The Bear Patrol

    Catalina - Junior Meets The Bear Patrol

    Video language: English

    JUNIOR MEETS THE BEAR PATROL is released under Catalina's tremendously popular Generation Gap Series banner, which pairs an older guy with a younger guy in each scene. If you like watching Daddy guys stick their tongues up cute young guy-holes, then this video should be a great turn-on for you.
    Big Daddy Damien starts the older/younger action with Chad Thomas. Damien sucks Chad off, and then rims his guy hole good before fucking him better!
    Scott Mann and cute little Jonathan Gabriel are hot together. Jonathan mashes his ass into Scott's face for a juicy ass licking. Then Jonathan crams his eager young guy-cock up Scott's ass.
    Hairy Daddy Jack van Dean looks great with smooth blond cutie Sandy Sloane. Jack throws a hairy-chested man-fuck into Sandy's tight hole.
    Then it's Tit-pig Daddy Steve Hurley sticking his tongue up Rick Gonzalez' quivering guy-hole. Rick sits on Steve's face so he can fill his ass with Steve's talented tongue.
    Cliff Andrews and Chip Noll set up a sensuous 69 position that involves good rimming action. Chip has an itch deep in his gut and he sits on Cliff's huge cock so he can scratch it.
    The fantasy of older and younger guys together is an enduring one. Catalina Video captures the fantasy for you with JUNIOR MEETS THE BEAR PATROL and all of our Generation Gap Series titles.

    Format: MPEG
    Duration: 1:20:28
    Video: 352x240, 0x10000001, 1123kbps
    Audio: 218kbps

    File size: 796.0 MB

    Download Catalina - Junior Meets The Bear Patrol

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    Chad's Back In The Gym ( apreder )

    Chad's Back: In The Gym ( apreder )

    Release Year: 2000
    Studio: Video 10, Chad Conners Entertainment
    Cast: Chad Conners, Steve Shannon, Rob Steele, J.T. Sloan, Chance Caldwell, Peter Wilder, Paul Carrigan, Tanu, Jeremy Tucker
    Genres: Athletes/Jocks/Sports, Bodybuilders, Butt Play, Masturbation, Threesomes
    Video language: English

    Big muscles. Some big pee-pees, and some average pee-pees. That pretty much sums up this highly mediocre Chad-fest. Though most of the action takes place in a gym, there?s very little in the way of men actually pumping iron or engaging in muscle worship. Chad?s Back is basically a traditional porn in a gym setting. Size queens should avoid this one like the plague - whether it?s the dwarfing effect of all those acres of muscle or sheer coincidence, there?s barely an average-sized dingle in the whole film (with the glaring exception of Caldwell). The performances also fall short.

    The action is mostly lukewarm, except for the scintillating scene between Conners and Caldwell, where Caldwell slams his nicely gargantuan gland into the hole between Conners' rigid glutes 'till Conners whinnies with delight. Other highlights include a threesome between Conners and gym rats Paul Carrigan and Peter Wilder, and a scene where a dildo nearly slips into Conners guy-gash during a brief flirtation with narcissism. If you harbor a Chad fixation, you?ll find blood rushing to fill the spongy caverns within your tool. If not, you?re more likely to experience the dreaded "floppy doodle" syndrome.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:08:16
    Video: 640x480, XviD, 749kbps
    Audio: 31kbps

    File size: 438.0 MB

    Download Chad's Back: In The Gym ( apreder )

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    ShowGuys 438 Logan && Diego Amante

    ShowGuys 438 Logan & Diego Amante

    ShowGuys 438 Logan & Diego Amante

    Year: 2004
    Country: US
    Genre: Amateur, Anal, Oral, Latino Cast
    Duration: 00:46:22
    Directed by: Sam Linnell
    Studio: ShowGuys Video
    Starring: Logan, Diego Amante
    Description: New York traffic caused adorable and sexy Diego Amante to be late, so Logan starts the show by himself. As usual his dick is like a rock, pointing straight up at his navel. Diego arrives, strips down to his birthday suit, rushes into the scene and immediately goes down on Logan. They get on their knees, (Diego is also rock hard), and pose for the camera.
    Logan strips off his shirt, and Diego goes back to deep-throating him. But now Logan starts sucking on Diego's pole. The guys indulge in some heavy kissing while playing with each other. Diego lies on his back, Logan straddles his head, and Diego licks his balls. These guys are extremely hot young studs with raging hormones, and their passion threatens to burn up the studio.
    Logan drops forward and sucks on Diego, who continues licking Logan's balls. Diego shoves his face into Logan's ass, and starts rimming, then Logan pulls Diego's legs into the air and shoves a finger into the hot hole. Diego's moans attest to the pleasure he is feeling. Logan slaps Diego's ass, which Diego happens to love.
    Logan lies on his back, Diego gets on him, and Logan slaps Diego's face with his unbelievably hard cock. Logan lies on his back, Diego gets on top, and Logan sucks his cock and balls, with first one, then two fingers shoved up his ass. Diego's ass cheeks are red from the spanking. Diego gets on his haunches, and fucks Logan's face.
    But it's time for something besides Logan's fingers to be in Diego's hole. So Logan puts on a condom, Diego lubes up his ass, Logan lies down, Diego sits on him, and is soon impaled on Logan's rigid weapon. At first Diego does the bouncing, but then Logan puts his knees up and thrusts up into Diego. Diego goes on his back, and Logan fucks him in the missionary position. They bring their asses to the camera, and Logan continues the punishment.
    Next Diego sits on Logan facing the camera, and we get the frog. They roll into the spoon position, and Logan keeps on thrusting. Next Logan plows Diego doggie style. Logan pulls out, and jerks off, shooting his load all over Diego's ass and back. Now Diego lies down, and with Logan's help, jerks himself. And soon he explodes with his own huge orgasm, and promptly licks his cum off his hand. Two incredibly sexy and over-sexed guys kiss once more, and one scorching scene ends.

    Quality: DVDRip
    Video Format: WMV
    Video codec: Windows Media
    Audio Codec: WMA
    Video: WMV2, 640x480 (4 / 3), 29.970 fps, 1998 Kbps (0.217 bit / pixel)
    Audio: WMA2, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch, 64.0 Kbps

    File size: 715.2 MB

    Download ShowGuys 438 Logan & Diego Amante

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    Spanish Heat CD2

    Spanish Heat CD2

    Release Year: 2009
    Studio: AlphaMale Media / Troy XXX
    Cast: Dennis D'Nello, Maikel Cash, Alberto Jose, Fabio Costa, Jose Santos, Lucio Saint, Ruben Rodriguez
    Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Cumshot, Rimming, Orgies, Uncut Cocks
    Video language: English

    Dive into the world of tanned bodies, ripped torsos and big dicks filled with Spanish Heat! Following countless love interests at the villa, the tattooed, muscular studs work their meaty shafts into each others bodies, pumping them hard until each and every one is ready to explode with streams of delicious spunk!
    Relaxing on the balcony, these to Spanish studs have a great slow oral workout, building up to a hard fucking right there in the great outdoors. Handsome young Maikel with his smooth muscled body fucks the bigger, rock hard hunk Dennis. Changing positions after Dennis bounces on his mates dick, the spunk is soon flowing out of both throbbing shafts, covering Dennis with the warm jizz.
    Heavily tattooed Fabio and handsome Lucio trek through the Spanish countryside, stumble upon Maikel's place, catching him unaware swimming butt naked. After something wet, these two hot Spaniards take a dip with this beauty, and soon the dicks are solid and ready to be thrust down throats, taking as much meat as possible into their hungry mouths! Spit-roasted on the poolside, each and every big dick is put to great use inside every available hole, pounded solid. Fabio is one lucky fucker, getting to devour Lucio's impressive dick while Maikel lets loose on his ass, but it's not over yet...
    Teasing his gardeners with his nice dick and great muscled torso, Dennis jerks furiously as the hunks watch on, spraying his spunk into the garden, he leaves the two, now fully turned on studs, to get down and dirty with each other. Ruben and Jose are both covered in tattoos with muscles bulging from every part of them. Pinning Jose against the tree, Ruben grinds his dick into the ever eager hole of his mate before pulling him back and making him work for his meat by bouncing on top, slowly sliding it inside from tip to hilt, ready to spunk directly over the camera, hot as hell!
    Catching sight of buff Alberto outside, Dennis decides to exact revenge on Maikel and invites the muscle hunk over for some deep ass pounding! Sucking, fingering and licking him all over, Dennis lubes up his waiting hole, ready to bend him over and slam into that wet and ready opening, stretching it over his shaft as Alberto has no choice but to submit to Dennis' unrelenting thrusts, ending up splattered in hot spunk direct from Dennis

    Format: avi
    Duration: 47:49
    Video: 720x528, XviD, 1691kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 640.6 MB

    Download Spanish Heat CD2

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