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Thread: Gay Muscle Full Movies Studs New 2012 and Vintage

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    Fresh meat

    Fresh meat

    Release Year: 2006
    Studio: Xtreme Productions
    Cast: Tyler Berke, Sean Corwin, Phillip Ashton, Jesse Jacobs, Austin Parker and Davan Marks
    Genres: Teens/Twinks, Anal, Oral, Facecum, Rimming

    These hot young teens are trying gay sex for the first time, and they're lovin' it! Watch as these lil teeny boys discover each other bodies for the first time, rock hard dicks are sure to pop out of their tiny underwear! Keep an eye out for the hot bareback scene, and the even hotter facials!
    Scene 1: Tyler Berke & Phillip Ashton
    The scene starts out with the two twinks wrestling on the bed. Tyler yanks Phillip down into position where he strips off his pants and blows Phillip's huge hard cock. Tyler then climbs aboard and rides Philli's cock cowboy style. They move into missionary position and fuck like rabbits until they both blow their loads all over Tyler's stomach and chest.
    Scene 2: Jesse Jacobs & Austin Parker
    This scene stars real life couple, Jesse Jacobs and Austin Parker. There's nothing hotter then watching a real life couple get it on. The chemistry, and fucking are always hot and real! The scene starts off with the two of them kissing in their underwear. Jesse peals off Austin's underwear and gives him some good head. Great close up angles of the action. Jesse then moves up on top of Austin where he face fucks Austin. They move into the 69 position and continue to blow each other before moving onto the fucking. Once in cowboy position, Austin rides his boyfriends rock hard cock up and down aggressively. They move into doggie position where Jesse plows Austin from behind. Once satisfied, Jesse climbs onto Austin and starts face fucking him until he blows his huge load into his boyfriends open mouth! Very hot! Sitting next to each other, Austin squirts out his load shooting up and onto himself.
    Scene 3: Sean Corwin & Davan Marks
    This scene starts out with some kissing before Davan strips down Sean and sucks on Sean's beautiful thick uncut cock. They move into cowboy position and Davan rides Sean cowboy style. They move into a sideways missionary position and fuck until Sean blows his load onto Davan's stomach. You can see how the pain hurts so good by the expressions on Davan's face as Sean thrusts his thick cock into his ass. Some great fucking action.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:08:00
    Video: 512x384, DivX 5, 1222kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

    File size: 676.0 MB

    Download Fresh meat

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    The Other Side Of Hollywood ( apreder )

    The Other Side Of Hollywood ( apreder )

    Release Year: 1992
    Studio: Mack Studios, Jocks Studios
    Cast: Blade Thompson, Brett Ford, Chance Caldwell, Chip Daniels, Derek Masters, Domino, Karl Thomas, Smith Daniels
    Genres: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Muscle Men, Classic
    Video language: English

    Blade Thompson co-stars with superstuds Derek Masters, Chance Caldwell and Karl Thomas in non-stop asspackin' dicksuckin' marathon. Also starring Domino, Brett Ford, Smith Daniels and Chip Daniels.

    Masseur Chip Daniels is working on Blade Thompson's glutes when he becomes distracted and decides to give Blade a happy ending. Chip sucks Blade's cock before the two men retire indoors and Blade stretches Chip's ass...pounding home a very happy ending.

    Brett Ford is the Photographer and Chance Caldwell is the heavily muscled European model. Brett gives in to the temptation of Chance's tight form...dropping to his knees and deep throating Chance's cock. Turned on by the attention, Chance gives Brett a solid ass-fucking before both studs stroke out their thick loads.

    East and West Coast meet as cover models Domino and Derek Masters hook up. Domino slurps on Derek's tool and Derek plays with Domino's ass before sliding his cock in deep...fucking Domino hard and rhythmically until both men unleash their loads.

    Editor's assistant Smith Daniels has an interview with company accountant Karl Thomas and Smith is eager to show that he's a team player. Smith sucks Karl's cock deep and hard before surrendering his ass to Karl's powerful thrusts

    Format: avi
    Duration: 1:29:26
    Video: 640x480, XviD, 710kbps
    Audio: 187kbps

    File size: 595.8 MB

    Download The Other Side Of Hollywood ( apreder )

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    Wurstfilm My Israeli Platoon

    Wurstfilm - My Israeli Platoon

    Release Year: 2008
    Country: Germany, Israel
    Studio: Wurstfilm
    Cast: Adam Excell, Avi Gilad, Daniel, Ludovic Canot, Morr-Foxx, Nir Tal, Omer Mann, Roman L., Shahar Tom, Shlomit Levy, Yoni Vernom
    Director: Roy Raz

    Wurstfilm proudly presents the first "unofficial" look at the Israeli Defense Forces - the sucking and fucking military group that prides itself defending its homeland. Watch behind the scenes footage of the IDF Private barking orders at his subordinate warrant officers, commanding mandatory suck sessions, the gang rape of a hooded army corporal, and see hot Israeli assholes get drilled for the good of the Jewish state. All Special Units are ready at the Northern Command in this cum-dripping exposť.

    Based on a true story, this movie is full of hot and hairy Middle Eastern men showing you the bond that few people get to see. There is nothing like the brotherhood between army buddies. You risk your life for your platoon, you live with them 24-hours a day, eating, sleeping, showering together. So when you need to get off, your army buddies are there to help. These sexy, tan, horny, masculine men treat each other with as much savage lust as they do tenderness with one another. Watch as you get to see these military men man handle one another. With hot raunchy cum filled group scenes, your cock will be proudly giving this movie a full salute.

    Set on the army base, these hot Israeli guys are getting the training of their lives. Although they try to pretend to be mature men, their sexy boyish behavior comes out whenever it can to help break up the monotony. While doing basic cleanup, the hot desert sun is almost too much to bear and soon they start a water fight. Their muscular, sweaty bodies glisten with water. Their commander needs to teach them a lesson about discipline. He proves his absolute power by forcing his platoon to strip naked, and it doesn't take long before their hard cocks get the better of them. They take turns face fucking one of the guys, making him choke on their cocks until they are all ready to shoot their young thick loads all over him. He then busts his nut using their cum as lube.

    As part of the initiation into the group, two of the army guys enter the barracks where one of their buddies is resting. They quickly blindfold him, rip off his clothes, exposing his bare ass. After a bit of a struggle, he realizes it's useless to fight, and decides it's better for him to submit to his captors. His ass gets a quick tongue massage making it ready for his buddy to rape his hole. Not to be left out, his friend shoves his thick dick down his throat. They take turns pumping his ass, teasing their dicks until they are ready to explode, shooting their man milk all over his masked face.

    Alone and missing their wives, two buddies find a private spot to some sexual tension. They take the time to kiss, lick, and suck each other from top to bottom not missing a single spot. As they take turns sucking on each other's hard dick, it's obvious they want to do more than just suck each other off. One of the guys offers his beautifully muscular ass and twitching hole, enticing his friend to taste him. With his ass lubed with spit, his buddy lays him down on his stomach, with his ass in the air, getting ready to fuck the hell out of him. He takes his raw thick meat deep inside his hole, riding him harder and deeper with each thrust. With his buddy's dick inside him, he strokes his dick shooting a thick load out. But these guys aren't done, then they get back to some more hot fucking.

    As two army studs take a walk on the beach of Mediterranean sea, the beauty of the water is too enticing to not take a quick dip in the water. It's also a great excuse to strip down to your underwear showing off your hard cock to your buddy. As they rough house in the water, their stiff dicks rub into one another. They decide to take the action back to their apartment where they can't wait to get naked with each other. As they lick and kiss each other, their hard cocks drip with precum begging to be Knowing that his buddy is ready to get fucked, he slides his dick deep into his ass pumping him until he shoots his load.

    It's a hot day in Israel, the sun is strong, and you and your army buddy are standing guard on top of a building. He keeps looking at you smiling, as if he knows your secret thoughts. He grabs his crotch, giving you the signal it's ok - he won't tell. You drop to your knees and devour his hard large cock. Your slim smooth body reminds him of the girls he used to fuck in high school. He turns you around and slides his dick into your hole fucking you over the ledge of the building. You can't take his large dick... it's too big, but you know if you stop he'll never give it to you, so you push yourself. Soon your ass is loving it, taking it long and hard until he shoots his load deep in your ass as you stroke your dick shooting your cum into the air.

    Format: avi
    Duration: 00:58:11
    Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1889 kbps
    Audio: 128 kbps

    File size: 863.8 MB

    Download Wurstfilm - My Israeli Platoon

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    The Last Day

    The Last Day

    Release Year: 2012
    Cast: Damien Crosse, Rafael Carreras, Jonathan Agassi, Issac Jones, Will Helm, Kriss Aston, Adriano Carrasco, Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez
    Genres: Muscles, Oral/Anal Sex, Big Dick, Rimming, Outdoor, Threesome, Tattoos, Masturbation, Cumshot
    Video language: English

    Lucas Exclusive Jonathan Agassi arrives by boat to a beautiful Mediterranean island but to his surprise the town is completely deserted: streets empty, beaches cleared and stores abandoned; as if in mid-day everyone simply disappeared. Suddenly two men on motorbikes (Will Helm and Kriss Aston) knock Jonathan down as they race by him. The men take Jonathan back to their refuge and explain the forsaken town. Five days prior they were given a final news cast. The anchorman read out the horrific news that world would come to an end. ?It is time to be with family, friends and loved ones. These are our last days.? Since then all signals, cell phones, everything has been cut off. The two men have chosen to stay as everyone else fled to island. The men now have no choice but to live as if there is no tomorrow and fulfill their fantasies before sunset. But all is not as it seems when Jonathan digs deeper into the island and reveals an intricate plot by a fame-seeking killer (Damien Crosse) who will do anything for fans to praise him. The action-packed struggle between the truth and the end of the world has begun as the men brutally fight and fuck to survive THE LAST DAY!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 2:41:26
    Video: 720x400, XviD, 671kbps
    Audio: 187kbps

    File size: 719.4 MB

    Download The Last Day

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    Rentboy UK Bareback School Medical

    Rentboy UK - Bareback School Medical

    Join a cast of horny young pupils as they take a trip to the doctor's office for a Bareback School Medical. Jon is feeling a little under the weather and goes to see Nurse Josh. Jon is stripped to the waist and Josh proceeds to check him over. Pretty soon Josh is sliding his lips up and down Jon's rigid pole and then takes a meat injection up his hungry hole as Jon pounds his arse - totally bareback. The horny pair fuck all over the examining bench and they both a dose of their spooge over each other. The next young stud to get Josh's expert attention is the incredibly sexy Alec. Josh takes Alec's cock in his mouth and blows him until Alec's knob is throbbing and ready to bury deep inside Josh's aching arsehole. The young lovers shag doggy and missionary in this intense session until Alec gets a cream explosion over his pretty face and then shoots his own muck over his edible stomach. Doctor Will gives Damian's testicles the once over, then inserts his finger inside Damian's rectum for a prostate examination. Will removes his finger, inserts a speculum and takes a swab from his anal wall. Judging from Damian's rock hard cock he really enjoyed his internal and the pair of lovers go on to have a bareback fuck that has both lads shooting their sticky boy juice all over each other. C.J and Paul are sent to see Will for their check up. Will thinks he can feel a lump inside one of the twinks anal canal and inserts an instrument to widen the young lads' hole so he can get a better look. The other young boy gets so turned on that he can't help but play with himself. Will demands that he strip off and the three horny fuckers have a daisy suck and fuck that will leave you wanting more. If you like your lads dressed in a school uniform and taking bare cock up their virgin hoops, then Bareback School Medical is one dose of medicine you will want to take at least three times a day. Cast: Paul Shayne, Jon Janes, CJ Jacks, Alec Steele, Joshua Cartier, Sean Deacon, Damian Duke, Will Forbes, Timmy Slater

    Duration : 02:16:07
    Resolution : 640x352
    Video : MPEG-4 Visual (DivX 5), 780 Kbps, 25.000 fps

    File size: 895.7 MB

    Download Rentboy UK - Bareback School Medical

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    Frat Initiations 15 Tie Me Up, Jerk Me Off

    Frat Initiations 15: Tie Me Up, Jerk Me Off

    Release Year: 2010
    Studio: Customboys Video
    Cast: Marc Winters, Fernando Montoya, Dean Marx, Riddick, Chase Chandler, Matt Mathews
    Genres: Frat Studs, Amateur, Anal, Oral, Butt Play, Dildo, Masturbation Male on Male
    Video language: English

    Chase Chandler and Fernando Montoya:
    Two pledges who are committed to doing whatever it takes to get into the fraternity prove that they will stop at nothing to make the grade. Told they have to suck each other's cocks, the pair starts right in on the task. They then stand up and play with each other's dicks for a bit before they are given dildos to use on each other. Chase inserts a double headed dildo into Fernando, then they each share an end of the double dong as they ram each other at the same time. Apparently, they find this task somewhat humorous, so the next task is to insert a monster-sized dildo into Chase's asshole. It goes in just fine, and Fernando has fun ramming his partner's ass with it. For their final task, the boys have to really fuck each other until they each shoot their loads.

    Matt Mathews and Dean Marx:
    Pledgemaster Matt Mathews has a really big, fat cock attached to his well-toned body, and he orders cute as can be pledge Dean Marx to immediately get on his knees and start sucking on it. After Dean performs according to the pledgemaster's wishes, pledgemaster Matt has his way with the willing pledge, first sucking his dick, then rimming his ass and fingering his hole. He orders Dean to do the same for him before he puts the pledge on his back and shoves his oversized cock into the waiting manhole. After spurting his load all over Dean's chest, Matt jerks the pledge off so well that the cum shot spurts like a waterfall onto the floor.

    Riddick and Marc Winters:
    Rough and older pledgemaster Riddick is charged with initiating the younger Marc Winters, and although it's Marc who has to comply, both seem to enjoy the ritual. They suck each other off and rim each other's holes before Riddick plays with Marc's asshole with his finger, then with a dildo. After a bit more pleasurable sucking, Riddick wants pledge Marc to fuck his ass, and the pledge complies. Once satisfied, the pledgemaster jerks the pledge off and then, to finish his initiations, has Marc jerk him off as well.

    Format: Windows Media
    Duration: 1:25:01
    Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1200kbps
    Audio: 62kbps

    File size: 782.0 MB

    Download Frat Initiations 15: Tie Me Up, Jerk Me Off

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    Male Stampede Bijou Classics 1977

    Male Stampede / Bijou Classics / 1977

    Studio: Bijou Classics
    Cast: Joe Markham, Dean Chasson, Bryen Neves, Ray Todd, Jack, Ken, Tom, Tommy, Dick, Jim Hughes
    Director: J. Brian
    Genre: Vintage, Pre-Condom Era
    Year: 1977
    Runtime: 72 min
    Country: US
    A film in the tradition of many Hollywood Westerns, well, sort of. The video opens with two men running and playing in the woods. They soon fall to the ground and make out, sucking dick and 69ing. Fucking leads to orgasms on the face. Next, a trio -- including one who is uncut -- frolics, with a heavy rimming emphasis, near a waterfall. Sucking and fucking lead to large loads from all three men, until their attentions turn to use of a leather dildo scrap and shoving it up one of the men's butt.

    A cowboy -- at what could be the O.K. Corral -- struts in his chaps and hat before whipping out his uncut big one for a good five-fingered pounding while staring at a stable boy. A mustached mouth sucks two big dicks through holes in the fence in a three-way that follows. The middle dude gets his asshole and penis swallowed at the same time, too. Eventually the conversation proves too much for Tony, who takes out Brian's dick and starts sucking it. Soon the rest of the bar joins in for an orgy. where all stages of sex are seen and the couplings offer hot interludes of fucking butt. The focus switches back to the duo and Brian is seen plowing into Tony. The men in the orgy end by jacking off in succession, one after another, all over the place.

    Some great blue-grass music accompanies the outdoor sex scenes, and Toby Ross adds his skills as a photographer. The varied settings compensate for the pitiful acting, and there's enough action to satisfy even the most jaded cowboy.



    File size: 944.9 MB

    Download Male Stampede / Bijou Classics / 1977

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    Dark Side of the Moon

    Dark Side of the Moon

    Year: 1997
    Country: USA
    Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Classic
    Length: 01:22:51
    Director: John Travis

    The hills and mountains of the high desert north of Los Angeles have fascinated and attracted film makers since the inception of the industry. Most of them have been photographed more extensively than Jeff Stryker's dick (if not as memorably--or meaningfully). A couple of these areas are especially outstanding for their natural and awesome beauty featuring great slabs and outcroppings of huge rocks that were probably polished by glacial movement during an Ice Age and deposited in their stark magnificence during a warming period. These areas are especially beautiful during mid-Autumn when rain brings back lush greenery and the areas take on an almost mystical quality. This is one of the things that we wished to capture in Dark Side of the Moon. And we did! But at quite a price. Weather is not a filmmaker's friend at this time of the year and there were days and nights of sitting in hotel rooms waiting for the rain to stop, and shooting days battling windstorms of alternating searing heat and blasting chill (not to mention the nightmare of roaring microphones). It was a battle. But when man is pitted against nature, the struggle frequently creates a special community among those who are struggling. At least it was that way among those of us who made Dark Side of the Moon. It was a battle. But it was a battle in which we triumphed.
    Dark Side of the Moon has a true ensemble feel to it--both technically and in performance--that is exceptional for an XXX-rated video. Watching the actors interacting with one another and with the land and other natural and hypernatural elements is a very special experience. The story told in this video is a bit special with both mythic and mystic elements. Our setting and situation were the perfect base for bringing together these elements and balancing them with the raw sexuality of really good pornography. The story centers around an archeological team's search for greater knowledge of myths and mysteries of ancient Indian rites--handled with sensitivity, humor, respect and honesty that is rare in the greater film industry. It is fictional and erotic but it could have been real--and erotic.
    The video stars wonderful Sonny Markham--an exceptional actor who manages the unique feat of being both sensationally sexual and innocently boy-next-door simultaneously. A Studio 2000 exclusive, Sonny is special to everyone --- especially to us--and deserves that overused appellation --star. The word is frequently degraded by its overuse in the XXX-rated world. Sonny gives it back a lot of its luster. If you've seen Sonny's five performances, you know the word fits. If you have watched his video work from its beginnings to this, his latest effort, you can see how stars are born. Talent, for sure. And a lot of very hard work. That's Sonny --charismatic talent, high sexual energy, and lots of sweat. Dark Side of the Moon brings Sonny to a new level of achievement both sexually and as an actor. The role he plays in this video is very different from his previous work and he takes on the challenge and triumphs admirably.
    Sonny has two scenes in Dark Side of the Moon. The first scene is with newcomer Kurt Stefano. With looks both exceptionally handsome and extraordinarily sensual Kurt has a very special future ahead. He gives his all to and for Sonny and we are the grateful recipients of some very intense and erotically tender lovemaking. Sonny's second scene is with Jordan West a recent and most appreciated arrival who combines quiet and assured masculinity with bottoming talents that may never be plumbed fully. The setting for this scene is something else! So are these two guys' work together.
    In between, we have a wonderful outdoor shower scene between award-winning Matt Bradshaw (best top for 1996) and award-giving Logan Reed; and a delightful three-way between youngsters KC. Hart, Tyler Flannery and Brant Cross. We were at a party where Logan and Matt promised that if they could do a scene together, we'd never forget it. They were right! These two fully enjoy the give and take of complete sexual encounters without distraction and labels. No role-playing; just real sex. The three-way at and in the jeep is our celebration of youth. These three are fresh and exciting. They were willing. They were wanting. And we couldn't keep them waiting. Ah, the energy of the young--and the endurance--and the spunk.
    Dark Side of the Moon sounds a little threatening. Don't be misled. Dark Side of the Moon is an exciting, refreshing, vivid, erotic, and imaginative winner in every way and a show that you're going to be hearing a great deal about in the coming weeks.
    In closing, we congratulate Sonny and Adam Rom for their award winning performance in In Man's Country. It's a wonderful scene and we hope you've seen it. You should!

    File size: 616.2 MB

    Download Dark Side of the Moon

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    Hot Numbers 1 (1986)

    Hot Numbers 1 (1986)

    Buster, Brian Hawkes, Nick Jerrett, David Ashfield, Jim King, Tim Kramer

    Scenes from Doin It, One Size Fits All, I Do, Gold Rush Boys, et. al. Michael Christopher fucks a cute college jock. Then Brian Hawkes wakes up to a massive 6 way gym orgy with lots of pumping. Buff Tim Krammer eats and fucks blond Jeff Carson's hot hole. Buster joins in a 7 man free-for-all at a bar. Nick Jerret gives it good to Randy Page. Finally pretty boy Kurt Williams gives Joe Reeves the full service. Pre-Condom
    1. Friendly J.O.
    Jon Christopher solo, Jeff Stevens solo
    Jon and Jeff watch each other jerking off to girly mags when they hear 'brother' Michael Christopher and Mike Marshall playing their own version of the game in Michael's room.
    2. Brian Hawkes OgAb, Mark Rebel OrAt, Brad Walsh OrAt, Cole Taylor OgAb, Bob Holloway OrAt, Mark Walters Og
    Brian Hawkes is dreaming again as 5 guys start having sex in the weight room. Brian joins in by going down on Mark Rebel while Cole Taylor teams up with Brad Walsh. Bob Hollow pairs with Mark Walters (presumably) but Walters is barely ever visible in the background and never gets his clothes off. The first fuckee is Brian by Bob as Brian still hasn't gotten is mouth off of Mark Rebel's cock nestle is a mound of black pubes. Mark Walters gets a few licks at Rebel's dick before disappearing into the background again. Cole puts his sock in the air so that sweating Brad can get dick in his open hole.
    3. Tim Kramer OrgAt, Jeff Carson OrgAb
    Bobby goes to the caterer to tell the chef (Tim Kramer) that the bride wants to add more to the guest list. Bobby used to work there and chef says that he misses Bobby's ass around here. Bobby asks if chef has some time. He helps chef out of his clothes and applies his face below chef's 6-pack abdomen. Chef returns the favor until Bobby turns around and bends over the prep table for a rimming that he seems to enjoy. On his back, Bobby's hole is lubed with Crisco and soon takes chef's hot sausage to the hilt. Chef spills his sauce on Bobby's stomach and they kiss to seal the dish.
    4. Buster (80s) OrAt, Tony Soares At, Joe Craig Ab, Joe Gere At
    In a bar, Buster dreams of an orgy there where he gets to screw the bartender.
    5. Randy Page Ab, Mark Rebel At
    Mark Rebel fantasizes about taking Randy Page as a leather slave.
    6. Part 4 Curt & Joe
    Joe Reeves OrAt, Kurt Williams OgAb
    Matt Williams (Joe Reeves) stops by for his usual, but select Jeremy's new candy ass. Joe politely lets Jeremy wash the customer's dick before they get in bed for some kissing. Jeremy sucks the stud erect and they snuggle up for spoon fucking with kissing. Joe's well proportioned musculature is shown in it's best light as Jeremy puts his feet to the ceiling and Joe bounces around the proffered ass.

    Video: 320x240 (1.33:1), 29.970 fps, ATI YVU12 4:2:0 Planar ~901 kbps avg, 0.39 bit/pixel
    Audio: 44.100 kHz, Microsoft PCM, 2 ch, ~1411.20 kbps avg

    File size: 775.9 MB

    Download Hot Numbers 1 (1986)

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    Studio 2000 The Big Shot

    Studio 2000 - The Big Shot

    The Big Shot is a love story filled with romance, a sex epic packed with hard action, hot bodies, throbbing dicks, pulsating assholes, and lots of sticky juice to bind the whole thing together.

    Model Clay Maverick and photographer Michael Crawford are two guys in their mid-twenties who come together again, having been friends in high school. The intervening years have changed and matured both - Clay from an ugly duckling and nerd to a stunning and very self-possessed young man, and Michael from a self-centered user to a sensitive and over-cautious man afraid of his own feelings and emotions. But it seems that the more they have changed, the more they remain the same. Maybe first love isn't just for puppies. Maybe it can be the real thing.

    After a tough afternoon in front of the lights, Clay returns home to his current boyfriend, Gregg Arlen. Looking at Clay who is looking at Gregg - who is certainly looking back - Clay has time between work and college for a long personal moment. They find time for a little sexercise. And these two fit so well together you'll be thrilled, impressed and deeply satisfied - but not surprised - when Gregg has a spontaneous and copious climax from his big thick cock while Clay is plowing his hungry hole.

    Michael visits some old high school buddies - Dino DiMarco, Wade Peters and Tony West - and shows them photos of the new Clay. They are mightily impressed with the hot stud that emerged from the nerdy cocoon. But after Michael and the photos leave they decide that two in the hand is a lot better than one on paper as they get down in a threeway that is a rarity in our genre - three guys who really get into each other equally and without reservations. What a wonderful time they have together.

    Clay returns from school one day and finds Gregg having it on with a stranger. Again. He blames himself feeling that he doesn't give Gregg enough time. But he is crushed and the hurt is deep. He leaves and drops by Michael's to look at the results of the photoshoot. He shares his pain with Michael, and Michael shares with Clay the story of his failed marriage and of his coming out with a baseball player he met while working.

    As Michael talks we flash back to that - Michael and Tony - two men discovering each other physically, sexually and emotionally in a scene that moves from tender and tentative to passionate and demanding. Their sex - hot, intense and committed - is memorable and includes a docking scene that may well be the best of its kind. But it was only to be a season of love as Tony was traded to a team back East and their love couldn't go the distance. Michael still shoots the games but he stays out of the locker rooms.

    Michael invites Clay to join him at a game and as they are about to leave, they make a date for the next day to test Michael's new camera. The camera is tested and both men go beyond the limits that they have set for themselves. For love allows no limits. This they discover during a scene of mutual commitment, taking each other to new levels of pleasure and awesome lust - and to The Big Shot. -- From the press notes, courtesy of Studio 2000.

    Genres: hunks, oral, anal sex, cumshots
    File: avi

    File size: 589.6 MB

    Download Studio 2000 - The Big Shot

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